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The series is being Screwed by the Network.
Airing the entire first season in one go isn't a sign that they love it. It's a sign they're burning it off so they can get it over with in favor of Teen Titans Go! reruns.
  • Unfortunately there may be a lick of truth given how awfully the pilot has been received. Hopefully the higher quality of the actual series has changed the executives' minds.

Susie has a Freudian Excuse.
Since she's Older Than She Looks, Susie has had to watch her whole family grow old and die. She's carrying a very heavy burden, and is covering up her self-esteem issues much the same way Asuka did: by being an Alpha Bitch.

Betsy will have a Beware the Nice Ones moment
Betsy is considered the nicest of the witch, which is a title she is shown to live up to by being the most consistently nicest of the three witches. However as revealed at the end of "Ghost the Boy" the titular Ghost is actually her boyfriend who was banished by Susie, a fact which Susie is shown to be hiding from her. She is also shown to be very upset over her missing Boyfriend (she even said she was crying for a month if I remember correctly.)

So I think that Betsy will eventually find out about what Susie did, which causes her to snap leading to the Beware the Nice Ones.

Susie will lose her job as Head Counselor to Betsy.
Likely if she finds out that Susie is responsible for Ghost's disappearance.
  • And every subsequent appearance by Susie would be one Humiliation Conga after another.

Oscar is suffering from delayed puberty.
He appears to have a case of delayed puberty, as he is 14 and shows no signs of going through it even though most boys begin puberty around 12 or 13 years old. He also still has a child's voice which is unusual as the voice typically begins changing at 13 or 14.
  • Jossed. Oscar is actually 11 years old. Apparently his mom's friend only *thought* he was 14?

The series is a fever dream.
To say this show is incredibly weird and psychedelic is as obvious as saying the sky is blue. With a show as crazy and out there as this one, it's a pretty safe bet that the show is actually a child's fever dream.

Oscar is Transgender
His voice hasn’t changed because he’s a trans boy. Part of why he’s so anxious and has trouble coping in new places is because he’s afraid of being outed and having to face bullying for him being transgender. He’s most likely on hormone blockers (which is why he doesn’t seem to have gone through puberty yet).
  • Jossed. Oscar is 11 in the show.

The series finale will be about summer ending and thus, everyone leaving camp until next summer.
That is, if the series isn't Screwed by the Network.

Oscar will have tusks in season 2.
Elliott Smith's voice broke irl and it would make it clearer what species he's supposed to be.
  • Jossed.


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