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Nightmare Fuel / Ed, Edd n Eddy

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Considering that Danny Antonucci previously made Lupo the Butcher and The Brothers Grunt, both of which were filled with Nightmare Fuel, it's not all that surprising to see moments like these on this show.
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  • Some of the title cards, done in a totally different style from the actual episodes, border on Surreal Horror in places.
  • Eddy goes insane in several episodes in the series, most notably "Laugh Ed Laugh", "Who Let the Ed In", and "Take This Ed and Shove It", and it's uncomfortable to watch. Eddy punching himself and hitting his head on a tree in "Who Let the Ed In" and Eddy constantly hitting himself with his cane in "Take This Ed and Shove It" are disturbing examples.
  • Any of Ed's allergic reactions.
  • The Kanker sisters in general, which also counts as an In-universe example for every other character on the show. Despite being Played for Laughs, most of their antics are quite disturbing since most scenes involving them have them torture and/or rape the other kids, especially the Eds, in unsettling and odd ways. Whenever they show up, it won't end well for them.
    • "We know where you live!"
    • "A Twist of Ed" showed that they have no problem invading the Eds' houses. Lee even makes her move on Eddy while he was taking a shower (thankfully, he still had his PJs on.) The episode ends with them once again trapping the Eds for a second round of kissing for the day, with the implication that they will be there for a long time since Lee is keeping the only key in her shirt. The Kankers even briefly mock the Eds for their efforts to get rid of them by pretending to still be scared of them before pouncing on them. There are also no hidden romantic gestures like in the beginning of the episode, they are simply reestablishing their "dominance" in their "relationship" and refusing to let the Eds "breakup" with them.
    • Then there's the implication that they don't truly love the Eds, and that they only want men to push around, abuse, and do their chores for them while they goof off.
  • Sarah herself is pretty scary especially when she's pissed. Even though she looks like a normal innocent little girl and surprisingly submissive if confronted by someone who she doesn't expect will like Ed or Jimmy, she's really a walking, talking nightmare who's not afraid to kill a person out of anger.
    • Such examples include "Quick Shot Ed" where the Eds scare Jimmy after taking his picture and her response is to become angry, yell "Eat doll!" and throw anything and everything at the Eds, including a dollhouse at Double D (which remains on his head for several scenes) and in "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?" when after learning that Ed had spent money she gave him to buy her and Jimmy fudge on jawbreakers after being goaded into it by Eddy, her first instinct was to get mad and pounce on her brother to beat him up. Luckily, Double D was there to stop her, especially how Ed knew what was coming otherwise. To put it into further perspective, Ed is a badass who's impervious to pain and has super strength, yet what does he do in response to Sarah? Cower and scream at the top of his lungs.

    Episodes and specials 
  • The insect hunting scene in "Nagged To Ed", especially when Ed gets stuck on the giant spider web...
    Ed: Help me guys! I don't want the fluids drained from my body!
    • The scene where it looks like three monsters (they're really the Kanker sisters) are after them and the Eds scream and the picture's colors invert.
  • "Look Into My Eds" ends with the Kankers making the Eds think they're dogs and have them chained in the yards of their trailer home to fight over a shoe. It's rather disconcerting.
  • In "Fool on the Ed" there's a part where the kids are laughing at the Eds. Jonny's face during this just looks really
  • Eddy going crazy from having no kids to scam in "Laugh Ed Laugh" is surprisingly creepy. He does all kinds of wildly insane things, like making a turban out of his own tongue, eating acorns, fences, and fire hydrants, and believing that a mailbox is his own house.
    • There is even a scene in the episode where it shows his brain exploding into popcorn.
  • In "A Glass of Warm Ed", Ed goes on a sleep-eating spree by breaking into nearby houses and eating all of the residents' food. When he gets to Jimmy's house, Edd and Eddy find Ed trying to eat Jimmy. Though it's meant to be Played for Laughs, Edd and Eddy are so shocked that they close the door without a word and literally shown to be terrified from the whole experience, especially Edd. Don't worry; he spits Jimmy out.
  • From "Knock Knock, Who's Ed", Ed doesn't taken kindly to Eddy interrupting him when they finally find a TV on which to watch the Hot Rod Cyclops movie marathon: "MOVIE GOOD FOR ED!" The scene displays one of the few moments Ed shows genuine anger and actually intimidates Edd, Eddy, and Rolf into sitting quietly as he watches his movie.
  • A lot of the events in "One + One = Ed", which begin with the Eds' attempts to get rich by taking things apart snowballing into disassembling the space-time continuum itself. But after that, things get REALLY weird; they disassemble so many things they end up destroying the entire universe and get stranded in a violently chaotic Acid-Trip Dimension as a result. At least things do get better by the end, thankfully.
    • There's the moment Jimmy melts when the Eds take off his outline.
