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Nightmare Fuel / Kaijudo

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  • The memory swarms are very terrifying. Especially when Nadia explains what the aftereffects are.
  • Alakshmi becomes a boatload in episode 5. Lightning strikes when she's angry or feeling sadistic.
  • Razorkinder, with two definitive moments being when he snuck up on the kids in the dark and when he removed his face in front of Gabe, and later Ray.
  • The Fire Civilization. A destructive and nearly barren wasteland of lava flows, floating magma boulders, intense heat, and red skies filled with demonic monsters.
  • In "The Siphon", Chavez needed to perform the Siphon in order to prevent a Fire Civilization King from awakening. Ray has a talk with said King and then, one giant eye opens in the cave full of Mana.
  • Allie was about to be cooked alive with Squeakie! She's then forced to participate in a fight to the death.
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  • The beginning of "The Deep End: Part 1", Ray comes home and finds all his family frozen like statues. Cue him walking over to his room to find The Choten before being attacked by a memory swarm.
  • Don't mess with Sasha! She will lay waste on you with destructive light if you even try to mock her!
  • Nigel getting run over, in front of the kids.
  • Lucy goes up against a Darkness Creature in "Night Moves", but loses her weapon. When the Ghost Pirate goes face-to-face with her, worms start to crawl out of his eyes, finally scaring Lucy and making her run away.
  • We get to see the fates of some of the old Duelists in "Duel Hard". Master Tiera is burned by her own creature, Toji gets his leg cut off when attempting to ride a Scissor Scarab, and we learn how Saguru lost his eye.
  • The Darkness Civilization has plenty. Ray's "GPS" was inside him, Megaria's demon puppets and manipulations of others. Jaha even mentioned that her cane is an arm... of Megaria's brother!
    • Arms reaching out of treasure chests.
      • Pratically everything related to Megaria the Collector. This woman exemplifies One Bad Mother.
    Megaria: Allison Underhill, when I find you... (Turns into Piper) You are so grounded!
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  • The evolution of Saguru was agonizing, especially the way his skin started BUBBLING.
  • The Choten. Just failing him for about the whole season, Alakshmi is thrown over the edge. And we mean that literally. She's thrown off a building and smashes into a bunch of loading crates, which break her fall just as she rolls onto the ground, whimpering in pain.
    Fingers: I wouldn't last five minute there, master!
    Choten: Aw, have some faith in yourself, Fingers... You are going to need it.
  • The workforce inside of the Volcano Ships is pretty inhumane.
  • This exchange between a bystander and Jaha.
    Random Driver: W-what just happened?
  • The end of "Boiling Point", where it is revealed that the Chotenreveals that he's controlling King Trittonus. It seems that there's a bigger war to come.
  • The evolution of the creatures in "Boosted". First, Squeaky turns wild with fangs and wings and nearly killed Allie, then Nigel's two creatures prove too dangerous for Ray and Allie later on.
    • Made worse by the fact that Nigel found it so dangerous that he locked it away.
    Nigel: I thought I hid that scroll away where no one would find it. Not a day goes by that I don't regret discovering it. It's too dangerous to be used cavalierly, as you are about to learn!
  • Lucy. She seems so nice when she first appeared, but now, she constantly hunts the Duelists, and at one point, appears behind Allie without a sound.
  • Nigel evolving Ra-Vu, making him so strong that he's able to leave a large mark, take out every creature, and nearly turns on his master. He even begs not to have Brightmore make him fight.
  • "Military School?" "Something like that..."
    • Fingers and Heller seem to show much pleasure in chasing down Carny with their creatures.
  • The Spell of Ultimate Incineration. It may seem cool when you see it, but the aftermath and its effects are deadly. Creatures get incinerated immediately, you use up practically all of your Mana, and it's large enough to wipe out a mountain, leaving one hell of a large crater mark. Imagine what would happen if it is done on humans!
    • Also, before that, Master Tierra's revelation of her fate. Tried to control a Fire Mystic, only to get imprisoned in Mana-Dampening Armor for the rest of her life. Imagine, living your whole life in armor, trying to find a cure while being helpless to do anything else.
  • "Allison, I saw this, and for some reason, it reminded me of you." Cue to Mask from the Darkness Realm and eerie music.
  • In the next episode, the ghouls that try to get into Allie's house. Allie's mom/Megaria drugs the kids, and they wake up, seeing The Undead coming towards them, and no matter what they do, they just don't stop coming.
  • Allie with The Cloak Of Dark Illusions. Its effects are chock full of scariness, and it brings out the very meaning of The Dark Side.
  • Megaria without a face.
