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There's a reason this show's G rating didn't keep. After all, it has been noted for its ability to keep both kids and adults entertained.

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  • Kaeloo's main Berserk Button is whenever Mr. Cat crushes a flower. Think about that one for a bit.
  • During Kaeloo's transformation, there's a whole scene showing her butt becoming bigger.
  • Mr. Cat is blatantly shown to be an alcoholic.
  • Yogurt. Need we say more?
  • Kaeloo's "booty dance" which she does half the time.
  • The way Mr. Cat attempts to get Kaeloo, who he has a crush on, to beat him up and the implications that he actually likes it. Word of St. Paul says he is actually a masochist.
  • The show is laden with religious references.
  • The word "terrorist" gets said several times in casual conversation and there are some jokes about Nazis.
  • The show loves using Suicide as Comedy.
  • Stumpy makes a lot of Double Entendres using the word "nuts", sometimes even intentionally.
  • The show repeatedly suggests that Kaeloo sends inappropriate photos and texts to Mr. Cat.

  • Unlike the actual show, which features plenty of Bloodless Carnage, Quack Quack bleeds yogurt when his arms are chopped off.
  • Mr. Cat says the word "crappy" onscreen, angering Kaeloo.

     Season 1 

Let's Play Prison-Ball

  • Kaeloo catching the ball using her butt.

Let's Play Doctors and Nurses

  • Mr. Cat decides to take Quack Quack's temperature... with a thermometer twice his size.
    Kaeloo: Mr. Cat, what are you doing with that gigantic thermometer?
    Mr. Cat: That's a good question.
    (Cue Stock Hulking Out Sequence from Let's Play Prison Bal)

Let's Play Red Light, Green Light

  • Mr. Cat is barbecuing Quack Quack and offers Kaeloo a piece of the meat: "A leg or a wing?" Kaeloo starts to get angry at him, so he replies by offering her a sausage instead: "A weenie?" Given the context in which he was asking the question...

Let's Play at Reading Books

  • Quack-Quack and Mr. Cat are shown looking at dirty magazines. Yes, the pictures are actually shown on-screen.
  • At the end of the episode, after Mr. Cat has been beaten into shapeshifting into a book, Kaeloo decides to read him to her other friends. As soon as she opens him, the screen goes black, coupled by a gasp and somewhat excited-sounding "Mr. CAT!". The original French version has her exclaiming "Ooh la la!". Both versions heavily imply she saw his goods, and that she likes what she sees. Given that in the English dub, she was re-written as male until the 11th episode...

Let's Play Hopscotch

  • This little gem, after Quack-Quack's underpants are flung from his offscreen position and onto Stumpy's head.
    Kaeloo: [Dreamily, eyes sparkling] Ooohhh! Quack-Quack is showing us the path!
  • Then there's the suspiciously-shaped spiky object illustrated as a torture device.

Let's Play Trap-Trap

  • A mild example compared to some of the other things on the show. Mr. Cat says he wants Kaeloo on his team, and once Stumpy and Quack Quack leave, Kaeloo grabs Mr. Cat into a hug and starts rubbing her head on his chest while snuggling up to him. If you look closely, her hands are touching his butt.

Let's Play Cops and Robbers

  • Mr. Cat talking to Stumpy about being a police assistant.
    Mr. Cat: [About assistants in cop movies] Yeah, but he's always the one to question the strippers.
  • After Kaeloo finds out that the empty yogurts have a little hole in the bottom, Mr. Cat says this:
    Mr. Cat: So what, we all have a little hole in the bottom.

Let's Play Simon Says

  • Mr. Cat tells Quack-Quack to take off his underwear, complete with upbeat music and a disgusted reaction from Mr. Cat. It turns out Quack-Quack is wearing a diaper underneath, which Mr. Cat laughs at once he gets the courage to actually look in his direction.

Let's Play Happy Rotter

  • Stumpy refers to the part of a documentary he expects a pair of crepidula to start mating on-screen as the "interesting bit". This is followed by a Head-Tiltingly Kinky moment when one of the crepidula changes sex from male to female.
  • When Kaeloo is trying to find Mr. Cat, who is under an invisibility spell, the impact of his strikes on her rear seem less like kicks than pinches.
  • Happy Rotter's friends are called "Red" and... "Morpionne". "Morpion" could be translated as "crab louse" in French. The worst part? The show's original language is French.

