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Nightmare Fuel / Jem

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  • In the five-part pilot, a fire breaks out at the Starlight Mansion, leaving the Starlight Girls (temporarily) homeless.
    • In the second part, Eric Raymond has a bomb installed in the mansion where the Holograms and the Starlight Girls are temporarily staying. Just so we're clear, this means that he was willing to possibly murder innocent girls in the name of taking down Jem.
  • The Fan was one of the scariest episodes of the series. The Misfits get paid by a rich fan of Jem to find out who she is, so they get a bunch of actresses to pass themselves off as Jem's friends and family in order to get her to admit who she really is. The whole experience completely disorients Jem, especially when she's presented with video footage of her supposed "childhood" (that is, as Jem, not Jerrica). The stress of seeing all her friends act like they don't really know her, pestering her to tell them who she really is, and then actually seeing Jerrica Benton (an actress who was late) almost causes Jem to have a total breakdown. It isn't helped by her having a nightmare halfway through (accompanied by a song about it, no less), in which she sees ghostly images of her friends, the Misfits, and herself trapped in an hourglass.
    • Note that, if Jem has a nightmare or a bad daydream, Pizzazz is usually in it, even if the other Misfits or the Stingers aren't. Jem is afraid of Pizzazz.
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  • During The Misfits' "I Am a Giant" number in part one of The Music Awards, Pizzazz does an impression of King Kong, with black and white (except for her) footage, and attacking biplanes.
  • Kimber gets tied up and left in an erupting volcano when the bands go to Hawaii.
    • Pretty much all of the dangerous situations that the Holograms or the Misfits find themselves in in just about every other episode.
  • Near the end of "Roxy Rumbles", a potential buyer decided to read the contract before buying a car. It was a wise decision as, while he was reading it, the car blew up.
  • Jetta proves herself to be more dangerous than the other Misfits by having actual criminal connections and sending them to trash Raya's family's greenhouse.
  • Rapture pretends to be a werewolf to scare the Starlight Girls.
  • Laura totally losing her perception of reality in "Alone Again." After taking an unidentified pill, she starts hallucinating wildly, including believing she's a bird and can fly. Naturally, this leads her to climb on the roof and attempt to "fly." After Jerrica notices her, Laura starts giddily taunting her and counts down until she jumps as a panicking Jerrica races upstairs and breaks down her locked door. She almost falls anyway, barely saved by Jerrica.
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  • "The Jem Jam": Ba Nee, mad with grief with being told a man whom she believed was her father couldn't have been, throws herself into a bear exhibit believing her the man she thinks is her father will save her.note  Her sobbing/screaming was horrifying in itself, especially considering she's one of the quieter Starlight Girls.
    Ba Nee: Save me, daddy! Please! (Bears start closing in) SAVE ME!
  • Some of the things that Jem/Synergy create when using the hologram technology to scare someone,, such as a hologram of a car being on fire.
  • In one episode, Techrat gives Pizzazz a laser pistol. She's so trigger-happy that Eric Raymond is horrified.
  • One episode has Kimber mistaken for a princess... who is targeted for assassination. This horrifies Eric Raymond to the point that he warns the band.
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  • "The Day the Music Died" has an unnerving moment when Minx reveals Riot forged a postcard using Jem's handwriting to trick the Holograms into thinking she was happy with him. He fakes her writing so well it fools the entire band, including Jem's own sister.
  • The Misfits' song "Don't Look Now" is about a haunted house, complete with disturbing visuals.
  • Several of the Misfits' songs have them tormenting the Holograms in creative ways, such as zapping them with magic or hitting Jem into a strength tester.
  • Jem is apparently set in the same universe as G.I. Joe and Transformers.
  • In "That Old Houdini Magic," Rapture pretends to channel the spirit of Harry Houdini to con a sweet old woman out of her money. When challenged to prove she's Houdini, she attempts to escape from chains while upside down in a water tank... but the remote that Minx has that will allow Rapture to be freed is damaged after she's placed in the tank. Minx goes into full PANIC as she reveals the con to try and save her, Rapture almost drowns as a result, and her near-death experience traumatizes Rapture to the point where she confesses her plan immediately after escaping the tank with Minx comforting her.
  • In "Out of the Past", young Jerrica has an argument with her mother, Jacqui, as the latter is a popular singer who is flying off on a tour and the former wants her to stay home with her. The next scene shows that Jacqui's plane has crashed and killed everyone on board, including her. Worse still, it was broken in two and there were no sign of any of the people who were on board.
  • In one episode in season 2, a magician's assistant tries to upstage his partner. He nearly kills Stormer and a few of the others by having a tiger chase them. He later almost saws Pizzazz in half when he almost botches a magic trick.
  • In "Intrigue in the Indy 500", Eric is very nearly killed by mobsters after losing all the money they lent him to bet on the race. If it hadn't been for Pizzazz busting to chase him around in her car, he would have gotten a piece of scrap metal wrapped around his throat. Eric is a jerk, to be sure, but it was unnerving.


  • Clash in the IDW comic proves that she is worse than the rest of the Misfits put together when she tries to kill Jem and the Holograms.
  • Pizzazz getting into a car crash was not done lightly.
    • Pizzazz in general. Various Nightmare Face shots aside, her previous tantrum-laden personality seems to have evolved into something that swings between perpetual Tranquil Fury and what seems like some kind of anger disorder, like Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Regardless of what it is, she clearly has issues.
  • The Dark Jem Arc is FULL of this, starting with An 'infection' in Synergy that can be spread with the Holograms Music that appears to transform those it infects...the Sisters become dark, apathetic and cold to those they love, and its spreading...


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