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Ho Yay / Trollhunters

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He's not good enough for you, Claire!

Ho Yay from Trollhunters.

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    Part One 
Throughout the second half of the first season, Toby is shown attraction to the Mole mascot. While no one actually knows who the mole person is, Toby is sure that it is a girl. He is right, but everyone else still had doubts.

Young Atlas

  • In the beginning of the episode, Mary Wang makes fun of her friend Claire over her practicing the kissing scene of Romeo and Juliet by grabbing her face and playfully making strong kissing motions toward her (as seen in the image above).

    Part Two 
Just Add Water
  • The episode starts with Steve unwittingly being paired up with Eli as parents for the Egg Sitting project.

The Creepslayerz

  • The episode starts with Steve being paired with Eli like in "Just Add Water." The rest of the episode is seeing the two bond over their mutual experiences dealing with finding out about the secret world of monsters Arcadia is hosting, becoming friends in the process. While Steve agrees that they are friends, he says that he plans on keeping up appearances as Eli's bully at school so that no one notices. The whole episode can be read as allegorical of teen boys discovering their sexuality and ending up dating in secret.
    • Even more convincing is that at the end of the episode, Eli rides on the back seat of Steve’s motorcycle with him


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