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Berk is on a Far Future Lost Colony
Berk is actually on another planet, one colonized by people who hated technology and had a fascination with the whole “Viking” thing.

Possible proofs

  • none of the maps in the series remotely resemble earth
  • the terminal velocity of objects seems to be greatly decreased, showing that ether…
    • the planet’s gravity is much lower than earth’s
    • The planet’s air pressure is higher than earth’s
  • the ecosystem is made up almost entirely of dragons

Alvin is the Hiccup figure a generation ago
The Village had done him wrong for having his own way of fighting, while Stoick is the traditional one of the two.

"When Lightning Strikes" will have Hiccup taming and bonding with a Skrill
Hiccup is the main character. He gets the privilege of bonding with the rare and exotic dragons. This also makes him the second person to bond with more than one dragon, after Astrid.
  • Unfortunately Jossed.

A dragon similar to the Green Death or one similar to the Night Fury species will appear
And Alvin will end up taming it.
  • Before it eats him.
    • The eating part most probably will not happen (at least fatally) due to him being a major reoccurring antagonist in the original book series although he does lose pieces of himself constantly.
    • Or the Whispering Death.

Berk was highly intolerant of people with handicaps one or two generations ago.
A chief decided to put an end to it by having most Vikings who couldn't really fight at their best tend to the fields and cattle, or man the fishing boats.
  • This is why Mulch and Bucket are mostly seen fishing or taking care of the cattle.
  • Stoick has been supportive enough of this policy that Mulch would always side with him in any argument.
  • People like Gobber, who are badass enough to be only slightly impaired by two missing limbs, are the exception to this rule.

The twins aren't as stupid as they act.
While they seem to genuinely enjoy violence, pain, property damage, and explosions, and have Leeroy Jenkins tendancies, they are still competent dragon trainers and vikings. My guess is that they like the reactions they get from playing dumb. On top of that, they know each other so well that they can keep their tag-team improv comedy show going all day. This could explain their incredibly high number of Crowning Moment of Funny entries, as well as their constantly changing amount of apparent intelligence.

Other related theories:

  • Each twin seems to specialize in a different type of humor. Ruffnut normally goes for slapstick physical comedy, while Tuffnut prefers to misinterpret what is said to him.
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  • They keep up the act as a coping mechanisim in tense situations, like Hiccup and his snark.

In the upcoming episode "Twinsanity"
The focus is on Ruffnut and Tuffnut.
  • And to keep with the insanity motif, this episode will also feature the introduction of Dagur the Deranged as someone even more in love with pain and property damage than the twins.
    • Confirmed, and it turns out that Dagur is mainly a bloodthirsty lout (more into killing than property damage, but probably not opposed to the latter in the least) who may or may not be in league with Alvin in some way.

Dagur's Mole is...
Mildew. He probably figured that if a war with the Berserkers was impending due to the presence of dragons on Berk, Stoick would have no choice but to exile the dragons once more.
  • Alvin (or one of the other outcasts) is another possibility. Mildew hates the dragons, but he's also pretty savvy and would probably balk at making deals with someone as unpredictable as Dagur. It wouldn't profit Alvin anything if the Berserkers went to war with Berk, because it would be very difficult for him to achieve his goal of kidnapping Hiccup and learning what he wants from him.
  • Trader Johan; Not maliciously, it's just traders would deal in information and stories as physical goods. And Johan did see Stoik riding a dragon to the chieftiens meeting.

Mildew is...
Alvin's mole. As Main page's "Tempting Fate" points out: In "Alvin and the Outcasts", Gobber notes, "This would be a really bad time to get attacked, especially by Alvin the Treacherous." Guess who lands on their shores later that day? It is no coincidence that Alvin landed that same day, Mildew was the one who burned down the weapons storage to enable Alvin's invasion! Alvin was there to kidnap Hiccup, and everybody and their aunt know that Mildew hates Hiccup (well, everybody except Hiccup himself).

