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Ho Yay / As Told by Ginger

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  • When Ginger's temporarily being sent to another school Courtney doesn't take it very well. Her reaction parallels that of Darren's (who's finally realizing that he likes Ginger as more than just a friend), albeit in a much more exaggerated and comedic—she even wears a shirt with Ginger's face on it.
  • On two occasions Ginger saved Courtney from humiliation when some mean girls were going to deface her at a pool party and when Dodie was going to reveal Courtney had lice. Courtney thanked her on both occasions and even hugged her in the latter situation.
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  • Courtney hinting that the fact that most people find Ginger's charm positively contagious possibly includes her thinking so as well.
  • In an episode where Miranda and Courtney are at a skiing trip, Miranda is awfully interested in a passing by girl.
    Miranda: Now she's cute.
    Courtney: Focus!
  • Whenever Miranda expresses disapproval of Courtney and Ginger's friendships, Miranda tends to act more like a girlfriend that gets jealous of her boyfriend being with other girls.
  • Miranda has one Pet the Dog moment towards Ginger and even then there's her fixation with making her life miserable and her willingness to become her best friend over Courtney at one point. Dodie even points out that Courtney and Miranda were fighting over Ginger.
  • Miranda's fast friendship with Hope when she becomes more popular than Courtney. When they both become friends Miranda devotes herself to both of them.
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  • On Courtney's end she considers Miranda her "right hand" and seems to miss Miranda and acts lost when she starts dating Darren. Miranda ultimately chooses Courtney over Darren.
  • Dodie seems to be a bit too obsessed with both Ginger and Courtney. Any time Ginger or herself gets an opportunity to be within five feet of Courtney, Dodie freaks out, sometimes almost fainting, such as when she got partnered with her in chemistry class in "The 'A' Ticket". She has a "Ginger wig" and sings Ginger's "Copper-Colored Ponies" song in front of her bedroom mirror while wearing it. Dodie is also very against Ginger spending more time with her boyfriend than her.
  • Blake is fascinated with Carl and tries various ways to become his best friend. He also resents Carl's best friend Hoodsey.
  • One episode had Blake was in the hospital. Carl straddled him while he was in bed.
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  • Brandon Higsby's friendship with Hoodsey after he forgets his friendship with Carl due to amnesia. Brandon in general seems to like Carl and Hoodsey despite the way they treat him, even once admitting that he prays for Carl and Hoodsey at night. Brandon himself is also Ambiguously Gay.

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