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Ho Yay from Dragons: Riders of Berk.

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While Snotlout has been established as being into girls, he has the occasional deviation from this.

  • In "Big Man on Berk", Snotlout unwittingly turns Fishlegs via hypnosis into the unstoppable, fearless viking warrior "Thor Bonecrusher." He ends up developing a serious crush on "Thor," following him around as his own personal groupie even when Thor ignores him and uses him for bait. After they manage to defeat the Scauldron and snap Fishlegs back to normal, Snotlout kisses Fishlegs on the cheeks, disappointed, saying he broke his heart. A highly amused Astrid repeatedly uses the phrase "in love" to describe it.
  • Snotlout tries a more traditional method to achieve the same goal in "Quake, Rattle, and Roll," where he tries to teach Fishlegs to be more like him (and, in Hiccup's opinion, is far too successful). Snotlout and Hiccup spend the episode giving Fishlegs completely opposite advice about how to deal with the Quaken (one advocating "fighting dirty," one reminding him he's "all brain and heart"), making the three come across as a hero torn between Betty and Veronica with Hiccup as Betty and Snotlout as Veronica.
  • In "Return of Thor Bonecrusher," Snotlout is heartbroken at Anti-Thor's betrayal and confesses that he loved him.
  • During Snotlout's nightmare in "Not Lout," Fishlegs appears alongside Astrid and Heather as they offer commentary on his status as a beggar. Given his frequent, unsuccessful flirtations with the latter two, Fishlegs' presence could reflect Snotlout's previous attraction to Thor Bonecrusher.
    • At the end of that episode, Fishlegs goes ballistic when Snotlout gets injured — pounding on his chest, screaming "NOOO!", the whole works.
  • Then there's Fishlegs' dream in "Follow the Leader." Astrid, Heather, Ruffnut and Gothi are all dressed in white and seem to be part of Fishlegs' harem. Do you know who else is dressed in white in that scene? Snotlout, complete with a golden heart on his belt.

  • The Hero and The Lancer have their share of "break up and make up" episodes — see "The Defiant One" and "Cast Out" — and, with Snotlout constantly questioning Hiccup's plans or complaining about his orders, often act Like an Old Married Couple.
  • The two link arms and start dancing together at the end of "Reign of the Fireworms."
  • Snotlout lights up when Hiccup compliments him at the end of "Crash Course" (while putting his arms around his shoulders).
  • Snotlout is clearly the most upset of all the riders when Hiccup's kidnapped in "Stryke Out." He's torn up about it when he gets back to the cave to find him gone and, when they go looking for information, is ready to roast one of the hunters alive.
    Snotlout: Hey, I'm looking for a certain one-legged Viking and his Night Fury. Tell me where they are!
  • Hiccup reveals in "Turn and Burn" that he knows that most of the annoying, arrogant stuff Snotlout does around him is because Snotlout's always trying to prove himself to him. The episode also features the boys getting trapped in a net for a while and tangled up like pretzels, since Snotlout seems unable to keep his hands to himself.
  • Snotlout takes a blast for Hiccup towards the end of "Not Lout." When he regains consciousness, Hiccup tenderly helps him up, and, while still holding his hand and with one hand on his shoulder, says in disbelief, "You saved my life."
  • When Snotlout objects to how much time Hiccup and Astrid are spending together without the others in "Dawn of Destruction," Astrid replies, "Is that jealousy, Snotlout?" She didn't say *which* one of them he's supposedly jealous of...
  • When Hiccup and Snotlout go alone together to Wingmaiden Island in "Chain of Command" (Hiccup and Astrid are engaged by this point), and Snotlout sees how disappointed Minden is about someone else being assigned the job she wanted, he tells her, "Passed over for a skinny blonde? Been there."

