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A somewhat realistic, slice-of-life cartoon about three adolescent troublemakers that airs on a cable network whose censorial radar doesn't work most of the time is bound to have some dubious bits and scenes in it. Just look at the picture that was picked for this page...

  • In "To Sir with Ed", Nazz crashes Eddy's house, and because she doesn't tell him otherwise until the very end, he believes he is on a date with her. She then expects to be in the tub. If he is in a date, and then she says her parents hired her to be at his house, he wonders if she was..SOLICITED.
    • Not to mention Nazz reading the schedule.
    Nazz: So...dinner at seven, and in bed by nine. Easy.
  • In "Home Cooked Eds", the Kanker Sisters invade Eddy's house while on vacation, and at one point a terrified Edd says something along the lines of, "I fear they're becoming amorous..." He then whispers the meaning into a confused Eddy's ear, and the Eds quickly flee the house, screaming in terror.note  Not helping matters is the fact that they were trying to put him in skin tight leopard skin underwear beforehand...
    • Edd says "amorous" again 88 episodes later, in "A Town Called Ed".
  • In "Eeny Meeny Miney Ed," at the beginning of the barbecue scene, Rolf throws a ham steak onto the grill which Kevin hotdogs on. Rolf then replies with:
  • Rolf often calls Jimmy "the confused and delicate one". Even though Jimmy apparently has a crush on Sarah, considering the way he normally acts...
  • "The Luck of the Ed" where Eddy's mom is cleaning the house and he asks Ed to hide his magazines is either an 11-minute "F you" to the Cartoon Network censors or a sign that Cartoon Network's Standards and Practices really don't notice or care just how racy most of their original programming can getnote . At one point he says that his (older) brothernote  gave him the magazines, at another he thinks Ed hid them in a sewer and Edd mentions that the damp would render them unreadable. Eddy's reply? "It's the PICTURES I'm worried about!"
    • Also, there was this:
    Eddy: I'd tell you I love ya, Ed, but I ain't that kind of guy!
    • And let's not forget about this exchange:
    Edd: I'm having a hard time ascertaining the clues from Ed's copious contaminants. A moment please, read a magazine or something.
    Eddy: Read a magazine? I would if I knew where Ed hid em!
    Edd: Oh, you READ those?
    • The sound effect that plays when Eddy says "viewing pleasure" counts as well.
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    • And when Eddy says he's hiding his... "magazines" to Double D, he sounds a bit more discreet than you'd think he'd be, and Double D sure had one heck of a naughty face.
    • When Eddy says that Kevin wants the magazines for his own viewing pleasure, Eddy balls his fists and they shake, making odd squishing sounds.
  • Let's not forget about this line from Ed in "Pop Goes the Ed".
    Edd: Do you feel hot?
    Ed: Nah, I'm half-baked.
  • In "Hand Me Down Ed", a mysterious boomerang causes some of the kids' personalities to change hilariously. When Ed holds it, it he becomes a TV Genius. When Eddy holds it, he becomes maternal. But when Double D holds it? He becomes a nudist and proceeds to do a strip-tease. note 
  • In "1 + 1 = Ed", Ed saws a circle into the sky and sees the Kanker sisters having a bubble bath. Afterwards, Eddy snickers and asks him this:
    Eddy: Did you see anything?
    • There is a similar scene in "Quick Shot Ed" when Eddy and Kevin run into a house, where Jonny is seen bathing. Eddy, notices this and goes back to take a picture. Then Jonny says this to Plank:
    Jonny: Do you think they saw anything, Plank?
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  • There is another scene in "1 + 1 = Ed" where Eddy decides to take apart an old wardrobe to "learn what's inside". He finds a bra.
    Eddy: Whoo-hoo, PG-13!
    Ed: Um, that's my mom's, Eddy.
    Eddy: (drops bra) EEEEULLLLWWWW!!!!!
  • In "A Case of Ed"; while Ed is "diagnosing" Double D, Eddy comments:
    Eddy: Did Doctor Ed give you the rubber glove treatment yet?
  • In "Ed, Ed and Away", after getting a cow tipped onto him, Rolf remarks:
    Rolf: Never again will Rolf store house keys in his trouser pockets...
    • Happens again in "See No Ed" when Rolf is trapped under a pile of bananas.
    Rolf: The weight of the bananas is crushing Rolf's apples!
    • Rolf also delivers this gem of a line in "Run For Your Ed", while riding in a cart containing a giant sausage:
    Rolf: Rolf's giant wiener will fetch a pretty penny at the market, yes Victor?