Let's Play TV News

  • Mr. Cat's guidelines about what makes a person a good weather presenter:
    Mr. Cat: To present the weather, you've either got to be sexy or bald.

Let's Play Hide 'N Hunt

  • When Stumpy and his clones try to make Kaeloo angry, they finally succeed, by mooning her. The animators even draw anuses on them for this scene. In the French dub, they call their attack "Trio Trou de Balle", which means "Asshole Trio" (though the term "trou de balle" is less offensive in French than "asshole" is in English). This was averted in the English dub, however, with him succeeding by farting at her instead. The attack is called "Squirrel Power Fart".

Let's Play Prince Charming

Let's Play Danger Island Survivor

  • When Mr. Cat finally loses his temper:
  • Mr. Cat sees Bad Kaeloo wearing a grass skirt (with nothing under it) and compliments her on it.

Let's Play Peace Man

  • Mr. Cat drops what seems to be a Cluster F-Bomb over a (malfunctioning) microphone. It's quite easy to make out the words since only parts of them are bleeped out:
    Mr. Cat: Stupid f*cking idiot! Godd*mn duck! Pile of ***! One more time and I'll break your b***!
  • At the end of the episode, Bad Kaeloo gives Mr. Cat a Forced Kiss, offscreen. His reaction, however, is as if she did something else to him...

Let's Play Market Vendors

  • When the lights go off, Mr. Cat tells Stumpy to turn them back on. Stumpy, who is standing right next to Mr. Cat, says he found the fuse box and pulls on it, and Mr. Cat, clearly in pain, informs him that that wasn't the fuse box.

Let's Play House

Let's Play Spies

  • Under the effects of Mr. Cat's Truth Serum, Stumpy admits that he actually enjoys crossdressing, and when he is alone he does it a lot.
  • Mr. Cat says his brothers used to "beat the crap out of him" when he still lived with them.

Let's Play Baby-Sitting

  • Stumpy asks Kaeloo to be "lovers" with Mr. Cat so they can produce a baby. Kaeloo, having just given him the (incomplete) "talk", likely knows all about how reproduction works, and she agrees to do this. When she and Mr. Cat are on a date later on in the episode, she makes a blatant attempt to seduce him, which ends in Mr. Cat pretty much attempting to force himself on her with a crazed, hungry look in his eyes. To make it worse, in the original French dub, he was straight up moaning. Thankfully, nothing actually happens.
  • A minor example compared to the above: Kaeloo wiggles her fingers together while wobbling her tongue, implying French kissing.

Let's Play Air Pockets

  • When Mr. Cat is role-playing as a pilot:
    Mr. Cat: [Rubbing joystick whilst looking lustfully at Kaeloo] Want to see how I operate my joystick?

Let's Play Treasure Hunt

  • Stumpy expresses disgust upon seeing Quack-Quack with yoghurt dribbling from his beak.
    Stumpy: You look like a sicko when you do that!
  • At the end of the episode, when Stumpy finds out that Kaeloo's "surprise" is a photo of herself and gets really mad at her, we get this:
    Kaeloo: But Stumpy, this photo came from my heart!
    Stumpy: You know where I'm going to put your photo?
    Stumpy prepares to perform an Ass Shove, but Kaeloo angrily transforms
    Stumpy: On a tee-shirt. I'm going to put it on a tee shirt.

Let's Play Cowboys and Indians

Let's Play Time Travel

  • When listing serial killers, Mr. Cat describes Bad Kaeloo as Bad Kaeloo the cat castrator.
  • Stumpy telling Quack-Quack not to get "too excited" about his (Stumpy's) new tongue piercing.

Let's Play Art Class

  • Mr. Cat calls the curator of the Smileyland museum and asks for finger food and pole dancers for the opening night.
  • At the end of the episode, Quack Quack paints a picture showing how he sees Mr. Cat. Kaeloo sees the painting and remarks that he has done a good job of capturing "the confusion in [Mr. Cat's] tormented soul", but she then realizes that he also painted a naked lady in the picture.

Let's Play Courtroom Drama

  • Stumpy asks one of the cardboard dummies out on a date after the trial, and then asks if she wants to see "his collection of nuts".

