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Warning: Spoilers Below!

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Riders of Berk

    How to Start a Dragon Academy 
This is Berk. For generations, it was Viking against dragon. The battles were ferocious... then one day, everything changed. I met Toothless, and together we've shown people here that instead of fighting dragons, we can ride them... live with them, even train them.
Hiccup, Opening Narration

They're still the best.

Yep, dragons. Most people on Berk would say life here is better since we made peace with them. Unfortunately, dragons are still, well, dragons.
Hiccup, Narration after opening sequence

Hiccup: Hey, Astrid. What a nice surprise!
Astrid: So, how was your day?
Hiccup: Uh, uneventful. Hung around the plaza. You know...
Astrid: Yeah, I do know. We saw you out there. It's hard to believe you're still standing. [Hiccup gives up the act and flops down onto his bed.]
Hiccup: Ugh...! I'm gonna be seeing flaming sheep in my dreams for the next month.

Stoick: You took over this place without asking. You released the dragons against my wishes. Things are going to change around here. That's why I...
Gobber: You're getting a Dragon Training Academy!

Dragons can't change who they are. But who would want them to? Dragons are powerful, amazing creatures.
Hiccup, First part of Closing Narration

And as long as it takes me, I am going to learn everything there is to know about them. Wouldn't you?
Hiccup, Second part of Closing Narration


    Viking for Hire 

    Animal House 
Here on Berk, we made peace with the dragons. We're finally living and working together...and it only took us three hundred years. There's one slight problem... we forgot to tell the animals.
Hiccup, Opening Narration

Hiccup: I see daylight!
Astrid: We're gonna get out of here!
Hiccup: Look what they did.
Astrid: They saved our lives.
Hiccup: Uh, um...that
Hiccup: So, we're good now?
Astrid: G-good as new...

Mulch: Uh-oh. Your bucket's not tightening up on ya, is it?
Bucket: No, I'm just... FIIIIIIINE!!!
Mulch: Well, whenever his bucket gets tight it means a storm is coming.
Bucket: No storm, everything's fine.
Mulch: Bucket...
Bucket: I don't want there to be a storm! If lighting strikes me bucket, I could end up less intelligent.
Mulch: Oh, ho-ho! That's one tight bucket! And the tighter the bucket, the bigger the storm.
Stoick: But that's crazy. Storms don't hit this early in the season.
Gobber: And besides, who ever heard of predicting the weather with a bucket? That's what chicken bones and goose feet are for.
Mulch: If you recall that bucket of his predicted the Blizzard of Olaf!
Bucket: That was a bad one! It took us a week just to dig Mildew out.
Mulch: And the rest of our lives to wonder why we bothered. Trust the bucket, Stoick.
Stoick: You trust the bucket. I want a second opinion.

Stoick: Move those tables against the against the doors!
Gobber: Stoick! The barns been destroyed! The animals have scattered!
Stoick: Where's Hiccup and the others?
Gobber: I tried to stop him Stoick. They went after the animals.

Stoick: What are they doing?
Hiccup: They're protecting us.
Astrid: It's their natural instinct.
Stoick: Your dragons are really something, son.
Hiccup: Yeah, they are.

Winter in Berk is long and brutal, and the only way to survive it is if we're all in it together. We made our peace with the dragons when we saw that we could trust them. Turns out they actually have instincts to protect us. All of us. Life on Berk just got a little warmer.
Hiccup, Closing Narrarion

    The Terrible Twos 

    In Dragons We Trust 

    Alvin & The Outcasts 

    How to Pick a Dragon 

    Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man 
Measuring up to a Viking father isn't easy. Especially when that Viking father is also the Chief of your village. So, when you get a chance to prove yourself, you jump on it.
Hiccup, Opening Narration

I've spent most of my life trying to prove to my dad that I could be his kind of Viking. As it turns out, I already was.
Hiccup, Closing Narration

    Dragon Flower 

    Heather Report Part I 

    Heather Report Part II 

No, Hiccup. No one was a better Viking than you, today.

