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Drinking Game / Jem

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A truly outrageous drinking game.

  • Take a shot anytime Jerrica transforms into Jem or vice versa. A full gulp if she doesn't say "Show time, Synergy!"/Show's over, Synergy!"
    • To that end, take a sip whenever Jerrica/Jem asks Synergy for a hologram to create a diversion or to project a fake Jem/Jerrica.
    • Finish your drink if she asks Synergy to disguise her as someone other than Jem.
  • Take a shot whenever a song plays. Two shots depending on who you like more (e.g. a song by Jem and the Holograms plays but you prefer The Misfits).
    • Take another shot if you realize the song had an Early-Bird Cameo as a piece of background music in an earlier episode.
    • Take two sips for every duet song.
    • For songs by Jem and the Holograms, take a drink for any high notes or mild Careful with That Axe moments.
      • For songs by The Misfits, take a drink every time Pizzazz does that upward vocal slide thing.
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    • Take two drinks for any songs by one of the Starlight Girls.
  • Take a drink whenever someone says "Outrageous!" Two if it's not Kimber.
  • Take a drink whenever someone is almost killed. Two if The Misfits aren't involved in some fashion.
    • If it's specifically Ba Nee is in danger take an extra shot. 2 if it's self-inflicted.
      • Finish your drink if the ones in danger are The Misfits themselves.
  • Take a shot whenever you hear one of the bands' leitmotifs ("Truly Outrageous" for Jem and the Holograms, "Winning is Everything", "Makin' Mischief", and "Outta My Way" for The Misfits) playing in the background. If you hear a Misfits leitmotif during a Holograms scene or vice versa, take two.
  • Take a shot for any episode focusing on one or more of the Starlight Girls.
  • Take a drink anytime you see something misspelled in the background.
  • Take a shot whenever The Misfits attempt to sabotage Jem and the Holograms.
  • Take a shot whenever Stormer shows sympathy toward Jem and/or the Holograms.
    • Take another shot if The Misfits make fun of her for it.
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    • Actually, just take a nice big gulp whenever the rest of the Misfits make fun of Stormer at all.
  • Take a drink whenever Aja snarks at something.
  • Take a shot whenever The Misfits are wreaking havoc. Two shots if it's for Jem/Jerrica and the Holograms and not just whoever happens to be in the area.
  • Take a drink whenever a minor male character falls for Kimber.
  • Take a drink whenever physics checks out.
  • Take a sip whenever Techrat shows up.
  • Take a drink whenever Never Say "Die" is averted.
  • Finish the bottle if the episode you're watching is a Very Special Episode.
  • Take a shot for every Narm moment.
  • Take a drink every time Eric makes a deal with a shady (well, shadier) individual.
  • Take a shot whenever Jem and the Holograms encounter a minor foreign character with a bad accent. Two shots if they aren't in another country.
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  • Take a drink whenever the show suddenly goes Type 1 Eagleland.
  • On that note, take a drink if Jem and the Holograms are in another country and the episode's antagonist uses their American heritage to insult them.
  • Take a shot whenever The Misfits are arguing with each other. Two shots if all of them are arguing with Eric Raymond. Three if it's just Pizzazz.
  • For season 2 onward, take a drink whenever a song is reused.
  • Chug a full glass whenever Jerrica/Jem or Rio has a Clingy Jealous Girl/Guy moment.
  • Take a shot whenever Rio comes to Jem/Jerrica's rescue.
  • Take a drink whenever Pizzazz cloyingly asks her dad for something.
  • Take a drink whenever anyone with a nickname is referred to by their real name.
  • Take a shot whenever Jetta uses an English expression (bloody, yank, etc.).
  • Chug a full glass again for every Bizarro Episode.
  • Whenever either of Jerrica and Kimber's dead parents are brought up, pour a 40 out (into your cup and drink it) in their memory.
  • For season 3...
    • Take a drink whenever Riot tries to pick up Jem.
      • Take another when it's Minx trying to pick up Rio.
    • Take a drink whenever Jem shows signs of falling for Riot.
    • Take a shot whenever Rapture tries to scam someone.
    • Take a shot for every Not What It Looks Like moment involving Rio and Minx or Jem and Riot.
    • Take a shot whenever someone lusts for Riot. Two whenever he does the same for Jem.
    • Take three shots if a song is being sung by Jem and the Holograms, The Stingers, and The Misfits.
      • If The Misfits show up at all, take a drink.

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