Let’s Play Musical Chairs

  • This little exchange between Kaeloo and Mr. Cat:
    Kaeloo: I wouldn’t like to be a chair. Imagine all those butts sitting on you!
    Mr. Cat: I guess it depends on the butt.

Let's Play Driver's License

  • When the narrator is yelling as the title card displays, in the French dub, he calls another driver a bastard. The English dub makes it a Curse Cut Short, "Son of a -!"
  • Stumpy finds out he needs to pay 15000 dollars to take the exam. When he tries to think of ways to get money, he briefly contemplates selling his sister.
  • Stumpy asks Mr. Cat how to pass a driving test. Mr. Cat tells him to "slip" a twenty dollar bill to the examiner, as in bribe them. Stumpy takes this literally and tries to slip a dollar bill between Kaeloo's butt cheeks.

Let's Play Astronauts

  • In the French dub, Alternate Universe!Stumpy, who is the exact opposite of Stumpy, says that Mr. Coolskin comic books are for "retarded" kids.

Let's Play Justice Masters

  • An English dub-exclusive one. When Mr. Cat finds out the cost of a spa package he'd been planning on buying, he angrily screams into the phone:
Mr. Cat: What is this, a Russian mail-order bride?!

Let's Play Streetball

  • Mr. Cat's positioning of a giant syringe full of white liquid.
    • Also, Mr. Cat's made up reason for chasing Quack Quack is that he wants to drug test him because of his constant eating of yogurt.
  • Mr. Cat's rap song ends on an... interesting note.
    Mr. Cat: ...'cause he keeps breaking my ba-
    Kaeloo: MISTER CAT!
    Kaeloo Hulks Out and prepares to beat him up
    Mr. Cat: Walls! I was gonna say walls!
    • Stumpy even lampshades this. "Keep breaking my walls? What does that mean?"
  • The rap music video spoof at the end. Look at Kaeloo's dance moves. Not to mention the lyrics being about the entire main cast going to Hell.

Let's Play Hot-Cold

  • Quack Quack is asked to hide a blanket so Kaeloo can find it for a game. He puts it in a place where she can't find it... in her buttcrack.

Let's Play Once Upon a Time

Let's Play Guess Who

  • A Parental Bonus; Mr. Cat calls Stumpy "nut-for-brains", which could either be referring to literal nuts since he's a squirrel, or something else entirely.

Let's Play Tea Party

  • Kaeloo explains that in polite society, men greet women with a kiss on the hand. Mr. Cat and Stumpy refuse for this reason:
    Mr. Cat: And where have those fingers been?
    Stumpy: Yeah, that's how you pick up diseases!

     Season 2 

Episode 60

  • Pretty says that the bride on the TV is a "bitch".
  • Stumpy mentions that his parents never married.
  • The girls (and Stumpy in drag) go to a nightclub. There are Chippendales Dancers there. As if that wasn't bad enough, the girls rush onstage to grope them offscreen. (Stumpy is nauseated and freaked out by this.) Kaeloo walks out holding a pair of underwear in her hands.
  • Meanwhile, Mr. Cat gets completely drunk while at a bar, and Quack Quack winds up having to get him home safely.

Episode 64

  • The fast food restaurant's name is "McDaube", which translates to "McCrap".
  • In the French dub of the episode, Stumpy says the F word when he sees how high the bill for his meal is.
  • Since he can't pay the bill, he offers to sell his sister to Mr. Cat.

Episode 65

  • When Stumpy does an impression of Mr. Cat, he goes up to a picture of Bad Kaeloo and asks the picture for a kiss... while wobbling his tongue, suggesting that he was asking for a French kiss.

Episode 68

  • The rap song the gang are singing at the beginning presumably ends with a swear word. Fortunately, Kaeloo is the one singing, and she refuses to sing any further.
  • While acting like a crazed rock fan, Stumpy says the F word.
  • The episode is all about the gang singing satanic rock. They even blatantly refer to it as satanic rock.

Episode 69

  • Kaeloo tells the gang that they should try to learn other languages. Due to a misunderstanding, Stumpy thinks he wants her to put someone else's tongue in his mouth. He says he'll never let anyone put their tongue in his mouth... except Ursula. "And that's just for making babies," he explains.

Episode 70

  • At the beginning of the episode, a close-up of Kaeloo's rear is shown.