The Secret Map to Night Fury Island is...
A trap set by Mildew to get rid of Hiccup and Toothless. It's actually a map to Outcast Island,which will allow Alvin to capture them, leading to the second part of "We are a Family". Confirmed.

The Dragon Calls in 'We are a Family' are the first step in speaking Dragonese
In the books, Hiccup could speak to dragons. Aside from Toothless, it is one of the biggest changes from the book. Hiccup's dragon calls (and he's much better than the others) may be the first step to speaking dragonese. The second season may feature Hiccup learning Dragonese.

Nightfuries have alot of things in common with bats
As if appearances were'nt enough, now in "We are family part 1" we see Toothless use echolocation, and previews for part two have someone say that Toothless hasn't eaten or drank anything for awhile. Some species of bat go into hybernation, or tarpor, both of which are energy saving survival techniques in which they can stop eating and drinking for a time.

Season 2 will be Darker and Edgier.
Now that the Outcasts have learned how to train dragons, they're going to be a much bigger threat. The fact that the title will be changed to Defenders of Berk supports this and hints at more battles.

Alvin will be an Arms Dealer in Season 2 who is also seeking high-quality dragons
He will use the ability to tame dragons as a method of establishing a market on power with other tribes (such as The Berserkers) and using the funding to seek out higher and more dangerous dragons such as The Skrill and other possible Night Furies in an Evil Plan to amass power against Berk.

Dragons Is an Allagory for The Cold War
Think about it. Before Dragons, all vikings had the same weapons to fight one another (and dragons) with. Dragons were always seen as terrifying beasts that, although the Vikings could fight off, would always be far superior. Then Hiccup learned how to train them and learned how to use them to fight, just as Scientists during WWII found out how to use the Atomic bomb. Now the Vikings of Berk are the superior group of Vikings because they own the biggest stick; Dragons. Berk represents the United States, who finished off WWII by using and owning the worlds first Atomic and Nuclear Bombs. This would make the Outcasts, who hate the Vikings of Berk, have an entirely different culture then them, and also learn how to tame Dragons in the end through illicit means, the USSR.

There are other underlying things that I think help my point: In Dragon Flower, the Chieftain, Stoic, goes to give the Chieftain of a neighboring, allied village a weapon, and he's going there on his dragon. The United States had very similar strategies when it came to their allies; give them things to show them your friendly, while showing them how much more powerful you are then them (Rebuilding Japan after World War II, and the Marshall Plan). Also, in Twinsanity, the new Chieftain of a once friendly village is a very undesirable ally to Stoic, especially since he threatens war on them if it turns out they do own dragons. Stoic is so mad at the New Chieftain that Stoic Tries to kill him twice in the episode! What other country has killed or tried to kill leaders who went against them or threatened to retaliate against another nation? The USA (The Iranian Coup and the Southern Vietnam Coup come to mind).

  • The US is hardly the first nation in history to do that kind of thing, and the Cold War is hardly the first time it's happened. It's literally as old as history.
  • Yeah, a lot.

Mildew will pull yet another Karma Houdini
As far as Hiccup, Stoick, Gobber, and the others know, Mildew was re-captured by the Outcasts. The cagey old bat could even claim that he was forced, under torture, to reveal what he knew of dragon training to Alvin. The last time they saw him, Hiccup was explaining how Mildew had helped save him. If a dragon based war turns out badly for The Outcasts, Mildew can simply cut his loses and return to Berk with no one the wiser.

