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They're definitely quite comfortable with each other.

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Elena has very strong, but otherwise platonic relationships with Gabe and Mateo, seeing them as great allies and friends. With Naomi though, there's a bit more to it:
  • The episode "First Day Of Rule" involves Elena going around the city to see who needs help when she bumps into Naomi and her father. The dialogue the two girls exchange with each other is surprisingly casual, as if they already know each other. Plus, Elena agrees to help Naomi find the missing ships, even before Isabel and Gabe get captured. Naomi shows no hesitation in joining her when they get captured, even with some hesitation in flying a Jaquin.
  • They are a bit touchy feely in "Model Sister" when trying to keep up the ruse.
  • In "Finders Leapers", Naomi thinks she doesn't belong on the counsel, not helped by Esteban's comments and meddling during the excavation, and Elena immediately goes to her defense each time. This might not seem like much, but the fact she's repeatedly dead set on defending Naomi over a family member should mean something.
  • In "Elena And The Secret Of Avalor", Elena takes Naomi, and only her, to the top of a mountain to tell her how she was freed from the amulet in private. At the end of the movie, she reveals that she kept the wand used to defeat Shuriki, and they keep it a secret to themselves, showing their strong bond. They also exchange some witty banter with each other.
  • The episode "Captain Turner Returns" is full of this. To elaborate:
    • We start the episode with Elena helping Naomi at the lighthouse, where they exchange some playful banter with each other that's borderline flirting.
    • During the song "Home For Good", where Naomi sings about wanting her mother to stay with them, Elena puts a flower in her hair when they pick out a bouquet for her arrival. Then they sing harmoniously and without fail. They also constantly lock eyes with each other, and give each other long, loving looks near the end.
    • When Naomi expresses her sadness over leaving Avalor to Elena, she says: "My home is here in Avalor with the grand counsel, my friends, and you.". The fact she singled out Elena should mean that she feels something more for her. Elena is shown to be visibly touched by Naomi's comment, as shown when she blushes.
    • While no one wants Naomi to leave, Elena is the only one shown to be doing anything with all the planning and coming up with various schemes to keep Naomi in Avalor, indicating something more. When Naomi also expresses her desire to stay with her family, they are both on the verge of tears, but they're still supportive of the decision, and Elena is the one to arrange the goodbye ceremony.
      • Related to the ceremony, her interactions with Elena are the only ones that are completely serious, as opposed to her interactions with Gabe, Mateo, Elena's grandparents, and Esteban, which have at least one humorous moment. She also calls Elena "the sister I never had", which makes her touched.
    • When Scarlet Turner decides to stay in Avalor, Elena and Naomi share a tender moment with each other.
  • "My Fair Naomi" is also very strong with their relationship. To elaborate:
    • The episode starts with Naomi coming to the castle. Apparently, her parents are gone for the week, and she's staying there in the meantime. Both she and Elena are quite excited to stay with each other.
    • During the planning for her (Naomi) birthday, Elena shows her full support, even when she (Naomi) starts acting meaner due to Esteban's influence in trying to make the perfect party. Naomi sending Elena off makes the latter noticably sad, while this kickstarts the former's realization that she's going too far.
    • At the end of the episode, when Naomi apologizes to Elena, Gabe, and Mateo, she then dances with each of them one at a time since they're each her royal court. While each dance is brief, there is a slight bit more emphasis put on her dance with Elena.
  • In "Party of a Lifetime", Gabe and Mateo constantly act jealous of each other, trying to prove which one of them is Elena's best friend. Many of the things they try to do is what a boyfriend would do with a girlfriend, such as letting the girl go before them, carrying heavy objects out of their way, and helping them win games. In short, you could replace best friend with boyfriend, with no difference. Not only did Naomi not act jealous at all, but we must also remember Naomi constantly being described as Elena's best friend...
    • Even the merchandise seems to agree. One of the Naomi centered episodes that was adapted into a book, "My Fair Naomi" had the words "best friend" in it (it's called My Best Friend's Birthday) and them looking comfortable with each other. Did I mention that their dance scene is the image on the front of the book?
  • "A Spy In The Palace" has some interesting moments with them:
    • The beginning of the episode has them getting things ready for the Jaquins festival, and they're totally in sync with each other.
    • Throughout the episode, when Rita Perez , who's really Carla in disguise , keeps deliberately sabotaging Naomi, she's almost at her wits' end. However, when she sees Elena giving her the "great minds think alike" comment that she also gave to her when coming back, along with her ideas being stolen, that's when she snaps and pulls the "that's our special best friend thing" card. Remember what "best friend" meant in "Party Of A Lifetime"?
    • Throughout the entire episode, Elena is shown visibly worrying about Naomi, clearly being torn up a lot trying to be neutral towards both of them, and even gives her a gentle touch on the shoulders. Also note how she's never mad at Naomi.
    • When Naomi goes to her house to cool off, it's revealed that she has a small framed painting of her and Elena with her medallion from "Captain Turner Returns". There's clearly sentimental value there, as shown when she looks at it for a few seconds .
    • The two of them hug it out at the end of the episode when she cools down and apologized.
  • A minor point, but at the beginning of "Rise Of The Sorceress", Elena is telling the story of The Sunflower Festival to Naomi and "Rita" while preparing for it. It's described as a festival of love and new beginnings, with a romantic nature to it. Naomi looks quite enamored when listening to it.
    • After the events of the climax, they have a heart to heart talk about being more trusting of each other.
  • In "Song Of The Sirenas", before the epic climax, Naomi's mother almost gets hurt in the chaos, which makes Elena justifiably furious , and she does not hesitate to kill Shuriki with the scepter, which she succeeds in.
  • In "The Tides Of Change", Naomi is rather skeptical on if the Sirenas truly changed, though she mostly keeps it to herself. She becomes more noticeably snappish when Elena helps Marisa onto the ship with quite a bit of physical contact.
  • Though just shown in two scenes, "Finding Zuzo" also showcases this.
    • The beginning of the episode has Elena admiring a lighthouse her father built, which Naomi says to tear down since its too small, and thus makes it harder for ships to come in. If you were to rewrite this as a breakup scene, it would be pretty much the same, especially with how they become a bit more moody afterwards.
    • The last scene of the episode has them a bit flustered when making up with each other. When they find a solution they both like, they both go to tell the counsel about it, and lock arms with each other.
  • "Naomi Knows Best" shows quite a bit of this. The episode involves the Delgado family capturing Elena and company, and Naomi must save the day. What really seals this is the ending. At the ending, when Naomi manages to free her, she gives her a longing, loving look. They give this to each other, mutually, when on the boat. It definitely feels very intimate.

