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  • At the end of "There's A Melody Playing" Jem inexplicably starts pole dancing on the mic and gives the "camera" a sultry look.
  • During the same episode, during "There Ain't Nobody Better" Pizzazz sings the lines "Don't you like what you see?" while shaking her butt. The camera pans down to her butt when she does that.
  • The song "Who Is He Kissing?" opens with the line "Who is he kissing? Is it me? / Or is he making love to a fantasy?" You can argue they're using the old timey meaning of 'making love', but that doesn't make much sense for an 80s pop star.
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  • The series makes it obvious Minx is upset that she can't easily bed Rio. She keeps on trying to woo him but keeps failing because he's in love with Jerrica. (He does kiss her in Athens, though he and Jerrica were on a break at the time.)
  • Speaking of Minx, one episode has her trying to kill herself. Rio ends up narrowly stopping her from jumping off a building.
  • Stormer's and Kimber's friendship in "The Bands Break Up" is very heavy on romantic subtext. In the Misfits-Holograms duo song "Bad Influence" Pizzazz outright tells Stormer that Kimber will "break your heart in two", which isn't really something you say to friends.
  • Out of context "I Like Your Style" sounds like Pizzazz wants to sleep with Jetta. Taken in context she's trying to encourage Jetta to join their band.
  • "Come On In, The Water's Fine" is another Jem song considered pretty suggestive by many fans.
    Something big's been waiting to happen
    Ever since you and I met
    If you wanna make it happen
    You gotta let your feet get wet, baby
    So come on, come on, come on
    Come on in, the water's fine
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  • The Stingers are made up of Riot, Minx, and Rapture. The last two Stage Names raise eyebrows. It could be argued that "Rapture" refers to the Biblical event due to Rapture being a New Age scam artist, however one dub changed her name to "Ecstasy" — which also has a religious context.
  • There is a recurring band named "The Limp Lizards" that appears when the writers need another band besides the main ones.
  • Jetta uses "bloody" quite a bit. It could be that the American writers don't understand the British meaning of the word, but it also does fit her personality enough to excuse it as the writers getting past American censors.
  • In the Five-Episode Pilot, Pizzazz comes on to Rio and tells him there are a lot of things she can do for him.
  • A nude painting can be seen in the background at one point in the episode "The Princess and the Singer".
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  • In "The Treasure Hunt", the boat Richard Xanthos uses to transport Jem and the Starlight Girls to the island where the key is has a figurehead of a topless mermaid covering her breasts.
  • The show gets away with a fair bit of alcohol by coloring them unusual colors. It's still clear nevertheless that they're drinking wine or some other alcoholic beverage.
  • "The Day the Music Died" has Riot tell the audience "I have Jem all to myself!" with a 'grabby hands' gesture. He does this while they've been stranded alone together and end up with very little clothing (Jem in leaves and flowers as a bikini and Riot in a loincloth). Jem appears so contented Rio promptly decides not to bother rescuing her (until she runs after him).
  • For that matter, Jem already ran off with Riot earlier in the episode and spent three days on a romantic cruise with him, where she was clearly happy to kiss him and get close. Up to the adult viewer to decide if and when they said goodnight or not.


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