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See how they run!

  • Edd runs with an upright posture and with his arms out and hooked inward. One would assume this is because the science-minded kid wants to lower his wind resistance. But wouldn't this actually maximize his wind resistance?
    • That's just the writers way of showing off his signature running-style.

Mom vs Ed vs Mom Vs Sarah

  • How does Ed's mom take away the stairs? Is she the Cool and Unusual Punishments type?
    • She and Ed's father must've had some power tools and a lot of time on their hands.
      • Or, maybe Ed's Dad is also ridiculously strong and that's where Ed and Sarah both got it from?
    • It's a cartoon.
      • Considering how Edd and Eddy reacted to the missing stairs. It's worth noting that Ed's parents removing the stairs was unorthodox even by this universe's standards.
      • It's actually not impossible to remove an entire staircase. There was a TikTok video once about a guy recording his shockingly-gone staircase because it has been jumped on. Hard. So perhaps Ed's parents did just that.

Waiting for the release

  • In the episode "Dawn of the Eds", why didn't Ed just wait for Robot Rebel Ranch to come out on VHS, rather than going through all that trouble that got them stuck in a junkyard?
    • They weren't stuck; they were simply playing in the junkyard. Plus he complained that the version on VHS would have "the best bits cut out".
      • No, Ed was referring to the TV version of the movie likely having the "good stuff cut out". Unless there was something extremely controversial about the content, movies tend to be left uncut when they make a home video release.
    • Someone like Ed, who can barely concentrate for more than a few seconds, would have an especially hard time waiting half a year for the movie to come out on VHS. And even if they all did wait, it's doubtful that any of their parents would let them see it. And this was also at a time when watching bootlegs was a lot harder to do since the Internet was still in its infancy. Finally, they're kids after all. They don't want to wait; they want their adult movie now!

Eddy's "Tough Guy" front

  • Apparently, Eddy pretends to be a Smug Snake bastard in order to be "cool" to everyone. It's clear that it's not working, so why doesn't Eddy just give up the charade?
    • It's because deep down, he knew that the kids didn't like him and he was too stubborn to see the error of his ways. One scene in The Movie explained that he had an Inferiority Superiority Complex, when he broke down crying to Edd, calling himself a "sore wannabe loser." Some of his Jerkass traits were engraved in his mindset.
    • Alternately, it was all he had. His brother served as his main mentor throughout his life, and considering how he turned up, one wondered how available were their parents.
      • Probably not a whole lot, consider we never see the parents. It's possible that Eddy's Dad thought that misery built character, so when Eddy was getting tormented by his brother, Eddy's Dad probably never intervened due to this belief. Combined together with the mention in the Fridge Brilliance page about Eddy's Dad possibly being a car salesman (stereotype about car salesmen being smug snake oil salesmen being invoked here) combined with the above, and you have some screwed up kids.
      • To be fair on Eddy's parents, while they seem kind of strict when Eddy misbehaves, it seems they probably didn't know how bad the situation with his brother was - the very first thing Eddy's Brother does when they meet in the movie is ask whether Eddy's parents know he's there, which implies that he was careful about bullying Eddy too much around them, aside from "ordinary" Sibling Rivalry. Given Bro is hinted to be a far more successful con artist than Eddy ever was, it's likely he was manipulating his parents as much as his little brother. After all, they made for easy targets to practice on.

Edd's intelligence

  • In more than half the episodes, we see Edd inventing many wondrous gadgets and trinkets out of scrap. Also, they often work. If something goes wrong, it's almost always Ed or Eddy's fault. These things Edd makes are remarkable. However, Eddy insists on wasting Edd's talent on stupid pranks and scams that, if they work at all, are all charged under a dollar. Why don't they just sell some of Edd's inventions? Something like a rocket-car would probably go for well over what the Eds are looking for.
    • To quote Eddy: "What? And ruin the plot?"
      • They seemed to be on the right track with the Thing-A-Ma-Jig.
    • Well look at it this way: Going by the Thing-A-Ma-Jig example, only one was ever properly made, with the others being scam fodder/fakes, which probably means that each gadget, while certainly wondrous, is probably pretty difficult to make and mass produce, especially if Edd ends up using different parts since he probably can't always find the exact same part from scraps and junk all of the time. Additionally, Eddy tends to be a very impatient individual and fixates too much on the short term gain even if it means a long term loss, and thus would no doubt be tempted to simply force Double D to rush and cut corners, meaning that eventually the later versions will malfunction and cause even more damage than if only one was made. Plus, there's the walking disaster zone that is Ed. That pretty much speaks for itself.

The Ed Boys in space!

  • There was not one but two episodes in which the Eds were sent to space (the first one was when Edd made boots for Eddy that "made him taller" and the second one was "They Call Him Mr. Ed") yet in "Run Ed Run", they hit the sky. Negative Continuity? Rule of Funny? Or just plain stupid?
    • Rule of Funny.
    • That bothers you, but not the episode when they start researching the world around them and break reality?
    • But at the end of that episode, we find out none of that really happened, and the Eds were just imagining breaking reality. Or at least that's what the episode implies, since at the end all the reality breaking no longer works.

That Fly Episode

Nazz's Name

  • What kind of name is Nazz?
    • It's actually a boy's name and it's Arabic.
    • It's also a girls' name in India, although in that case it's usually spelled 'Naaz.' There's also the possibility it's a nickname (for, say, Nancy or Natasha or something similar); especially likely considering all three Eds go by shortened versions of their names, as well as Jimmy commonly being a nickname of 'James' and Jonny often being the shortened form of 'Jonathan.'
    • It's also implied that Nazz wasn't her original name when she mentions that Rolf's goat, Victor, had a misunderstood name change to 'Nazz', and she says "Just like me." Debate continues over whether that was just confusing dialogue or if she actually wasn't named Nazz.
    • Nazz could be short for Natalie or Natascha.
      • That was more of "Hey! Victor changed his name and now has the same name as me!" It wasn't intentionally implying that Nazz isn't her original name.
    • Apparently, it's an Arabic and Urdu name and, interestingly enough, it's considered a masculine name in the former and feminine in another.