Episode 71

  • Stumpy, who is trying to find the murderer in a game of Cluedo, thinks he has to solve it like an actual murder mystery. He then tells the audience he'll take them through a story of "betrayal, crime and death"... and then says he wants to add a bit of "sex" to the story.
  • When Stumpy is inside Pretty's head, he says he sees "Mr. Cat in a panther g-string". He then reveals that he was just kidding. Made considerably worse by the fact that Stumpy is Ambiguously Bi.
  • At the end of the episode, Stumpy swears onscreen, provoking an angered reaction from Kaeloo.

Episode 73

Episode 74

Episode 77

  • Stumpy says that dying might be scary for some people because "not everyone has nuts".

Episode 79

  • Mr. Cat buys a bottle of rum and a magazine with a pin-up in it. We later see him drunk and looking at the pin-up.

Episode 80

  • When Kaeloo mentions having cellulite, the audience gets a close-up of her rear.
  • Stumpy takes steroids to improve his performance at beach volleyball.

Episode 82

  • Pretty strongly suspects that Stumpy might be using illicit drugs.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Pretty casually smacks Kaeloo on the rear and talks about how big her butt is. Later in the episode, while helping Kaeloo get back at Pretty, Mr. Cat claims that he prefers women with curves.
  • One of Stumpy's attempts at getting Pretty to accept him as a model for her fashion line is... not really that appropriate.

Episode 83

  • Stumpy blatantly tells Mr. Cat that he and Ursula are going to French kiss.
  • At one point, Kaeloo, and Stumpy Disguised in Drag, meet each other in the girls' bathroom. They both awkwardly stare for a few minutes before promising not to tell anyone else.

Episode 84

  • The cast make their own sitcom. The plot? A family tries to help an illegal immigrant from Mexico stay in their country without being deported. This doesn't sound so bad until you realize that this is supposed to be a show for children.
  • At one point, Kaeloo almost says "freeze, motherfucker" (in English, for some reason).

Episode 85

  • At the beginning of the episode, Stumpy urgently has to use the bathroom, but it's occupied. He then tries going in the bushes, but Kaeloo stops him. His final solution is to steal Kaeloo's hat when she isn't looking, take it offscreen and do his business inside the hat. And then Kaeloo, unaware of what just happened, puts the hat on her head.
  • Following the incident mentioned above, Kaeloo transforms and throws Stumpy against the bathroom door. Mr. Cat, having just finished using the bathroom, opens the door to find Stumpy there, and assumes that he was spying on him.
  • During an argument involving Volleying Insults, Kaeloo calls Mr. Cat "Chat de gouttière". This term is used to describe a cat that doesn't have an exact breed. Fantastic Racism much?

Episode 87

  • Stumpy is shown very clearly drunk after drinking a bottle of wine.

Episode 88

  • Mr. Cat tells a psychotherapist about his oedipus complex. The only reason that slipped past the censors is probably because kids wouldn't understand what that meant.
  • Pretty threatens to break Stumpy's nuts during a fight.

Episode 91

  • Stumpy re-dubs a clip from "Let's Play Astronauts" to make Kaeloo say that he is the "sexiest" person ever.
  • Stumpy also re-dubs a clip of Mr. Cat to make it say that he likes it when people touch his rear.
  • Mr. Cat re-dubs a clip from "Let's Play Babysitting" which shows Kaeloo flirting with him to make it seem like she was trying to convince him to have sex with her. This is made considerably worse when you remember that "Let's Play Babysitting" was actually about Kaeloo trying to seduce Mr. Cat into sleeping with her, and the original clip had the exact same undertones and Mr. Cat just said it in a more straightforward manner.

Episode 93

Episode 94

  • One of the many "adult" problems Kaeloo has to deal with is a random stranger, who is strongly implied to be some kind of pedophile, giving Quack Quack drugged yogurt.

Episode 96

  • The carrots in this episode are clearly meant to parody cigars or cigarettes; they're addictive, and they cause health problems. It's especially evident in the restaurant scene: Stumpy chews his carrots, and the smell annoys Kaeloo (like non-smokers getting annoyed by the smell of tobacco smoke), he taps on the carrot and a few bits fall of (like ashes from a cigarette), and he throws the top of the carrot (the butt of the cigar) at Kaeloo. When Kaeloo asks Mr. Cat (the waiter) to make them leave, he says he can't because they're in the "carrot zone" (smoking zone).
  • At the end of the episode, Mr. Cat casually brings up his addiction to actual smoking as if it's not a problem.

