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  • The monster truck episode where Dukey explains male dominance as "hopping on each other".
  • Johnny gets a wart on his hand. His sisters attempt to use a laser to get rid of it. It's about to split him in half when he reminds them that the Wart is on his hand.
  • In the Johnny Applesauce song, something along the lines of: "The lunch lady tried all her tricks and it made her look like a total * fool*" They obviously meant dick or prick.
    • Or bitch.
    • And there's the end of the episode where Johnny Applesauce becomes Johnny Chocolate Pudding, but the "pudding" looks like a pile of shit (literally).
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  • Dukey has a few of these which is appropriate since his name means something else in slang
    Dukey: Come get me, Mole People. I'm full of macho, leathery biker goodness!
    Dukey: You're Shitzus, right? I love that name!
  • In the Tinymon episode, there's an extremely powerful Tinymon named Badias. While it could be reasonably claimed that it was meant to be a parody of the Pokémon Latias, it could be that it was also supposed to stand for "bad-ass," considering how intimidated the other characters were of it. It also helps that it was actually pronounced bad-ee-ahss.
  • In Hoist the Johnny Roger, the following exchange occurs between Johnny, his dad along with his sisters:
    Hugh: Johnny, why can't you be more like your sisters?
    Johnny: Well, for one I have a-
  • In the early episode Johnny Test: Party Monster, there's this exchange:
    Dad: We've finally decided to let you have your first teen dance party... with boys.
    Susan and Mary: *sigh* Gil...
    Dad: But the lights stay on at all times!
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  • Heck, how many people have overheard the show and wondered why the family dog was named Dukey?
  • Mush, Johnny, Mush featured the snotty rich antagonist bragging about his dogs and insulting Dukey before Mary & Susan arrived, at which point he says:
    "I take it this is the rest of your dog team."note 
  • In Johnny Cat Scratch Fever, the purple space cat girl in the Avatar parody asks Bill Humanguy to lick her back, and Johnny comments that part didn't need to be in 3D. Or any "D".
  • Johnny Test in Black and White features a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot where they have to use a ship to travel through Black and White's bodies. Dukey worries that they'll get lost and says, "You can't ask for directions when you're inside a dude."
  • Johnny Testosterone has Johnny taking so much testosterone that he hulks out when Dukey and the twins try to inject a cure with a needle (which freaks him out) since they're out of peach yogurt. To cure Johnny, they have to give him a suppository, which prompts this line when Dukey loads it into a gun and aims at Johnny's posterior:
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  • "Join The Johnny Scouts" Features Johnny dressing as a girl and joining the Ladybird Scouts in an effort to sell cookies and win a new bike. Sissy insists that he cannot be a Ladybird Scout because he's a boy. He responds by showing her an ordinance that allows boys to be ladybird scouts "Because of some kid in 1992." When Johnny's father asks why he's wearing a skirt (Complete with lipstick and a beret) He responds that he did so at first because he wanted to win a bike but that he really likes doing it now along with makeup and dresses and feeling pretty. His father's response is silence. Johnny asks what's wrong adding "You said you'd love and accept me no matter what!" His father quickly says that he does a moment of silence ensues before Johnny says "I'll take off the skirt and makeup if you buy 30 boxes of shortbread I-don't cares". His father's response is "Who do I make the check out to?" How this got past the censors is a mystery. Fun fact! Sissy is also a term for a crossdressing guy.


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