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  • The whole intro of Master Chavez.
    Chavez: Hey! Rumbling Terrasaur!
  • When Nigel confronts The Choten at the beginning of "Om Nom Nom".
    Nigel: Not this time, no. (Cue Nigel, Chavez, and Nadia raising their gauntlets and their creatures roaring.)
    Choten: (Taking out his own gauntlet) Oh, very well. Destroy them.
  • Ray using Hissie as his Dueling Creature against Alakshmi, using him to send her off of the stage, and defeating Razorkinder for the first time!
  • Into The Fire is just filled with these.
    • Bob's whole struggle to get out of Skycrusher's control of the Sword of Fiery Cataclysm, with Ray helping him to embrace his Nature Side, angering Skycrusher, and forcing him to call upon a bigger creature!
    • Followed by that, Gabe comes flying in on one of Gargle's inventions, blasting the creature with parasites. He might have fallen shortly after, but even Ray and Allie admit that it was awesome.
  • The whole battle between The Choten and Ray. Even the quotes are cool.
    Choten: You... break into my home, damage my belongings, and free my creatures?! Who do you think you are, boy?
    Ray: I'm a friend to every creature. Who do you think you are, hurting them?
  • Later...
    Choten: You do have talent, boy. You could be a great duelist. If only you'd stop caring for those monsters!
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  • Master Chavez, juiced up on an excessive amount of Mana, blasting The Choten's helicopter out of the sky during "The Siphon".
  • Gargle gets a ton of these in both parts of "The Deep End".
    • First, after experiences with Saguru from "Into the Fire", he promises to bring him to the City Capital of the Water Civilization, but brings him to the Capital Prison.
    • Second, after being rebuked of his position as prince, Gargle telepathically calls Nadia for help.
    • Finally, he uses the Helm of Ultimate Technology to command a giant Water Creature to help Ray take down Alakshmi when she uses the Sword of Fiery Cataclysm, thus gaining his place as prince back, as well as a promotion in his place.
    • We then have Nadia vs the Choten. Both use the same creatures, and Nadia is able to get the best of the old geezer.
    Nadia: I am no longer your acolyte, Choten. I am Master Nadia, Duel Master of the Water Civilization!
  • Ray gets a lot of these in "The Last of His Kind". He mounts a flying Nature Creature with a spear in hand twice, dares Roaming Bloodmane to kill him, shows him his kin, and clashes with him! Wow, no wonder he's the natural!
    • Also, from the same episode, we see that Roaming Bloodmane is prepared for anything, placing parasites on the Duelists and the Masters, impersonating Kimora's voice, and tricking the Masters so that he can invade the Temple.
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  • Tatsurion fighting in the Tournament in honor of his Quillspike side in "The Nature Of Things."
  • In "Night Moves", we are introduced to Lucy, a girl who is constantly picked on by Portia and Maribel. When Gabe and Ray send in a Darkness Creature to scare them, does Lucy run like the other girls at the sleepover? No, she picks up a weapon, a fire place poker at that, and FIGHTS the pirate! Sure, she may have lost, but it's the thought that counts.
  • "Duel Hard" when the Duel Masters appear and defeat The Choten's forces.
  • When Alakshmi comes back to the Choten with the Helm of Ultimate Technology in "Duel Hard", she brought what she thought was the real deal, but the Choten's not blind, as he crushes the one she brings and dismisses it as a fake, while Saguru comes in with the real one.
    • Earlier on, Gabe gets enough courage to summon Razorkinder on his own, and Shouter gets the chance to defeat him after Razorkinder attacks him. It's the thought that counts.
  • When Nigel makes the mistake of trying to control Sasha, and then summoning a Light Civilization creature to restrain her, she not only takes control of the summoned creature, but every Light creature in the Kaijudo temple.
  • The entire battle between Gabe and Carny later on, even when Gabe uses Nigel's creature, Ravu, to take him on. This is not only a score for Gabe, but a message to ALL bullies!
    Gabe: I may not be able to call my friends, but I can call one of Sasha's! Ravu, Seeker of Lightning!
    And then, Later on...
    Gabe: Your bullying days are over!
    • Even better is that he makes Carny run away, something that not even Ray could do!
  • Tatsurion gaining some badass Dragon wings, and fire breath, courtesy of The Choten's evolution serum.
  • Allie disguising herself as Alakshmi to steal the Sword of Fiery Cataclysm from the Choten.
  • Gabe, in "The Butterfly Effect", is able to get the best of the Duel Masters, Nadia especially, by reminding them that he is a temporary Duel Master for the Light Civilization after Nadia argues that he can't come along.
  • Tatsurion getting pardoned of his crimes, and getting his rights as a Dragon creature restored by Infernus.
  • Ray blowing Skycrusher and his bounty hunters away with The Spell of Ultimate Incineration.
  • Grandpa Ken pulling off some Car Fu to knock the creature from "Rising Son" back across the veil.
  • Lucy gets one for putting on Janet's Gauntlet and using it against Heller for the first time, proving herself to be worthy of Kaijudo.
