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Ray's mother knows about Kaijudo
She seemed pretty insistent about wanting Ray to draw something other than creatures, almost like she knew they existed outside of his imagination, and she seemed strangely worried when he left for his "karate lesson" in episode 3.
  • Note that in class, when Ray stared out the window through his pendant, it showed him the other side of The Veil. Now note that the only time we see Ray's father, it's in a photo… And Ray's hand is blocking our view of his neck. A family heirloom perhaps? Maybe Ray's talent runs in the family… And Ray's father was killed in a Kaijudo duel.
    • Ray's grandpa may know more than he lets on, too… After all, he knows what a Rumbling Terrasuar looks like well enough to make a little origami version of one. And given the timing involved, it's highly unlikely he was copying from Ray's drawing unless he's an absolute master of Origami and can fold an unfamiliar shape without instructions or even seeing someone else's folded version in a very short period of time with absolutely no mistakes.
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  • In The Unbearable Being Of Light, Ray's mom, Janet, is chaperoning the school dance when Sasha lost it and sees Ray summoning a creature. When Nigel and Nadia were using Cyber Viruses to remove the memory of the event, Janet was about to say something poignant to Ray when a Cyber Virus attached itself. This scene heavily implies she knows about Kaijudo but never said anything to Ray because she didn't know he was practicing it.
  • Confirmed to be true as of "Betrayal"

The Choten will not be satisfied with enslaving an army of creatures.
He'll want to make a few improvements to his assets. And that's how the concept of Evolution will be introduced into this show.
  • Seems confirmed as of episode 4.

The bully Carny is related to Ray's mother.
They both have almost the same shade of blonde hair. Ray's mother's family probably disowned her for marrying a Japanese man. That would be another reason why Carny picks on his cousin, but he doesn't refer to him as one.

Alakshmi will become The Starscream.
  • Somewhat confirmed in the first season finale. Upon seeing the lengths to which the Choten is willing to go- including mass mind-control of civillians- and being harshly punished by him for failure, she helps Gabe and Gargle crash his systems. At the end of the finale, however, she gets dragged off to the creature realm by Infernus and is last seen a prisoner in the Fire Civilization. I'd lay odds on her becoming a Wild Card, but at the very least her association with the Choten appears to be over.

Carny will become The Mole for the good guys.

Master Nigel has contacted The Choten to talk a deal.

Or, alternatively, He's calling another Duel Masters faction, but this seems less likely.

  • Confirmed; he was calling the Choten
    • I personnally believe he is attempting to trick the Choten; I seriously can't believe he will actually turn evil.
      • If he is, The Choten is probably one step ahead of him.
      • Unfortunately it appears that he has gone full Face–Heel Turn.

Season Two will have a Big Bad Ensemble
  • With the Choten and Infernus being the major players. Wouldn't rule out some of the other creature leaders the kids made enemies of coming back either, especially Megaria, though Lord Skycrusher seems to have been Demoted to Dragon to Infernus.
    • Carny's dad will be taking over Choten's operations on Earth.

Master Nigel will create a new Duel Masters faction, one that obeys the traditional rules.

Portia and Maribel will become Duel Masters.
Sort of evil counterparts to Allie, like Carny is to Ray.
  • Isn't Alakshmi already Allie's counterpart?

The Armored Figure is the former Fire Civilization master.
  • Confirmed.

There'll be a lot of in-fighting between Fingers and Nigel
  • There'll be an episode where they're forced to work together. And they'll be bickering while trying to stop the duel masters.

The real reason Allie's mom left her was to protect her.
  • Jossed: She's really Megaria.

  • Admittedly, he did lose Tiera, and practically threatened to rip Nigel's head off if he ever tried to harm her again.
Tatsurion is a result of Rape
  • Word of Dante says that it was consensual. Also, apparently it was something out of a romance novel.
Nigel is going to defect from The Choten's side with a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! and will simply walk away from everything.
Nigel may end up with a Redemption Equals Death ending as he cannot got back to the temple since Isao replaced him and the masters may not accept him back. Also seeing as how he doesn't seem to be agreeing with what The Choten is doing lately and may try to walk away or turn on him.
The Choten and Janet are separated siblings.
  • Their mom was single and horrible, giving Janet a reason to never bring up her side of the family, August's been putting on an accent for the past 30 years, and it'd rub salt even further in the wound if Ray ever found out.
If he hasn't already, Ray will eventually go back to where Brutalus lives and offer to heal his wing with the Spell of Swift Regeneration.
  • This is absolutely something he'd do, and I'm honestly surprised that he didn't do so onscreen.


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