  • In "Maces and Talons," Snotlout and Tuffnut start a bromance after going into battle riding Barf and Belch. They even have a secret man-cave together to get alone time from the others. At one point, the music turns blatantly romantic as they stare wide-eyed into each other's eyes; at another, they seize each other's shoulders and lean in so close, it looks like they were about to kiss. They spend a good portion of the squeeing over things like how they finish each other's sentences and have found their "official best friend." Astrid at one point tells them to "take it outside!"
  • In "Twinsanity," Snotlout knows exactly where Tuffnut's secret place is.
  • In "A View to a Skrill," Tuffnut is the only one who can understand "post-lightning Snotlout."

  • In contrast to the others in "Twinsanity," who dread Dagur's upcoming visit to the island, Snotlout's actually looking forward to it. It's obvious he's (inexplicably) the only one who currently likes Dagur and even looks up to him ("He's so cool!").
  • In "Something Rotten on Berserker Island," Dagur constantly misnames Snotlout, much to the latter's annoyance. It's clear that Dagur does it just to get a rise out of Snotlout, and it comes off as a bullying/annoying-your-crush kind of dynamic. Adding to the sexual tension between the two is the fact that Snotlout spends the entire episode trying to get Dagur to like him, and shows obvious resentment toward Gustav for having Dagur's favor. When all is said and done, Snotlout has officially earned Dagur's approval and is rewarded with a golden bust in Dagur's image. If you look at Dagur's face as Snotlout walks across the stage to accept the award, he's positively beaming, almost like it's his wedding day.


Hiccup goes from being the Viking who couldn't get a date to being so handsome, Even the Guys Want Him.


See above.

If Snotlout and Hiccup play the Belligerent Sexual Tension couple, Hiccup and Fishlegs, by contrast, play the Birds of a Feather couple.
  • The two are both Badass Bookworms whom the others have noticed love to "geek out" together over new dragons, scientific discoveries, and inventions — see "Shock and Awe," "Crash Course," and "Buffalord Soldier."
  • "Follow the Leader" starts with Hiccup trusting Fishlegs enough to leave him in charge of the Edge for a while. When Hiccup comes back and sees what he let the others get away with (in his point of view, letting him down), he's not mad, just depressed and "disappointed," which completely crushes Fishlegs, of course ("I hate it when Hiccup gets disappointed. Mad, I can handle. Disappointed is so much worse."). Hiccup almost immediately feels terrible about being so hard on him and becomes worried when Fishlegs begins distancing himself from the group. Astrid tells him it's nothing to worry about, that he's probably just "geeking out" over some new project, and Hiccup says, in a heartbroken tone, "Yeah, but he usually geeks out with me." Naturally, the two make up by the end and walk out with Hiccup's hand on Fishlegs' shoulder to "geek out" over the sword and cave writing they found.
  • Fishlegs glomps Hiccup in a very strong hug at the end of "Living on the Edge."
  • "Out of the Frying Pan" comes incredibly close to just making it canon, with Snotlout calling them "Hicclegs" and having a whole routine of them being Sickeningly Sweethearts who can't stop complimenting each other.

While not as obvious as the other two male Dragon Riders, Tuffnut seems to have a subtle one-sided crush on Hiccup for his brains and good looks. He seems to have a thing for Hiccup's tousled brown hair, admitting that he admires the beauty of it. And apparently has hung a painting of him above his bed.
  • In "A Gruff Separation," the twins are led to believe that only one of them can inherit the family name by winning their family's Rite of Passage. When Hiccup tries to break up yet another fight between them, Tuffnut tells him, "Unless you want to date the loser, stay out of this!" In context, he obviously means his sister, but it's not long before Ruffnut starts making "Tuffnut Haddock" jokes.
  • In "A Time to Skrill" Hiccup is out of ideas and admits he's not perfect. Tuffnut is extremely shocked by this revelation.
    Tuffnut (gasps): No! What?! Who's painting am I going to have above my bed?
    Astrid: First of all. Ew.
  • A weird one in "Twintuition" Tuffnut and Ruffnut fly to the Northern Markets against Hiccup's direct orders to have Macey fixed. When the blacksmith expresses suspicion about the gronkle iron mace they lie about it being taken from Hiccup. Tuffnut starts describing him as "the skinny one with the squeaky voice, and the metal leg, and the tousled brown hair". Later on he pretends to elaborate further on how he got the mace and we get this:
    Tuffnut: Ignoring the pain, I wrapped my hands around the Dragon Rider's throat and admired his tousled brown hair. And then I squeezed his neck like a turkey's neck!