Violence? Yes.

  • Why does violence have to solve nearly everything in Peach Creek?
    • Because they're kids.
    • Plus, the kids don't really know anything about being the better person in situations regarding themselves or the Eds.
    • It's a slapstick cartoon at its finest.

Plank's entire being

  • Why did Danny have to make Plank just a hunk of wood? Everything he does can't be explained by Jonny's imagination.
    • It's kind of like Stump from The Angry Beavers or Scarface from Batman: The Animated Series were believed to be real people (despite evidence to the contrary) by the people who interacted with them. It's possible that Jonny is so insane that he actually believes that Plank is alive and therefore thinks that various actions were caused by Plank instead of himself. There actually is a mental condition where people do become so emotionally attached to inanimate objects that they treat them as if they were sentient beings and even marry them (for example, a woman fell in love with a theme-park ride, literally).
      • Well, not really. That doesn't explain how Jonny knows about stuff that only Plank has "seen", such as when he's trapped in a tree and the Eds trash his kitchen, Plank apparently tells him about it. Sure you can assume that the Eds are in your house and they're likely to break something, and maybe hear some noises, but the kitchen specifically? There are other instances too, like Plank driving a bus in the movie. And yet Word of God states he's just a plank of wood.
    • Maybe he's just really good at guessing, maybe Jonny's warped mind makes it so Plank is a hunk of wood....that can do all this stuff. This is the same world where the Eds effectively destroy the world. Maybe it's just funny.

The Jawbreakers

  • What's with those mutant jawbreakers? They're bigger than your whole head.
    • Well, they've got huge mouths as well with the Toon Physics and all.
    • It's sort of an exaggeration with how kids see normal jaw breakers. They're huge and barely fit in your mouth.
      • Yeah, just look up a mega bruiser, it's probably what Danny Antonucci based them off.

Edd's sticky note parents

  • Edd never sees his parents. His friends are an idiot and a jerkass. How is he not a screwed-up child? How has he been able to follow the sticky notes so strictly all this time?
    • He IS a very messed-up, damaged kid, BECAUSE he follows his parents' wishes exactly. That's the basis of his neurosis and his character. It only makes sense that DD hangs out with Ed and Eddy because it's his only way of attaining that childish freedom he should naturally desire - but that doesn't mean that he wants to act out himself. He does, in fact, have 'problems'; just not the 'problems' we regularly associate with damaged kids.
      • Yeah, Double-D isn't exactly the poster kid for normality. Remember in the first episode where he VACUUMED Eddy before letting him in his room? And how it was implied that he does this all the time?

Odd Friendship

  • Why does Edd hang out with someone like Eddy in the first place, given how much of a Neat Freak and goody two-shoes he is?
    • Well, who else is he gonna hang out with?
    • He's too much of a pushover to stand up to Eddy. And if he tried staying away from Eddy, the latter would still force him to participate in his scams to make money such as "Scrambled Ed" and "Thick as an Ed".
    • Double D enjoys hanging out with Ed and Eddy probably because without those two, his life would be a lot more dull. Sure he wouldn't get beaten up but Double D genuinely enjoys the scams even if he has moral objections. He gets to test his inventions as well.

Jimmy's fry

  • In the episode "I Am Curious Ed", Jimmy discovers his fish had babies. He and Sarah then go around asking their friends where babies come from, but no one gives them the correct answer. Why did everyone assume Sarah and Jimmy meant human babies when they had the fishbowl with them? The fishbowl was in Sarah's hands the whole time; they showed it to people and no one could guess they might've meant fish? Huh?!
    • Because why would the other kids think that fish have different baby-making skills? As far as they probably know at their age everyone mates the same way.
      • Also, they didn't really show the fishbowl to anybody, it was basically background information to the other kids. They didn't even really ask around that much. They asked Nazz and Rolf, and everybody else just pitched in.
    • Well, to be fair, we call human babies "babies" but we call baby fish "fry".

Parental Supervision? Never heard of it.

  • Who exactly watches the kids when they play outside? What if they get hurt or abducted by strangers or other consequences of a lack of parental supervision?
    • It's the Peanuts syndrome. There probably ARE adults around, we just don't see them, because they aren't relevant to the children's adventures.
    • There's not anything unusual about 10-12-year-olds playing unsupervised in the suburbs, anyway.
    • Kids needing to be under close adult supervision at all times when they are playing outside is a very recent mindset. For a very long time kids were allowed to roam free within reason, only coming back "when the streetlights turned on". EE&E could very well be set in anywhere between the late 70's until the late 90's.
      • Could? Very well? Then how do you explain the "Peach Creek Diner 2000 Best Eater" cup from the movie?
      • Maybe the cup is from the "Peach Creek Diner 2000 Best Eater" resturaunt.
      • The show may take place when the parents were at work during summer. Rolf's Nana might be home, as he calls for her off screen when hurt, but too old to be of much use.

The Location

  • Does the show take place in America or Canada?
    • It appears to take place in America. Remember that time they found a box of turkey basters and thought they were "Canadian squirt guns"?
      • Also, Ed stated "Canadians are so weird!" which points out Ed's not a Canadian.
    • And you can spot an American flag outside the Junior High every once in a while.
      • My guess was that the show take place in a state that borders Canada.

Why do they even fool with them in the first place?