Episode 98

  • Stumpy tells Kaeloo that aliens examined his nuts. He was really talking about acorns, but Kaeloo's reaction shows that she clearly thought he meant the other kind of nuts.

Episode 101

  • Quack Quack's yogurt is basically confirmed to be a drug: Mr. Cat goes up to Kaeloo and tells her Quack Quack cheated in an athletic event by eating it, and Kaeloo is horrified and reacts as though he was using steroids.
    • Even worse, Stumpy is caught using actual steroids to cheat.

Episode 104

  • One of Olaf's robots pinches Kaeloo's butt. Kaeloo's response?
    Kaeloo: (indignantly) It may be Christmas, but that doesn't mean you can touch my -
    gets pinched again

     Season 3 

Episode 105

  • At the beginning of the episode, Mr. Cat tells Kaeloo that he likes it when she transforms because of her butt. Yes, he directly says that to her face.
  • Kaeloo thinks Mr. Cat is going to transform Smileyland into a world where his fantasies come true.
    Kaeloo: And when I think of all the bad thoughts he could have...
    (a suggestive, excited expression appears on her face)
    I shiver.
  • Mr. Cat decides to take advantage of a Group Hug between the main four by pervertedly squeezing Kaeloo's butt.

Episode 106

  • Kaeloo tells Stumpy that the best way to get people to buy stuff at his garage sale is to "seduce" the client. Stumpy mistakes it for the other kind of "seduce" and dresses like a girl and tries to seduce Mr. Cat by acting “sexy”.
  • Mr. Cat winds up buying so much stuff at the garage sale that he can't fit it all into his place. As a result, he decides to break into Kaeloo's bedroom and sleep next to her in her bed without asking for permission. Of course, Kaeloo makes him sleep on the couch, but still.
  • The end of the episode reeks of Does This Remind You of Anything? Mr. Cat is hosting his own garage sale and Kaeloo offers to "buy" him so she can abuse him with violent, aggressive gestures of affection such as hugging and petting.

Episode 107

  • Kaeloo says she "loves" contracts and proceeds to act in a... very unusual manner with a table full of contracts. In front of Stumpy and Quack Quack, who are very confused by her behavior.
  • Mr. Cat asks Kaeloo out on a dinner date, and implies using Unusual Euphemisms that he wants to finish the date by having sex. The euphemisms are about him ejaculating inside her. Kaeloo fails to understand.

Episode 108

  • Stumpy starts singing about how he wishes he was a cat, because he'd be supple enough to "lick [his] own - ". Quack Quack cuts him off by dropping a bathtub on his head before he can finish the song.
  • When Stumpy finds out about how much people love cats, this, combined with his idolism of Mr. Cat, makes him think that being a cat is cool. He then talks about how he is "a cat trapped in a squirrel's body", and then later tries to get surgery to make himself look like a cat (Quack Quack also gets the surgery). Does This Remind You of Anything?

Episode 109

  • A clever example at the beginning, which only works in the French dub. Stumpy and Quack Quack are practicing spelling. Quack Quack, who can only say "Quack", writes "Quack" all over his paper. The French word for "Quack" is "Coin". Kaeloo notes that Quack Quack forgot the letter i in one of the "Coin"s, turning it into the French swear word "Con".
  • Mr. Cat tries to get Kaeloo to guess the meaning of a word by giving her a description of it: it's something round, and you'd love to caress it in your arms. What's the word? "Gluteus".
  • When Mr. Cat tells Kaeloo that another word for "butt" is "gluteus", Kaeloo remarks, in a very suggestive tone, that he "knows a lot about butts".
  • After this, Stumpy replaces the word "ass" in a lot of common expressions with "gluteus".
  • A milder one: Kaeloo needs Mr. Cat to annoy her so that she can transform. How does she ask him to do it? She drapes herself over his chest and tells him in an excited tone of voice to "annoy me". Mr. Cat stares at the audience, looking slightly uncomfortable.

Episode 110

  • Mr. Cat's slideshow about vampires somehow ends up including a picture of Bad Kaeloo. He seems mildly embarrassed about it, and Kaeloo is absolutely mortified, since that photo was apparently "private". Mr. Cat says that the photo was "for later". The whole thing plays out as if she shared a nude photo with him and he accidentally showed it on his slideshow.

