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Awesome / Summer Camp Island

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Season One

"The First Day"

"Monster Babies"

  • Oscar, Hedgehog, and Max's plan on getting the monsters turned back into adults. They repair the water slide and only let campers who don't have monster babies on the slide justifying it's too dangerous for the babies and then gives them the idea to return the babies to Alice. Once the monster babies are in her cabin, they wreak havoc forcing Alice to return them back to normal.

"Chocolate Money Badgers"

  • Oscar's distracting the witches by using a dummy of himself and his friends so he can earn all the merit badges without them stopping him. The distraction works so well that it took them until nighttime to notice the dummy of Oscar.
  • Oscar sacrificing his merit badges to try to save his friends from an avalanche that Susie caused. Even though all his badges were destroyed, the island awarded Oscar's bravery and sacrifice by making it rain Bravery Badges so everyone can get prizes.
  • Betsy ensuring that the campers get their prize for obtaining the merit badges, despite Susie's objection, and preventing her from covering up the true prize for obtaining 100 merit badge, which is being camp counselor for a day.

"Saxophone Come Home"

"Pajama Pajimjams"

"Oscar & Hedgehog's Melody"

  • Max getting Oscar and Hedgehog a Rousing Speech on playing their music the way it is despite it causing damage to the island.
  • Oscar and Hedgehog's music being a success at the talent show. But when Susie, who happens to be the judge, declares herself the winner, the Meadow Monster and all the campers forces her to declare Oscar and Hedgehog the true winners.

"Feeling Spacey"

"Ghost the Boy"

"Computer Vampire"

"The Basketball Liaries"

"Popular Banana Split"

"Time Traveling Quick Pants"

"It's My Party"

"Moon Problems"

  • Oscar coming up with a song for the Moon, which touches him to come back. It also magically created new friendship bracelets for the both of them.

"Monster Visit"

"Ice Cream Headache"

  • Even though Oscar is unable to get superpowers from Susie's magical ice cream, he comes up with a plan to make the island cooler by using the other camper's powers. He has Pepper make his clouds outside, then have Max carry Lem in the sky so she can blow the clouds in front of the sun. With the clouds partially blocking the sun, Oscar is able to see the Sun's new haircut and compliments her, which causes her to cool down.

Pepper's Blanket is Missing

  • Hedgehog using her detective skills again to figure out that the one who stole Pepper's blanket was Pepper himself by continuing to tell the scary story from the beginning to force him to use it to console himself.

"Hedgehog Werewolf"

  • When Susie insults Hedgehog in her werewolf form again, Hedgehog intimidates her into flying way.

"Mr. Softball"

  • After getting fed up with Susie's cheating and rubbing it in his face, Oscar finally decides to cheat and he's good at it.
    Oscar: Hedgehog. We tried to play fair, but we can't let Susie get out of that chore. It's time to cheat! I'm gonna need some bat grease, apples, bravery, and a bunch of aliens dressed up like kittens.
    Hedgehog: Whoa, Oscar! How long have you been thinking about cheating?
    Oscar: The whole time!
    • When Susie is up to bat, the bat slips out of her hands which causes her an out.
      Susie: I would accuse you of cheating, but cheating is against the rules.
      Oscar: Yes, it is. Isn't it?
      Susie: Yes.
      Oscar: Yes.
      Susie: Touche, Oscar.
      Oscar: Call me "Mr. Softball".
    • When Alice is about to run to first base, Hedgehog distracts her with an alien dressed like a kitten.
    • When Hedgehog hits the ball in the air, Lucy swaps the ball with an apple which distracts Betsy from noticing the ball going over the fence, which earns Oscar's team their first point.
    • When Susie uses her magic to freeze Oscar from reaching the first base, Howard gains the courage to help Oscar run through all the bases, which earns Oscar's team their second point.
  • While thinking up a strategy for the game, Oscar throws a water balloon at Susie's face. A water balloon and fish fight among the campers and witches ensues. When things are getting to chaotic, Oscar ends it by alerting the Killer Whale that Susie is trying to avoid the chore and he makes all the witches clean his mouth without magic as punishment.

"Fuzzy Pink Time Babies"


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