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Heartwarming / Kaijudo

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  • Jaha sitting and comforting Nigel after he is run over by Heller. Especially when she puts her hand on his and then smiles at him; you can tell by his expression that it meant a lot to him.
  • Despite the fact that Bob had a strong dislike for the Water Civilization, he was willing to be there to help Ray get his memories back.
  • Bob saying that he doesn't trust anyone, except maybe Ray.
  • Chavez thanking Nigel for saving them. Nigel then telling Chavez that while he doesn't show it he really does care.
  • Master Chavez and Master Nadia finally kissing in the first season finale.
  • The lengths Ray was willing to go in order to save Allie from herself in "Into the Void." Her hugging him at the end makes it even sweeter.
  • Ray managing to save the Rumbling Terrasaurs that the Choten poached the horns of. Unfortunately, he was unable to use the spell to heal his dad.
  • The armored duelist is freed, and gets the Choten to swear off hunting Alakshmi in return for freeing her (she's the Choten's lover).
  • The bittersweet family reunion at the end of "Deluge".
    • Earlier, Alakshmi admitting that Allie is the closest thing she has to family.
  • Tatsurion finding his Quillspike family after the Water attack in "Fallout", having spent most of the episode thinking they were dead.


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