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  • In The Talent Search - Part 2, both Raya, Stormer's brother (and Aja's boyfriend), Craig, and Shana get one.
    • Raya, after realizing that Eric and the Misfits were responsible for vandalizing her family's flower nursery (by recognizing a flower in Jetta's hair) so that she would come to Eric for money needed to repair the damages in exchange for Jem's true identity, actually grabs Jetta by the hair and gets her to admit they were responsible before she lets go, then calls them a pack of jackals and storms out. And keep in mind that Jetta is a tough girl with known criminal connections while Raya spends most of the episode as a shy wallflower. After she leaves the whole group is pretty visibly shaken up.
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    • Which is followed by Craig, who Eric was also trying to pressure into learning and revealing Jem's identity by threatening to expell Stormer from the Misfits if he didn't, bursting in, wrapping a lamp around Eric's head and telling him to write a check for Raya's father. He then turns on the Misfits, backs them into a corner, and tells them that if they don't start treating his sister better, they'll have to deal with him. Then, he meets Stormer as he's leaving and we get the following dialogue:
    Stormer: Craig! What have you done!
    Craig: Relax, Mary. Everything's fine. Isn't it?
    Eric, Pizzazz, Roxy, Jetta: Why, yes, Craig...
    • Even better, after Craig wraps the lamp around Eric's neck, the latter tries to take it off, and fails. He also still has it wrapped around his neck when Stormer shows up.
    • Then there's Shana, who finally has enough Liz Stratton's It's All About Me attitude and finally quits.
    Shana: Ms. Stratton, I won't do less than my best for anyone! You don't want a designer, You want a flunky to feed your ego! I QUIT!
  • Jetta's introduction has her playing a wicked saxophone, then showing she can be even more dangerous than the other Misfits by having actual criminal connections.
  • Stormer telling Pizzazz to her face that the reason Roxy left in Roxy Rumbles was because Pizzazz made fun of her. This doesn't seem so awesome in itself, until you remember that this is Stormer telling off Pizzazz. Hell, pretty much any and every time Stormer displays her backbone and tells her band to back off or when she purposefully undermines their villainous actions.
    Pizzazz: I tell you that Roxy has some nerve!
    Stormer: YOU let her quit! I haven't seen her for days!
    • Becomes a minor Heartwarming Moment when you realize that it was only Roxy leaving that finally prompted Stormer's ire.
  • In The Jazz Player, Eric Raymond had the Misfits try and prevent the Holograms from reuniting an old jazz band because it would've cost him a record deal. Stormer follows Aja, and then watches as Aja and the band player she was sent to talk to were accosted by a couple of loan sharks. The loan sharks chase after Aja and the old man, and Stormer secretly follows them. Stormer provides a distraction so Aja and the old man can get away without being hurt, and watches as they drive away.
    Stormer: Pizzazz isn't gonna like this... but I don't care!
  • In Scandal, after the Misfits have stolen pages from Kimber's diary and published them in Cool Trash Magazine, followed by attempting to ruin her budding relationship with Sean, Kimber asks Synergy to give her a new "hard and mean" look so she couldn't be hurt anymore. After Synergy manages to snap Kimber out of her depression by revealing that her father always thought she was strong enough to handle anything, Kimber writes a song about what her diary means to her and the Holograms perform it on The Harriet Horn Show, effectively putting the Misfits in their place.
    • One goes to Harriet Horn as well. At first she seems impressed by the scandal the Misfits have created and comes across a slimy gossip monger. But then she not only invites the Holograms onto her show opposite the Misfits, but surprises everyone when she reveals she also invited Sean Harrison because she wanted him to give his side of the story. Harriet thus effectively dismantled the rumors Pizzazz started and gets her humiliated on national TV in much the same way Pizzazz tried to humiliate Kimber. Harriet's also one of the few people who can get Pizzazz to shut up when she orders her to "Sit and stifle yourself!"
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  • Despite the Narm, or maybe because of it, Jem effortlessly skateboarding to get to the subway in Broadway Magic, in high heels, no less.
  • A villainous example from Last Resorts. During the You Gotta Be Fast music video, the Misfits take away some poor guy's skis, and he skids into the snow. He doesn't stop until he's completely covered and making a person-shaped outline in the snow. To add insult to injury, the Misfits pull up to him on their snowmobiles, and put on two button eyes and an icicle nose where his head is. When the Misfits insulted someone, they insulted them.
  • Season 3's "The Day The Music Died" is a major one for the Misfits; after Riot and Jem get stranded on an island, Pizzazz takes over the Holograms and the Stingers and makes a supergroup on the top of the charts.
  • In the third part of Starbright, as production is going smoothly on the "Starbright" movie, Nick, the insufferable major movie star who was working on the previous movie shows up and ruins a scene. He's decided that he's going to "help save Jem's movie from amateur hour" because he couldn't stand working for the Misfits. Jem, as sweetly as possible, tells Nick that of course he can be in the movie. They'll be sure to find him a nice bit part and of course he'll have to work for free since everyone else is. Nick walks off the set completely confused and disgusted.
  • In one episode, an angry policewoman begins writing up Eric Raymond and the Misfits for causing massive property damage and a number of other felonies. Eric tries to bribe his way out of it... and the policewoman just writes up another ticket for having the nerve to attempt at bribing an officer of the law.
  • In "Hot Time in Hawaii," the Misfits cheat during a sporting event and end up breaking the world records in the high jump and pole vault.
  • "Intrigue at the Indy 500" has Jem and Pizzazz compete in the Indy 500. Jem wins the race, partially by using holograms to convince Pizzazz that she’s hallucinating her own scolding conscience.
  • Krissie giving Spoiled Brat Dominic a "The Reason You Suck" Speech in song. Watch here:
  • The Misfits get one for their gaslighting of Jem in "The Fan" — as it is the closest the Misfits ever come to finding Jem's secret identity.
  • "One Jem Too Many" has the real Jem force Clash to back up her claim that she is the real deal — by actually singing.


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