  • If they hate it when the Eds constantly scam them... why don't the Cul-De-Sac kids just give them jawbreakers? This is why they scam in the first place, so giving them a jawbreaker might end their scamming.
    • How is giving them jawbreakers preferable to giving them money to buy jawbreakers? It's like saying "If you don't want him to mug you, why not just give him all your money before he does?"
      • Because it seems like they are trying to prevent them from getting jawbreakers.
      • They don't like having their money taken away by a trio of swindlers.
    • Kevin's got a whole garage of jawbreakers, and regularly hands each kid however many they want. Surely giving the Eds one each once in a while to keep them at bay wouldn't be an issue.
      • It's been established that Kevin really doesn't like the Eds at all, and giving them jawbreakers would be tantamount to liking them.
      • Still probably better than giving up his hard-earned cash.
    • Kids will be kids (All Take and No Give at that) and who can really expect kids to use logic? Plus, it wouldn't be much of a show if they just got the jawbreakers all the time. Then there's the fact that the jawbreakers the Eds get probably wouldn't satisfy them for long and the kids wouldn't want to shell out the money since they don't know the value of a dollar. Kevin probably doesn't like giving away his dad's jawbreakers regularly. Plus, giving the Eds what they want is essentially letting the Eds win and children are usually pretty competitive. There's a lot of childish reasons that would easily explain it besides these, but can best be summed with Rule of Funny and MST3K Mantra.

Disproportionate punishment?

  • How come when one of the Eds does something, all three of them get punished, pounded, and humiliated instead of the one who caused the chaos, especially when Eddy does it and Ed and Edd have little to nothing to do with it? Such examples are in "If It Smells Like an Ed." After Eddy (and Eddy ONLY) gave Jimmy a wedgie, everyone else laughs at him. To get revenge, Jimmy then targets all three Eds by framing them for stealing several neighborhood items. And in "Boo Haw Haw", even though Ed is the one who pounds the other kids due to horror movie induced hallucinations, the kids go after Edd and Eddy and not the one who did this to them. It's almost as if there is a unwritten rule of the Cul-De-Sac that if one Ed does something wrong then all three Eds must be punished no matter what!
    • It's lampshaded by Sarah at one point. Then there's an interesting bit of Fridge Brilliance. It turns out the children are all based on people the creator, Danny Antonucci, grew up with except for the Eds. The Eds are three separate parts of his personality as a kid. Therefore, the Eds are punished together because they are all based on the same person.
    • Maybe the kids are under the mentality that the other two Eds had the power to stop the guilty Ed from doing what they did, but they didn't, and/or made the problem worse by not doing anything to remedy the fallout.

Cartoon Network extended universe

  • Did the events in "The Eds Are Coming"/ CN Invaded actually happen? Because if so then that means the Eds co-exist with talking animals that either go to summer camp or a school for animals. As well as co-exist with The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
    • It's safe to say "non-canon until proven otherwise". That's usually how crossovers work when the mixing shows aren't made by the same person/group/etc.
      • It's possibly Jimmy just dreamed the whole thing.
      • If "The Grim Adventures of the KND" is to be believed, the show does share the same universe as Billy and Mandy. Which means it also co-exists with Codename: Kids Next Door. But of course, it could've just been a quick gag. So it's non-canon until proven otherwise.
      • A gag that helps set up the plot, mind you.

Sacrificing Nazz

  • In "The Eds are Coming", why did they immediately jump to using Nazz as the sacrifice? Why couldn't they use Sarah instead? The only one who would miss Sarah would be Jimmy and Ed, as opposed to the 5 peoplenote  who would miss Nazz?
    • Ed was there. He wouldn't let that happen.
      • Nevermind Ed, do you think Sarah would let them use her in a sacrifice? Nazz is the only girl on the show who doesn't resort to a Big Ball of Violence at every problem. Plus, you're supposed to sacrifice the most desirable female and everyone loves Nazz.

Sarah's Friends

  • Why do the Kids like Sarah? Sarah isn't even that much of a nicer person than Eddy and she is mean to Jonny and Rolf (rarely)?
    • Maybe Sarah's scaring them into being nice. It works on Ed. Rolf once called her, "she who gives migraines." And she's pummeled Jonny on multiple occasions ("Here's Mud In Your Ed", "Little Ed Blue").
      • It's also likely that there's some sympathy for the fact that Ed is Sarah's brother- he certainly doesn't mean to be annoying, but living with him would drive anybody crazy. Plus, Sarah is second youngest besides Jimmy, so it's likely that Nazz and Rolf can't bring themselves to just ditch her.

How old are these kids?

  • The canon ages of the three main characters is twelve, while Word of God says Jonny is 12 or 13, Kevin, Rolf, and Nazz are 15, and Sarah and Jimmy are said by Word of God to be six or seven. Yet, they're all shown attending Junior High together despite their huge age gaps: How is that possible?
    • Maybe Sarah and Jimmy skipped six or seven grades to be in middle school.
    • Realistically, Sarah and Jimmy should be in elementary school or the other kids (Kevin, Rolf, Nazz) should be in high school. Although it is possible the school the kids attend is a middle school and high school put together, that still wouldn't explain why Sarah and Jimmy share classes with the other kids.
    • Maybe it's a K-12 school.
      • That possibility seems unlikely since the outside of the school explicitly states that it's a junior high school on the sign.
    • Not to mention Nazz, Kevin, and Rolf being (at least supposedly) three older than the Eds.
    • It's possible the relative ages of the characters are exaggerated. Jimmy and Sarah might be just a year or two younger than everyone else, but they're viewed as the "babies" and so they seem a lot younger.
    • They could all be in special education of some sort.
    • One of the explanations possible is that they are simply in a smaller school and that there is a shortage of classrooms. Alternatively, Jimmy and Sarah are ahead of their class and Double D didn't move on because he wanted to still be with his friends or the next highest class was already full.
    • Or, in the most simple explanation, it's because nobody outside of the core group has ever been shown in the series, so the choice becomes either get put in class scenes together, or there's class scenes consisting of one kid with the entire school to himself.
    • Those classes could just be electives like art or language. Those don't have grade limits and people in different grades could intermingle. Also some middle schools include fifth grade, so if they were three years younger it's possible they're starting fifth grade.
    • Though, given how their ages were only stated by Word of God and never in-series, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume Retcon on the writing staff's part.
      • To answer a point about the school, it's possible that Jr High has the school campus specifically for Sarah and Jimmy's age range on their campus and so those two attend regular classes in those but go to the main building for any electives.

