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Shout Out / Ed, Edd n Eddy

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NOTE: This page is a work in progress.

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  • The whistling in the theme song (provided by Danny Antonucci himself) is borrowed from "Big Noise From Winnetka" by The Bobcats.
  • The letters "AKA" are found in several episodes, which is a reference to A.K.A. Cartoon, the studio that produced the series.
  • Eddy is a fan of many famous disco artists such as Barry White and Tom Jones, and their albums can be seen in his room. The comic "Sugar Spice and Ed" shows that he also has a Neil Diamond album.
  • The Eds' shouts of "RUN AWAAAY!" as they flee from danger are lifted straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    Season 1 

"The Ed-Touchables"

  • The title is a parody of The Untouchables.
  • Edd talking to his skull is a reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet, wherein the main character frequently spoke to the skull of Yorick.

"Pop Goes the Ed"

  • Eddy tells Nazz that Ed has three nipples "like that guy from James Bond". This is a reference to Francisco Scaramanga, the main villain of The Man with the Golden Gun (who indeed did have three nipples).
  • The song Green Onions by Booker T. & the M.G.'s plays when Eddy is putting on his swimsuit.

"Over Your Ed"

  • After reading Ed's catchphrase paper, May tells him that "Yabba-Dabba" is cheating, obviously referring to Fred Flintstone's trademark catchphrase.

"Sir Ed-a-Lot"

  • The episode is named in reference to Sir Lancelot.
  • The license plate on the bumper on Ed's bed says "AKA 1", referencing A.K.A. Cartoon.

"Quick Shot Ed"

  • Kevin's look when he tries to hunt down the Eds on his bike is a reference to The Terminator.


"Dawn of the Eds"


"Fool on the Ed"

  • The name of the episode is a parody of the classic song by The Beatles, "Fool on the Hill". The title card features a hilly landscape with a jester's baton in the foreground, directing referring to the song.

"Laugh Ed Laugh"

  • While Eddy is going insane, he says "Lucy, I'm home", a reference to I Love Lucy.

"A Glass of Warm Ed"

"Avast Ye Eds"

    Season 2 

"Hands Across Ed"

  • The episode title (and fundraiser plot) is a reference to the 1986 charity event, Hands Across America.
  • When Edd says "There's no business like it!", he is referencing the song "There's No Business Like Show Business" from Annie Get Your Gun.
  • When Ed asks "Are donations bigger than a breadbox?", he is referencing What's My Line? where Steve Allen famously asked the question "Is it bigger than a breadbox?"

"Urban Ed"

  • Jimmy describing himself as "The Boy With the Snake on His Face" might be a reference to Harry, the Guy With a Snake on My Face from SCTV.


  • Eddy uses one of George's catchphrases from The Jetsons when messing around with a dresser mirror in Edd's house.
    • In the same episode, right after Jimmy tries to offer a guilt-ridden Edd his piggy bank, Eddy comes around and tries to take the offer, only for Sarah to pull Jimmy away from him after telling him "Hit the road, Scrooge!", which is a rather clever jab at Eddy's own greed.


    Season 3 

"Once Upon an Ed"

"O Ed Eleven"

  • The alias Edd uses to convince the Kankers that he and the other Eds are construction workers is Walter Sobchak.

"Gimme, Gimme, Never Ed"

"Boys Will be Eds"

  • Ed becomes self-aware of the reverberation of his Inner Monologue, so he repeats Ted's line from Airplane!: "Hello? Echo!"

    Season 4 

"Don't Rain on my Ed"

  • Ed shouting "Extreme Close-Up!" during, well, an extreme close-up of his face isn't just a moment of breaking the fourth wall, but also a reference to Wayne's World.

"Your Ed Here"

  • After Edd's middle name, Marion, is revealed, Jonny and Kevin call him "Marion the Librarian", the character from The Music Man.
    • When Ed hears Edd reveal his middle name, he exclaims "Marion, like that maid!" in reference to Maid Marian, the primary love interest of the titular character of the Robin Hood franchise.

     Season 5 

"Too Smart For His Own Ed"


"Hanky-Panky Hulla-Balloo"

  • The list of famous artists on the chalkboard includes Pablo Picasso, Tex Avery and, of course, Danny Antonucci.

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