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  • In "Dukey Jekyll and Johnny Hyde", specifically, the scene where Johnny is trying to get monster!Dukey to remember that he's not a monster, there's a flashback which involves Johnny and Dukey sitting on the beach, embracing each other, and watching the sunset together.
    • In "Roller Johnny", the diagram with Susan and Mary's plan to change Dukey back into a boy involves almost the exact same scene with the sunset.
  • In "Return of the Super Smarty Pants" just listen to Dukey's speech to get Johnny to fight the pants' control of his brain. You can't deny it's borderline Ho Yay.
  • Gil is noticeably always excited to see Johnny; yet when he sees Johnny's sisters, he can't even remember their names. To make matters worse, in an episode it is revealed that in his personal POV of the world, girls don't exist. He once asked Johnny in "Nightmare on Johnny's Street" to have a candle lit dinner with him after he gets rescued by Johnny with Johnny saying okay to this dinner and high fives Gil in agreement. Also in that same episode, Gil gets kidnapped by a Cyclops monster who is clearly male due to its chest and that monster shows a heart in its eye as an expression of love towards Gil but this was a direct result of Susan and Mary's dream on Gil clashing with Johnny's monster dreams.
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  • In "Johnny Irresitible, Johnny uses one of his sisters invention to make himself so irresistible that Even the Guys Want Him.
  • Mr. Black and Mr. White, whose Ho Yay is kind of blatant.
    • In "Johnny & The Attack of the Monster Truck" They are trying to see whose most dominant.
    • Mr. Black and Mr. White constantly dream of going on vacation together to Fiji. They accomplish this dream in a couple episodes
    • The episode "Guess Who's Coming To Johnny's For Dinner" contains the most blatant ho yay featuring Mr Black and Mr. White. First off, Mr. Black arrives at Johnny's house sobbing over Mr. White breaking off his and Mr. White's friendship. Then the scene involving the phone call between Johnny and Mr. White has Mr. White sadly say "he lied to me, he lied to his own partner" with sad breakup music playing in the background. Johnny even tells tells Mr. White to take Mr. Black back a lot.
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  • In the episode "Johnny McCool", at the end of the episode the twins are seen sighing at Gil eating a sandwich, then pans out to Gil sighing at Steve McCool, and it turns out it is a picnic. However the McCool presented is Dark Vegan in disguise.
  • In the episode "Johnny's Supreme Theme," when Johnny was swindling his sisters by saying that they should practice to impress their leading man. Then, Dukey replies with "Yeah! I always practice to impress my leading ma—I'm gonna stop talking now."
  • "Hoist The Johnny Roger" features Nobeard and his crew of pirates who are all Ambiguously Gay. A couple of crew members imagine spending their treasure on dance lessons and their thought bubble features them doing classical dancing in each others arms while biting on roses with their teeth. Another pair of pirates imagine seeing using the treasure to see opera theatre together.
    • And if that not enough ho yay in that episode, it also features Dukey wearing an earring on his right ear and plus there is no earring on his left ear and he's male. Add all that together and the viewer will know what it means. Dukey's earring is mainly ignored and overlooked by a lot of viewers due to being distracted by all the effeminate mannerisms of Nobeard's crew.
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  • Zizrar, the king of the mole people and his minions of mole people are basically just walking incarnations of Ho Yay. No females of their species have been seen but Zizrar wears campy clothing while most of his minions wear biker leather. They are all Ambiguously Gay however because even though they dressed camo, they never flirted with anyone on the show.
  • In the first episode "Johnny To The Center Of The Earth" Dukey makes his flashing debut on the show by wearing biker leather and doing what appears to be seductive moves and flirty behavior towards the Mole People while being filmed by Johnny. Although, he only did this as a façade to get cash with Johnny as a prize for getting the mole people.

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