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  • The show in general has very dark themes despite a light setting. There have been multiple references throughout the series to bioterrorism, genocide, war, and even murder.
  • Some implications of Memnock and Zenblock suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are also made throughout the show, given the fact that they have been virus warriors for many years. Their Manchild behavior, bickering with each other over the smallest of things, and Zenblock's very bad temper are all telltale signs. "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob" is where the implications are at its most blatant when its revealed that the two aliens have very terrible sleeping habits with Memnock obsessively staying awake all night to cook an egg dish and Zenblock "sleepfighting", which means that he chronically sleepwalks while doing fight moves. Its as if the writers are trying to reveal that they both have this disorder without explicitly stating the fact in a kids show.
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  • In "Go Noob Outside", Mem and Zen were tasked by the Noobs to go buy a video game for them because the game's rating was too inappropriate for the Noobs to buy due to their age. However, Mem and Zen end up buying the wrong game, which is called "Candy Mama". When they look at the game's cover, they look really aroused and attracted by the cover, which included one of the female main characters. They even had that same look on their face when they actually played the game, which consisted of making the female characters mix and make candy. It's as if they were watching something inappropriate concerning ladies and enjoying it and what's ironic about this was that the game was indeed inappropriate for them because this was a game made for little kids. They even grown super tired and exhausted after many hours but regain their smiling faces after taking a brief break and them Tyler suggests that they continue playing it.
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  • Roach's mom looks way too attractive for a kids show as she somewhat looks like a Barbie doll.
  • "Zooper Noobs" featured a running gag where Roach gets his pants eaten by goats as it was done on him twice (even with an extra pair of pants) and the goats did not behave like that towards Tyler, Kevin, and Shope at all, and this phrase that Roach says after the gag serves as icing on the cake to the implication that he usually wears soiled pants and underwear as evidenced by this phrase
    Roach: Okay nobody look at my butt.
    • This gag even has Memnock and Zenblock fall victim to it in the end of the episode when a couple of goats eat both of their briefs. Granted that Mem and Zen have been near such goats before but the goats did not make any attempt to eat their clothing but after having a bit too much fun on the space monorail, the goats make a lunge for it on Memo and Zen's briefs. Taking into account the events of that episode, combined with Mem's repeated phrase that occurred after the gag occurs, implies that he and Zen have accidentally soiled themselves on the monorail ride and the smell coming from such soiling may have been an invitation for the goats to eat such briefs
      • To top it all off, the episode even got away with showing that Mem and Zen don't wear anything under their briefs, resulting in their private areas being exposed. Luckily, the animals onboard the galacticus served as a scenery censor in that scene to cover up the nudity.
  • In the episode "To Catch A Noob", Roach's school play director apparently reciprocates Roach's feelings for her and invites him over to a secret place for a special session, which Roach accepts and he follows her with love hearts all over him. Now this looks as if an inappropriate Teacher/Student Romance is about to start between them but what makes this get through without trouble was that it was established beforehand the play director was actually Count Venamus in disguise as he was seeking to kidnap Roach to beat the Noobs while he abducts the real school play director and maroons her on a tropical island.
    • Also in the same episode, Count Venamus' ship directly lands on top of gigantic virus infected insects and the extractor was not used on them due to the entire main cast except Roach covered in immobilizing goo. These insects don't get any more screen time after this, suggesting that the impact from Venamus' ship killed the virus infected insects and making this the first deaths to happen on the show.
  • "The Super Noobs Meet The Incredibly Amazing Man" features Mem and Zen playing alien versions of table tennis and pin the tail on the donkey. However, they use a live alien pig as the ball and they literally try to pin the tail on an alien animal. Of course their culture's different from ours but they really don't have a clue on how much these animals are "not" enjoying all these games.
  • "A Noob World Order" concerns itself with alien refugees whose planet has completley fallen victim to the virus. This episode is where the themes of genocide and bioterrorism are the most blatant in the first season. Also, this episode's title is obviously a play on words to a controversial phrase.
  • "Pool Party Noob" has Kevin dressed as a pimp.

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