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... Our faces are touching, Double D.

Regular Episodes

  • In general, for such a violent cartoon, it's very heartwarming to see that throughout the show the Eds are very casual about physical affection with one another, to the point it's not unique to point out each case individually.
  • In general, knowing who Eddy's brother really is and that it's hinted he bullied everyone in town, it's nice to see Eddy didn't emulate his brother fully. He may be a jerk to those around him, but has shown he cares for people. Maybe because of height, but his schemes aren't intended to deliberately hurt others and he makes sure that him and his friends get money for candy.
  • "Dawn Of The Eds." The Eds plan on sneaking into an R rated movie about killer robots when Ed starts recapping the story (...somehow) and they get so caught up in the moment that instead, they end up in the junkyard and play 'Space Outlaws' for the rest of the episode. Aside from being ten minutes of three friends just having fun, their Once an Episode scam doesn't hurt anyone (except Double D), they actually get to keep the money they made, and Ed even rescues Kevin from the Kanker sisters.
  • "Virt Ed Go" When the Eds get around to building a clubhouse for a scam, they seem to be having a genuinely good time just building the house and working together; with Eddy having a blast doing some the legwork, and asking Ed if he is having fun and looking out for his well being as they work.
  • "Your Ed Here", Nice of Eddy to at least ask for forgiveness before kissing Double D. Also a sweet moment of Double D comforting Eddy and telling him: "I'm here for you".
  • In "It Came From Outer Ed", Double D hugs a crying Ed and defends him from Eddy's criticism.
  • The ending of "A Fistful of Ed" where Eddy actually defends Edd from the Kankers, telling them to back off because he had a rough day. Eddy then acts shy about it and gives his friends hot dogs to shut them up. Eddy not only defended his best friend, but also subverted the Butt-Monkey ending that they usually would get.
    Eddy: (angrily) Everybody happy?!
    (Ed and Edd nod)
    Eddy: Good.
    • This goes double when you take into account that "A Fistful of Ed" aired near the tail end of the series. Despite all the hell the writers put them through, they let the series end on a high note to end all high notes.
    • Although it was cut from the episode, Eddy was originally shown to pet Ed's back when he cried and trying to comfort him (in an Eddy way).
    • This same episode also has Jimmy realizing that Edd is NOT the violent thug the other kids made him out to be since only a truly sensitive soul could crossbreed such a nice flower. Jimmy then decides to hear Double D's side of the story. Even more heartwarming? This was the same person who got all 3 of the Eds in trouble and got away with it. Now, he is kind, caring, and innocent as usual.
    • Ed's misguided attempt at protecting his baby sister Sarah is rather adorable, even if it IS against the innocent Double D. And when Edd tells his side of the story, he reveals that he was so touched by Ed's love for his sister that he tries to save their friendship and disarm him by pulling the chair away from him.
    • Eddy questioning Edd for "beating up" Ed. Sure, that's not what happened, but seeing Eddy actually concerned for his friends' safety is always sweet. He even says "He is our pal, you know."
    • Similarly, at one point Eddy refers to himself as Edd's "best friend". It may seem no big deal, but the Eds usually never refer to each other as "best friends", despite how close they are. It's nice seeing Eddy, of all people, using these words. Worth noting that Eddy is the only person the entire episode to not showcase fear of Double D. He knows Double D well enough to know he would never purposefully hurt anyone.
    • The relationship between Ed and Edd is one of the most emotional things about the episode. The (temporary) end of their friendship is very heartbreaking for both of them and their sadness in the entire episode shows how much they care about each other. And of course it is cute when they become friends again at the end.
  • "Mirror, Mirror, on the Ed", Double D warns Eddy from falling off a cliff and Eddy hides underneath Double D's hat in fear. Then they both save Ed from falling.
    • This episode has the Eds pretending to be each other. They poke fun at each other, but it's all done in a good natured way. It's the kind of thing you can only do with your best friends.
    • Ed playing Truth or Dare with Jonny and Plank at the end of the episode with the former being dared to be Plank and Plank being dared to be Eddy. Considering the kids, Jonny included, quit playing once the Eds showed up and wanted to join in, it's very nice of Jonny wanting to play the game with him.
