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Rio knows Jerrica is Jem

Ok. I have a believe that Rio's crush on Jem is a fraud to protect Jerrica Benton from harm. His melted core-like temper is only a short-term one. Ok, about the dairy from "Out of Past" in which Emmett said it took two weeks for Jem to thaw out Rio from a prank she pull using Eric Raymond. In the last scene of "Out of Past" Rio stated that he forgot that one. He said in "Glitter N' Gold", that Rio states that he gets mad, but he stills care.

  • Word of God is that at one point Christy Marx actually toyed with the idea that Rio knew all along but didn't go through with it.

"The Last Laugh" video the Misfits saw was Video's April Fool's Day joke. The real "The Last Laugh" video was revealed later.

This explains who was behind the video clips. Now, you could say that the Starlight Girls did it. However, it's more likely that they really put together the real "Last Laugh" video, which wasn't the one we saw.

Rio and Jerrica had a polyamorous relationship.

Rio really didn't know Jem was Jerrica (or else suspected it on a subconscious level but was in deep denial), and that he and Jerrica had a polyamorous relationship. Fandom tends to give him hell and call him a hypocrite considering he hates liars but is "cheating" on Jerrica with Jem, but the problem with calling Rio a cheater is that not once on the show has he ever lied about seeing Jem or about his feelings toward "either" woman. He openly gushes about Jem to Jerrica, but when Jerrica takes issue with it, it's never that he's talking about another woman to her, it's that she feels like she's in Jem's shadow (that was the whole point of "Who Is He Kissing", Jerrica's insecurities about his feelings for her). Rio's also declared his love for both on any number of occasions without any weirdness from anyone. One could argue that Jerrica never called him on the "cheating" because she was afraid she'd inadvertently out herself, but that doesn't explain why Rio felt so comfortable talking about his feelings about Jem to Jerrica. The poly theory also neatly skirts the number one problem with the "Rio knew Jem was Jerrica all along" theories, which is that Rio's Berserk Button is fraud/deception; polyamory is about open, honest communication between partners. It would explain why no one in universe seemed to bring up the fact that he was ostensibly dating two women at once.


Jerrica has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Jem was an alter that came to subsume her personality.

At some point, the strain of keeping up the Jem persona combined with the pressures of running Starlight Music and the foundation, plus managing her personal relationships and fending off Eric Raymond's schemes eventually grew too much for Jerrica and she cracked, developing DID, with Jem as a full-blown alternate persona. Note that from a certain point towards the end of Season 2, Jerrica starts consistently referring to Jem in the third person even around the Holograms and Synergy and during occasions where it makes no sense to do so (ie no scheduling conflicts), and does so for the entirety of Season 3. You could argue that because she's been lying for so long it's just second nature, but even her own sister refers to Jem as a separate person to her. Alternately, the trauma of losing her mother was what triggered it, the Jem alter was created then, and it grew stronger as Jerrica slowly started losing her mind.

  • For the love of God, someone PLEASE write a fic about this! -Mugen Kagemaru

Techrat is a Time Lord.

See here.

Hasbro is gearing up for a Jem revival
After the success of G.I. Joe: Renegades, Transformers Prime, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic they'd be fools not to... and notice that The Hub started airing G1 Transformers and G.I. Joe a little while before their respective revivals started up. Could there be a pattern? I hope so.
  • It would probably be Animesque and deal with Jem's daughter, maybe.
  • There's talk of a live-action movie.
    • It's being made, but...
      • It kinda sucked.
  • Confirmed! And it's awesome!
  • Hasbro alos tried back in 2011 with their Unit:E project. Sadly it didn't happen (mostly thanks to production issues with Transformers Prime (which Unit:E'' was supposed to launch off the back of).

Eric Raymond is Jerrica's half-brother
There's even a fanfic titled "Eric Benton" that suggests Jerrica and Kimber's father loved someone else before meeting their mother. That was a theory to explain Eric owning half of Starlight music.
  • I always thought he gained ownership through illegal means.