  • A scene from "Urban Ed" where Jimmy is making his way around the cardboard people in the Eds' mock city, all while hearing the "people" laugh at and mock him. It's an oddly dark scene in an otherwise lighthearted episode.
  • After Ed accidentally lets Edd's ants loose in "Stop, Look and Ed", Edd starts choking him with his legs. It's pretty uncomfortable to watch, considering Edd is usually an extreme pacifist, especially seeing Ed trying to apologize to Edd during his "punishment".
  • When the Eds get trapped in a haunted house in "Honor Thy Ed" and fall into a Gambit Roulette set up by the Kanker sisters, culminating in the Eds being forced to marry them.
    • The whole "tunnel of love" scene is pretty disturbing. Especially since the Eds are mysteriously stripped naked halfway through it.
  • Ed's story in "Once Upon An Ed" where the Kanker Sisters eat radioactive mashed potatoes and turn into gigantic monstrous versions of themselves and chase the Eds; especially the part where they combine their faces. Even Eddy pointed out how surreal Ed's story was becoming.
    • There's also the scene where Jimmy collapses while running away from the Kankers. Sarah desperately tries to help him up, but the gigantic foot of a Kanker stomps him into the ground. It's not a cartoonish squish either, she literally kills Jimmy! Even if it's just a story, that is seriously disturbing.
  • The ending of “It Came From Outer Ed”. Ed's “scam” is revealed to be a curse he had read about in a comic book at the start of the episode, and even worse? IT WORKS!
    Ed: (as the Eds get swarmed by angry crows) Evil Tim has beckoned them!
    Edd and Eddy: ED!
  • "Dueling Eds", natch. Especially the ending. Rolf forces Eddy to fight him after the latter disrespected him by throwing some Foreign Queasine that all the neighborhood kids had to eat. After failing to convince him to call the duel off, Eddy and Rolf engage in a Curb-Stomp Battle of the latter viciously whaling on the former with a giant fish. This causes Double D, who usually tries to be tolerant of Rolf's cultural traditions, to wonder if Rolf is just plain insane. Even worse, not only does the sky suddenly becomes dark and omnious during the fight, but Eddy is seen beaten up in very disturbingly graphic way complete with some blood and teeth flying out of his mouth and then he's finished by being "sent off" into the abyss. After the fight, he (and the other Eds for no reason whatsoever) are given the "Eels of Forgiveness" by Rolf. Ed, unfortunately, is allergic to them, which causes him to morph into a giant half-human, half-fish monstrosity and the sight causes Double D to freak out and promptly pass out in terror, and unlike the "Flea-Bitten Ed" episode with his bunny allergy, Double D's fainting alone shows that his eel allergy isn't Played for Laughs.
  • The climax of "Boys Will Be Eds", where Nazz runs away in complete terror after being relentlessly harassed and pushed into a corner by Kevin, Jonny, and the Eds. Surprisingly, it's not Played for Laughs, and Nazz's horrified shrieking as she runs off is almost spine-freezing.
  • Ed's Nightmare Sequence at the beginning of "Rock-A-Bye Ed".
    • The obvious dream elements aside, Ed's dream gives us a disturbing glimpse of his home life. The dream starts with Ed playing with his paddleball, minding his own business, while Sarah is trying to watch TV. Sarah ends up getting annoyed by the noise, but instead of, say, asking Ed to go somewhere else, her response is to grab the paddleball and try to snip the string with a pair of scissors. When Ed (rightfully) stops her from breaking his toy, Sarah immediately goes to their mom and puts on an innocent act, while Ed literally gets on his knees and pleads with his mom to believe him... she doesn't, or possibly he as Ed's mom is portrayed in the dream by none other than Jonny 2x4. When you put this scene together with the numerous hints about Ed's family throughout the series, it's not hard to conclude that this is a regular occurrence.
    • After Ed's mother (Jonny 2x4) tears his mouth off and sentences him to be thrown into the "Kanker pit" (with shark-like versions of the Kanker Sisters), Ed tears open a new mouth to scream!
    • A minor moment in comparison, but Ed’s eyes shrinking and eyebrow twitching uncontrollably upon seeing Johnny sometime after waking up is just unnervingly weird.
  • There's something...unsettling about the scene in "Brother Can You Spare an Ed," where Ed is looking back and forth between the fudge Sarah asked him to get for her and Jimmy and the Jawbreakers that Eddy is trying to goad him into buying for the Eds instead. Every time Ed looks at the Fudge you can hear what sounds like jeering laughter, and Ed looks like he's about to have a mental breakdown and even starts physically shaking... Just what was going through the poor guy's head?
  • "The Day The Ed Stood Still" has Ed wearing a monster suit and became one with it, not just act, but become the monster.