  • Barely noticeable but in "Every Which Way But Ed", Eddy pulls Double D away from danger when Sarah breaks out from the locker.
  • "Stuck in Ed" Eddy shows a rare moment of vulnerability and is moved to tears at being unable to come up with a scam and hides his face in Ed's shirt. Double D comforts him and later compliments Ed for coming up with a great idea of buying a scam.
  • The episode "See No Ed" where the kids (except Kevin) are worried about the Eds when they couldn't find them. Jimmy confesses that this was what he had wished for every birthday and feels guilty about it.
  • " X Marks The Ed".
    • Double D's verbal tongue lashing at the other kids for laughing at Eddy's acne.
    • Rolf, the only cul-de-sac kid who sympathizes with Eddy, invites the Eds to his farm so that he could fix the pimple. He similarly lashes out at the kids when they harass Eddy with cameras, angrily calling them "vultures". If there are two people who absolutely have Eddy's back in this episode, it's Edd and Rolf.
  • The episode "Fa La La La Ed," where Ed brings the Christmas spirit in July, has this memorable exchange:
    Double D: (weeping in shame)
    Jimmy: Double D? (holds out piggy bank) Merry Christmas.
    Double D: Why, thank you...but I couldn't.
    Jimmy: (pauses) But it's Christmas.
    • Also very moving, when Double D almost breaks Jimmy's piggy bank and is immediately remorseful:
      Ed: There, there. Santa forgives.
    • Even the kids look disgusted at Eddy for forcing Double D to do something like this and didn’t at all blame him or believe Eddy’s lies.
    • Ed stopping the scam and returning Jimmy's piggy bank to him. Even Kevin commends him for doing so.
      Kevin: It's better to give...
      Nazz: ...than to receive, Ed.
    • Double D telling Ed that he did a good thing bringing the spirit of Christmas to the neighborhood even in the middle of summer, and saying that Santa would be proud of him.
  • The metaphor behind the ending of "I Am Curious Ed", where Sarah and Jimmy leave all the birds-and-bees madness to just go be kids.
  • In "Duelin' Eds", Double D says he's going to make cupcakes for Eddy; Eddy's smile of appreciation is seen for a second before Rolf interrupts.
    • It's actually nice that unlike Eddy, Sarah actually tried the fish ball. She had difficulty chewing it, but at least she didn't throw hers.
    • Also, as Rolf is digging the pit for the duel of honor, Kevin just happens to pass by and offers to give a hand without even asking why he's doing it. Although Rolf refuses (due to family honor demanding that he do all the work himself), it's the thought that counts.
  • "Ed in A Half Shell", Eddy refrains from throwing the ball at Double D after he sees his panic. He also shows pride in Jimmy's progression into becoming like him.
  • Probably a minor one, but in the flashback-episode "Every Which Way But Ed", Nazz's flashback reveals that she used to be very overweight, and yet the flashback shows the other kids hanging out with her and everyone is completely nice and accepting towards her. Considering how mean people can be, it is quite sweet.
  • "An Ed in the Bush" starts with the Eds goofing around and playing. Later on, Ed and Eddy hug each other in fear. At the end of the episode, they are all huddled up together in the closet under a blanket hiding.
  • "'Tween a Rock and an Ed Place", Eddy stops himself from completely leaving Johnny's party after he hears him crying, and that's without being prompted by Double D who only a little later convinces him to return inside.
  • Doubles as Heartwarming in Hindsight, but in "It's Way Ed", after falling behind on the latest fads, Double D tries cheering Eddy up by pointing out that fads go in a cycle and that they'd be back in style. Ten years after that episode aired, The Movie premiered, and you can figure out what happens there.
  • "Hands Across Ed", Eddy laughs at Ed's antics and says: "You gotta love him". In general, Ed making his friends laugh and being appreciated is sweet every time.