  • When Dagur first appears in "Twinsanity," he tells Hiccup he heard the rumors of the latter killing the Red Death and training dragons, "And it got me, well, tingly." His obsession with Hiccup, however, in his own words, starts when Hiccup fights off a Night Fury to "save" him (Hiccup probably didn't intend for Dagur to interpret the fake dragon attack as a Rescue Romance).
  • The tension really starts in Dagur's second appearance in "The Night and the Fury." Dagur's first reaction upon seeing Hiccup is to hug him and squee about how he "fought off" that Night Fury last time they met. He confesses that ever since Hiccup "saved" him from that "dragon attack" (not yet knowing it was staged), "I haven't been able to stop... thinking about you." Hiccup awkwardly says he's "flattered," causing Dagur to quickly backtrack ("Not you, personally..."). Dagur starts calling Hiccup "brother" (and does so the rest of the series!), makes Hiccup stay with him the rest of the episode, and cannot keep his hands off him, with Hiccup repeatedly saying he's making him feel "awkward." Dagur desperately wants to spend time dragon hunting with Hiccup and gets more and more annoyed when his friends keep showing up, making him act more and more clingy and possessive. It's no wonder Hiccup seems fully aware of how Dagur feels about him, as he tells the others to get their dragons and get away while he keeps him busy ("Don't worry, Dagur won't hurt me... I'm his brother"). Indeed, at the end of the episode, Dagur seems more upset by Hiccup personally betraying him and lying to him than by Berk's possession of domesticated dragons. The episode ends with one of Dagur's mooks musing about how he wants to kill Hiccup. Dagur immediately grabs him by the throat and screams, "NO! No one hurts Hiccup. NO ONE! Except me."
  • Dagur spends the rest of the season obsessing over fighting Hiccup and stealing his dragon. How obsessed? Hiccup manages to lure Dagur into a one on one fight in "A View to a Skrill," even though one of Dagur's men warns him they have the upper hand and there's no reason to fight him. You can tell, however, that fighting Hiccup ("just you and me") is what he wants more than anything and that there's no way he's going to resist (leading to his defeat, of course).
  • In "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," Dagur muses aloud three times about how he wants Hiccup to "kiss his boots."
  • After winning the battle in "Cast Out," Snotlout and Hiccup make up and shake hands. Dagur runs at them with his sword drawn, screaming furiously. Crazy Jealous Guy or what?
  • Things get even more blatant in "Dragon Eye of the Beholder" when Dagur breaks out of prison. He tells Hiccup, "Did you miss me? 'Cause I sure missed you! Every day for three years I thought about you!" and that's just the beginning.
    Dagur: Can't you see my brother and I are having a moment?
    Hiccup: I'm not your brother, and we are definitely not having a moment!
    Dagur: (surprised) Oh. Well, I was. (excited) Look at you! All grown up! (suggestively) And quite the ladies' man, I'd wager, hmmm...?
    • He grabs Hiccup twice, once pulling him so close to his face, it looks like he's about to kiss him. It's a good thing he doesn't know how right he is about claiming Hiccup "must have been so bored" without him these past three years (the viewers — and Tuffnut — know the boredom, at least, is 100% true). When he sets up a Sadistic Choice for the episode's Cliffhanger, he actually acts disappointed that Hiccup would choose to rescue his friends over fighting him.
  • When Dagur sets up a Hostage for MacGuffin situation in "Gone Gustav Gone," he's disappointed in Hiccup's lack of enthusiasm: "No? Nothing? No Hiccupy barbs, quips, snappy comebacks? But I really love those. We've developed such a nice shorthand, you and I." (Hiccup gives him an Ironic Echo when he defeats him later.)
  • "Enemy of my Enemy" is Dagur's first appearance as The Atoner, and his interaction with Hiccup changes accordingly:
    • Dagur temporarily acts as Hiccup's Mysterious Protector, taking out several dragon hunters chasing him and obscuring his trail, without Hiccup realizing who's helping him.
    • The two get into two fist fights. The first includes Dagur holding Hiccup in both his arms. The second ends with Hiccup on the ground with Dagur straddling him.
    • Dagur risks his life twice for Hiccup — once grabbing him when he falls off a cliff, and again taking an arrow to the shoulder for him. Hiccup repays the latter first by knocking out a hunter who was about to finish him off and then taking him (unconscious) back to his cave and putting his arm in a sling. When Dagur wakes up and sees what he's done, he's almost moved to tears.
    • While taking about why he wouldn't immediately trust Dagur, Hiccup comments, "You're pretty crafty." Dagur's face lights up, and he sincerely thanks him for the compliment.
