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Johnny's sisters make him wear that shirt.
They make him wear it because they have no clue what the experiments are going to do in the long term. Because of this, they make him wear a shirt with a radioactive symbol to let people know it's a possibility.

Gil knows that Susan and Mary are attracted to him.
He's not interested because, well... they're trying too hard. Not in the No Guy Wants to Be Chased form, either, but in the "Mad Science will surely FORCE him to fall for me us!" form. He hasn't rejected them flat-out because pissing off the Mad Scientists is probably not the best plan - if they're willing to go to insane lengths now just to get him to fall for them, how would they react upon realizing they had NO chance with him? They don't seem likely to obey something like a restraining order, either... And then there's the fact that they already experiment on his pal Johnny... So he plays the fool and acts oblivious to their feelings, hoping that they'll eventually get over their obsession with him.
  • It also makes sense because consider the implications - which one do you choose? Either way you'll be getting a pissed off scientist.

Johnny Test is Duke Nukem
He has the "radioactive" shirt, they have the same hairdo, and they have the same immature personality. Have Johnny grow into an adult, and you get Duke Nukem.

Johnny Test and Dexter's Lab take place in the same universe
Two things support this idea.
  • The Labrador and Owner from Dexter's Lab: A Story look very much like Dukey and Gil. Dukey must've wound up as Johnny's dog sometime later. Dukey must've also picked up a bigger vocabulary in the meantime.
  • Johnny's family seems like a gender-swapped counterpart of Dexter's. Johnny matches up to Dee Dee. The Twins match up to Dexter except there's two of them. Johnny's Dad and Dexter's Mom are both obsessed with cleaning. We don't know enough about Dexter's Dad except he works outside the home, like Johnny's Mom.
    • Don't forget that the enemies of both shows are geniuses in robotics and are in love with the hero's sister. However, Dexter's Dad isn't that much like Johnny's Mom; he's oblivious, goofy, still in love with his wife, and treats muffins as Serious Business. Johnny's Mom hasn't appeared a lot to really say anything.
    • I always thought the similarities, especially with the gender-swapped roles and hair colors were Shout Outs.

Johnny and Dexter are related
Either Dexter's Mom or Dad has a twin brother or sister which is also either Johnny's Mom or Dad.
  • Whichever has Dexter's Mom as a sister, Mary and Susan must have got their hair color from their aunt's side of the family.

Vampire Susan and Mary had nicknames they never mentioned
  • Countess Susanic Von Bloodrose for Susan.
  • Countess Maryanna Von Bloodrose for Mary.

Johnny and Dexter were Switched at Birth
Johhny is Dee Dee's brother, Dexter is Susan and Mary's. Why didn't they correct this? It's a Government Experiment. Do idiot sibling affect Mad Scientists, and does order matter? They find that When the genius is younger, their sibling destroys their creations, while if they are older, they facilitate things, becoming a human guinea pig.
  • Jimmy Neutron was the control group. A child Genius with no siblings to see how they behave with no siblings interfering.

Gil doesn't like Susan and Mary that way...
Because it is a case of Incompatible Orientation. Any straight guy would notice two pretty twin girls fawning over him. He seems a lot more interested in Johnny than in his two sisters. When ever the twins say hi to him, he'd completely ignore them and tell Johnny hi even though he didn't greet. Even when he's not around, he would tell the twins to say Hi to Johnny for him.
  • I'm not into yaoi, but if there was no sex, I'd read that fic.
  • In "Nightmare on Johnny's Street", Gil wants to take Johnny to a candle-lit dinner for saving his life.
  • But isn't Gil 15 and Johnny 11?

The Art Evolution is the result of an experiment gone horribly awry .
Now everyone moves jerkily while consisting of vector curves and gradient shading.
  • The whip crack sounds after Season 1 could probably be explained by this.
When Johnny was born, the girls did their very first experiment on him
It did two things,
1. Kept him fairly dumb, so he'd agree to their later tests.
2. Made him cartoonishly indestructible, in case of later failures.

Dukey has a new voice because Susan and Mary did some experiment on him because they got sick of his laugh.

Johnny's father was just like Johnny when he was a kid.
Self explanatory.
Susan and Mary will split apart in adulthood
Susan will work for Global Dynamics because she is grounded in science. Mary will be recruited to the warehouse because of she is more likely to accept artifacts as fact.