  • "Dear Ed" ends in a typical manner: Johnny and Plank make up and Eddy still doesn't get any money. Before he can sulk about it though, he notices the music change with Jimmy and Ed dancing to it. Eddy seethes at first, but when Double D goes to join them, he pauses for a moment and then decides that if you can't beat them, join them ("if ya can't beat em, show off" is his exact quote). The episode ends with the four of them dancing to disco music, completely forgetting what occurred no more than a minute ago. A nice and touching end compared to many other episodes.
  • Say what you want about Sarah, but her friendship and attentiveness towards Jimmy is actually rather sweet, especially considering how older characters (Kevin and Eddy in particular) are rather contemptuous of him; Sarah's always there to stick up for her friend. It's one of the rare occasions we see Sarah genuinely happy.
    • Sarah's Precocious Crush on Double D in "An Ed Too Many". Along with Jimmy, Double D is one of the few characters whom Sarah has a genuine soft spot for. Also the episode "For Your Ed Only" when she wrote in her diary how cute Double D was and how she dreamed of him giving her a horse. Also, she writes in her diary how she knows that Double D is the most innocent of the three Eds, but as she puts it, "give those cute ones an inch and they'll take a mile".
    • Sarah deserves some props in "If It Smells Like An Ed" for not laughing along with the kids when Eddy gives Jimmy a wedgie. She even attempts to defend Jimmy, even though she is wrong for saying that she will snitch on Ed.
  • In "If It Smells Like an Ed", Eddy stands up for Ed, when Sarah falsely accuses Ed of stealing the paintbrush in front of everyone. As usual, Ed doesn't react, but thankfully Eddy trips Sarah and tells her that Ed did nothing wrong. This shows that, while both Eddy and Sarah are usually mean to Ed, Eddy still respects him much more than Sarah, who has nothing but hatred for him (until the movie).
  • Double D being the Nice Guy he is in the Valentine's Day episode and, upon finding May Kanker sobbing in the Janitor's room because Ed rejected her and she has no Valentine's Day cards, quickly gives her a makeshift card to cheer her up, despite the fact normally the Kankers terrify the Eds. Aww...
    • Even more so at the very end where he helps the other Eds clean up the Valentines decorations as part of their detention, and finds May's valentine for him under his hat. Instead of adding it to the garbage, he smiles and puts it back under his hat, showing that for all the valentine weirdness of the episode, Edd's love for May was genuine.
  • Eddy replacing a light bulb for the Cul-de-sac Christmas Tree, for no other reason than because it needed a new one. It doesn't last for very long, but that was actually pretty sweet of him.
    • Heck, the first 50 seconds of "Jingle Jingle Jangle" is heartwarming on its own. The episode opens with a few shots of the cul-de-sac on Christmas Eve; houses are decorated, Jonny and Plank are out and about catching snowflakes, and the entire neighborhood is blanketed with snow. Throw in a beautiful, yet simple medley of Christmas songs (with a piano and jingle bells, no less) and you've got an opening that'll really put you in the holiday spirit.
  • Ed and Jimmy's bonding in "Ed In a Halfshell" is rather sweet, even though it does get ruined by the end of the episode.
  • At the beginning of "Gimme Gimme Never Ed," Double D patiently and gently coaches Jimmy on how to properly stand on a surfboard.
    Double D: That's it Jimmy. Now, distribute your can do it! Balance...
  • "Momma's Little Ed": Eddy yells at Edd and throws him out of his room, but Ed's Puppy-Dog Eyes make him change his mind. So Eddy convinces Edd to come back and live with him (the scene is seen in the picture above).
  • A little Friendship Moment in "Ed or Tails": when Ed finally realizes that his two jawbreakers aren't enough for him and his two friends, he sadly but immediately gives them to Edd and Eddy. Double heartwarming, Double D insists that they split the jawbreakers in equal shares, which unfortunately leads to losing both of them, but his heart was in the right place.
  • "Tinker Ed": When Eddy (regardless of his real intentions) reassures Jimmy about the fairytales, Jimmy hugs the Eds and, for a moment, looks genuinely happy and innocent.