  • In "An Ed in the Bush", Rolf does something unspeakably traumatizing to the Eds that it causes them to hide in Ed's basement for three whole days in fear of the "Belly-Button Eater".
  • Ed going absolutely berserk in "Little Ed Blue" after he's pushed too far while in an especially bad mood; it's essentially a person acting like a wild and dangerously destructive animal while still mentally and physically human.
  • In "Run For Your Ed", after a sleepwalking Ed accidentally makes off with the Kankers' ship in a bottle, they turn the entire neighborhood upside down looking for it. And no, that's not a figure of speech: Even after the Kankers eventually get their ship in a bottle back, the whole Cul De Sac is destroyed with the sounds of fire trucks & helicopters in the background.
  • The end of "Take This Ed and Shove It", which supposedly presented all the events until the episode as just the nostalgic memories of an elderly Eddy as he and his friends live miserable lives while married to the Kankers and longing for his lost youth as he laments the issues of old age. Even worse, it was originally planned to be the last episode.
  • Double D appearing as a "mole-mutant" in "Boom Boom Out Goes The Ed", especially when you consider how Rolf and Kevin managed to get out of the sewers unscathed.
    • When Ed lights up his head with a flashlight, instead of a skull, we see a toast with holes for eye-sockets and melted butter smushed into the center. Now consider that Ed's favorite food is buttered toast...
  • Edd going insane from not taking a shower in "Cleanliness Is Next to Ed-ness".
    Edd: For me? Oh, you shouldn't have! (dumps trash all over himself)
    Nazz: Double D? (pinches her nose) Is that you?
    Edd: No. Heh! Not really.
  • The scene in "Out with the Old, in with the Ed," in which the Kankers send the Eds to their new "homeroom." While May and Marie give their usual flood of kisses to Ed and Edd, who are too afraid/weak to fight back, what happens to Eddy before he gets his usual act is...really unnerving.
    Eddy: Ok, THAT'S IT! I'm telling the teacher on you (Lee dressed as a teacher)! (raises hand)
    Lee: (bends down to Eddy's face* I'm all ears, my little teacher's pet! (laughs and pushes him into the stall for kissing'')
    • Before that, when the kids realize school starts tomorrow and none of them are prepared, they decide to steal all of Edd's supplies. By chopping down his door with an axe.
  • Rolf's Sanity Slippage in "No Speak Da Ed". His Nightmare Face is also not pretty to look at.
    • The flashback which shows why Ed's wolf costume makes Rolf so uneasy: when he was a little boy back in The Old Country, he was ambushed by somebody wearing a similar wolf costume while herding sheep. Whether the person was a sheep rustler or just someone playing a very mean prank is unclear, but the incident definitely had an effect on Rolf regardless.
  • The ending of "Tight End Ed". The fact that Eddy is kidnapped by the rival team and Ed refusing to save him makes the ending a bit serious.
    • Ed had a chance to save him, but had no idea he was in danger and just watched the bus drive away. Eddy actually cries when it looks Ed is going to save him.
  • The cafeteria scene in "Smile For the Ed". The kids reach a whole new level of cruelty as they psychologically torture a kid, driving Eddy into having an honest to god panic attack.
  • "Run Ed Run", which is a very surreal episode to begin with, similar to season 2's "1+1=Ed". For some odd reason, despite taking place during a field trip to the Jawbreaker factory, the only kids present on the schoolbus, aside from the Ed's, is Jimmy, Sarah and Jonny, making the whole episode seem oddly desolate. The plot itself revolves around Sarah tricking Ed into thinking that the sky is falling, due to a feud between her and Eddy about who gets to sit at the front of the bus and get first crack at the jawbreakers. It results in the Ed's somehow slamming into the sky, and breaking off a large chunk, with the area behind the sky is shown as television static. Ed spends the end of the episode running around trying to tape the pieces of the sky back together whilst Double D gushes over what an amazing scientific discovery it is.
  • "A Fistful of Ed": Double D is seen as a horrendous bully for accidentally inflicting slapstick but still considerable injuries on others. The damage he inflicts terrifies the Cul-de-sac kids, the Kankers, and even his friends, with Ed being the most shocked. "Don't taunt the Double D, Eddy. I was there."
    • Rolf's X-ray shows that Edd accidentally cracked his skull open.
  • The Halloween Special has elements of this. Heck, the INTRO is what should prepare you for some SCARY content. Check out whenever Ed pictures the kids as monsters. For starters, THOSE EYES! Also, the screen becomes... just see for yourself. Here are the monsters as follows:
    • The Kanker Sisters are witches that Ed thinks caused the monster apocalypse and they create a brew that shoots up into the sky and even the smoke tries to get Ed!
    • Jimmy is a freaky looking alien that, for his troubles, is crushed by Ed via a stop sign. Played for laughs, but still.
