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Later seasons will be more darker and serious than the first season.
The Virus has come to Earth in order to wipe out humanity of their existence.
  • The show has gone a tad darker but not by much since its very cartoonish

Shope will have a really dark flashback.
We will see why Shope's grandparents doesn't appear in the show.
  • Her parents have already appeared and had a decent to substantial role in the episode "Who, What, Where and Noob".
Kevin will be revealed as the creator of the Virus.
He wants to get the group into trouble in order to blackmail them for the virus. His shapeshifting skills are meant to represent on what the Virus will infect.
  • This is completely false as some parts of the virus creators identity were already revealed as a six eyed alien that speaks a totally foreign language. Kevin didn't create the virus

Kevin will betray the Virus.
He will be blame the virus for what it did to him.

The final episode will have one of its characters sacrificing him/herself.
That's the only way to destroy the Virus.
  • No one has died in the first season and we do not know how the virus is made.

Shope's ancestor is an alien princess.
Due to her knowing about space technology, she is believed to be from an alien planet.

Come on, they're Sufficiently Advanced Aliens with cloaking devices and starships numbering among their most mundane technologies. The Virus always falls from orbit with most of it burning up on entry, so cloaked satellites armed with BFG versions of those blasters must have been proposed at some point. Why would they risk an interstellar incident via kidnapping and empowering native warriors (remember Mem and Zen were supposed to snatch some National Guardsmen or Army recruits) unless it was either an embarrassing accidental launch or intentional test that got out of hand. So far we only have their word on the backstory for The Virus, so for this WMG that might as well be propaganda to keep these kids in line. Hell, the show clearly takes place in the 2010s, if they had just casually watched some of our TV they'd have discovered we as a species can handle the idea of alien life, if not outright embrace it.note  This whole thing screams Deniable Assets and False Flag Operation to me, not "protecting innocent worlds from a terrorist."
  • This is proven false in the first season as the creator is a six eyed alien. It does not make sense for the benevolent alliance to create the virus and go headstrong against it. It may be possible though that the some of the agents of the virus creator are serving the benevolent alliance at the same time, which makes those guys traitors.

Two of the Noobs will be married.
As the series progresses in later seasons, relationships will start to grow more stronger.
  • there is definitely some Ship Tease focusing on the noob but cartoons never age and they will most likely stay 12 until the very end

The final episode will have a post-credits scene.
The post credits scene will feature the Noobs as adults watch their children fighting criminals.

The later seasons will discuss the Noob's ancestors.
Tyler's is a knight of the same name, Kevin's is a military soldier. Shope's is a alien princess from a planet that was conquered by the Virus. The Roach's is a spy for the CIA.

Three of the Noobs will turn to weapons and armour for Tyler.
Tyler will have a gun from The Roach (similar to his ancestor's pistol), a sword from Shope (similar to her ancestor's sword that resembles a lightsaber) and a blaster from Kevin (similar to his ancestor's Bazooka).
  • The noob work together as equals. Not gonna happen

Johnny Test will come as a villain in a crossover.

Since a lot of people hated Johnny Test, he will have revenge on the Noobs by planning on killing them and taking over the world. He will kill his family and everyone in his hometown.

  • That would be probably too dark for this show, plus, Warner Bros. probably owns copyright on the show, whereas Supernoobs is owned by DHX Media. However, it would not be too hard for a Captain Ersatz that's a parody of him to show up, and being an obnoxious jerk, But Not Too Evil.
    • Warners probably sold the broadcast rights to Cookie Jar Entertainment, which got absorbed into DHX. They probably kept the character rights to Johnny.
    • If there was a crossover it would focus on the test family moving to Cornbury due to Lila test getting transferred in work. It would ultimately result in Memnock and Zenblock recruiting Johnny, Dukey, Susan, and Mary as virus warriors. Plus some Johnny test villains including dark vegan would participate in spreading the virus.

The Noobs will gain a fifth member.
  • The power rangers series is notorious for adding new members into their team over the course of the series show why can't Supernoobs do the same as it keeps the show interesting. If such an episode were to occur, then that episodes name would be titled "The Fifth Noob" which is a reference to the sci fi movie The Fifth Element. Its unknown who that fifth member will be but candidates include Jock and Amy Anderson

Memnock and Zenblock are the true protagonists and they are brothers.
  • They do have the capabilities of being the protagonists and are already considered to be protagonists in some level since there are 6 main characters who are treated equally but the whole thing is just seen from the eyes of the noobs
  • Makes since since the nature of their relationship has not been fully revealed. They imply in Zooper Noob through their mention of their childhood monorail memories that they knew each other since they were kids. They also play a lot of games together and their habit of fighting and arguing amongst each other may have existed since they were kids as well
  • They are also Kid appeal characters so it would be more funnier to place more focus on them and their antics on understanding earth culture and their attempts to understand it would have hilarious results

The Supernoobs world would become a world in Kingdom Hearts.
  • Supernoobs borrows many elements and clichés from the Kingdom Hearts video game series including battle balls being references to keyblades as they can transform into anything and the virus is a reference to The heartless, who are the main monsters in Kingdom hearts. The virus creator is as shady as Master Xehanort. It would make sense for Sora to visit Cornbury, which would result in Donald and Goofy getting kidnapped and Sora would have to team up with Memnock and Zenblock and the Noobs to rescue Donald and Goofy while battling the heartless, the virus, and Organization XIII, led by Master Xehanort.
    • Plus Supernoobs has Disney XD air the show in some countries
The Creators are victims of their own creation
The creators, were once apart of a benevolent race, bent to help others. They were trying to find a single cure for all diseases, but ironically and accidentally, created a vicious virus, that took over them, with the vicious desire to kill and destroy, starting from their planet, to the rest of the galaxy’s.

It will be revealed what are the 9 senses in a later episode.
We are told that the Blue Battleball enhances its users nine senses, "including awareness and melding". However, we are never actually told what this means, or what the other senses are. Supposedly this includes our base five senses and 4 others, such as detecting consciousnesses since one of his powers is Telepathy. Perhaps his other power, Teleportation, is in fact another sense but with some very alien justification. There are plenty of ways to explore this in future episodes instead of just a one-off thing.

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