Fishlegs will become a Berserker
Like in the books, Fishlegs will begin going berserk in combat and see a subsequent improvement in his fighting abilities. His displays against Snotlout in Gem of a Different Color and dropping the chest on the Outcast warrior in We Are a Family support this given he goes 100% pure rage for a few moments in both scenes. This would make sense for Season 2 if Berk's dragon riders find themselves fighting off Alvin's goons more and more often.
  • While it's obvious that you can move onto different islands and tribes, I don't think "Berserkers" are just a group of people that easily Berserk: I think that's their name. And I don't think that Fishlegs would betray Berk or his Friends.
  • Even if Dagur's forces are called the Berserker Tribe, that does not mean that others cannot be Berserkers. After all, Berk is home to the Hooligan Tribe and I think you can call some of Alvin's minions hooligans. Fishlegs can still become the mainland Norse definition even if he does not join the Berserker tribe. But to be clear, as this WMG's author, I am referring to the Old Norse Berserker (see here [1] ). Plus, if they want to introduce 'friendly' Berserker characters (given the hints dropped about Dagur killing his own father, it's certainly possible), having one train Fishlegs in their ways if they notice the 'true berserker' tendencies could be an interesting subplot and be a nice way to tie back to the books as a Mythology Gag that fans of both will notice.

Season two will feature an age-up.
The movie sequel, set for summer 2014, is set five years after the first movie, making Hiccup close to eighteen or even twenty years old. Defenders of Berk will help to fill that gap by splitting the difference.
  • Sadly it doesn't look like it. They still pretty much look the same from the last season.
  • Still technically possible. Star Wars: The Clone Wars had an age-up for Ahsoka with no ceremony, though they could at least hide it by having her not be in a few episodes.
  • It'll probably be season 3. The way this season wrapped up was obviously to allow it to fit into the second film fairly easily, so season 3 will probably jump ahead to after the film.
  • Jossed. Season three takes place a year or 2 BEFORE the sequel.

Dagur will join the Outcasts and own a Skrill
  • Okay, writer of this one I gotta ask: why a Skrill?
    • It works for Hiccup's teenage nemesis to have a dragon with similarities to Toothless: rare, fast, both of the Strike Class of dragons, both with a one-of-a-kind blast attack. Plus, just like Hiccup has a stylized Night Fury on his shield, the Berserker Tribe's crest feature a stylized Skrill, and Dagur wears it on his belt-buckle.
  • Well, the part about the Skrill was at least somewhat right.
    • Joining the outcasts? More like deposing Alvin, and taking over, but close enough.

Alvin and Stoick are brothers
  • Jossed. However, they were extremely close friends during their younger years. It seems that Alvin filled a Snotlout role of sorts during Stoic's youth.

The reason the Vikings don't wear as much fur in the series is...
  • Because it's summer! In the movie we see that the Vikings are preparing for winter but in the series time has passed. The reason the residents of berk aren't wearing as much fur as they did in the movie is simply because the series is set in either spring or summer, to warm to be wearing fur. Also it doesn't hurt that less fur means easier animation...
  • That's not the case. In the series, there was a snowstorm, and Hiccup said it was winter. In another one, there was a week long freeze. The reason they don't wear fur is due to budget cuts.

One of the riders will eventually kill the Screaming Death
Possibly in a way of showing Hiccup growing up, eventually Hiccup will decide that sparing the Screaming Death when it first attacked Berk was a mistake and will instead shoot to kill the next time he sees it. It already took our four islands of the Archipelago for Thor's sake and shows no signs of stopping after getting its face bludgeoned by Gronkles and filled with Nadder spines. And if it isn't Hiccup, it'll be Astrid. She wanted to kill dragons growing up, now she has a chance to do it for better reasons than there used to be.
  • Jossed for Defenders; Hiccup instead helps it find its mother on Outcast Island.

The Red/Green Death was responsible for keeping Screaming Deaths in check
Hiccup mentions that they hatch once every 100 years (how this is known, never stated), which means that Berk should of theoretically ran into it at least twice before since it has been there for three hundred years and as many years of dragon fighting. Presumably, given the Screaming Death is a clear rival in power, the Red Death killed them young in order to prevent them from becoming strong enough to challenge it, therefore preventing the damage it caused when it was not around and Hiccup refused to kill it when he had the chance. Now that Hiccup blew the big dragon up, there is no predator for the Screaming Death and therefore it is free to cause its own reign of terror.