Eddy's Brother

  • We see in the episode where Eddy lies that his brother is coming to town and pretty much everyone (except for Kevin and Rolf), are all excited to meet Eddy's Brother. Kevin out of all of them seems to be the most afraid of Eddy's Brother. But why? Eddy always played his brother off to be Mr. Wonderful, good at everything and this all-around awesome guy, and all the other kids believed him. Was Kevin simply afraid of messing with a kid's older sibling, or maybe Kevin knew what a sociopath Eddy's Brother really was and that's why he was so scared when he thought Eddy's Brother was coming back to town?
    • Kevin hasn't been the nicest of people to Eddy. Generally, older brothers would protect siblings from bullies and the like and Kevin thought he fell in that category.
    • The movie actually answers this question, to an extent.
      • Eddy's Brother might have been a jackass to Eddy, but he probably still beat up Kevin if he caught Kevin attacking Eddy anyway, because it's a good excuse and the show implies that, abusive jerk he may be, he does care a little.
    • Kevin (and Rolf) remembers what Eddy's Brother was like back when he lived in the cul-de-sac, so he likely knows how much of a sociopath he was. Which implies that he got a kick out of not just torturing Eddy, but other kids too. He'd probably go after Kevin even if he didn't pick on Eddy.
      • Or Rolf only knows about Eddy's brother based on stories from Kevin. Rolf probably hasn't lived in the cul-de-sac very long since a photo from his homeland shows that he doesn't look much younger when living in the old country.
      • Unlikely that Rolf never met Eddy's brother given "Ed Pass It On" clearly indicates he did something to Rolf's chickens.

Again, why do they deal with the Eds?

  • The cul-de-sac kids know the Eds are con artists and that their goods and services are all worthless, knock-offs, or horribly malfunctioning. The Eds never get to keep their money, but more often than not they get enough customers to think maybe the next try will work. Why doesn't everyone just ignore them?
    • It's because most of their scams look interesting in their eyes..for examples, the "Eds Creek Cruise" would want to take a ride on the creek, wouldn't you?
      • In addition, every now and then one of their scams isn't a scam and actually does something. The aforementioned creek cruise episode for example was a legit boat trip that only failed due to the Kankers and the monkey world scam actually looked like it had a lot of work put into it (even if it wasn't completely finished).

They have potential

  • Why can't the Eds just make perfectly functioning and decent merchandise? They are fully capable and if they did, then they would be able to acquire jawbreakers!
    • Well if Eddy would just let his own friends come up with good ideas and stop being stubborn, then maybe their chances of getting money will change from -47% to at least 70%.
      • Hubris: Eddy has too much pride to allow a scam to happen without his supervision and input.

For once, Eddy was right

  • In "Gimme, Gimmme Ed", when the Eds had enough money for jawbreakers, why didn't they just make a run to the candy store? They could have actually succeeded if they listened to Eddy!
    • To quote Eddy: "What, and ruin the plot!?". It's because the Eds are the main Butt Monkeys and they're always destined to fail, because Status Quo Is God.

No Suncreen

  • In "Hot Buttered Ed", when Edd realized that he has arrived at the swimming hole without his sunscreen, instead of making such a big deal about it, why couldn't he have just gone back home to get it? The creek is within walking distance, and Ed and Eddy could have just guarded their spot until he returned.
    • Eddy would have been stubborn and made Edd stay at the beach. Plus, Eddy isn't that good at listening to other people's ideas since he thinks his own ideas are the "best" and "only" way.

Everyone having standards

  • Why are the Kankers disgusted by Eddy's Brother? Apart from all those PG-rated "rapes", they are bullies tormenting everybody else if the Eds aren't around. And all of a sudden Eddy and Double D get beaten by the aforementioned Greater-Scope Villain and the Kankers (or at least Marie) are shocked?
    • Violent as the Kankers are, they do care about the Eds to some extent; they just have a very messed-up way of showing it. Plus, they fight all the time but they don't go out of their way to utterly humiliate and torment each other the way Eddy's brother does. Like when Lee and Marie made May cry in "Ed Overboard", they had something of a Heel Realization and kidnapped Ed to make her happy.

Restraining orders

  • Why can't the Eds just get restraining orders on the Kankers?
    • Adults Are Useless.
    • One could reason that the Eds don't want the police around in the Cul-de-sac because the Eds do something illegal in just about every episode such as selling food to kids without a vending license (often times, the food they sell isn't even real - "ice cream" that is painted baseballs glued to paper cones, "tacos" made from dirt, crayons, paper plates, "burgers" that are actually car tires), burglarizing homes for food and refrigerators, squatting on Rolf's backyard, squatting on Jimmy's backyard and stealing Rolf's meat locker (not just the meat, but also the locker).
    • The Eds don't seem too worried about preventing any anticipating Kanker attacks because A). the Kankers don't appear so often, and B). they care much more about making enough money to buy jawbreakers to the point this is what they devote all their time to. In "A Twist of Ed", they do get serious about devising a strategy that'll ensure the Kankers stop coming for them and after Edd implements one, Eddy blew it even though that strategy was working perfectly.
    • That and, as some real life bullying incidents show, it's hard to get one against another kid.

Haphazard Stregnth

  • Eddy and Ed are shown to have superhuman strength, so how come they are always vulnerable when receiving No Holds Barred Beatdowns from the kids, especially Sarah and Kevin, so easily? Why can't they defend themselves?
    • The same reasons why some superheros can forget they can fly... that and they are idiots, even Eddy. Or maybe Kevin and Sarah are (somehow) stronger than Ed even though he's supposed to be stronger. Or perhaps Ed was raised as a pacifist until the movie.
    • Ed Wouldn't Hit a Girl (especially not his "baby sister" Sarah) and he is too stupid to realize how really strong he is. Since when does Eddy have superhuman strength? He's not weak or anything, but Kevin and Sarah are just as, if not more, strong.
      • In Eddy's case, he doesn't fight back because he's learnt it doesn't work- his brother beat him up whenever he felt like it his entire childhood and there was nothing Eddy could do about it (aside from maybe tell his parents, which is out of the question given Adults Are Useless), so he probably figures the best thing to do is just take his punishment and hope for it to be over soon, especially since with Kevin or Sarah, he knows that he's at least done something to actually deserve it, unlike when his brother used to do it.