Susan and Mary will fall out of love of Gil.
They're tired of him never noticing or remembered them, for their schemes to get his attention failed or backfired, and for always hanging out with Johnny. And also for always falling for Dukey's Gil impersonations.
  • And for always having "Gil" as their password, which their family is able to figure out, stealing their inventions.

Gil has a secret shrine to Johnny.
He does seem to like Johnny a lot.

Susan will eventually fall for Bling Bling Boy.
It's more or less of a "Gil won't love me so I'll just settle" type of thing.

Everything is a part of Johnny's dream.
It makes the most sense, right?
  • Susan and Mary are still his smart older sisters, but they're not smart enough to be teen scientists.
    • Alternatively, Susan and Mary are only one entity: Johnny only has one older sister (either Susan or Mary, take your pick), but she has Split-Personality Disorder.
    • ...Or, one of his sisters is dead, but he can't get used to the fact that she's gone.
  • Dukey is just a regular mutt, not a super-talking dog with mad Kung-Fu skills and a coffee addiction. Dukey's personality was most likely based on one of Johnny's uncles, a family friend, or a character that he saw on a TV show. Or all three.
  • Bling-Bling is just a really dorky kid with a crush on Johnny's sister whom also goes to his school.
  • The Vegans are his new neighbors that moved from a different country.
  • Gil, Bumper, Mr. Teacherman, and every other normal character exists, but they are exaggerated to a degree. For example:
    • Gil isn't as stupid as he is portrayed. In fact, he and Johnny aren't even really neighbors. He is really an actor that Johnny saw in a movie, and Susan and Mary are his biggest fans. Johnny just thought that it would be cool to live next door to him.
    • Mr. Teacherman is a strict teacher, but Johnny sees him as just mean and cruel for no reason.
The art shift can be explained as well. Season 1 wasn't a dream, but rather an idea for a story. Sometime between Seasons 1 and 2, Johnny got into an accident and went into a coma. Everything from the beginning of Season 2 until now is a part of his coma dream. Things seem to be getting less original and becoming more obnoxious and repetitive because he's starting to lose control of the dream and forgetting his life before the accident; this can also explain the voice changes in certain characters, like Dukey.
  • Basically, Johnny is living in his own ideal world.

Someone in the Johnny Test staff has a transsexual fetish.
Let's see:
  • One early episode had Johnny turn into a woman for a few seconds.
  • Another had Johnny crossdress during take-your-daughter-to-work day.
  • One had a device intended to make Johnny fall asleep. This device had several side-effects, such as turning Susan and Mary into boys.
  • Another episode has a cartoon where the Johnny and Dukey lookalikes have two scientist brothers.
  • Johnny frequently crossdresses when in a Girl Scouts-esque group.
  • In one scene of a villain team-up episode, an incarcerated Brain Freezer wonders if he would be nicer if he was born a girl.
  • Yet another episode has Johnny and Dukey travel to a world where everyone is genderbent.
  • One recent (as of 1/11/12) episode has Johnny and Dukey become female roller-skaters for a Roller Derby sport. Dukey gets amnesia and thinks he is really a woman.
  • Enough said.
    • Wasn't there also an episode where Johnny switched places with a princess who looks like him?
      • And an episode where Johnny disguised himself as Susan. This happened with Dukey on an earlier episode. Seriously, this has got to mean something.

Susan and Mary are the REAL main characters
We're just seeing it from Johnny's point of view.

This is really a Stealth Parody of bad and unfunny cartoons
Does it LOOK genuine to you?

At least one of the writers is a Johnny x Dukey shipper.
Watch a few episodes of seasons 4 and 5 and you might just come across an episode with some Ho Yay.
  • Examples:
    • In "Dukey Jekyll and Johnny Hyde", specifically, the scene where Johnny is trying to get monster!Dukey to remember that he's not a monster, there's a flashback which involves Johnny and Dukey sitting on the beach, embracing each other, and watching the sunset together.
    • In "Roller Johnny", the diagram with Susan and Mary's plan to change Dukey back into a boy involves almost the exact same scene with the sunset.
    • In "Return of the Super Smarty Pants" just listen to Dukey's speech to get Johnny to fight the pants' control of his brain. You can't deny it's borderline Ho Yay.