    • When Sarah saw how depressed and angry Jimmy was that fairy tales don’t exist, she angrily beats up Eddy (by using Ed as a weapon) for turning her best friend into a “zombie”. Noticed that she didn’t beat up Double D and she also knows that he, while not exactly innocent, feels genuine guilt and wants to make it right.
  • Minor example, but for all the times Eddy's bullied and/or been a bad influence on Jimmy, he aggressively reprimands Ed for taking away Jimmy's new bunny toy Mr. Yum Yum in "It Came From Outer Ed", and demands that he return the toy to him which is kind of sweet given how mean Eddy often is to Jimmy.
  • In the episode, "Honor Thy Ed", where the Kankers stage an elaborate plan to "marry" the Eds in an abandoned house, the Eds pretend to be attacked early in the episode to fool the kids. The kids believe it (at first), and Sarah cries out "Someone help my idiot brother!" This shows that despite the massive amounts of abuse she dishes out, she still cares for him deep down.
    • Kevin of all people admits that he'd take back everything he said about the Eds, which shows that in spite of his antagonistic ways towards the Eds, he doesn't want anything bad to happen to them deep down.
  • In "High Heeled Ed", Ed states that Sarah likes to watch him when he eats yogurt with his bellybutton. Weird, but it's kinda sweet to hear that there's at least one thing she likes doing with him.
  • In the episode "Here's Mud In Your Ed", Rolf takes on a temporary "big brother" role towards Jimmy when the latter is upset about Eddy scamming him out of his money. It's a strangely cute episode.
  • A small one in "Take this Ed and Shove It": At the beginning of Eddy's dream where everyone is elderly, when he sees his reflection for the first time, Eddy lets out a cheerful "Oh, hiya Grandpa!" This seems to indicate that Eddy gets along with his grandfather, and is genuinely happy to see him. Considering how Eddy's brother treat him, it's nice to know that Eddy gets along with at least one family member.
    • Then, at the end of the dream, we see that not only has Double D patched up Eddy's head, but he even gave him a blanket, a drink, and a get-well card!
  • In "One Size Fits Ed" Jimmy becomes a sumo wrestler (thanks to Eddy) in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a star has a surprisingly touching moment towards the end. Jimmy, Eddy, and Ed prepare to literally slingshot themselves to Japan in order to start Jimmy's sumo career. As Ed fires up the slingshot, the music starts to crescendo as they await the launch, Eddy excitedly anticipates all the money that he's about to make, and Jimmy, his arms in the air and ready to fly, starts to cry happily as he looks up towards the sky. It's almost as if his face is saying, "This is it. I'm finally going to be a star."
  • "DOGPILE!": Just about every moment involving that cry shows that, everything else aside, the Eds are still good friends.
  • In a way, the ending of "May I Have This Ed?" could be seen as one. Not only do the Eds escape the school collapsing unharmed, their little moment at the end is pretty nice — both in the fact that each of them have a halfway decent ending for once even after everything comes crashing to the ground (literally), and how the normally irritable Eddy actually laughs off Ed's stupidity for once.
    Ed: No school tomorrow!
    (Eddy gives a big grin)
    Edd: (blissful) Seems I did learn something from your book, Eddy. After all, I did get to dance with Nazz!
    Ed: And I got Wilfred's phone number, guys!
    Eddy: (half-smiling) You're an idiot, Ed!
    • Eddy making Double D go to the prom, might be his way of encouraging Double D to get over his awkwardness around girls. Too bad his methods are lackluster at best. There's also Eddy being at least content with Double D dancing with Nazz, and not Kevin.
    • A minor one when Double D accidentally bumps into Sarah. Instead of getting angry, Sarah quickly brushes it off and tries to make Double D dance with her, showing that she still has a crush on him.
  • The second half of "Out With The Old, In With The Ed." The Eds publicly humiliate themselves just so they can all remain in the same homeroom together.
  • In "A Pinch to Grow an Ed," Ed and Double D offer to help Eddy after everyone else makes fun of him being short. When they see a miserable Eddy lock himself in his room, they immediately go over to help.
    Ed: Eddy?
    Eddy: No tall people allowed!
    Ed: We can help you get tall!