  • The influence on Allie when she wears The Cloak Of Dark Illusions. She mercilessly banishes Megaria, becomes greedy, and it starts to cling onto her, eventually leading to Allie giving in and letting the Cloak take control of her.
  • The whole next episode. Allie's stuck with the Cloak, and Jaha attempts to pull it off using a Spell of Banishment, only for it to try to CLING onto her.
    • Then Allie starts to go darker, wearing her Darkness Dueling Outfit, having her shadow eat up Portia's note , letting her jealousy over Lucy take dark actions, and her shadow also going after Carny's gang with a Darkness Puppet after they abused an innocent guy.
      • She even summons Razorkinder just because she was jealous over Ray and Lucy, and she didn't even know she summoned it. Razorkinder just doesn't back down from trying to cut Ray and Lucy up.
      • Even worse when Allie's so terrified at what she's done that she runs to the Darkness Realm to find Megaria for help, and when she sees Ray, Gabe and Squeaky, she attempts to try to kill them all, even nearly killing Ray with the Cloak if it weren't for him to meet the Darkness Mystic and using the Spell of Ultimate Darkness to escape.
      • Also, before, Allie's unstoppable Darkness face when Megaria presents her to everyone.
  • The whole premise of "Exchange Program": Not only are Light Civilization creatures abducting and replacing a number of people, they're also using a form of Mind Control on the abductees to alter their way of thinking to better match the Light-Realm's fixation with order. And then they start projecting the mind-altering beams all over San Campion, with their Queen hovering over the city, along with a large number of Light soldiers. That's scary enough for those who know about Kaijudo and what exactly they're seeing, but imagine how scared everyone else would be!
  • Everyone's abuse on Tatsurion when he was a kid.
  • The Choten's harvesting of Rumbling Terrasaur horns.
    • Also, Shouter's flashback as to how he lost his tusks.
      • From the same episode, the increasing Body Horror factor of Saguru and Humunculon's mutation, as well as the fact that Humunculon seems to be gaining more and more control and influnce over Ray's father.
      • The fact that The Choten and Megaria, who rival only each other in regards to being the worst villain in the series, are working together now!
  • The look on the Choten's face when Alakshmi uses Razorkinder to break his Tech Gauntlet and pin him to the ground. The spinning face of Razorkinder doesn't help.
  • Master Brightmore's face and reaction to seeing Duel Master Tiera alive, all because he inadvertently caused her presumed death.
    Nigel: I always feel like I'm seeing a ghost.
  • Anything the Skeeter Swarmers can do to someone. Starts out from Kevin using a Tech Gauntlet to place Sykes under his control to the whole school turned into zombies!
  • The Body Horror factor of Saguru's and Humonculon's mutation is even worse now, with Ken now in an almost feral state, which only the presence of family members can snap him out of. It's getting hard to tell he was ever human now, and Lord Finbarr says that this happened with him attempting to treat Ken's condition.
    Saguru: R- Raiden...? Son...?
  • The aftermath of the attack on Fire and Nature by Water. Not only did the Butterfly Effect wreak havoc in San Campion, but the two civilizations are devastated! Allie even says that San Campion got off easy compared to the destruction in the Creature Realm!
  • In "Siege", the attack on the Temple. The Duel Masters didn't even see it coming.
    • Megaria's completing the curse that she cast on Jaha decades earlier, leaving Jaha ancient and decrepit - in fact, barely even alive - before Jaha banishes her back to the Darkness Civ. using the her cane - which is actually the remains of Megaria's brother's arm!
    • Aqua Seneschal's Electric Torture at Ray's hands.
    • Seneschal then reporting his failure to the Choten, who doesn't take it so well.
    Seneschal: Master, the boy, Raiden, summoned me to gain access to the ship.
    Choten: Well, I guess that makes you a bit of a... liability.
    • Then watch as the Choten summons a shark to presumably kill off Seneschal.
  • Alakshmi's Unstoppable Rage when wanting revenge on the Choten.
    • The Choten's plan for the Fuel Tanker. It was to be dropped off like a WWII Bomb to evolve every Creature. He then uses a powerful Gauntlet to control them, and with Terrasaur Horns, he invades the Earth in the way Optimus Prime would fear.
  • The Duel Masters trying to fend off the attack the Choten makes, all of whom are below power and can hardly stand a chance.
  • More of Alakshmi's Unstoppable Rage of revenge against the Choten. What happens? She fails. The Choten was waiting for her to have Razorkinder attack him so that he could reveal himself as a One-Winged Angel and take out Razorkinder all on his own.
  • The five Spells being done on Ray. Every one is harmful, even the Spell of Absolute Incineration. Alakshmi shows how dangerous it is, and resists using it.
    Alakshmi: NO! We've seen the Fire Spell before! It could kill you!


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