    When Lightning Strikes 

    What Flies Beneath 


    Defiant One 

    Breakneck Bog 

    Gem of a Different Color 

    We Are Family Part I 

    We Are Family Part II 

Defenders of Berk

    Live and Let Fly 

    The Iron Gronckle 

    The Night and the Fury 

    Tunnel Vision 

    Race to Fireworm Island 

    Fright of Passage 

    Worst in Show 

    Appetite for Destruction 

    Zippleback Down 

    A View to a Skrill Part I 

    A View to a Skrill Part II 

    The Flight Stuff 

    Free Scauldy 

It's going to be dark soon. The Speed Stingers will be back for the rest of the food. Everyone wants to know what we're gonna do.

    A Tale of Two Dragons 

    The Eel Effect 

    Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 

    Bing! Bam! Boom! 

    Cast Out Part I 

    Cast Out Part II 

Race to the Edge Season 1

    Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part I 

    Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part II 
I guess. If you like that unassuming, heroic, dragon rider type.

    Imperfect Harmony 

    When Darkness Falls 

    Big Man on Berk 

    Gone Gustav Gone 
Astrid class! Heh. Heh.

    Reign of Fireworms 

    Crushing It 

    Quake, Rattle, and Roll 

    Have Dragon Will Travel Part I 

    Have Dragon Will Travel Part II 
But I still have you.

    The Next Big Sting 

    Total Nightmare 

Race to the Edge Season 2

    Team Astrid 

    Night of the Hunters, Part 1 
Hiccup: Astrid! Astrid! ASTRID!
Astrid: [opens her eyes] What took you so long?
Hiccup: [hugs Astrid] Oh, thank Thor. Whew!

    Night of the Hunters, Part 2 

    Bad Moon Rising 

    Snotlout Gets the Axe 

    Zippleback Experience 

    Snow Way Out 

    Edge of Disaster, Part 1 

    Edge of Disaster, Part 2 

    Shock and Awe 

    A Time to Skrill 

    Maces and Talons, Part 1 

    Maces and Talons, Part 2 

Race to the Edge Season 3

    Enemy of My Enemy 

    Crash Course 

    Follow the Leader 

    Turn and Burn 

    Buffalord Soldier 
I can't imagine a world without you in it.

There do I see my father, my mother, and my brothers and my sisters. They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave shall live forever.
Astrid, Viking Funeral

Astrid: Hiccup, I just wanted to say thanks. I really owe you.
Hiccup: It's no big deal. You'd have done the same for me.
Astrid: I can't imagine a world without you in it, either.

    A Grim Retreat 

    To Heather or Not To Heather 

    Stryke Out 
Hiccup! Yes. Thank Thor you're okay.

    Tone Death 

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place 

    Family on the Edge 

    Last Auction Heroes 

    Defenders of the Wing, Part 1 

Race to the Edge Season 4

    Defenders of the Wing, Part 2 

    Gruff Around the Edges 

    Midnight Scrum 
He's Hiccup, sometimes his pride is bigger than his brain.

    Not Lout 

    Saving Shattermaster 

    Dire Straits 

    The Longest Day 

    Gold Rush 
You've been looking for a home since the first day I met you Heather, and maybe this is finally your chance to find it. Just know that we will always... I will always be there for you.

    Out of the Frying Pan 


Astrid, you and I have been through everything together. You don't think we can handle this? Astrid, you have me, no matter what. Okay, whatever that means, whatever you want it to mean. I am with you. There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always.