Roxy was a former Pokémon Gym Leader.
  • White-haired rock star with a toxic personality and tongue to match, and their names sound the same? Makes sense to me!

'The Day The Music Died' was always meant to be the final episode.
  • Well, we have Jem pretty much missing, presumed dead, The Misfits have become the only band remaining of the three, and everyone is talking about the events of the episode in the past tense, with only Status Quo Is God restoring everything back to normal. The characters even completely forget The Misfits effectively won in the following episodes. Someone check if Ba Nee is among the Starlight Girls seen during this episode. If she's not there... Who's to say 'A Father Should Be...' WAS the end?
    • There's more to it than that. Albeit just a minor point, but in the beginning of the episode, if you listen carefully, Kimber tells Jerrica that Regine needs to have her look at a few (fashion) designs. As in Regine Cesare, the character that allegedly didn't debut until "Straight From The Heart", two episodes later.

Ashley, Ba Nee, and Krissie performed in the Jem Jam (much to Dominic's dismay).note 
  • The two part episode gives each of them their own song. In terms of the toyline, this was meant to represent the fact that these three Starlight Girls were made into dolls, but in the show, this was likely meant to represent them not only performing in the Jem Jam (the whole concert of which we don't see), but also recording those songs on a possible concert album.

Shana (and later Raya) used Simmons drums.
  • They were the best known makers of electronic drum kits at the time, plus they have Simmons' trademark hexagon shape.

Rapture was The Stingers' Token Evil Teammate.
  • Within the last couple of episodes, both Riot and Minx had elements of compassion and common decency (as well as vulnerability) shine through their selfish veneers, but Rapture never did. Granted, she did care about her bandmates, in addition to herself, but it stops there. She never showed any remorse for any of the people she bamboozled or made fools out of, none of scams came from any real provocation on the other person's part other than her own amusement and it's rather telling that in "Riot's Hope" not even he really bothered to provide much backstory for her other than "she joined us [he and Minx] one day."

Jacqui Benton foresaw her own death.
  • "Starlight" was her legacy song to her family for after she died. Both she and Emmet were essentially Too Happy to Live.
    • After that turn and wave before she got on the plane, she knew in that moment. All she was missing was the Dead Anime Mom Hair.

Laura Holloway came from an abusive home.
Roxy wasn't totally illiterate.
  • She was likely able to "read enough to get by", but by the time of the episode Roxy Rumbles, it started to become a problem.
    • This is very possible, she was able to read from the first grader book fairly fluidly at the end of the episode. so she was probably 'functionally illiterate'

Emmet Benton designed Synergy using Cybertronian technology.

  • It's official that Jem takes place in the same universe as the 80s Transformers and GI Joe cartoons. Jerrica discovered Synergy in 1986, by which time the Transformers had been on Earth for a little while and some of their technology (which, by the way, includes advanced holography) had filtered through to humans.

Emmett Benton was a high-tech drag queen, using the stage name Jem.

Why did Jerrica and Kimber's dad just happen to have a huge selection of women's clothing and a fancy car with a Jem logo hood ornament in the drive-through where Synergy was kept? Why did he keep Synergy a secret from everyone until after his death? Because, like his daughter, he lead a double life as a glamorous larger-than-life woman.

  • Alternately, his wife was the original Jem.

Jem and the Holograms have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.note 

While we may never know just how long they were around (in-universe), there is no doubt that they made a major impact on the music industry. Now, assuming their first album came out in 1985 or 1986, they were likely inducted as soon as the 25 year limit was up, which would have been in 2010 or 2011.

2015 film

Rio's dad is Eric Raymond.
Only he's was a good guy.

Author's Saving Throws for the sequel(s).
Despite being a Box Office Bomb, a sequel can still be made while fixing some of the damages. Feel free to put down what elements from the cartoon and the comics you'd like to add.
  • There's more to Synergy than it appears in the movie, it'll project a hologram of a woman, who'll play both Synergy and Jem's mother.
  • Rio's dad and Emmett were business partners, until Erica fired Emmett after her husband died.

The sequel will involve a Battle of the Bands.


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