Eddy needing a babysitter

  • Even if there wouldn't be a plot, why didn't Eddy's parents just send Eddy over to Ed or Edd's house if they were going out for the night, instead of hiring Nazz?
    • It's possible that Eddy's parents are aware of the blatant Parental Neglect going on in Ed and Double D's households and would try to avoid sending their youngest kid there to stay the night. Double D's parents usually aren't available to watch their own kid let alone another one, and Ed seems to have a distant father and a crazy mother who bluntly favors his sister and takes away the stairs as a punishment. Nazz might have honestly won out here on a scale of competence of watching children.
    • Eddy's parents possibly saw Nazz as more mature, grown-up and responsible than either Ed or Edd.
      • If it helps, Nazz is one of the older kids, according to Antonucci.

We could have avoided this madness

  • In "Brother Can You Spare An Ed?" why didn't Sarah just buy the fudge herself? She should have known very well how much of a naive idiot Ed is and not taken the risk.
    • Sarah and Jimmy were too lazy to go themselves? She believed that he will be responsible enough to do it? Idiot Ball?
    • To quote Eddy: "What, and ruin the plot?" Plus, maybe it's because they were too young to go by themselves.
    • Sarah enjoys taking advantage of her brother willing (most of the time) to do things for her. And just wanted to take a shot in trusting him with her money. And even if he did blow it, that gives her another EXCUSE to pound him, which she may like doing anyway occasionally.

He's really attached to his hat

  • In "A Boy and his Ed", why was Kevin bathing with his hat on? Does he have that "thing" Double D has that causes him to be Never Bareheaded?
    • Actually, Kevin was shown without his trademark hat in the flashback episode, where he used to have long hair, at the school dance ("May I Have This Ed?"), when he was taking a bath (in "Cool Hand Ed") and, in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, when he got slapped by Nazz.
    • The animators probably just didn't notice and forgot to remove it in this scene since the hat is part of Kevin's character design.

Fake homeroom numbers

  • In "Out with the Old, in with the Ed", why didn't Edd realize that the homeroom the Kankers gave him was obviously fake? He had looked at the homeroom listings on the bulletin board earlier, and knew that Eddy would have wound up with the Kankers had they not requested it, so shouldn't he have known that there was something wrong? Even if he had been frazzled about the Kankers forcing them to declare their "love" earlier, or even if was just to relieved at apparently getting a room with his friends, he should have realized that it wasn't the room that was on the board.
    • Rule of Funny. Also, he was probably so relieved that he was with his buddies he didn't think to check. The Eds figured that publicly declaring the Kankers were "their girlfriends" was their humiliation over with.

Forgetful parents

  • Another Out with the Old, in with the Ed example, shouldn't the kids' parents have been reminding them about the day school started? Aside from the obvious weather changes, their parents should have known when school started because shouldn't they be responsible for buying middle school kids their supplies?

  • Yet another Out with the Old, in with the Ed example: Eddy turned all the calendars back to July. If he's really trying to make summer last, why not turn them back to June, since that month is technically when summer begins?
    • Because July reaches higher record temperatures than June does.
    • Many school years end on June (at least early June), and if Eddy pushed the lie back too early then the kids might have gotten suspicious.

Loving Bullies

  • If The Movie is any indication, the Kankers care about the Eds. So why do they humiliate them at every opportunity?
    • They do show a more caring side about the Eds in a few other episodes, usually when the Eds aren't around. Part of it seems to be their warped view of "love", part of it seems that they enjoy teasing the some of the worst ways possible. Not that the Eds enjoy any of it.
      • Also, the Kankers are incredibly Tsundere.
    • Loving Bully? And, going by what they say about their mom, it's not like they have the best role model to learn from when it comes to relationships.

Muscular vs "girly"

  • If Jimmy is interested in "girly" things, how come he wants to grow up as a "big, muscular guy?"
    • This isn't mutually exclusive. Certain episodes imply that he's tired of being a pushover, so maybe he wants to defend himself or exact revenge on somebody.
    • Real Men Wear Pink.

Why not tell the principal?

  • In "Smile For The Ed," how come Eddy didn't just explain his situation with his photo to the principal and report Kevin for messing it up?
    • Eddy doesn't really trust adults, and he's always getting detentions at school, he's probably paranoid that the principal is out to get him. And nobody would believe that goody-goody two shoes Double D impersonated the principal.

Peer pressure?

  • If Nazz is supposed to be the nicest of the kids then why does she join in with the other kids when they humiliate the Eds or being unnecessarily cruel to them? Such an example was in "Smile For The Ed".
    • Jerkass Ball. Everybody without exceptions has held it a few times in this show.
    • Possibly peer pressure. Remember that she's the most popular girl out of all of them, so there would be a number of social stigmas associated with that, and having empathy towards the social outcasts would probably not be looked upon favorably. She probably does feel legitimately bad about acting like a jerk towards the Eds, but everyone ELSE around her probably has expectations from her in regards to them, so she joins in regardless of her personal feelings.
      • If this is true then how could peer pressure make her a hypocrite? In "Boys Will Be Eds", Nazz calls out the boys for laughing at Jimmy's misfortune, but in the infamous episode "If it Smells like a Ed" she was among the ones who were laughing at Jimmy getting a wedgie. Just what is wrong with her?
      • Nazz probably didn't see why Jimmy was being laughed at in the former episode, she probably just stepped in and was like "You guys are teasing Jimmy like that for no reason? Shameful!" Or maybe Jimmy's wedgie was so funny even SHE couldn't resist. (Edd holds similar qualms in the two episodes.)