    • At one point, Dagur says blood makes him and Heather even closer than him and Hiccup, looks over his shoulder, and winks flirtatiously at him.
    • When the two get captured by the hunters, they threaten to burn Hiccup's face with a hot iron if he doesn't turn over Toothless. Dagur is the one who begs them to stop and agrees to take them to the Night Fury.
    • Toothless lets Dagur ride him to save Hiccup. As the show has established, being able to ride another's dragon is the sign of a strong bond. (Hiccup later states it definitely was for him.)
    • When Dagur releases him, Hiccup shakes his hand and smiles at him as if they're old friends.
  • Things seemed to have reached Everyone Can See It status in "Family on the Edge":
    • Hiccup comes home to find Dagur in his bedroom, playing with Inferno. He's annoyed and surprised but not angry or horrified. Dagur begs him to teach him to ride a dragon, but Hiccup nervously turns him down, saying he's too busy, and (Out of Context Alert) becomes extremely eager to get Dagur out of his room without any of his friends finding him there.
    • When Hiccup agrees to teach him, Dagur gives him a smothering hug:
      Dagur: (letting him go) You're so small and cuddly!
      Hiccup: Please never say that again.
    • During their lesson, Hiccup damages his metal leg and lets Dagur support him and help him onto the dragon.
    • When the others find Dagur, Astrid is the most annoyed ("Dagur says you're buddies now?!"), poking Hiccup in the chest like she's accusing him of cheating on her. She's the only one who continues to ask Hiccup how he can be sure he can trust him and, of course, gives Dagur the "If you ever do anything to hurt him, I'll Kill You!" speech. Dagur, for his part, isn't the least bit surprised that Hiccup's girlfriend wants to interrogate him (unlike Hiccup).
    • When Hiccup explains how they became friends, the others act like a friend's just come out to them: in varying degrees of confusion, asking "Why didn't you tell us earlier?", and unsure whether they can approve or not.
    • When Heather finds out what's going on, this exchange ensues:
    Heather: (to Hiccup) It's bad enough you've been consorting with my mortal enemy!
    Ruffnut: Hmm, does Fishlegs know?
    • After Hiccup watches Dagur make his Heroic Sacrifice, Astrid has to stop him from going in after him. There's a shot of Hiccup with an absolutely devastated look on his face as what's happened sinks in. Back at the Edge, all he can say is, "This is my fault. I should have listened to him."
  • The subtext between them in "Mi Amore Wing" is clearly deliberate:
    • Unlike most of his friends, Hiccup is visibly shocked and confused when Dagur and Mala announce their engagement. The look on his face makes you sure he's thinking, Wasn't this guy crazy about me last time I saw him?
    • The day after getting the news, Hiccup outright asks Astrid, "Can you believe this wedding deal? I mean, I've never seen Dagur so passionate about anything. Well, except maybe killing me..."
    • The B-plot focuses on Astrid thinking Hiccup's lost interest in her because he repeatedly fails to notice she's wearing his engagement gift. The first time that happens, it's because he's thinking about Dagur. The second time, it's because Dagur pulls him away from her.
    • Then there's the scene where Dagur asks Hiccup to be his best man, which is staged exactly like a proposal, complete with getting down on one knee and seizing his hand. What makes the scene stand out, however, is how Dagur seems to be in agony every second of it and on the verge of bursting into sobs, like he's in almost unbearable pain:
    Dagur: Hiccup! Brother! I know this question might come as a shock, but... will you honor me by being my best man? Before you answer, I... I know I don't deserve you, but I... (presses Hiccup's hand against his cheek) I just can't imagine that glorious day without you by my side...
    Hiccup: (very uncomfortable) Uh, Dagur, I... I don't... I don't know what to say...
    Dagur: (suddenly threatening) Say yes!
    Hiccup: Um, uh, yes.
    • Dagur then pulls him into his typical smothering hug. His attitude throughout the whole thing gives the impression that he can't bear to go through with the wedding without Hiccup, as if, then, he can at least pretend... and Hiccup's reaction to the very awkward position he's placed in could only mean he knows and wishes he didn't have to hurt him.
    • In a scene that mirrors him throwing the Dragon Eye in the volcano to save Astrid from Viggo, Hiccup throws a coveted Dragon Eye lens into the ocean to save Dagur from Krogan. That's how much Dagur means to him.
    • The look on Dagur's face when the group watched Hiccup and Astrid kiss — he doesn't look embarrassed, surprised, or impressed like the others. He just looks sad, plain and simple.