  • In "Little Ed Blue" Edd and Eddy are rifling through Ed's room and Eddy comes across a magazine called "Chicks Galore" and opens it find that it's pictures of baby chickens, much to his annoyance.
    • The scene in question had a zipper sound effect.
    • During Jimmy's dream sequence in the episode "The Eds Are Coming", Kevin was shirtless and waxed up.
  • Everything about the Kanker sisters' warped romantic pursuit of the Ed boys is pretty much what Moral Guardians would consider Black Comedy Rape (albeit a kids' show version of it). In "A Twist of Ed", it gets worse, especially when Lee sneaks into Eddy's shower to kiss him (despite both being clothed when it happens). Notice the bar of soap sinking to floor tiles.
    • It doesn't help that Ed calls them "the matrons of makeout" in "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullaballoo"...
  • In the episode "To Sir With Ed", Edd is seen reading book called "Birds, Bees, and Sweaty Palms".
  • Looking closely at one of the sticky notes on Edd's bathroom wall reveal the words "Don't touch yourself".
  • We can't forget about the infamous sextant scene from the movie.
    Edd: Yes, well, it's all fun and games, but merry-making nearly cost us this sextant.
    Eddy: Hehehehe...!... You catch that, Ed? (to Edd) Uh, what was it? I missed that. What's it called?
    Edd: It's called a sextant, an astronomical instrument used to—
    (Ed and Eddy muffle their laughter)
    Eddy: Again, sorry, I missed it. What's it called?
    Edd: It's commonly known as a sextant, Eddy—
    (Ed and Eddy both laugh loudly)
    (Edd thinks for a moment; cue Luminescent Blush)
  • Coming back to the Kanker Sisters, their name might be a nod to chancre sores (which is spelled pretty similar to canker sores, something noncontagious), which are a type of oral ulcer which appear very similar to genital herpes sores. In fact, genital herpes sores and chancre sores are related, in that they're from the same virus, and it is possible to give someone genital herpes if you have chancre sores in your mouth.
    • When this show was aired in the Netherlands, written instances of the Kankers' last name were replaced with their Dutch name (Zeur — meaning "nag"), seeing as "Kanker" is how the Dutch spell "Cancer". Given the penchant of Dutch people to incorporate diseases into their swearing, its rudeness is obvious.
  • Often when Eddy is in trouble with the Kanker sisters - especially when they drag him off to kiss him - you can hear him shout "I'm a minor, stop!" (example: "Once Upon an Ed")
  • From "Out With the Old, In With the Ed", when Edd is sent rolling down the stairs in order to talk to the Kankers about switching homerooms. Keep in mind that Edd lands on his back with his legs stretched out rather far.
    May: "It's our boy toy, guys!"
    Lee: "Check 'im out; he must be good at gymnastics!"
    Marie: "Let's find out!"
  • From "To Sir with Ed", in which Ed was pretending to be a dog while at Edd's house. Keep in mind that we cannot see below Edd's waist in this shot.
    Eddy: (on the phone with Edd) Why don't you guys come on over?
    Edd: Gosh, Eddy, a tad late, don't you think? I mean, Ed was finally going to-(stops and shivers) Please let go of my leg, Ed...
  • The ending of "Key to My Ed" combines this with Does This Remind You of Anything? in spades. Some of the lines during this scene only further hammer it home.
    Lee: You boys are in for the ride of your lives!
    Ed: A naked foot.
    Eddy: I'm too young! And handsome!
    Edd: Y-you wouldn't dare... !
  • In "Ready, Set... Ed" Kevin asks whether the Eds' rocket car has knobs (somewhat outdated slang for breasts) while making a suggestive motion with his hands.
  • In "Your Ed Here", this exchange occurs:
    Edd: PREPOSTEROUS! This isn't how the game is played! I refuse to play under these absurd conditions, Ed!
    Ed: Aww, kitty-cat go meow?note 
    • Same episode, we later get this taunt:
    Ed: Find your hamburgers yet, wimpy?note 
    • This also doubles as a reference to Popeye.
  • There's the endlessly laughable, endlessly disturbing scene at the end of "High-Heeled Ed" where Ed yells "Hug me!" and we hear...
    Edd: Ed, you're in your underwear!
    Ed: Okay, I feel loved now.
  • It sure does look like Ed's having a lot of fun "riding" Jimmy's sand-unicorn in "Hot Buttered Ed"...
  • In "Out With the Old, In With the Ed", there is a scene where Kevin throws a water balloon at Rolf. As revenge, Rolf proceeds to throw a cow's bladder at Kevin.
    Rolf: Prepare for Rolf's water-laden bovine bladder!
