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Probably the most unsafe drinking game to ever appear on the internet, here's the drinking games for Johnny Test. It's pretty safe to say doing at least one of these will get you either horribly drunk or make you die, so please, don't do them at all. We aren't responsible if you are harmed by doing one of these games.

  • Take a shot whenever a character moves stiffly.
  • Take a shot whenever a character's arm makes a whip crack sound. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN AMBULANCE ON YOUR SPEED DIAL.
    • For reference, Johnny's 100th Episode alone contains 190 whipcracks, or 190 shots. We are not kidding when we say that your liver will probably pack bags and head to China.
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    • Take a shot whenever you hear a fart noise.
      • Take two shots if wasn't used for an actual fart.
    • Take a shot every time you hear a guitar riff, long or short. Please, don't do this game along with the whip crack one.
  • Take a shot whenever somebody screams.
    • Take two shots if its a girl scream.
      • Take ten shot if a boy screams a girl scream.
      • Down the bottle if its a stock scream.
  • Take a shot whenever Dukey makes a snarky statement.
  • Take a shot whenever Susan and Mary swoon over Gil.
    • Take another shot when Gil doesn't notice them and greets Johnny instead.
      • Finish the bottle should said scene include Ho Yay.
  • Take a shot whenever Bling-Bling Boy swoons over Susan.
  • Take a shot whenever Johnny's dad whines.
    • Take a shot whenever Johnny whines.
      • Take two shots if Johnny cries.
      • Take two shots if someone else whines.
  • Take a shot whenever Narmy violin strings play in the background as Johnny tries to convince his dad to get him something.
  • Take a shot whenever Johnny gets grounded.
    • Take two shots if Susan & Mary get grounded, too.
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    • Take a tiny sip if any of them are threatened of being grounded by their dad.
    • Down the bottle if someone ELSE gets grounded
  • Take a shot whenever steak is brought up for, or by, Dukey.
  • Take a shot whenever Johnny's dad cooks meatloaf.
    • Take two shots if its some nasty meatloaf.
      • Down the bottle if Johnny's dad makes Japanese meatloaf with octopus and sea urchins.
  • Take a shot whenever one of Johnny's Rogues Gallery gives him the Full-Name Ultimatum (i.e. "I will get you, Johnny Test!")
  • Take a shot whenever someone says "I didn't see that coming." or any variation thereof.
  • Take a shot whenever Johnny acknowledges a Shout-Out as something he may have seen before.
  • Take a shot when a villain (particularly Doc Beeble or Brain Freezer) makes a bad pun.
  • Take a shot whenever the only thing a Johnny robot clone says is "I'm Johnny".
    • Down the bottle if it says something OTHER than "I'm Johnny".
  • Take a shot whenever Johnny's dad says "NO!".
    • Before doing this game for the episode "Johnny's Got a Brand New Dad", say goodbye to your liver.
      • Take two shots if someone else says NO! to Johnny
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    • Take two shots if Johnny bellows "NO!"
      • Take three shots if multiple characters at once scream NO!
  • Take a shot whenever you hear the happy sounding nature whistle. (Usually shown in a nature scene or with Johnny's Dad's cleaning products.)
  • Down a bottle if the episode you're watching turns into a competition/race between several members of the cast.
    • Drink an entire case of beer if they are running on foot in the race.
  • Chug the bottle if the episode is a parody of some other franchise.
    • Chug an additional bottle if Johnny says "I know I've seen this somewhere before."
  • Take a shot if Mr. Black and Mr. White show up in the middle/towards the end of an episode that isn't about them.
  • Take a shot if Johnny says, "Say what?"
    • Take a shot if Johnny says "I love you" to something.
    • Take two shots if Susan and/or Mary say "We're such geniuses."
    • Down a bottle if any or all of the above 3 say "Ohhhhhhh, so close."
  • Take a shot if a character crossdresses. Take a big swig if a character becomes Gender-Bent.
  • Take a shot if Dukey yells at someone and asks if they're "nuts" or "insane" or some variation.
    • Take another shot if Dukey refuses to join Johnny in the episode's plot/refuses to let Johnny go along with the plot, but gets roped into it anyway.
  • Take a shot if Johnny says, "Blah Blah Blah!"
  • If you're watching "Johnny's World Record", take a shot every time the annoying record book spokesman says, "YOU'RE IN THE BOOK!"
  • Take a shot every time you hear someone string together wordy sentences with "and" repeatedly.
  • Take a shot for each blatant reference to Star Wars Dark Vegan and his family make.
  • Put away the alcohol if a Season 1 episode comes on—the ones with better animation and a pinch of effort put into the plot. They're actually respectable. Admittedly, though, you'll still get a lot of "Didn't see that coming".
  • Down a bottle every time there's a episode with all of the characters doing a contest/competition vs. Johnny.
  • Down a bottle every time someone complains about Johnny Test online. This game is practically lethal.
  • Drink an entire case of beer if Cartoon Network runs a Johnny Test marathon. Scream bloody murder in between drinks.
  • Take one whenever someone goes, "Who? What? When? Where? Why?"
  • Take a shot whenever a butt is shown.
  • Drink all the beer and wine the world has if Cartoon Network makes a new season of johnny test
  • Take a shot every time a character is in their underwear.
  • If you're watching "Fangs a Lot Johnny", Take a shot every time Vampire Susan and Mary hiss.
  • If you're gonna do this while watching the masterpiece called "Phat Johnny", take a shot whenever Dukey brings out "Karma"
    • Take another shot if this is after Johnny has acted like a Jerkass
      • And another one if Susan and Mary refute Dukey's claims on Karma, at this point, you might as well call 911
  • While on the same episode, shot if the Cat Shelter Donation girls show up
    • another shot if Johnny turns them down, and is punished by it

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