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  • We have Fingers, Tatsurion, Gargle, and many other three-fingered characters. Fingers can get past the radar a lot whenever he makes any kind of gesture with his right hand.
  • From the fourth episode, we get Allie's smart remark to Steamstar Grapplog spraying her in episode 4.
    Allie: That better have just been water…
  • Episode 9 has this from the internet obsessed monster Gargle. Monster attacks are certainly dangerous, but that's not what the phrase "NSFW: Not Safe for Work!" usually means…
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  • Carny is sent to the Fire Realm by accident, and looks around in horror before saying:
    Carny: Oh man, I knew I wasn't gonna go to heaven! I just didn't think I'd end up in-
    Bob: The fire civilization.
  • Gargle seeing Ray's head for his memory loss, extending his long, second finger. What else can be said about it?
  • "A Light In The Darkness" is the only time we get a close shot of a gun in the show. note 
  • Alakshmi seeming to flirt with Carny at the beginning of "The Unbearable Being Of Lightness".
    Alakshmi: If you want to hit me, you're going to have to move a bit closer.
  • During Alakshmi's anxiety nightmare, her mother chastises her for being a horrible duelist that has brought shame upon her family, and that the Choten returned her after having no use for her.
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  • Sasha's interpretation of music like humans "coordinating their bodies".
  • Ray uses a tech-gauntlet and says that "it feels wrong".
  • The season 2 premiere opens with Ray and Allie having a couple's spat over sharing the bathroom, and this little gem is uttered at the beginning when she walks in.
    Ray: Try knocking!
    Allie: Try locking!

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