  • How else could something so utterly wretched never be cancelled? It obviously is gaining power because nobody pays attention to it!
    • Sadly, some people do watch this show. It's notorious for its rather creepy fanbase.
This show's writers are little kids
I really, really hope grown men/women had nothing to do with this.

One of Johnny's ancestors is a dog.
This mainly stems from the episode involving Johnny's different personalities. One of them happens to turn Johnny into a dog(again). Since it's explained that his different personalities are based on his family's heritage, it more or less subtlety implies that Johnny has a dog for an ancestor. It could also explain Johnny's fondness for dogs and his hatred for cats.

Johhny Test: The Movie will:
  • Go back to the old animation and writing style, and end the series
    • The series has made enough money to make a film now, and they have announced plans, so what bvetter to please what few fans it has than to go back to being a moderately well animated, gross series for one final episode?
  • Become a Deconstruction of the show's many, many flaws
    • Mainly Johnny's Designated Hero status, and the fact that Dukey is the only consistently sympathetic character.
      • Also Mary and Susan's crush on Gil who STILL doesn't know their names, and the villains constant obsession to get "revenge on Johnny".
      • Dukey has a Calling Everyone Out moment for the most horrible mess they've gotten into. And is frustrated how they never listen him when something's a bad idea.
        Gil: Did that dog just talk?
        Everyone: YESSSS!!
        Gil: Well you don't have to yell at me! I'm not an idiot, you know!
      • The Wacko Toys Board of Directors decide to fire Wacko as his constant schemes against Johnny isn't making any money, in fact, making them LOSE money due to collateral damage and for always paying for Wacko's bail. Anticipating this, he killed them all with exploding chairs and/or feed them to the sharks or piranhas.
  • Become a Big Damn Movie and experience a Cerebus Syndrome.
  • A canon Dark Fic killing off all the cast.

Doc Beebles is related to The Pain
Both of them are incredibly hammy old guys that can control bees. Come on.
  • No... Doc Beebles IS THE PAIN!

Eugene will get a Stalker with a Crush of his own, and she will be attractive.
A new cute boy moves into town and has a crush on Mary and Susan, who doesn't even remember his name.

Susan and Mary are Sparks
They fit the profile perfectly. Capable of building fantastic devices that defy the laws of physics in their (not-so) secret lab? Check. Prone to entering The Madness Place when building said devices? Check. Perhaps they're actually orphans from another world, and secretly switched at birth.

The entire show is a Bizarro Universe to a live action sitcom from the 1960s
The sitcom is called Testing the Walters and follows a family named the Walters. The family consists of:
  • Howard Walters: The counterpart/opposite of Hugh. He's the main character and the patriarch of the family. He's a cool and collect breadwinner but cannot stand his wive's meatloaf, even though it isn't that bad. He is also useless when it comes to housework like laundry and scrubbing the floor. He's a brunet.
  • Rose Walters: The counterpart/opposite of Lila. She's a ditzy housewive who is utterly baffled by things like business and math and prefers to cook and clean. She's a blonde.
  • Lizzie and Virginia Walters: The counterparts/opposites of Susan and Mary. The two are ditzy blondes who care more about being cheerleaders and maintaining their status as the most popular girls in town than anything scientific.
  • Adam Walters: The counterpart/opposite of Johnny. He's a shy, timid ginger boy who is unfailingly polite and generous. He hates loud noises and sports and prefers to write sophisticated book-length stories.
  • Madame: The counterpart/opposite of Dukey. She's a cat and Adam's cat. She's a normal cat who loves warm milk and sleeping near the parents.

Others include:

  • Harrington: The counterpart/opposite of Gil. He's the nerdy, klutzy neighbor neighbor who is head over heels for the sisters, but is totally ignored by them. He's dismissive of Adam. He has curly black hair.
  • "Dirty" Dirk Dunst: The opposite of Bling Bling Boy. He's a ruggedly handsome loner from a poor family who can't afford much. Lizzie likes him, but he doesn't like her back. He's Adam's best friend at school.

The show was Screwed by the Network but was beloved generations later for being surprisingly smart and well made, with visuals and music much more impressive than most sitcoms of the time. The antithesis to Johnny Test, a cheap, despised cartoon that got stretched out too long for its own good.

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