  • In "Is There an Ed in the House?" a sick Sarah asks Jimmy to fluff her pillow for her. And what does he ask her when he starts?
    Jimmy: Am I a good fluffer, Sarah?
    Sarah: Yes, you are Jimmy!
  • In "The Day the Ed Stood Still", there is a scene where Eddy and Edd are hiding underneath Eddy's bed. You can see several crumbled up tissues near a stack of dirty magazines. Though you can see tissues and the same magazines in Eddy's room in several episodes, this scene is the most famous.
    • When Ed wakes Eddy up early because he thinks it's a school day in "Cleanliness is Next to Edness", Eddy angrily throws him out of his bedroom. When Ed pops up at the window and complains, Eddy tapes one of his magazines to the window to keep him occupied. Ed's grin says it all...
    • You can also see Kevin has tissues and magazines in his own room in the episode "A Case of Ed".
  • This show has plenty of examples of Curse Cut Short moments, including...
    • In "No Speak Da Ed", Kevin is about to say something to Eddy before he is interrupted by Rolf:
    Kevin: Get away from me Space Dork, or I'll shove these moon rocks right up your-
    • Eddy also has a similar line in the Halloween special (before he is interrupted by Edd)
    Ed: No thanks are necessary.
    Eddy: I'll thank you right up your—
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub for "Ed Overboard", Ed says this while he's tied to a tree upside down by the Kanker sisters, before he is interrupted by Lee kissing him:
    Ed: Help me, I'm going to get ra—
  • In "Flea Bitten Ed", after Rolf's rabbits rapidly reproduce in the garage, Edd delivers this line:
    Edd: Seems like Mr. and Mrs. Bunny have been practicing the multiplication table.
  • The scene where Rolf asks Edd for a new pencil in "A Fistful of Ed":
    Rolf: [holding up a really tiny pencil] Head-in-sock Ed-Boy, Rolf requires your assistance. Might you have a spare writing stick? Rolf's has been reduced to that of the size of a baby's bazoo!
  • In the Valentine's Day special "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo" Jonny says this gem of a line:
    Jonny: Look, Plank! Jelly hearts for Valentine's Day! (begins to poke the jelly hearts, then Plank apparently says something) Holy cow, buddy, of course I washed my hands! Where do you think they've been?
    • What allowed Rolf to see the cupids in the same episode? Lemons.
  • In a deleted scene for "Take This Ed and Shove It", when Eddy is in the future, he learns that he is married to Lee, Ed is married to May, and Edd is married to Marie. After he is informed that they honeymooned in the junkyard, Lee pushes a wheelbarrow full of babies to Eddy. Recall that one of the junkyard's fixtures frequented by the Eds is a van decorated like a love lounge, complete with waterbed.
    • The cut sequences of "Take This Ed and Shove It" are the only deleted scenes shown to the public. They were shown at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2007.
    • Oter than the questionable title, an example that remains in the finished episode is Old Johnny asking Eddy if Nazz forgot her pants again.
  • In the season 6 episode "Look Before You Ed", Eddy cracks a little joke with Edd:
    Eddy: What's winter without a snow job, eh, Sockhead? Get it? Snow? Job?
    Edd: (smiles nervously) Yeah, well...that was clever...
    • "Snow job" is actually a slang term for conning someone.
  • Eddy flips off the Urban Rangers at the beginning of "An Ed in the Bush", obscured only by the fact that everyone on this show has Four-Fingered Hands.
    • To some, it looks like he's simply holding up his index finger.
  • This exchange happens in season 3's "Once Upon an Ed":
    Edd: Pure fiction, Eddy! Your exaggerated tale could only be described as cockamamie!
  • Ed says this in "Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy's Boo Haw Haw":
    Ed: Your mother wears army boots!
    • This is an old dig from the World Wars, referencing the fact that the only way a woman would get those boots was if she was a prostitute who slept with a soldier (or robbed them from a dead one, which isn't much better). These days, it usually flies over people's heads.
  • Let's not forget about this scene from "Wish You Were Ed":
    Eddy: Where'd you come from?
    Ed: Blame my parents, Eddy.
  • In the Valentine's Day special "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo", there is a scene that shows Lee and Marie huddled around an anatomy book, giggling constantly. Their dialogue hints at what they're looking at:
    Marie: Ooh la la!
  • In the episode "I Am Curious Ed", Sarah and Jimmy try to learn where babies come from. After asking several people, Edd offers to explain to them, using bees as an example. Edd shows them several slides of bee production. But once he informs them that queen bees are capable of giving birth to thousands of bees a minute, he changes slides (the new slide is shown off screen). Sarah and Jimmy are disgusted (Jimmy exclaims, "Gross!").