Barrowing a shower

  • How come Edd didn't use Kevin, The Kankers, or Ed's showers in "Cleanliness is Next To Edness?"
    • Kevin is hostile to the Eds (less to Edd, but still), the Kankers would just attack him and Ed doesn't bathe. Sarah might kick him out, anyway.
      • If Edd were to approach Kevin, Kevin would just ask "What do you want dork?" then Edd replies "I apologize for the unexpected inconvenience Kevin, but may I use your shower?" and then Kevin either laughs his head off or scream "Get lost, dork!" before shutting the door.
      • Go back and watch "Momma's Little Ed". If Edd asks the Kankers for such a tiny favor like asking them for a cup of sugar, the Kankers kiss him all over his face, violently yank his hat down and force him to walk back home like a hedgehog.
      • Edd learned the hard way in "Mirror, Mirror, On The Ed," that Ed's bathtub is full of gravy. Besides, it probably stinks too.
    • By the way, whatever happened to Edd's portable shower from "Thick as an Ed"?
      • The show just didn't put it for the sake of the plot of this episode. It was a Humiliation Conga.

Eddy's brother through the eyes of the other kids

  • In "Pass It On Ed", we first get some Foreshadowing about Eddy's Brother. Kevin is terrified of the prospect of him returning, Rolf responds by building a moat and denying his chickens were why did Nazz react with positive glee? Then in the movie she's reminded that he's a jerk. Neither Sarah or Jimmy were scared, either - Sarah basically said she was going to tell Eddy's Brother that to his face, yet they can apparently remember him enough for Sarah to pull off a fairly accurate impression, enough to have Eddy fooled and reduced to a total Yes-Man, anyway.
    • Eddy's brother probably reacts differently to girls compared to guys, regardless of age. He probably acted like the cool guy around Nazz when she was younger, but was a total Jerkass to guys. Nazz, being a nice girl, probably never had any reason to stand up to him or antagonize him, so he never needed to strike out at her.
      • Also, sociopaths (or whatever exactly his deal is) are, by nature, opportunists. If a little kid is following you around like a puppy and giving you things so you'll like them, why put a stop to it? It seems like something Nazz would do - especially being an impressionable little kid with a crush - to maybe try to do things to impress Bro or bring him gifts (she does some weird things in the episode she thought he was coming to the cul-de-sac, like yodelling and randomly appearing in Eddy's room via the chimney) and her overall reaction was pretty positive, so he probably was actually nice enough to Nazz because it benefited him to be. We see that he can put up a relatively good act if he wants to when he's first introduced (and Nazz, unlike Eddy, would probably tell her parents if he was mean to her, so that might play into it as well.) Plus, he might have thought her having a crush on him was amusing.


  • What was Double D's problem in "Sorry Wrong Ed"? Skepticism is one thing, but he showed no concern over Eddy getting hurt.
    • Jerkass Ball.
    • He seemed more defensive of science and logic than Eddy himself in that episode. He got real mad at Eddy for saying unbelievable accusations that the telephone is evil and cursed by bringing him all that bad luck.

Oblvious to care

  • Why can't Sarah ever realize that Ed does try to protect her? The last thing you need is a sibling who wouldn't protect you.
    • Because Sarah is just a jerkass who is spoiled rotten by her parents. She's just too blind to see how much her brother cares for her.
      • Not to mention that Ed is The Millstone; his attempts at protecting Sarah are well-intentioned, but half the time he just makes the situation worse. Would you like being grabbed and stuffed up Ed's shirt in "Honor Thy Ed", for instance? Plus there's the fact that Sarah, being a Super-Strong Child, doesn't exactly need protecting, especially since it seems to be on their mother's orders that Ed does it, which Sarah probably finds quite annoying.
      • Doesn't change the fact that's she's a terrible sister. She's still horrible to him when he's not trying to protect her.
      • She's not a good sister to Ed, that's true. Jimmy is another story.

Why not revenge?

  • Why didn't Eddy just exact revenge on Kevin when Kevin humiliated him over his middle name?
    • Because the writers would just find a way to still make Eddy the blunt of humiliation. The Eds almost never win.
      • That's what "This Won't Hurt An Ed" was, but as usual, Eddy got the brunt of it by the end of the episode.

Convoluted Revenge

  • In "If it smells like an Ed" why did Jimmy go through all that trouble of getting the Kankers to harass the Eds when he could've just easily given Eddy a taste of his own medicine?
    • Presumably because he knew that the Eds were outright terrified of the Kankers, and he just wanted them to suffer a lot more. While it was irrational for Jimmy to punish Ed and Edd for what Eddy did, Jimmy (and the other kids) may resent Ed and Edd for hanging out with Eddy and not trying to reprimand Eddy for his jerkish ways, so he may have punished Ed and Edd as a way to express his resentment towards them.

Kevin being an anus

  • What does Kevin harass Eddy even when Eddy is minding his own business?
    • Because Kevin just likes being a jerkass. Plus, when Kevin's not harassing Eddy, he's usually making fun of Jonny or Jimmy. Him and Eddy are like "arch enemies", so it would be understandable that Kevin would target Eddy out of the three Eds.
    • Maybe offscreen, Eddy tortures Kevin (much like what is seen in "This Won't Hurt an Ed"). What we do see onscreen is Kevin retaliating.
    • That may have a major reason as to why Kevin hates Eddy (aside from the scams and the fact that Kevin can be a jerk obviously) is that Kevin realizes that he and Eddy are not so different at their core. Both of them are jerks to their friends, they both want to have/keep popularity, they both obsess with objects that represent a type of social status (the bike, which represents coolness; and money, which represents power, value and influence) to the point they end up neglecting those who do care for them, and both are VERY paranoid about the other. The only major difference between the two more than anything is social status; Kevin is popular with relatively few personal issues outside of his hatred for Eddy, whereas Eddy is a social outcast with a jerkass older sibling and a severe inferiority complex. If their roles in life were reversed, there would not be that much difference compared to how they are now. Kevin to a degree does realize this, and not wanting to be seen on the same level as Eddy, does everything in his power to distance himself, even though ironically he only proves just how similar they are.

