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Season One

"The First Day"

"Monster Babies"

  • Alice doing math after turning a monster into a baby:
    Alice: I made that monster so cute, it only took three seconds to do. If I could turn a whole herd of monsters into babies, then the world would be 52% cuter in eight shakes of a lamb's tail.
    Susie: I hear you doing maths. You're rubbish at maths.
  • When Oscar notices that one kid doesn't have his monster baby with him and is swinging on a branch of a living tree, who finds it painful, Oscar asks where's his baby:
    Kid: Oh, I put him down somewhere. I'm five. I guess my mom was right, I'm too young to have kids. I just want to enjoy my fives, you know? Maybe when I'm six.

"Chocolate Money Badgers"

  • When Oscar needs to put Pajamas to sleep, he reads him the Summer Camp Guide, which has a quote from Pajamas saying "I hate this thing" on the cover.
    Pajamas: It's so predictable.
  • In the Summer Camp Guide on the section on "Hurt Feelings", it reads: "So someone hurt your feelings. This will happen a lot don't tell the camp counselors they really don't care."
  • When Oscar confronts Susie on the missing page in the Summer Camp Guide, she's brushing her teeth and eating breakfast at the same time. When Oscar questions why she's doing that, Susie tells him she doesn't like wasting time.
  • When Oscar confronts Susie on her sabotaging the other camps from getting badges:
    Oscar: Do you think I'm some kind of a fool?
    Susie: Oh, yes. I'm sorry, was that not clear? Because that's on me.
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  • After Oscar gives a big Rousing Speech to the other campers on not giving up and taking on Susie:
    Hedgehog: Oscar, let's do this! Do you have a plan?
    Oscar: I do not have a plan!
    Max: Woo!
  • In order for Oscar to get more badges, the campers distracts the witches while using a dummy in Oscar's place. When Susie gets suspicious, she runs towards the dummy and punches its head off.
    Betsy: You knew it was fake?
    Susie: I was 50/50.

"Saxophone Come Home"

"Pajama Pajimjams"

  • Susie advertising tater tots on TV for the campers:
    Susie: Part of a delicious breakfast.
    Tater Tots: Yaaaaay!
    Susie: Seriously. Come get some, I bought too many.

"Oscar & Hedgehog's Melody"

  • Movie night taking place at the Teddy Bear Graveyard. After the movie ended, zombie teddy bears breaks through the projector screen and chases Oscar and Hedgehog into Hedgehog's cabin.
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  • Oscar makes a wager with Susie with the loser has to make omelettes for the whole camp, which confuses her but accepts the wager anyway. Hedgehog later ups the wagers to include waffles and freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • Moments featuring the Monster Under the Bed.
    • Monster Under the Bed's snarky comment on Oscar's talent of doing an impression of a grown-up.
      Oscar: (imitating a grown-up) "Oscar, why don't you be more like Hedgehog?"
      M.U.T.B.: Oh, dear. This explains so much.
    • When Oscar sings a song that he sung to Hedgehog during her 10th birthday. It sounds so bad that it forces M.U.T.B. to cover his ears with pillows.
      Hedgehog: Maybe this song is a bit too "10th birthday" specific.
      M.U.T.B.: Bingo.
    • For some reason, M.U.T.B. has a bunch of half-empty glasses with him and he's been meaning to get rid of them.
    • M.U.T.B. reaction to Oscar and Hedgehog's improved music:
      M.U.T.B.: I'm feeling an emotion. And I don't care for it.
  • Susie mocking Oscar and Hedgehog by having the aliens advertise them as being losers through the use of newspapers, sky advertising, and picket signs. But the aliens mess it up by showing up at the exact same time instead of spreading out, which causes their sky advertising to collide with each other.

"Feeling Spacey"

"Ghost the Boy"

"Computer Vampire"

"The Basketball Liaries"

"Popular Banana Split"

  • Hedgehog asks a cupcake if the high school populated by Anthropomorphic Food has a science lab. The cupcake's response?
    Cupcake: This is a non-GMO school.

"Time Traveling Quick Pants"

"It's My Party"

"Moon Problems"

"Monster Visit"

  • To convince the Godmonster that the island monsters are properly terrifying, Oscar and Hedgehog help out. By dressing as stereotypical Germanic fairy tale kids.
    Hedgehog: Good heavens, mein bruder!
    Oscar: Oh sister, away let us fly!

"Ice Cream Headache"

Pepper's Blanket is Missing

"Hedgehog Werewolf"

"Mr. Softball"

"Fuzzy Pink Time Babies"

  • After Hedgehog's father tells her she has to leave the island, Oscar thinks maybe Susie can talk to her father, cue Susie poofing into her cabin. When Susie hears about it, she first sounds sad that Hedgehog has to leave and then immediately tells her to leave her cabin. Then she summons the aliens to clean out her room while they sing "Goodbye forever" while Susie hums along. To add insult to injuries, she then tells Hedgehog she has to sleep on the beach tonight during the clean up.
    Hedgehog: I know one thing I won't miss about camp. You Susie, you.
    Susie: (gasps) That hurts. (frowns and whimpers, then blows a raspberry)
  • Oscar making a long list of things he and Hedgehog can do before she leaves in the next ten hours:
    Hedgehog: Oscar, it took you an hour to make that list.
    Oscar: Yeah, but, some of them are already done. Heh, see: "Wake up", "Be best friends", "Make this list". (beat) I'm sorry, I'm in denial.


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