  • Alexander Carnahan pulling off a Batman Gambit against Ray and Tatsurion, even after losing to them like a Graceful Loser, getting his Gauntlet destroyed, and then using his reputation to blackmail the two as sirens start to wail.
    Alexander: You know, I can have you arrested for trespassing on my property.
    Ray: Okay, and I'm sure that the police would looove to hear about your illegal chemical operations!
    Alexander: What illegal chemical operation? (Detonates the whole underground base.)
  • Allie mastering the Spell of Ultimate Darkness and owning Megaria with it.
  • Allie, under the influence of the Cloak of Dark Illusions, sending her shadow to avenge a Victim of the Weak after two bullies. Also counts as Nightmare Fuel.
  • Lucy demonstrating how Gandhi's nonviolence act works by having Kenina turn against Ray.
  • Ray using the Spell of Ultimate Darkness to escape from the Cloak of Dark Illusions and using the Gandhi nonviolence method to stop Allie, followed by Allie knocking Megaria off of Gigargon.
  • "The San Campion Triangle". Like...all of it.
    Saguru: It's time to finish this, August!
    The Choten: Agreed. The duel we should have had long ago!
  • Gabe standing up to Eternal Haven and the Light Civilization when Sasha refuses to, showing that he's not afraid to stand up to his girlfriend, or her kind!
  • Uncle Issao accepting the position of Light Civilization Master, at last!
  • When Brutalus is about to kill Tatsurion's mother, Tatsurion, having had enough of being picked on, tackles Brutalus, uses his quills to hinder his wings, and prevents Moorna from harming any more of his Quillspike family.
  • Tatsurion's Round 2 with Moorna, with wings! The thing that makes this more awesome is Moorna's Oh, Crap! reaction, now seeing that Tatsurion is no longer the Broken Bird he once was in the past
    Ray: Not so tough to bully now that he's got wings, is it?
  • Tatsurion, Brutalus and Alakshmi's beating of Moorna.
    Alakshmi: I think you've betrayed enough of us for one day. (Banishes Moorna away.)
  • Ray healing the horns of the Rumbling Terrasaurs with the Healing Spell, as well as Mighty Shouter's horns.
    Mighty Shouter: Shouter is mighty once again!
  • Alakshmi breaking out her former standby monster, Razorkinder Puppet, in "Unmasked" and reducing the Choten to utter piss his pants terrified.
  • Allie and Alakshmi fighting together.
  • Allie pulls off quite a bit of awesome in "Brainjacked". First by banishing Gregoria's invading Darkness forces with the Cloak of Dark Illusions(Also proving the Cloak no longer has power over her) and successfully negotiating with Kalima to cease her invasion.
  • Ken's Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • In the same episode, we finally get to see Janet's first Summon. Sounds awesome once you see it.
  • Fire, Nature, Light, and Darkness coming together to stop The Choten from flooding the Fire and Nature realms in "Fallout".
    • The real CMOA in that episode is Ray's, given how he managed to get them to stop fighting among themselves like that! Seriously, it has to be seen!
  • "Clash of the Monarchs". Which, as the title implies, features an almost episode long smackdown between the Creature Monarchs.
  • Ray, Allie, Gabe, Lucy and Alakshmi sneaking onto the Choten's Ship in "Siege".
    • With that, there's Lucy stalking them and tagging along, after she was told that she wasn't ready.
    • Ray using Seneschal to get on board, and bending him against his will.
    • Alakshmi electrocuting Seneschal just before he could reach for an alarm.
  • Same goes for the Choten.
    • He has Megaria, Tiera and Nigel attack the Duel Masters when they least expect it.
    • Heck, he manages to take the whole freakin' Temple!
  • Squeaky's kamikaze tackle on Stonesaur to save Allie and Lucy.
    • Lucy also counts, as she proves that she is ready for the dangers.
    • She manages to follow everyone onto the Choten's ship.
    • She takes Fingers and Writing Bone Ghoul head-on, no injuries.
    • To top it all off, she survives the whole thing!
  • Ray taking on the Choten and Homunculon during "The Evolution Will Not Be Televised" by demonstrating The Power of Friendship.
    Choten: Once again, you see that befriending Creatures is no substitute for commanding them!
    Ray: Speaking of friends, meet mine!
    Ray then proceeds to summon Bloodmane, Shaw K'Naw, Finbarr, Hissy and Fumes.
    Choten: (Gasps) You can't possibly control that many Creatures!
    • Before that, Alakshmi once again breaks out Razorkinder Puppet, and she has him shred the Choten, only for him to reveal that he had a special suit underneath.
  • Brightmore's Heel–Face Turn against the Choten and Tiera, sending both of them away as an end result.
  • Everyone casting the Civilization Spells to help Ray purify the city and Creatures, including Jaha.
    • When you see Lucy do it, it has to be epic!
  • Gargle survived the Choten's bomb, due to already being evolved and sent back the Water Civilization!
  • Ray finally cures his father from the Homunculon Curse.
  • When Nigel summons the newly evolved Ra-vu in the episode Caught in the Spotlight.


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