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Heartwarming / Super Noobs

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  • Shope's speech towards Memnock and Zenblock on why they should not allow Shope's parents to boarding school is so uplifting that even Memnock lampshades on it. He starts crying over how the speech is so beautiful.
    • In the same episode, Zenblock (disguised as Shope) successfully persuades Shope's parents to trust her more in her intellect and fast thinking.
  • In "The Noobs Meet Count Venamus" Zenblock states that winning the Recruiter Of The Year Award is his biggest goal and dream. The reason why he wants this so bad clearly comes together after Rovu starts showing his jerkassery towards Memnock and Zenblock through arrogantly condescending them. The scene where Zenblock finally achieves his first award win with Memnock and finally breaking Rovu's award winning streak is one of Zenblock's happiest moments on the show.
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  • In "Tyrannosaurus Noob" Zenblock proves to the Noobs that he does deeply care about them through defending them from a virus infected T-Rex skeleton all while successfully defeating it. Prior to that fight, Zenblock tries to keep up his gruff attitude but Memnock exposes the cracks in that.

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