Now that Hiccup has refrozen the Skrill, Dagur will specifically try to kill Toothless rather than Hiccup.
He DID stab a picture of a Night Fury. He might want to kill Toothless in a "you took my thing, I'll take yours" kind of deal. Well, the best way to get an enemy is through their heart...
  • Pretty much confirmed as of "Cast Out, Part 1", if not explicitly.
    • And if it wasn't confirmed then, it was in Part 2 where Dagur intends to make Toothless the new symbol of the Berserkers.

Alvin isn't dead
In the books, Alvin was thought dead multiple times and returned. Even in impossible situations. This is the same thing. Alvin will show up later, minus limbs/hair/etc.

Ruffnut's hair will be back to normal by the next episode.
I'm hoping to be surprised, but I'm skeptical given previous Aesop Amnesia and Snotlout oscillating between becoming sympathetic and then kicking the dog.
  • Confirmed.

Barf and Belch will make an Heroic Sacrifice in the the sequel, leaving Ruffnut & Tuffnut without a dragon for the third (or fourth, depending on the scheduling) season...
...until Scauldy and Torch, whom the twins bonded with over the course of the second season, return in triumphant fashion and become their new respective mounts, and maybe even open up the chance for some individual Character Development, which we got a hint of with the Hidden Depths each twin showed in caring/training for Scauldy/Torch.
  • Jossed.

The reason the oceans froze over during the latest episode is:
Explained right in the episode's title. Berk is in the same universe as Arendelle, and the frozen over ocean was a side effect of Elsa's powers going haywire, which also explains why the whole island thawed out rather quickly.
  • Frozen took place in the early 1800s and Dragons is set in 1013. You don't freeze backward in time.
    • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! That made my day!
    • Out of curiosity, where did you get 1013 from?
    • Likely the Viking Games Olympics commercials, which set the year as 1010. I'd argue that it was STILL 1010 or possibly 1011 during Riders/Dragons, though.
  • Any Word of God aside, Frozen, like most fantasy settings, contains a lot of anachronisms that make it impossible to place in a specific period of our world's history. In that light, Berk and Arendelle are set in the same world and time — the area of the world where Berk and the other Viking tribes are located just hasn't had the same technological development as Arendelle's part of the world (not difficult when you're cut off from the rest of the world by a thick fog bank few have had the courage to cross) — and "Frozen" the episode does indeed take place at the same time as Frozen the film (they certainly aired close enough together!).

Thornado will eventually return to Berk to be with Stoick after the Thunderdrum hatchlings are old enough to fend for themselves.

Season 3 of the show will be in-between the second and third movies
With the 2015 airdate, it is very likely that the third season will instead be focusing on the time in-between the second and third movies, building up on plot points and character development from the second movie.
  • Jossed.

Season 3 will focus on tying up loose ends and setting up the plot ready for the events of the Second film
Either way it is unlikely that the Riders of Berk continuity will move beyond the second film, as much due to budget constraints and to prevent cannon discontinuity between the films, which hold creative control, and the show (seeing as Alvin is not even mentioned once in the films). So season 3 will most likely focus on tying up all the B-conflicts, such as Alvin, as well as introducing new dragons who make appearances in the second film, alongside other important discoveries like the Tracker Class of Dragon. With this in mind it is also possible that any additional Seasons will be part a new working title under the Dragons Franchise, in order to distinguish itself as taking place between the events of the second and third films. Which will feature entirely new villains, story arcs, and even more new dragons.
  • Confirmed. Season 3 happens still between 1 and 2, but it does feature a 3 year Time Skip, and several call forwards in the series that points towards what will come.
  • And as of Season Six, additional loose ends have been tied up, though how well certain threads are is up for debate.

Astrid and Hiccup will hook up, but only towards the end of the show.
The duo have plenty of Ship Tease, but that's mostly it.
  • Tease no more as of Season Six.

Heather was given to her foster family by her parents to protect her from her brother Dagur
Considering who her brother is and the fact that she had probably been with her foster parents long before her real parents died, it makes sense.

