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Heartwarming / Summer Camp Island

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Season One

"The First Day"
  • It's nice to see Oscar's parents are concerned about how their son is doing on his first day at camp.

"Monster Babies"

  • While it's wrong for Alice to turn the monsters into babies, it's undeniable to point out how adorable they all look.

"Chocolate Money Badgers"

  • Betsy proving she's truly the nicest of the witches by ensuing the campers get their prize and letting the campers know the true prize of obtaining 100 merit badges is being camp counselor for a day, despite Susie's objection. In return, Oscar only makes Susie and Alice carry him on a lawn chair.

"Saxophone Come Home"

"Pajama Pajimjams"

  • Hedgehog reveals that Betsy has been secretly teaching her magic.
  • At the end of the episode, it's revealed that Jim Jams belongs to Susie; she turned him inanimate because they had an argument. When Jim Jams returns to her cabin, Susie accepts his apology and invites him to watch TV with her.

"Oscar & Hedgehog's Melody"

"Feeling Spacey"

  • Puddle finally reveals his love for the Alien King(with a song, no less!).

"Ghost the Boy"

"Computer Vampire"

"The Basketball Liaries"

  • Hedgehog admitting that she was aware of the perks offered to members of the Gold Team, but she didn't want to experience it without Oscar.

"Popular Banana Split"

"Time Traveling Quick Pants"

  • Oscar, after finally realising that with him on a major baseball team he will never get too see Hedgehog again, jumps into the quicksand with her to prevent that future from happening.

"It's My Party"

  • Despite not liking Susie, Oscar is willing to plan her birthday party, believing that no one should be alone on their birthday.
  • After Susie's party ends in disaster, no thanks to her, Alice tells Susie that she still likes her and Oscar and Hedgehog probably likes her too since they stayed behind to clean up her party. Susie returns the favor to Oscar and Hedgehog by using her magic to clean up the party for them.

"Moon Problems"

  • Oscar's song to the Moon. His song created new friendship bracelets for him and the Moon, which touches the Moon to return back to Earth.

"Monster Visit"

"Ice Cream Headache"

  • Hedgehog and the other campers try to cheer Oscar up when she finds out he is very upset with not getting any powers because of his lactose-intolerance.
    • A subtle one, but when Oscar, thinking he's invisible thanks to the other campers trying to make him feel better, enters Susie's cabin to mess with her, she's surprisingly not angry at Oscar's antics and gently let's him know that he's not invisible. She only gets mad at him when he reveals he gave the campers her magical ice cream.

Pepper's Blanket is Missing

"Hedgehog Werewolf"

"Mr. Softball"

  • After the Killer Whale punished the witches by making them clean his mouth without magic, Oscar gets the other campers to help them since they also cheated too. When Susie sees Oscar helping them, she thanks him.

"Fuzzy Pink Time Babies"


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