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Recap / Summer Camp Island

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All spoilers are unmarked!

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  • "Summer Camp Island": Oscar wants his Summer Camp experience to be normal, so he and his best friend Hedgehog have a BFF Sleepover.

     Season 1 
  1. "The First Day": Oscar and Hedgehog arrive on Summer Camp Island and figure out pretty quickly that most normal summer camps don't have witch-counselors, aliens and talking trees.
  2. "Monster Babies": Alice lures Oscar and his monster friends for a tea party, but only to turn the monsters into cute babies.
  3. "Chocolate Money Badgers": Oscar learns that he can earn merit badges that unlock prizes.
  4. "Saxophone Come Home": Oscar befriends a teenage Yeti.
  5. "Pajama Pajimjams": Oscar pretends to be a talking pair of pajamas named Jimjams to make his friend Pajamas happy.
  6. "Oscar & Hedgehog's Melody": Susie holds the annual talent show that has the rest of the campers competing to win.
  7. "Feeling Spacey": Oscar and Hedgehog arrive on a planet that has no emotions.
  8. "Ghost the Boy": Oscar and Hedgehog befriend a ghost who can't remember who he is.
  9. "Computer Vampire": Oscar finds a mysterious old video game in the library.
  10. "The Basketball Liaries": With the help from Basketball, Oscar makes an impressive shot that scores him a spot on the Gold League.
  11. "Popular Banana Split": Hedgehog and Max discover a tiny high school when they are accidentally shrunk by a science experiment.
  12. "Time Traveling Quick Pants": Oscar and Hedgehog learn about a quicksand that lets them go back in time.
  13. "It's My Party": Oscar and Hedgehog are tasked with throwing Susie a birthday party; they need to hire an awesome boy band, lasso some unicorns and more standard magical party stuff.
  14. "Moon Problems": The Moon gets sad when Oscar loses his friendship bracelet.
  15. "Monster Visit": The monsters get nervous when their Godmonster comes for a visit.
  16. "Ice Cream Headache": The campers get magical powers from the witches supply of magic ice cream.
  17. "Pepper's Blanket is Missing": Pepper's blanket goes missing at a cabin sleepover.
  18. "Hedgehog Werewolf": Hedgehog gets bit by a cute puppy and is starting to act strange.
  19. "Mr. Softball": Oscar and his friends are challenged to a game of softball by Susie and the witch camp counselors; the campers try to play fair, but it is incredibly obvious that the witches are using their magic to cheat.
  20. "Fuzzy Pink Time Babies": Oscar and Hedgehog learn how to stop time.

     Season 2 
  1. "Cosmic Bupkiss": A storm blocks Oscar and Hedgehog's one chance to see a comet.
  2. "Radio Silence": Oscar must get Hedgehog a special sandwich in order to save their friendship.
  3. "Director's Cut": Oscar receives a camcorder from his parents and sets out to prove to them the magic on the island is real.
  4. "The Haunted Campfire": The campers must battle ghosts of their own creation after their scary stories mysteriously come true.
  5. "I Heart Heartforde": Oscar, Hedgehog, and the other campers are excited to take a trip to the non-magical town of Heartforde.
  6. "Space Invasion": A visit from Puddle the alien tests the limit of Oscar's hosting skills.
  7. "Mom Soon": Hedgehog gets a call during her radio show from someone who needs her help.
  8. "Sneeze Guard": Oscar and Hedgehog must work with the witches to cure Alice's camp-threatening illness.
  9. "Susie's Fantastical Scavenger Hunt": Oscar and Hedgehog must learn to exist without each other when they are put on different teams during a scavenger hunt.
  10. "Mop Forever": At Alice's dress-up party the campers are magically turned into their costumes.
  11. "Midnight Quittance"
  12. "Pajamas Party"
  13. "Puff Paint"
  14. "Susie Appreciation Day"
  15. "The Great Elf Invention Convention"
  16. "The Library"
  17. "Twelve Angry Hedgehogs"


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