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Headscratchers / Summer Camp Island

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  • Where is Betsy during “It’s my birthday”? She’s probably one of Susie’s only friend yet she doesn’t seem to show up at Susie’s birthday party.
    • Either werewolf duties, or even she doesn't want to give Susie the time of day?
  • When the heck are we? There is wide usage of cell phones, but not smartphones. The car in the first episode has mechanical windows. In the Library, there is an old and dusty computer which looks similar to old Apple and Dell computers. The season 1 finale shows the year 1892 in a photo, so we are on presumably the Gregorian calendar/year system. Is this Anachronism Stew and we assume the 90s to early 2000s-ish? Or is there a more locked down time?
    • I assumed present day. The library's computer was simply old (I've been to libraries that have a similar level of tech, just one or two ancient computers they never update) and the car could be an older model and/or a "Prices Starting At____" special as well.


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