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  • Executive Meddling:
    • The producers told Christy Marx they wanted a new bad guy working for Eric, so they scrapped Zipper and she created Techrat.
    • Jetta was meant to be black however the producers didn't like the idea of a black villain. They gave Christy Marx a choice between Jetta being white and either Australian or British instead.
    • Techrat was supposed to be androgynous but the concept was nixed and he was made identifiably male.
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  • God Never Said That: A long-standing rumor said Christy Marx would have liked to have had LGBT characters in the show and that Rapture would be revealed as not straight. This was disproven at JemCon 2018, where Christy said the topic never crossed her mind when she was working on the show.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • This show went in and out of print during the 80s, 90s, and even 00s. A brief release in the early 00s got up to two and a half seasons on DVD before Rhino lost the rights to the Hasbro shows, leaving the entire third series out of print. However, in 2011, the series began airing on The Hub and a new complete series DVD release finally got a release date in October of that year.
    • The original five minute "mini-episodes" that were later expanded to five full length episodes are believed to have been lost or destroyed.
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  • The Merch: There was a lot of merchandise in the series' heyday, and official high-end figures were released in the 2010s.
  • Name's the Same:
    • The "Misfits" is the name of a real life rock band (albeit punk rock, completely different from the show, plus they're an all-male group) formerly led by Glenn Danzig (that spot belongs to Jerry Only now).
    • One of the Misfits' songs is called "Welcome to the Jungle", about a year before Appetite For Destruction was released.
    • Lyn-Z shares her name with the bassist for the band Mindless Self Indulgence.
    • An early band of Riot's is called Nirvana.
    • Abracadabra is another Misfits song that shares its name with a popular hit song.note 
    • "Gimme Gimme Gimme" was also the name of a hit song by ABBA.
  • Non-Singing Voice:
    • Jem/Jerrica had a speaking voice provided by Samantha Newark, who is a singer, but the singing voice is provided by Britta Philips.
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    • Pizzazz was voiced by Patricia Albrecht when speaking, and Ellen Bernfeld (aka disco singer Menage) when singing. Ellen Bernfeld also did backing vocals for The Holograms and The Misfits, and was the singing voice of Roxy in her only solo song. Roxy's speaking voice actress was Bobbie Block.
    • Riot of The Stingers spoke with the voice of Townsend Coleman and sang with the voice of Gordon Grody (who went on to become Lady Gaga's voice coach). The other two Stingers were also dubbed for singing. When speaking, Minx was Kath Soucie and Rapture was Ellen Gerstell. For singing, both of them were usually dubbed by Diva Grey, but for Rapture's two solo lines in the song "Destiny", she was dubbed by Vicki Sue Robinson, the disco singer of "Turn the Beat Around" fame. Minx's accent becomes American whenever she sings, which admittedly is Truth in Television with many singers but is still jarring.
    • When Kimber and Stormer sang a duet, they were dubbed over by Florence Warner and Lani Grover respectively, though Cathianne Blore and Susan Blu perform their speaking lines.
  • Out of Order: Regine is mentioned in "The Day The Music Died", which aired before she actually appeared.
  • Screwed by the Merchandise: Hasbro pulled the plug on the series in 1988 because of poor sales on the dolls, despite the fact that Jem was one of the most popular cartoons airing in syndication.
  • Screwed by the Network: Discovery Family removed the series' reruns from its channel after the Live-Action Adaptation bombed.
  • She Also Did:
    • In "The Bands Break Up", Kimber's singing voice was done by Florence Warner, who many TV viewers may know as the voice of the "Hello (insert city and /or state here)" campaign done by various local TV stations throughout much of the 1980snote 
    • One of the singing voices of the female Stingers was none other than the late Vicki Sue Robinson of "Turn the Beat Around" fame.
  • Star-Making Role: Eric Raymond for Charlie Adler, who went on to voice many other Hasbro characters.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Charlie Adler voiced Eric Raymond, Zipper, and Techrat.
    • The timid Terri and the shrill Pizzazz have the same voice actress.
    • Susan Blu provides the voice for both Lin-Z and Stormer.
  • Technology Marches On: At a trade show, a salesman tells Minx that a new synthesizer has an entire megabyte of memory.
  • Tuckerization: Eric Raymond was named after creator Christy Marx's brother.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The show's focus on then-current popular music, media, and fashion leads to the show feeling extremely dated several decades after its 1985 release.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Misfits were originally conceived as a trio of total sociopaths Eric Raymond found and molded into a band, but each member would've been totally willing to backstab the other two for their own agenda.
    • During season three, Hasbro scrapped the Jem toyline and show due to declining sales. Dolls for the new characters were never released, such as The Stingers, Astral, and Regine. Furthermore, the fifth Misfit, Graphix was never introduced.