Viggo's boundless "reverence" for Hiccup has made him come across as a Stalker with a Crush ever since his debut. Ever since he learned of Hiccup's existence, before even meeting him, Viggo's treated their teams' battles as a fun game and acts as if he expects Hiccup to enjoy the whole thing as much as he does. His respect for Hiccup goes way beyond typical Worthy Opponent-ness; he seems to take a genuinely sensual pleasure in losing to him, since every victory of Hiccup's give Viggo a new reason to admire him. Every time they clash personally, Viggo talks and acts as if they're two people on a date and he wants Hiccup to have as good a time as he is. He's like the world's most cultured, most suave, most sophisticated rabid fanboy.
  • Viggo constantly addresses Hiccup as "my boy" and even "my dear Hiccup."
  • One of the best examples of Viggo's bizarre interpretation of their relationship comes at the end of "Buffalord Soldier," where he seems sincerely disappointed at Hiccup's lack of enthusiasm, as if he expects Hiccup to enjoy being blackmailed for the cure to save Astrid's life as much as Viggo enjoys doing it:
    Viggo: I've truly missed our time together, Hiccup. My brother leaves something to be desired in the repartee department. My boy, don't look so morose. It takes all the fun out of it.
  • In "Defenders of the Wing Part 1," Viggo continues to act like they're meeting for a date rather than arch enemies discussing a "peace" treaty, saying he's surprised Hiccup accepted his invitation, continuing to compliment him for being such a "worthy opponent," sincerely enjoying just having a moment to chat with him ("It's good to see your sense of humor's still intact"), etc.
  • In "Gold Rush," after he's captured all but 3 of the riders, Viggo orders Ryker to "bring Hiccup to my chambers," naturally acting like he's invited him over for dinner ("Please, sit.")
  • In "Shell Shocked Part 1," Ryker flat out asks Hiccup, "Between Viggo and myself, who has more of an interest in you, Hiccup?" When Viggo shows up after Hiccup thinks he betrayed him, Viggo tells him, "I hope you didn’t think I’d leave you hanging in the wind."
  • The two are forced to work together in "Shell Shocked Part 2." Hiccup treats the situation as precariously as you'd expect, but Viggo continues to act like they're on a date or something, teasing Hiccup about his new relationship with Astrid and inviting him to join him for an upcoming Maces and Talons tournament. Poor Hiccup sounds like someone telling off a particularly clingy ex who just can't accept that things are over:
    Hiccup: What I am not is your friend, your ally, your Maces and Talons buddy! So let's leave our personal lives out of this and get down to business!
  • Even Krogan starts thinking Viggo's feelings for Hiccup are going too far when the latter returns in Season 7; when he sees Viggo using one of Hiccup's inventions to retrieve the Dragon Eye, Krogan gives him what sounds like a warning that Love Is a Weakness:
    Viggo: I have found, Krogan, that it is important to draw inspiration from those who've bested you. Hiccup's ingenuity... it's fascinating. The boy has invented things most could only dream of.
    Krogan: Reverence? It's a dangerous emotion, Viggo.
    Viggo: Only if it is allowed to cloud one's judgment.
  • During an argument with Viggo later, a very frustrated Krogan refers to Hiccup as "Your Archipelagan Idol."
  • Things all but come out in the open in "Triple Cross":
    • As usual, Viggo wishes Hiccup would enjoy the chance to work together as much as he does ("Oh, don't be like that, Hiccup").
    • Viggo repeatedly teases Hiccup about being too "pure" and "innocent."
    • It's Viggo feelings for Hiccup that blow his cover (because he refuses to let Johann and Krogan kill him). Johann and Krogan easily deduce that he cares more about their prisoner than about their plans (not that they can understand why):
    Johann: This bickering is pointless. Get rid of the boy.
    Viggo: Wait...
    Krogan: Why do you want him alive?! He scarred your face, destroyed your brother, decimated your empire...
    Johann: And humiliated you with defeat after defeat... (pins him to the wall by his throat) You thought I wouldn't figure you out?
    • Before he dies, Viggo admits how much Hiccup has changed him, how he's taught him to care about and respect dragons. Keep in mind this is one villain Hiccup *never* tried to do that to — his influence was completely unintentional. He changed the man just by being himself and impressing him THAT much while doing so. The changes seen in Viggo ever since he got his scar, like actually caring about his men in "Wings of War," are all thanks to his feelings for Hiccup.
    • Viggo doesn't just die to save Hiccup — before he goes, he clasps his hand and gives him one of his trademark game pieces, as if to remember him by. The scene of them standing there holding hands in their final good-bye is *very* powerful.
    Viggo: Hiccup, you're more ruthless than you realize. I know you will defeat Krogan and Johann. Now go.