The Grimborn's originate from Cumbria, Scandinavian York or the Danelaw

Need something to explain Vigo's accent. The Berk Vikings must have spent years in Scotland for their accents to be affected with the American accent representing the unaffected the original Norse accent.

After "Last Auction Heroes", some of the Riders' attacks were to recover gold.
Raiding shipping has been in existence since the inception of naval travel, and since both Viggo kept Berk's gold and was a declared enemy of the Hooligan Tribe, there's no reason why some of the raids wouldn't also include nabbing any gold that Viggo's men had, either from selling their dragon products or to buy supplies with. And even if the Dragon Riders couldn't carry it, there's no reason why Berk couldn't send ships to attack under cover of the Riders to hit Viggo's convoys. So with Berk harassing all of his shipments both to disrupt his efforts and to recover the gold he stole, Viggo may actually have realized that he couldn't protect against the Riders forever and thus the truce offer. This would also help explain why it had not come up - Vikings simply went aviking.
  • Jossed by Season Six, which has Berk's gold as a plot point for a few episodes until it is recovered in Gold Rush.

Viggo knows Drago is coming.
The line "I don't want to conquer the world, unlike some" seems to strongly imply that Viggo is at least aware of Drago's existence, and him setting up a dragon trade could well be his way of ensuring that he and his brother have a place in Drago's new world, making Drago the Bigger Bad of Race to the Edge.
  • Possibly confirmed. While it isn't clear he knew about him at that time (though it is likely since he knew Krogan already), in his last appearance he explicitly says Krogan works for someone else, so while he might not know Drago's true identity, he is aware about his existence.

Hiccup will succeed in negotiating a lasting peace with Mala.
Possibly in an Enemy Mine situation as they both end up fighting against Viggo and his dragon trappers. Averting war against Mala and the Defenders of the Wing will further solidify Hiccup's faith in the power of diplomacy, which will be tested when he encounters Draco and discovers that some people cannot be reasoned with.
  • Confirmed, and it nets Berk a major ally for the rest of Season Six.

Heather will be reunited with her father.
In his posthumous letter to Heather, Dagur revealed that he only allowed everyone to think he had murdered their father, Oswald the Agreeable so they would not see him as weak. In the fourth season of "Race to the Edge", Oswald will be reunited with Heather (and possibly with Dagur, considering that they Never Found the Body), and the three of them will head back home to lead the Berzerker clan.
  • As of Season Six, this is a stated goal of Heather and Dagur's
  • As of Season Seven, Jossed, because Dagur, Hiccup and Fishlegs find him dead.

The "special guest" at the auction was Eret Sr.
Eret from the second movie worked for Drago (prior to his Heel–Face Turn, at least) and referred to himself as "Eret, son of Eret". The "special guest", so far unnamed (season 4 of Race to the Edge is a few days away as of this WMG post), apparently has ties to Drago, but is not a character we have otherwise seen. So could he be Eret's father? He does look old enough.
  • We get a closer look at the man in Season Six, and while his skin tone is different from Eret (Jr.), this WMG is still open as it may be a tan.

The Dragon Hunters Win
The season 5 finale has Viggo and Krogan looking for the "King of Dragons". They are going to succeed at this because the King of Dragons they find is going to be Drago's Bewilderbeast.
  • They will also find it at Berserker Island. There was something awfully similar to Bewilderbeast Nest. No Bewilderbeast seen, but there could be eggs (Drago says he found his Bewilderbeast as egg). And of course it was Oswald the Agreeable's, The Chief of Berserkers, lens that pointed to the king of dragons.

Savage is Berserker born

The Outcast tribe seems to be made up of various tribes that are obviously outcasts. Dialogue states that Alvin was born on Berk, into the Hooligan tribe. Thus with Savage appearing on Berserker Island would it not be likely that he had finally come home since he must have been cast out of somewhere himself to be an outcast?

Heather will ultimately join the Winged Maidens
Her bond with Windshear will lead her to want to help preserve other Razorwhips, and to that end she will join the Winged Maiden sisterhood.

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