    Edd: Eddy?
    Eddy: (opens door) You can?
    (Ed and Double D smile)
  • In "A Glass of Warm Ed," after Eddy and Double D learn that Ed sleepwalks and takes people's food in his sleep, they offer to sleep over at Ed's house to keep an eye on him.
    • As Eddy and Double D witness a sleepwalking Ed eat the entire contents of a refrigerator, Eddy takes out a bag of popcorn and starts eating, prompting Double D to ask him if he's going to share it. When the scene cuts back to the two, Double D is now holding the bag of popcorn and eating from it, showing that Eddy did indeed share.
  • When the Kanker Sisters finally get the ship in a bottle back after an episode of destroying the whole town in "Run For Your Ed", what do they do? Lee holds it up, smiles and says: "We're a family again, girls!" May and Marie squeeze up against her and "awww" in agreement. Right before a fight breaks out between the three over who gets to hold it.
    • Similarly in "Ed Overboard" after one prank too far drives May to tears, Lee and Marie kidnap Ed and bring him to her to cheer her up.
  • The handful of occasions we see where the Eds just goof off like kids, rather than working on some complicated scam Eddy has thought up. There aren't many of them, as a lot of the shows comedy is based on the scams, but notable ones include the episode "Dawn of the Eds" mentioned above where they spend most of it playing spacemen in the junkyard, the end of "Flea-Bitten Ed" where they hang out and watch TV on the roof, and the opening of "Quick Shot Ed" that starts with them playing around in the junkyard.
  • In "Is There an Ed in the House?", after Edd catches Sarah's cold, Jimmy offers to take care of him. Even though Edd doesn't want his help, especially after Jimmy played nurse with him in "Scrambled Ed", it's a very sweet gesture on Jimmy's part.
  • In "Who's Minding the Ed", Rolf has to go to a family reunion, meaning he has to find someone to take care of his animals while he's away. So who does he go to? Ed. It may not seem like an important detail, but this shows that Rolf realizes that Ed is good with his animals, and therefore trusts him with caring for them.
  • In "Pick An Ed", Ed tells Eddy about some graffiti in the school saying he's a "no-neck chump" and Eddy decides to wear a disguise so he can find out which of the cul-de-sac kids wrote it. Double D sees through it right away and says it's obviously him, but Ed falls for it and is happy to meet the "new kid", only to become distressed when he can't find Eddy and spends the whole episode running around with "missing" posters and asking people if they've seen him. His descriptions of Eddy are amusing ("squirrels like to pelt him with nuts!"), but it's adorable to see how concerned he is for his best friend.
  • In "Cleanliness is Next to Edness", Ed and Eddy think that they have to go to school (when it's actually the weekend). Eddy gets mad at Ed, then Double D calls Ed a "lovable oaf".
    • Nazz, being the sweet girl she is, is the only cul-de-sac kid who willingly lends Double D a shower. She doesn't laugh at Double D or make him leave out of disgust for how bad he smells, she leads him inside and sets newspaper down for him to walk on. Too bad she forgot to remove her bra and panties from the bath before leaving Double D alone in the bathroom, but it's the thought that counts.
  • In "Too Smart For His Own Ed", Ed wins the Spelling Bee and is thrown a bunch of roses - one adult in the audience even tosses their hat up in the air, and it's not too big a stretch to imagine it could be Ed's dad celebrating his son's Darkhorse Victory. Aw!
    • Also, Rolf gets Stage Fright and Rage Quits the Spelling Bee, and his Nana wildly applauds him, to which he gleefully responds, "Thank you, Nana!"
      • At the beginning of the episode, Jimmy is shown helping Rolf practice; a nice Call-Back to the friendship they first formed in "Here's Mud in your Ed."
    • Sarah willingly pays Eddy her own money so that Ed will help Jimmy with his homework.
    • The next day at school, a sticky note can be seen on Double D's lunch bag, with said sticky note being from his mom and saying that her tuna salad will dry his tears. It's good to know that even after her son lost the spelling bee for the first time in years, she's still there for him.