Hiccup: Are you sure you're feeling okay?
Astrid: I'm fine, Hiccup. You can stop worrying about me now.
Hiccup: I never stop worrying about you. That's just the way it is.
Astrid: Yeah, yeah. I guess that goes for me, too.
Hiccup: Hey.
Astrid: Can I ask you something?
Hiccup: Sure.
Astrid: Um... Back in the forest, when we were... Well, you know.
Hiccup: Yeah?
Astrid: Were you about to...
Hiccup: Oh, uh... So you felt that, huh? I felt like maybe I got away with it.
Astrid: Well, why didn't you?
Hiccup: Oh... Oh. Well, I... It wasn't perfect. And I always thought that if it ever happened, uh... And yes, I've though about it a lot. Uh, it had to be just perfect.
Astrid: Well, this seems pretty perfect to me.
Hiccup: Yeah? Yeah, I guess it does. [Hiccup and Astrid kiss]

    Shell Shocked, Part 1 
Astrid: You did it! [hugs Hiccup] I'm really proud of you.
Hiccup: A lot of those ideas were yours. I... I couldn't have done it without you.
Astrid: We make quite the team, huh?
Hiccup: I certainly think so.
Astrid: I know that look. What's wrong?
Hiccup: Nothing's wrong. It's just... Well, yeah, Tuff's right, this is huge. Viggo, Berk, the Edge. And my dad, putting his trust in me. If the mission fails, we could lose the Dragon Eye forever, and that could mean the end of the Dragons. And they could be huntend to extinction. And I...
Astrid: But, they won't be. Because this mission will not fail.
Hiccup: And then there's this project Shell Fire thing. I mean, what?
Astrid: Hiccup, Stop! You spent months planning this. It's gonna work.

Astrid: That was close.
Hiccup: Yeah. Wait, why do we care if they know about us?
Astrid: I mean, we don't, I guess. It's all so new. i just want to share it with you right now, you know? [Hiccup looks at her confused] Look, we'll tell everyone, I just want the time to be right.
Hiccup: I get it. This-This isn't the time. We can't take a chance on anyone doing anything different. Including us. [Astrid pulls Hiccup towards her, and the two share a kiss]
Astrid: Did you seriously think I'd leave here with just a handshake?
Hiccup: Yeah, I know. She's something else, huh, bud?

    Shell Shocked, Part 2 
Astrid: Are you okay?
Hiccup: Yeah, I'll be fine.
Astrid: It's finally over. It is over, right?
Hiccup: Yeah, of course. Definitely.
Astrid: I should have listened to you. You are our leader. Our relationship can't get in the way of that. It won't happen again.
Hiccup: Just promise me you won't stop telling me what you're thinking. Astrid, I rely on you. It's what make us, well, us. Deal?
Astrid: Deal. [Astrid grabs Hiccup hand and pull him toward her and the two of them share a kiss]

Race to the Edge Season 5

    Living on the Edge 

This isn't junk. It's my betrothal gift to Astrid. It means we'll be together forever.

Hiccup: This was my father's bethrothal gift to my mother. (Astrid gasps as Hiccup puts the necklace on her) —um, And he gave it to me, to give to you. Astrid, you're a part of our family. You always have been and I hope you always will be. (Astrid sighs) Okay. If you don't like it —
Astrid: Hiccup, I... It's beautiful. It's perfect. It's just... I didn't get you a gift. I don't know what to get, or...
Hiccup: But you did. Astrid, you got me the greatest gift in the world. You, You, just being here with me. It's the only gift I need. (Hiccup and Astrid share a hug)

    Something Rotten on Berserker Island 
A coup? Really? How did this happen?

    Snotlout's Angels 
Fishlegs: You know there is a chance he got caught in that storm. It's pretty brutal out there.
Ruffnut: Of course, he got caught in the storm. He's Snotlout. The only question is do we—
Hiccup: You know the answer to that question, and it's yes.

    A Matter of Perspective 
Sadness is a matter of perspective, Hiccup. It's how you choose to view something that makes it happy, scary, intriguing, or sad. We don't view this as a day to mourn. It's a day to rejoice. This is a well-earned rest for the Great Protector. We should all be so lucky to have lived such a meaningful life.