    • Earlier in the episode, Sarah and Jimmy also asks Nazz and Kevin how babies are made. Nazz responds by giggling uncontrollably with a Luminescent Blush, and Kevin stammers as he nervously tries to come up with an answer.
  • In the season 5 episode "The Good, the Bad, and the Ed", after Eddy and Rolf strip down naked (a part of their duel for the "Hairy Chest of Resilience Badge"), Ed says "nudge nudge, wink wink"- which is an idiomatic phrase implying sexual innuendo.
    • Eddy and Rolf are forced to run through a bush, completely naked. After Eddy comes out, you see some branches and prickles tangled around his private area.
  • In the episode "High Heeled Ed", Ed (dressed up as an octopus) says this line:
    Ed: I am an Ed-o-pus, because I'm Ed!
    • This is a reference to Oedipus (pronounced "Ed-oh-puss", depending where you're fromnote ), a character in Greek mythology who killed his father and had sex with his mother note . So if you ever said "I am Ed-o-pus!" as a kid, that means the writers tricked you into saying "I want to commit murder and incest!"
  • Also in "Hand Me Down Ed", when the boomerang strikes Eddy, he becomes a mother. Then comes another classic example of Ed's inappropriate babble:
    Edd: Eddy, motherly?
    Ed: And he didn't even show!
    • In the same episode, Edd gets a hold of the boomerang, and begins to strip to Sexophone music in the background, not much unlike a stripper. If this isn't bad enough, he clings on to a pole.
  • In the episode "Robbin Ed", Eddy begins a costume change to confront Captain Melonhead (Jonny), and throws off his underwear, then a pair of fuzzy dice. Think about that for a second. What could someone with an inferiority complex possibly be using a pair of fuzzy dice for?
    • And later:
    Ed: My gravy is safe to ferment another day, Double D!
  • In "A Case Of Ed", Kevin is grounded to his room (for reasons unknown) and Eddy and Ed take advantage of this by annoying him without fear of retaliation from Kevin. One of the pranks Eddy pulls on Kevin is mooning Kevin.
    Ed: (giggling) Oh ho ho! I am turning into a werewolf Eddy!
  • There are several moments in "A Twist of Ed" (the episode where Ed and Edd try to romantically pursue the Kanker Sisters in order to stop their romantic pursuit of them once and for all). But one of the most memorable scenes is where the Kankers run away from Edd. They get in a closet, without knowing Ed was already in there. He makes a seemingly suggestive comment.
    Ed: It's dark! Hahaha.
    • Lee attempts to call the police while Ed and Edd strikes back, which, yes, does confirm that the whole Kanker sisters/Eds schtick does focus on Black Comedy Rape (albeit a kids' show version of it).
    • Also, when Edd organizes the Kanker Sisters' bedroom, he calls it "our love nest", with considerable emphasis on the "our". The following Beat holds for an uncomfortably long time on his oddly seductive grin.
      • Not only that, but when the Kankers barge into their bedroom, Double D sits there, on their huge bed, looking very...seductive, and tells them that "love knows no bounds, turtledoves!"
  • This lovely scene in "This Won't Hurt an Ed":
    Jonny: Me and Plank are next, nurse assistant Double D! (He pulls down his pants.)
    Edd: (shocked) Good lord, Jonny! Make yourself decent, man!
  • This exchange in "High Heeled Ed":
    Eddy: Great. We're stuck here with two girls and a Jimmy. This calls for a change of plans, Double D. We need to find our more sensitive side.
    Eddy: OHHHH!
    Edd: [disgusted] Thank you for sharing that with us, Ed.
  • Eddy also says this in the episode "Ed Overboard":
    Eddy: I'd swear, but standards won't let me.
  • This happens in "Who, What, Where, Ed":
    Ed: Where do eggs come from, Rolf?
    Rolf: [picking up a chicken] Let me show you exactly where the egg comes from—
    Edd: NO!
  • In "Too Smart For His Own Ed", there is a sign that warns students to not put their jock straps in the sink.
  • In 'May I Have This Ed', when Nazz reaches into the pile of boys and pulls out Double D, her hand is in Eddy's crotch. Eddy's eyes pop open appropriately.
    • From the same episode, Lee asks Marie if she's going to "...let that hussy steal your man?", referring to Nazz dancing with Double D. A "hussy" is a sexually promiscuous or forward woman (it's not used much these days, but it's probably the only G-rated option Cartoon Network could use).
  • Jimmy yells this to Eddy in "A Fistful of Ed":
  • This exchange occurs in "Nagged to Ed":
    Edd: Please refrain from touching me when I'm eating. Thank you.