You'd think he'd learn

  • Why is it that no matter how many times the kids beat up the Eds or the Kankers harass them, Eddy just never stops with the scamming? And the actual thing that makes him learn is a scam that destroys the neighbourhood and gets the kids wanting to kill all three of them, Double D almost abandoning him and Ed, and a beating by his brother?
    • Because he's desperate for acceptance, as revealed in the movie. He's a Broken Bird and a Determinator who would go to horrendous lengths if it means being liked by everyone, which sometimes goes horrible wrong (he didn't mean to do what he did to the other kids in the beginning of the movie, he even apologizes at the end). He's a much sadder character than we thought as kids, what with his hidden Inferiority Superiority Complex escalated from the abuse he went through on a daily basis.

The Magic Boomerang

  • Two questions concerning "Hand Me Down Ed":
    • The boomerang causes personality changes in whoever holds it and they make sense for the most part (Jimmy acting like a tough guy, Sarah acting like a sweet little sister, Ed acting intelligent, etc), but there's two that don't make sense: Rolf ends up unable to stop singing with it, and Double D stripping down while wearing it. What are either of those supposed to mean?
      • Double D is normally someone who takes social customs and politeness way too seriously, so the boomerang took him from having too many inhibitions to having no inhibitions whatsoever (why wear clothes if you don't care if others see you naked)? Rolf's personality swap is more confusing. He may have been such a Cloudcuckoolander to begin with that the boomerang could do nothing but turn him into a whole other brand of crazy.
    • When someone loses the boomerang, they don't seem to remember what they'd been doing while in possession of the boomerang. Yet Rolf still seems to be aware even with it in his pants. And when it's dislodged from his pants, he acts thankful about it. How come he's the only one who stays aware and remembers what he's like under the boomerang's influence?
      • Also, who's to say it makes them the opposite of what they normally are? Jimmy's seemed to fall under Wish-Fulfillment more than anything, and maybe Sarah actually does want to be nice to Ed but either doesn't know how to express it or has some other emotional problem stopping her (with her mother, it wouldn't surprise me), Eddy maybe wants to seem more caring to others, Ed wants to be smarter and be taken seriously, Rolf wishes maybe that he could do something other than be a farmer (his parents seem to assume he'll take over from them when he's older and the kid's only about twelve), and Double D, related to the above, wishes he was less prim and proper and more carefree.
      • All I wanna know is who made this mysterious boomerang? Who did it originally belonged to? A wizard, perhaps?

Foreign Money

  • In the episode "No Speak Da Ed," how come Edd didn't suggest to Eddy to take his foreign money to a bank to exchange it to American money (considering Edd is the smart guy)?
    • He probably did on the way to the candy store, (he does tell Eddy the store won't accept foreign currency before the scene ends) but Eddy didn't listen or was just too impatient to wait. Plus, Eddy would have to explain were he got all that Korean money from and his teachers wouldn't be pleased to know he scammed his penpal.
      • To be able to exchange it, most banks would request it be in the form of a money order or check.

Mucky Boys

  • One of the clues that the Mucky Boys weren't real was Sarah finding out that the cave paint was still wet, but if they were real, why would that be proof of anything? They were supposed to still be living in the cave, so why couldn't they have just made the paintings recently?

Jonny's OOC

  • "Once Bitten, Twice Ed". Just all of it. First, Jonny 2x4 being an extreme bleeding heart twice in a row. Him not wanting what he thought to be a woodland creature to get hurt? Understandable. But not wanting what he thought to be a mutant creature to get hurt because "mutants have feelings, too!"? Not so much. Second, in the case of the latter, he was the one that got so excited about the idea of saving the world from mutants that he invited everyone along. Now all of a sudden he wants to protect the mutants? Third, why did Eddy even bother trying to invite Jonny again when he was the one that screwed up the scam the first time? He would've just gotten in the way again, which he did. Fourth, why was everyone blaming the Eds for trying to make them hurt the "raccoon" and the "mutant" when they were the ones supplying the kids with completely harmless marshmallows to use as ammunition? If anything, they should be calling out Rolf and Kevin for switching the marshmallow ammunition with potentially harmful objects.
    • Don't take this cartoon too seriously - first off, the Kids (Kevin, Jimmy, Jonny, Rolf, Sarah and Nazz) are stupid kids who think violence is the answer to everything. Even so, Eddy was just being an idiot and he was so greedy with how much money he could make off the Mutant or Raccoon scam that he invited Jonny a second time because he was only thinking the more suckers he invites, the more profits he could earn. There are times when Eddy is so greedy with money that he can be so stupid even Ed points it out like in "Here's Mud in Your Ed".
      • "Stupid kids who think violence is the solution to everything" doesn't explain why Jonny pulls a complete 180 with the mutants, or why the Kids blame the Eds when Rolf and Kevin were the ones that really messed things up by replacing the marshmallows with harmful objects. They're not exactly the smartest group of children in fiction, but they're not that stupid.
      • Adding on to this answer: even if Eddy didn't invite Jonny, I'm pretty sure Jonny would just show up anyway because Jonny is usually known to be a pest.

Jimmy and the bet

  • Why didn't Jimmy participate in the bet in "All Eds Are Off"?
    • He wasn't on the bus from the community pool center back to school. The bus is where the bet commenced.


  • From the episode "Avast Ye Eds", does Edd really think scurvy is going to an issue on a trip that will last less than a day? If he doesn't, why even bring this up?
    • Because he's the neurotic braniac of the group.
    • Edd was very likely aware that there would be no danger regarding scurvy and only brought that up in order to educate the others about that. Who knows if they will ever go on a real long sea trip?

Angry Ed and that one time

  • Where was "Angry Ed" when Sarah kept kicking him out of his own house? He could have easily scared Sarah away like in "Little Ed Blue" and secured his own room and TV to himself.
    • Well, if Ed had a pebble in his shoe, then maybe he would have appeared.