Astrid: So, tell me again how you figured that out. That was pretty ingenious.
Hiccup: It's all about perspective. Astrid, when you look at things differently, you see things that you might never have seen before. It's actually pretty cool to think about.
Astrid: You know what? I've had enough thinking to last me an entire week. I'm going to get some sleep. [Hiccup and Astrid kiss]

    Return of Thor Bonecruser 

    Dawn of Destruction 
Hiccup: Ah! I just wanna make sure. That's the one thing I really don't want to do. But, at the same time, spemding time with you [Astrid] is important. (Astrid hugs Hiccup)
Hiccup: What was that for?
Astrid: Just for being you. I love how sensitive you are.
Hiccup: Don't tell that to Stoick.
Astrid: Oh, I think he knows. Everyone knows. It's what makes you such a great friend, a great leader, and, um, a great boyfriend.

    The Wings of War, Part 1 

    The Wings of War, Part 2 

    No Dragons Left Behind 


    Searching for Oswald and Chicken 

    Sins of the Past 

Race to the Edge Season 6

    In Plain Sight 

    No Bark, All Bite 

    Chains of Command 
Look, this is it right here. This is your moment. Maybe not your moment of glory, but the moment you decide what's most important to you, your own feelings or the vow you made to these women and all of these dragons.

Dagur: I can't believe we ever argued.
Mala: Nor can I, Dagur the Deranged.
Dagur: Deranged. It sounds so royal when she says it.
Mala: Obviously.

    Loyal Order of Ingerman 

    A Gruff Separation 

    Mi Amore Wing 
O-okay, look, Astrid and I have a different kind of relationship, built on years of friendship.

I should have noticed that necklace right away, but it's not about that. I've been taking you for granted. I have, and I realized that today. I couldn't have done any of this without you, Astrid, not the Dragon riders or the Edge. You've always been there for me, and I want to always be there for you. I love you, Astrid Hofferson, with everything I have. And I always will.

    Ruff Transition 

    Triple Cross 
Oh, there isn't one. You really don't know your oleanders do you, Hiccup? Red oleander is harmless to dragons. I knew there was no other way to get your help. I would never harm such a magnificent creature. [groans] When Johann and Krogan left me for dead, a Monstrous Nightmare saved me. I spent my whole life hunting dragons, killing them. And I've come to respect them as equals. You taught me that, Hiccup. That's the final irony, I suppose.

Hiccup, you're more ruthless than you realize. I know you will defeat Krogan and Johann.

    Family Matters 

    Darkest Night 
You and Toothless came together for a very specific reason at a very specific time. If you hadn't shot him down, I mean, think about where you would be. Think about where we would all be.

    Guardians of Vanaheim 

    King of Dragons, Part 1 
Well, guess what. Sometimes real life comes first. Family comes first. Stoick is our Chief. He definitely comes first.

    King of Dragons, Part 2 
We'll be fine. Johann and Krogan have probably gotten a head start. You and Toothless need to find the King of Dragons before they do and get him to safety. If not, this war will go on forever.

This is Dragon's Edge. It's remote, it's dangerous, and until recently, it's been our home. It's also been a home to our dragons. As far as the egg goes, Atali and the Wingmaidens knew someone who knew someone who had a safe place to keep it. With Johann out of the picture it will remain safe. As for the lovebirds... No, those lovebirds. Their future seems to be pretty certain. Apparently, that also sparked some new romance. Which should be interesting. My dad pulled through and is back to his old self. Turns out he wasn't quite ready to give up being chief. I still have a feeling that won't stop him from trying to hand the reins over to me sometime very soon. As for the Dragon Eyes, they are such amazing tools for dragon knowledge, but in the wrong hands, they are just too dangerous. Yes, the Edge has been good for us. We are older, stronger, braver, and, in some cases, wiser.
Hiccup, First part of Closing Narration

Like I said, in some cases. We return to Berk ready for anything, ready for anyone, ready to fight for our dragons, and they are ready to fight for us.
Hiccup, Second part of Closing Narration

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