    • Jetta was originally going to be African-American and a bass guitarist.
    • Christy Marx said there were plans for a Jem movie with a pair of sound-controlling psychic twins named the Mongrels, as well as an evil counterpart to Synergy named Entropy. This got scrapped after the failures of Hasbro's Transformers, G.I. Joe and My Little Pony films. (The idea of an evil rival to Synergy would reappear years later in the IDW comics.) She also wanted to do a follow up episode about Danny, a one-off character Deirdre, Krissie and Ba Nee meet when they ran away in "The Music Awards". It would have dealt with Danny and his previously alcoholic father getting sober and happily reuniting, but Hasbro stopped it from happening.
    • Jem was originally named "M" however Hasbro could not trademark a letter. They then decided to name her "Misty" however they opted for "Jem" in the end, because they wanted something that sounded similar to "M". Jerrica's original name was "Morgan".
    • Minx was originally called "Jazz", Riot was "Chaos", and Rapture was "Fantasy". Pizzazz's name was originally spelled "Pizazz", Stormer was once "Rue", then "Roxy", and Roxy was "Rue" once too. Kimber's name was originally "Aja" while Aja's was "Jade". Ashley's original name was "Heather". Regine was originally named "Paris". Shana went by the names "Aria", "Chandra", and "Beverley" before she received her final name.
    • The Jem bible says Clash and Video were born on the same day, however the show says Video is two years older than her cousin.
    • The mastertape version of "Surprise, Surprise" has several lines cut from the cartoon version.
    • Techrat was meant to be androgynous, however Hasbro didn't like Marx's idea. He and Minx would've become a couple had the series continued.
    • "Love's Not Easy" was a scrapped song from the episode "Island Of Deception". It was supposed to appear after Stormer said love wasn't easy for her.
    • "Jem Jam: Part 1" originally had a scene showing how Clash got inside Starlight Music.
    • There was an idea for "The Talent Search: Part 1" for one of Raya's brothers to be in a gang and have them steal The Holograms' van, though it was scrapped because the episode was full enough already. The end of "The Talent Search: Part 2" originally had a barbecue scene featuring Raya's family.
    • "KJEM" started out as a two-parter. One unused idea had for a subplot involving one of the engineers being an alcoholic and trying to deal with his alcoholism. After that was scrapped, a different subplot involved the character Switch desperately needing an organ transplant.
    • The oneshot villain Mr. Lassiter was meant to reappear however the series was cancelled before that could happen. Another unused episode concept was Pizzazz being reunited with her Missing Mom, however it was canned due to the series ending.
    • "Blame It On Rio" is a script that never became a proper episode. It was about Jerrica and Rio arguing due to Rio wanting to know more about the stage effects Jerrica was keeping secret for him. We would meet one of Rio's roadies, named Pudge, and the only known song is "Striving".
    • "Straight to the Heart" was originally named "Your 15 Minutes Are Up" but its title was changed at the last minute.
    • The initial treatment for "The Day The Music Died" had Riot take Jem to a country estate, and when the Misfits took over the airwaves it was because the Jem and Stingers fans felt betrayed by their idols and turned to the Misfits instead, with many fans imitating their styles and rude behavior. Jem and Riot would only discover what was going on when a still-loyal Jem fan was being harassed by Misfit fans. This was further altered in the second draft, which had Riot reveal some of his military past to Jem, the estate becoming a mountain resort, and a plot early on where Eric Raymond got rid of the Misfits and then had to eat his words when Pizzazz took control.
    • Had production issues regarding Transformers Prime not derailed it, Unit:E would've had Synergy (now an alien AI) assisting characters from Micronauts in gathering other heroes to face Baron Karza; Jerrica herself was shown, Synergy stating she would help Jerrica become Jem and compose the "Music of the Spheres" (whatever that meant).
  • The Wiki Rule: The Jem Wiki.
  • Word of God:
    • Christy Marx stated that, even if Stormer becomes friendly with the Holograms and isn't nearly as bad as the rest of the Misfits, her loyalties lie with the Misfits first and foremost.
    • At JemCon 2018, Christy Marx said she thinks Kimber/Stormer as a pairing is a natural progression of their close friendship.
  • Writer Revolt: Christy Marx originally envisioned the Misfits as a trio of self-absorbed sociopaths that Eric found and forged into a band, which could fall apart at any moment due to Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer being willing to betray each other at a moment's notice if it would advance their respective careers. Similarly, to appease moral guardians, their songs would be "anti-moral" as far as promoting the worst aspects of human nature. The other writers rejected this outright and we got the kinder, gentler, vitriolic True Companions Misfits everyone loved.


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