  • The episode "Royal Rivalry" has quite a bit of it. It involves Elena inviting Princess Valentina from the Kingdom of Parieso to sign a peace treaty between their kingdoms in order to help stop Victor and Carla. The problem lies in how competitive Valentina is in everything. Throughout the episode, she has a lot of touchy feely moments with Elena, whether getting in her face, holding her hand, or bragging about how great the kingdom is. Elena is also the least resistant to her bragging due to being more intent on keeping her happy. Cut to the climax where we see her softer side on a horse ride with her, and then we see her backstory. It turns out that she was acting this way when she finds out how great not only Avalor is, but also Elena, with more emphasis put on impressing specifically her. She also has a slight blush when apologizing, and the two share a nice hug in the end.
    • Also of note is how Aimee Carrero (Elena) and Chrissie Fit (Valentina) are actually quite friendly with each other in real life, and how there's a (now deleted) video that showed them goofing around and having fun in the booth.

  • After Elena calls off the attack on Mariza, Marzel, and Cuco, Elena and Mariza exchange curious looks before the latter flees.
  • While singing "A New Tale", the scene fades from King Pescoro and Queen Camila kissing and dancing to Mariza dancing with Elena.
  • When Elena is at risk of drowning after getting knocked out by Shuriki, Mariza rushes to get her wrapped in magical seaweed, like her father did when he first met her mother, which is already reminiscent of Ariel saving Eric.
  • After the Sirenas help Elena save the day, the two gaze at each other and hold hands.
  • In the short "Marisa And The Mirror", she becomes flustered when Elena catches her making faces at a mirror in a shipwreck, but Elena just giggles and brushes it off since she never saw one. Marisa then grabs her hand to escape a shark they run into.

  • In "Hearts Full of Cheer" at the end of "Snow Place Like Home", Higgins happily rests his head on Armando's shoulder.


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