    Marie: I'll touch whenever I want, buddy boy!
  • In the episode "Dear Ed", Jonny tries to make a new friend: Bob the Traffic Cone. While Jonny is playing table tennis with him, Bob throws several insults at Jonny. Then Bob apparently says a "Yo Mama" joke to Jonny:
    Jonny: My mama WHAT?
  • In "Quick Shot Ed", while the Eds are browsing through Eddy's attic, Edd finds a magazine that slowly opens up a centerfold. Edd looks at it and makes a naughty face... though later it's revealed it's just a picture of a Praying Mantis.
    Edd: Perfect specimen!
  • We also got this from "Who, What, Where, Ed":
    Eddy: [dressed in a pimp-like tuxedo] I'm doing a survey and...
    Lee: Our mom's not home.
  • When describing Eddy's ill conceived plan to use carpet shag as armpit hair in "Pain in the Ed", Double D remarks that it's a poor way to "achieve virility." The concept of virility is not just tied to manliness, but also to sexual prowess/potency.
  • "Honor Thy Ed" takes the rape innuendo from the Kanker sisters to a whole new level. To summarize, the Eds end up getting stripped of their clothing by the Kankers and forced to "marry" them. The closing scene reveals the Eds forced to run like dogs, carrying them around the Cul-de-Sac. Additionally, take a look at the drawing on Double D's trash can.
  • This from "Gimmie Gimmie Never Ed":
    Edd: [crossly] Ohhh, darn it! [runs away]
    Ed: [accusingly] Double-D almost said a bad word, Eddy!!
  • In "They Call Him Mister Ed", Nazz approaches Eddy and asks if she can take part in his pretend-business. Eddy begins to sweat nervously in her presence and one of his hair strands springs straight up and curls.
  • At the end of the movie, we see the Kankers dragging an unconscious Eddy's brother into his trailer, and Lee enthusiastically shouts this line:
    Lee: First one in gets to give 'im mouth-to-mouth!
  • Some episode titles are a little risky, like "Pain in the Ed" and "Take this Ed and Shove it". "Hanky Panky Hulabaloo" as well; Hanky Panky can have an innocent meaning, but the other definition is to behave sexually inappropriately in public. Considering it's a Valentines Day Special...
  • In the episode where Ed forges bunch of sticky notes as a prank on Double D, Eddy, bored of watching Double D run around the house to do various chores, says, "Are we done yet? 'Cause I'm ready to bust a..." The sentence is never finished, but it's very likely he was going to say "bust a nut", which is slang for masturbation. At this point, we'd like to remind you that Eddy has a Porn Stash stored away somewhere...
  • The fact Edd's nickname is Double D... a term for the biggest size of a bra cup. Parents will likely get the wrong idea from that.
    • In one of the shorts Cartoon Network did where random characters go on dates with each other in a dating show format, Ed goes on a date with Daphne from Scooby Doo, and at one point she says something along the lines of "He kept talking about how much he likes Double D. How am I supposed to keep up with that?"
  • In "For Your Ed Only", when Eddy offers Johnny a ride when Ed is a balloon (he's just blowing a huge bubblegum bubble), Johnny remarks: "You're so full of it, Eddy." note 
  • "Mission Ed-possible"
    • Look closely at the Report Card Changing Kit Eddy inherited from his brother - you can see a pen that has a woman in a bikini on it, and if you tilt those upside down, her clothes disappear...
    • When rushing through the Kankers' trailer, Edd covers his eyes, apologizes for his intrusion, and states that he hopes the Kanker Sisters are decent.
  • In "Sir Ed-a-Lot", Eddy says to Ed "You're a horse's-" before being cut off.
  • In "Key to My Ed", after Edd makes a particularly verbose statement to Rolf, the latter tells him "You need to eat more fiber, head-in-sock Ed-boy!". So in other words, Edd was full of shit.
  • Another from Rolf: "Your garden is overgrown and your cucumbers are soft!"
  • During Eddy's story in "Once Upon an Ed", the Jawbreaker Vault contains jawbreakers from all over the world, different countries, states, and cities. This isn't bad... until you realize one of the shelves is labeled Chernobyl.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub:
    • In "Ed Overboard", Eddy asks Double D to help him "make some gay butterflies".
    • In "Cool Hand Ed", after Nazz reports the students' absence from class and the alarm goes off, Eddy says:
    Eddy: They found us, it's the Gestapo!
    • Near the end of "Avast Ye Eds", Rolf asks the Eds "When is the next cruise? My flesh begs me for sun and sex." In the original line, he says "sun and sweat".

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