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Fridge Brilliance

  • In The Fan, Synergy has to warn the Holograms that Jem is dangerously close to revealing her secret to a group of actresses paid by the Misfits to pretend to be the Holograms and the Starlight Girls. We've seen in multiple episodes that Synergy is able to speak to Jem through the earrings, and could've just warned Jem herself. Then you remember that the Misfits had been secretly recording Jem the entire time she was in the false Starlight House, and any attempt to warn Jem would've been caught on tape.
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  • As friendly as Kimber, Pizzazz and Danse are with men, you have to remember that none of them have any father figures in the picture since they are either dead, away all of the time (and pretty inattentive when they are home) or missing/presumed dead and they are with them to find a substitute for such a huge role lacking in their lives.
  • When Eric's muscle, Zipper, first shows up, he has blonde hair and brown eyes. In subsequent appearances, he has black hair and blue eyes. While some thought this was an animation mistake, it could be looked at as him disguising his looks to avoid arrest.
  • The reason The Stingers are such self-preserving, Manipulative Bastards: in their early days they pretty much lived on the streets, playing for pennies and relying on whatever generosity any spectators might afford them. Once they start hitting it big, they were determined to do whatever it took not to have to go back to that state of living again. It could also explain how Rapture became such a skilled con-artist—out of necessity to survive on the streets.
    • Despite how Riot managing to become a successful musician at all probably gives him Determinator status, let alone a famous rock star, it's extremely hard to find regular employment with a serious crime like a dishonorable military discharge on your record. (See him washing dishes.) He stuck to music because that was the only thing he could do.
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    • When you think about it, Riot's military background is probably the reason he and Jem were perfectly fine on the island. It makes sense that he'd have enough survival training.
  • The reason there are so many reprises of previous songs in the second half of the series is because the girls are promoting album singles that they already wrote.
  • In the Bands Break Up it's revealed that Stormer is the Lyricist for The Misfits, all of Pizazz's aggressive and self-centered lyrics start to take on a different quality when you realize Stormer is essentially speaking through her. just enough wish fulfillment with a dash of cognitive distance.


Fridge Logic

  • When Jerrica loses the Jemstar Earrings, everyone panics because Jem won't be able to perform on time. Since the difference between Jem and Jerrica is hair and make-up, why doesn't she just put on a wig and different clothes until the earrings are found?
    • Because with the earrings Jerrica's able to create holograms of Jem, or herself, to throw people off on her secret. Without the earrings it would be insanely easy for Jem's secret to be revealed if the wig fell off or her make-up ruined. Plus, the earrings also project much of the special effects, sounds, and other theatrics they use in their concerts that aren't possible with mid-1980's technology.
    • To add to the above, if you look at pictures of Jem and Jerrica together you get a feeling that the "Jem Hologram" is shown with different facial structure than Jerrica. A different nose, deep blue eyes compared to Jerrica's sky blue, tanner skin and possible other things not shown in the animation. They're enough alike, but not identical.
    • To give a specific example, the profiles in the new comic series say that as Jem she's projected nearly half a foot taller.
  • How does the press buy Jetta's lies of being royalty and rich? Any Brit would know otherwise and anyone who visits Britain would know too. Maybe they're just super niche in Jetta's home turf.
  • Why is it that the show constantly had an "either/or" attitude about the two main bands, as in you either had to like Jem and the Holograms or you had to like The Misfits and not fans of both or neither? And to another, possibly greater extent, why were Jem fans implied as being good and Misfit fans implied as being bad? Thankfully, the "Glitter and Gold" episode had a fan buying records of both bands, but it's rarely touched upon beyond that. Also, relating to the good vs. bad argument, what to make of Kimber, who was arguably the bad girl of the Holograms (not actively bad, per se, but easily the most bratty and a tad on the manipulative side) and Stormer, who while still a Misfit, has more morals and sympathy than her bandmates?

Fridge Horror

  • "I'll make [Victor Crosshatch] pay [for what he did to my family]!" The way Danse says this in the episode "Homeland, Heartland", it almost sounds like she plans to seek revenge, possibly by doing something she'll regret for the rest of her life. Luckily, being the kind of show it is (and because Danse is a better person than that), it never comes to that.
  • Minx becoming so miserable to the point of being suicidal after being kicked out of The Stingers makes even more sense when you see the episode afterwards. For the longest time her bandmates lived on the streets and she probably couldn't handle doing that alone.
  • Jem being in the same universe as G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, The Transformers and Inhumanoids. This could mean that the "Starlight Girls" are in fact living in Starlight House due to the possible skirmishes caused by the Joes, Cobra, the Autobots, the Decepticons, and the Inhumanoids, which would also mean that the parents were casualties, which would also mean that the girls really could be actual orphans (aside from Ba Nee, the only confirmed orphan).note 
  • Jem's identity has been revealed on more than one occasion to the public, albeit accidentally. In the very first episode, Jem reveals to reporters and the public at large that her story began with the death of her father (but rather Jerrica's father, right? Jem's father, just like her past and her identity, is unrevealed.) Similarly, in the second part of "Hollywood Jem", Kimber jokingly tells Sean that his injuries (which she indirectly caused, mind you!) are "holding up my sister's movie career." The only problem is that Jem isn't Kimber ' sister; Jerrica is. note 

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