    • Even after going through a day of everyone treating him like an idiot for misspelling one simple word and putting Ed on a high horse for supposedly being smart, Double D is still a Graceful Loser and lets Ed know about how proud he is about how he performed at the spelling bee. Ed responds with a hug promptly carrying Double D off to his house for cookies ("With lots of mayonnaise!").
  • Many fans claim that Ed doesn't really love Sarah, he just fears her and doesn't want to be punished by his mother. Despite this, he has shown genuine love for her many times:
    • In "Keeping Up with the Eds", Ed's Big Brother Instinct kicks in when Sarah gets lost in the overgrown grass. He freaks out and drops everything to go search for his sibling, and when he finally finds her safe at home, he absolutely beams with joy.
    • In "Is There an Ed in the House?", when she is sick, he wants to take care of her and be a good brother, even if she didn't force him to. In fact, she didn't even want his help. In the same episode, Edd wants to attack her but he holds him back. At the end, he finally stands up to her and wasn't scared of her anymore, but when she starts crying, he hugs her to make her feel better.
    • In "Hand Me Down Ed", when Sarah becomes a Nice Girl, he's genuinely happy to have a sweet sister and still wants to help her and be a good brother. Sadly, her sweet personality doesn't last long.
    • He shows his unconditional Big Brother Instinct in many episodes, like when she faints in "The Eds are Coming" or even in his fantasy story in "Once Upon an Ed".
    • "In Run Ed Run", when he believes the sky is falling, his first thought is to keep himself and his friends safe. But then he realizes she is in danger and tries to find her to keep her safe as well.
    • As already mentioned here, there's his notable moment in "A Fistful of Ed", when he tries to defend her because he really believed Edd was dangerous.
  • In “A Case of Ed”, after tricking Double D into thinking he was dying, Ed begins to cry thinking his friend is going to die (until Eddy reminding him it's only a joke).
    • When Double D sullenly walks through the cul-de-sac with his stuff in a wagon, he encounters the kids who are about to go to the beach. Rolf notices he looks sad and invites Double D to join them. It shows that despite Double D being an outcast, he’s the only one of the Eds that the kids are actually nice to and like.
    • Later in the same scene when the kids realize Edd's caught in a prank, Nazz pulls Jimmy aside and shoots him a glare for indulging himself in it with the "kick me" sign on Edd's back. She then calmly let's Edd know that he's going to be okay, showing him said note for context on what's really happening.
  • A small one in "The Luck of the Ed": Edd chats casually with Kevin and they share a laugh before Kevin rides off. This very much a Pet the Dog moment for Kevin given his otherwise full-on hostility towards the Ed's.
  • From the special “The Eds Are Coming, The Eds Are Coming“:
    • The kids think aliens are invading the cul-de-sac. Eddy, despite his usual Dirty Coward tendencies, always goes out of his way to grab Ed and Edd and drag them off with him whenever there looks to be danger. At one point Ed tries to run to Sarah's rescue, but Eddy pulls him (and Edd) back because he doesn't want the aliens to "suck out their brains."
  • Out of all the Kankers, it seems that May does have genuine feelings for Ed, unlike her sisters who seem to have a stalker fascination with the other boys. If it weren't for how she actively treats him and the other sisters Ed might reciprocate his feelings back to her.
  • Real life example: On Twitter, a real life user asked Sam Vincent if he could send their friend Eli a birthday message as Edd. Vincent happily wrote back, "Greetings and Salutations Eli! Have a very merry birthday! Sincerely, Double D Eddward."

Big Picture Show

Cartoon Network Block Party Comics

  • "A Load of Ed" has a few moments:
    • Edd bringing Ed a get well soon card.
    • Eddy has thought of a new scam and Ed wants to come along, but he had been injured in an accident involving a fire hydrant and is bound in a full-body cast. Ed expresses disappointment and Edd takes pity on him.
    • When everyone including the Eds gets crushed by a truck full of anvils, Kevin of all people expresses concern.
    Kevin: Dorks? Are you all right?
  • Edd and Eddy making up to Ed for tidying his room by shoveling dirt into it in "An Ed for an Ed".