Evil Tim

  • In the episode, "It Came From Outer Ed", Ed tries to enact the curse of Evil Tim, which he had read in his comic. While the exact details of the curse were sketchy, it involved Ed stealing Jimmy’s stuffed animal, Mr Yum Yum and then tearing him to pieces, much to Eddy and Double D’s confusion and embarrassment. Then Rolf suddenly reacts with fear at what Ed has done and tells the kids they much seek encouragement in the bosom of Bobo (Rolf’s giant clam), and then promptly runs off. But it’s never really explained why Rolf does this. Did he somehow know that Ed was performing a real curse? How could he if the curse was from Ed’s comic, which he undoubtedly never read?
    • The comic had references to Aztec and Greek mythology, maybe it also took inspiration from Rolf's culture, or some of the myths from his culture are similar to some that were referenced. Alternatively, it was just a coincidence that what Ed was doing resembled a superstition from his country.
    • Also, Rolf only said he's scared at what Ed was doing, he didn't mention anything about a curse. He was probably just afraid that Ed lost his mind and hiding in the clam is a way to get protection.

Lack of commiunication?

  • Apparently it feels like most of the antagonism between the Eds and the Kankers is their lack of communication. Why are the Eds THAT afraid of them (except for two episodes) and they can just do the following: just tell them they don't like them, tell them they are trying to get jawbreakers, or at least attempt to befriend them as a chance to make their scams work? But they never do this, the only time the Eds speak to the Kankers without screaming in fear is when they tick off Eddy, what's up with that?
    • First of all, the Eds did tell the Kankers multiple times they don't like them (isn't screaming terrified when seeing them a very clear way of saying "I don't like you?"). Second of all, the Kankers are very pushy. Everytime the Eds meet them they try to kiss them, imagine how the Kankers would react if the Eds wanted to befriend them. As stated, you are right about the problem being about communication, the Kankers generally do not listen to the Eds while the Eds themselves are more or less pushovers. Eddy is short and the Kankers are much stronger than him, also according to Word of God, the Kankers are older than Eddy, so of course he's scared. Double D is obviously very weak and a pushover, otherwise he wouldn't join Eddy's schemes, and Ed is stupid and wouldn't attack girls due to his mom not wanting him to. Ed may have a fear of women, bossy ones at least, considering how his mom and sister treat him. The Eds didn't stand up to the Kankers because they lacked the courage to, at the end of the episode in which everyone thought Edd was a bully Eddy got really pissed and thus found the courage to stand up to the Kankers. Only then did the girls see that the Eds are willing to stand up for themselves if pushed too far, thus they decided to not push them anymore, at least at that moment. Also, Edd did hurt Lee, the strongest from the Kankers, earlier by dropping a book on her foot, albeit accidentally, so the Kanker sisters probably also realized that the Eds are capable of hurting them, even if that particular moment was an accident.

That noise

  • Just what exactly is that bizarre noise Double D makes at the end of the intro as he passes out from anxiety?
    • That seems to be part of the theme music.

Tv in the cabinet

  • In "Knock Knock, Who's Ed?", how did Ed know that there was a TV in Rolf's storage closet before they even opened it?
    • Lucky guess? He probably guessed it's inside the closet, because it is in front of the couch? Plot convenience? Considering how surreal and incosistent this show can get it wouldn't surprise me. Not that I'm complaining.

Where are moms?

  • It's implied that some of the kid's moms are housewives. If that's the case, then how come they're always gone during the day?

Why let Ed participate in scams?

  • So, why do Eddy and Edd allow Ed to participate in scams? Given how often Ed has caused a scam's failure such as being a naked turkey in "Ed Pass It On", his imaginary friend Jib in "Who Let the Ed In", arguing with Edd in "Thick as an Ed", and everything he did in "Rent a Ed" as well as his failure to create a profitable scam in "It Came From Outer Ed", it does make one wonder if Eddy and Edd would truly be better off if they didn't include Ed in their scams and why he's included in them at all.
    • Because Ed is their friend, and friends do stuff together, even if that may result in failure. Eddy and Double D need all the help they can get to carry out their scams, and Ed is arguably the strongest kid in the neighborhood, so he provides the muscle necessary for their schemes. Ed is actually vital for a lot of scams. If they didn't include Ed, some of their projects would probably never be realized at all.

Why does Double D go to the junkyard?

  • Considering how extremely Terrified of Germs he is, why does he hang out with the other Eds in the junkyard so often? Granted, he follows them in many scams he doesn't really enjoy, but usually he complains about it and might even make attempts to stop the others. Why does he never complain about the junkyard?
    • I like to think that the junkyard is one of the few places Edd's comfortable to be at for the sheer usefulness and scientific/engineering interest, just pop some gloves on and bring some disinfectant spray (which we know he tends to carry around most of the time anyways) and he’ll be glad to dig up some wood, cardboard and metal parts for a scam or gadget. Plus, most of the kids don’t go there without a reason and the Eds claimed a broken down van as a hangout spot, so it’s probably also doubles as a safe location to chill with his friends.

An Ed Is Born

  • How did Kevin hear Eddy call him a "Neighborhood Dork" when he was on the other side of the street?
    • Eddy's very loud. Plus Kevin clearly saw the camera, so maybe he was approaching Eddy when the latter said that.


  • All throughout the series, every character goes through various amounts of pain (not slapstick— actual pain) that seems impossible to achieve anywhere outside this universe. Considering that the Cul-de-Sac doesn't have a hospital, how are these kids surviving the pain they go through without permanent scars all over their bodies, broken bones, or death?!
  • The Eds have caused tons of property destruction over the course of the series. Just who or what is paying for all the damage?
  • In "Dueling Eds", Eddy loses some of his teeth during his battle with Rolf, but has all of them when Rolf gives him and his friends the Eels of Forgiveness.
  • In "A Twist of Ed", after Ed eats his mattress, in the shot where Edd shows his concern for Ed's digestive tract, you can clearly see the mattress behind him.