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Eddy: I made it all up, Double-D. Everything about my brother was a lie. I just made things up, so everyone would like me, think I was cool. But boy, was I wrong! The scam, my brother, this... when am I gonna learn, Double-D?
Edd: ...I think you just have, Eddy.

Let's just say that a couple scenes in The Movie are bound to make you go "aww..."

  • Early in the film during the chase scene, Rolf bites Ed on the leg and begins to drag him out of the car. Ed thinks he's done for and tells his friends to go on without him and asks them to never forget him. As he's finally pulled out, both Double D and Eddy shout out "ED!" and reach out grabbing him by both arms and pull him out of Rolf's grip, back into the safety of the car. It is a small heartwarming moment during an epic chase scene that shows how close the Eds are, even Eddy is willing to risk his life to save one of his best friends from doom.
  • Sarah attempting to stand up to the Kankers to save Jimmy, and Jimmy crying tears of joy while saying "my hero!" While this doesn't end well for Sarah, this moment shows that Sarah really cares for Jimmy as a friend and they are extremely loyal to each other.
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  • How the Kankers immediately dropped everything and rushed to "their boyfriends'" aid when they heard that the kids were out for their blood. They even went to the trouble of capturing the enraged posse and presented them to the Eds as a show of their love/strength, not unlike a caveman presenting a hunted beast to their mate. Also, when Eddy's Brother starts abusing Eddy, Lee is so infuriated that her sisters need to hold her back. Marie even cries out a shocked "Double D!!" when Edd is smashed into the ground for defending Eddy. As sadistic as they can be, even they have limits and they truly do care about the Eds, in their own bizarre way.
    Lee: Why don't you quit thinkin' about yourselves?! And think about our boyfriends! They need us more than ever, girls!
  • A specific example from the movie, seeing compulsive Neat Freak Double D getting absolutely filthy without a moment's hesitation to try helping his friends during the quicksand prank combined a Heartwarming Moment with a Tear Jerker.
    • The quicksand prank drives Double D to decide to abandon his friends. After he and Eddy argue over this, Eddy actually breaks down sobbing and admits that it's his fault nearly all of his plans have failed, and that he can't blame anyone, including Double D, for hating him, since he doesn't even like himself. Double D is moved and forgives Eddy, cheering him up and points out that, despite his flaws, he still considers him to be his best friend. Aww.
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    • "WE ARE FRIENDS ONCE MORE, GUYS!". The scene ends with the three of them riding off into a sunset: Edd and Eddy are on Ed's shoulders with their arms around each other. And Eddy is still crying, only now they're happy tears.
  • Overnight the Eds huddle together unconsciously over the jar of fireflies.
  • In a storyboard draft, after Edd faints Ed tries to shake him awake (while Eddy is laughing at the assumption that Edd is his "girlfriend").
  • After finding out that Eddy's brother is a total jerkass who likes to torment as well as physically harm Eddy for his own sick pleasure, the kids from the cul-de-sac (even Kevin and Sarah) feel genuinely sorry for Eddy, and gang up on Eddy's brother and fight him to save Eddy.
    • If one noticed Rolf, he is the first one among the kids who shows sympathy to Eddy as he can be seen seething in anger and disgust towards his brother before angrily declare how he's had enough of his torment and shoves Kevin to advance towards him.
    • Another part of this is the bit between Double D and Eddy after Ed knocks out Eddy's brother with the door, Eddy reveals why he acted the way he did and realizes that he was wrong and goes on to ask Double D when he'll learn his lesson which Double D responds that he just already at that moment has learned by realizing it and admitting it.
    • The Ending of The Movie is one of the sweetest in the series. After Eddy explains that his jerkish tendencies come from years of abuse from his older brother and only wanted to have friends, and admits to being wrong about everything he's ever done, the other kids swarm him...and start praising him. That's right, after what happened in the beginning of the movie, going on a cross-country chase just to beat them up, with one little declaration of his low self esteem they forgive and forget. Eddy gets a kiss from Nazz and even SARAH in the background gives her older brother a hug! Even Kevin, who had been Eddy's mortal enemy throughout the entire series, forgives him and calls him pal after realizing why Eddy was a jackass in the first place.
    Kevin: I gotta admit, pal, that was so choice!
    Eddy: (happily) It was?
    • A bit underrated, but Kevin is the one who calls for everyone to accept and embrace the Eds. Even if it's initially mistaken for a call to attack, this is a huge deal coming from him.
    • Ed hugging Edd while a happy tear forms in Edd's eye.
    • And at the very end, after Kevin declares that they ought to head to his house for jawbreakers, Eddy joyfully declares that the Eds are finally IN. The kids walk off, holding the Eds high and singing the "Friendship Song". If you listen closely, you'll hear that even the Eds (Yes, even Eddy) are singing along. Seeing the title characters beyond joy at finally gaining the acceptance they've been wanting to get throughout the entire series is sure to put a big, satisfied smile on your face!
    Eddy: (joyfully) WE DID IT, DOUBLE-D! Everyone loves us! WE'RE FINALLY IN, BABY!
    Double-D: (happily) And it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials, and a movie, Eddy!
    Ed: (gleefully) Let's SING A SONG! (everyone sings the "Friendship Song" as they walk away)
  • The Aesop of the movie is pretty heartwarming if you think about it—Eddy ends up having to learn the hard way that he just needed to be himself in order to get others to truly like and accept him. Throughout the entire show, Eddy had tried so hard to act mean like his older brother, figuring it was the only way to get people to like him and become popular—this just caused everyone else to dislike him. But by having Double D almost leave him, getting beaten up by his brother, and then later admitting that everything he had ever said about his brother he had made up and explaining why he acted the way he did throughout the series up to that point, the other kids are able to see things from Eddy's POV and finally accept him as a friend.
  • Kind of a meta example, but the scene where the Eds are in the Gag Factory, and Eddy offers Ed the shocking gumpack prank, as Ed is electrocuted, we see many different versions from Ed, from the 20's cartoon version of Ed, to old man Ed, to toddler Ed, and other versions. This almost feels like a "farewell" easter egg for the fans and to show off the history of the show in the final Ed Edd n Eddy cinematic work by Danny Antonucci.


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