Advertising suggested Heather might "threaten Hiccup's love for Astrid" — it didn't say this would be because of anything between Heather and Hiccup...
  • "Heather Report" is more about Heather's relationship with Astrid than her relationship with Hiccup, whom she treats no different than the other boys:
    • When Astrid catches her feeding Stormfly, Heather smiles smugly, flips her hair over her shoulder, and says, "I think your dragon likes me" like she's flirting with her.
    • When Heather is leaving Berk, she totally ignores that Hiccup clearly has his arms open for a hug, just saying good-bye to him while still hugging Toothless and Astrid. This was when fans decided she was more likely to interfere with Hiccup/Astrid due to her Les Yay with Astrid than from stealing Hiccup away.
  • When Heather returns in season three, the girls develop a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship that you half expect to get a Relationship Upgrade. The two become so close you would think they had been best friends since birth. Astrid is impressed by the new intense, "edgy" Heather, while Hiccup is disturbed by it. Then there's their good-bye at the end of "Have Dragon, Will Travel":
    Astrid: Guess you're leaving. Again. I thought you were tired of being alone.
    Heather: I am.
    Astrid: Then don't be. It's safer here. You have support. And... I'm here.
    Heather: I know. I just... have a lot I need to figure out. (one hug later)' Thanks, Astrid. It was nice having a friend again.
    • After Heather leaves, Hiccup tells Astrid, "I know you two got pretty close. I'm sorry you're losing a friend."
  • "Snow Way Out" has one conversation that, if taken out of context, note  makes it sound like the two are having an affair behind Hiccup's back.
  • In "Not Lout" Heather brings Astrid some flowers as thanks for letting her borrow her ax. Snotlout is dumbfounded that Astrid would let anyone even touch her beloved ax let alone loan it out.

  • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in "Have Dragon, Will Travel," Ruffnut blatantly starts coming on to Heather. She leans against the wall in the possessive bad-boy flirtation pose and everything.

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