    • Sarah is a pretty terrifying vampire that seems to have literally come out of Hell (just look at the flames!).
    • Nazz is a Gorgon sporting a nasty look. Just check for yourself at the current page image above.
    • Kevin is only a head being utilized by a really intimidating Headless Horseman.
    • Rolf is an ogre whose design is a real piece of work. The pig looks EVEN WORSE! Also, his defeat is a really painful eye impalement. Also, what was he saying exactly?!
    • Jonny is a hideous spider that would make Shelob blush. Although from what Ed says, giant spider monsters like Jonny are Not Evil, Just Misunderstood, which might soften the blow a little.
    • Plank is a Frankenstein's Monster expy (though his design could be considered goofy and his defeat is awesome/funny).
    • In the end, the monsters (really mad kids, actually), sans the witches, converge on the Eds and beat Edd and Eddy silly as they scream to an apathetic Ed for help.
    • Really, Ed in this. He's so disconnected from reality from all those horror movies that he can't discern the people around him (aside from his 2 pals, obviously) from abominations from the bowels of Hell or just being in ordinary costumes. The ending even shows he's now apathetic to his friend's pain, but only because his final hallucination does a COMPLETE 180 from all the previous ones! Basically, Ed (who believes he's conquered all the monsters thanks to his prior hallucinations and is reading a newspaper), sees Edd and Eddy frolicking happily while flowers rain down upon them... when in reality, all Edd and Eddy are receiving is a painful No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
    • And to end it all, the reel behind the special dies, while Eddy and Edd are beaten senseless and Ed continues reading his newspaper...
  • In the Christmas Special, "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle", Rolf sings a seemingly cheerful song about Yeshmiyek, a bearded woman who lives at the center of the Earth and prepares food for children on Christmas. All of a sudden in the middle of the song, the music and tone suddenly turn slower and much darker, as Rolf sings in a sinister tone warning boys and girls that if they don't do their chores, Yeshmiyek will boil them alive (and presumably eat them). Eddy's terrified expression during this part really sells it. Right afterwards, the song immediately goes back to being fast and cheerful.
  • "The Eds are Coming" is definitely Darker and Edgier.
    • When Jimmy's dream becomes a Nightmare. Good god, it is SCARY!
    • The scene with Edd in Ed's room. It's the show's only attempt at Nothing Is Scarier.
    • Normally, the show's characters and moving elements of the cartoon (so basically everything but the background) is animated with a technique called "Squigglevision" which helps give the characters a loose, almost whimsical feel. However, in the dream sequence intro, notice that the huge alien blades are NOT animated with this technique. The stark contrast between the show's usual animation and this episode is very...unsettling.
    • And that’s only the visual aspects of the episode, don’t even start with the sound design on display. While Patric's freeform jazz score is present, the vast majority of the episode's music ranges from tense to downright horrifying. When the aliens capture the Cul-De-Sac in Jimmy's dream, the only music is an intense drumbeat. Not to mention the sound effect associated with the aliens played throughout the episode (when the lights turn on in Rolf's house, the meteorite, Ed's room, etc.) sounds straight out of Silent Hill. At least, the closest thing this show would get to Silent Hill...
    • The cherry on the top HAS to be the ending: at the very end, we see one of the flying saucers from Jimmy's dream lift the Cul-De-Sac into space and fly off with it. This does nothing but raise questions - is it just Jimmy not getting over the shock of his traumatic nightmare and imagining things? Is the entire episode All Just a Dream and Jimmy is just about to wake up? Or are the aliens Real After All? And why did they come right when Rolf's weird family were visiting? ...
  • Small potatoes compared to most of the other examples on this list, but Rolf squeezing lemon juice into his eyes so that he can see the Cupids that are going around and making people fall in love. The very lovingly detailed shot of his eyes slowly burning red afterward is enough to make your own eyes burn with sympathy.

    Big Picture Show 

  • The a.k.a. Cartoon logo that appears at the end of every episode. Probably one of the reasons why kids never watched the full end credits, and how it got approved by Cartoon Network to be shown on television, we'll never know.
    • If you're too scared to look, it's a REALLY graphic drawing of a person getting impaled to death by a giant pencil, causing his eyeballs to pop out... and there's a few droplets of what looks like blood flying from the wound! Brrr... if you thought the Stretch Films logo from Courage the Cowardly Dog was scary and dream-haunting, and in all fairness, it is, the a.k.a. Cartoon logo is even worse because it's two things the Stretch Films logo is not: violent and graphic.
    • Specifically in the first season, where the color combination and larger size made the guy a lot more visible.
    • The variant on Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw takes this up to eleven, where the screen is splattered with blood, thereby making the poor guy's impalement look more violent and gruesome!
    • The music, a cacophony comprising of a long horn note ascending in pitch, concluding with a loud crash, certainly doesn't help.