Episode 115

Episode 118

  • Pretty takes a picture of herself kissing Mr. Cat while he's asleep and posts it online. The thing is, the picture shows him surrounded by empty beer bottles, implying that he passed out after drinking too much.
  • When Kaeloo bends over to smell a flower, Pretty walks up and takes a selfie next to her, so Kaeloo's butt is sticking in the air in the picture. Pretty posts the picture online, and even comments that Kaeloo has cellulite.
  • Stumpy decides to get revenge on Pretty by posting a photo of her using the bathroom on the internet. When he can't get a proper picture, he ends up photoshopping pictures of her instead, implying that he put up photoshopped nudes of her on the internet.

Episode 119

  • Stumpy uses a Portal Door to get inside Mr. Cat's head. The latter, desperate to get him out, imagines a vision of Stumpy's naked mother surrounded by giant octopi. A freaked out Stumpy runs out the door screaming and rants about what a sicko his friend is.

Episode 120

  • The episode begins with Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack playing "pirates" by sitting in a bathtub pretending it's a pirate ship. Stumpy cracks a joke, and the three of them start laughing. Mr. Cat walks by and sees them laughing together in a bathtub, and then remarks that he does NOT want to know what game they're playing.

Episode 121

  • After the interview, the scene cuts to the main four at home the next morning. There's empty chip bags and food containers lying everywhere, the main four look sluggish and tired, and there's a bunch of empty beer/wine bottles, implying that they may have gotten drunk the night before.
  • Mr. Cat calls Stumpy the "token disabled character".

Episode 122

  • One of the things Mr. Cat mentions in his Hurricane of Puns about what kids care about these days is "size doesn't matter."

Episode 123

Episode 125

  • Kaeloo needs to use the bathroom and has been holding on for a long time, and Mr. Cat finally tricks her and takes it for himself. Kaeloo transforms and breaks the door down. Mr. Cat, sitting on the toilet, responds by offering to make some space for her.

Episode 127

  • "Zeus" (Kaeloo) finds out that "Hades" (Mr. Cat) stole the souls of all the flowers of Olympus and sets out to free them. "Hades" assures "Zeus" that the flowers are fine, and he opens a door to show her. From inside, sounds of whipping and torture can be heard, but the people inside seem to be enjoying it. "Zeus" tells him that she knows that he's lying, and that door was apparently the "door of masochists". Yes, they referenced masochism on a kids' show (well, in a more blatant way than they usually do).

Episode 128

  • Kaeloo is seen walking one of the sheep. The sheep is then shown peeing on a lamppost, onscreen.

Episode 129

  • Mr. Cat finally makes his wish at the end of the episode: a bar full of drinks and several clones of Kaeloo.

Episode 130

  • Kaeloo, who is trying to use stereotypes to explain the difference between boys and girls, tries to say that the first way to find the difference between boys and girls is to look at what is in their rooms. Before she can say the word "room", Stumpy blurts out "underwear", and Kaeloo angrily corrects him.
  • Later in the episode, while trying to prove the difference, Kaeloo says that boys pee standing up and girls pee sitting down.
  • After numerous attempts by Kaeloo to try to explain the difference between boys and girls using outdated stereotypes (such as that boys are messy, or girls like dramatic TV shows), Mr. Cat tells Kaeloo what he believes is the only real difference between the genders: "Boys have a thing which sticks out."

Episode 134

Episode 135

  • Stumpy pees in public at the beginning of the episode, and the pee is actually shown onscreen.
  • Mr. Cat mentions that Mr. Director from the Board of Directors has several dancing girls. Kaeloo even lampshades that he shouldn't be saying stuff like that on a kids' show.
  • While eating sausages, Mr. Cat makes some... interesting sounds.

Episode 139

  • Robquacknote  wears a towel around his waist. Ratman's neighbor shows up to his apartment uninvited and asks "Am I interrupting you?" in a flirty tone while pointedly staring at the towel.
  • The neighbor also makes comments about "being open-minded" and assures them that she's fine with the "modern" idea of a duck and a squirrel living together.
  • It's heavily implied that the neighbor thought they were having sex before she walked into their apartment.

Episode 141

  • In a last-ditch effort to win, Kaeloo takes her already slightly inappropriate "booty dance" to a whole new level, even shaking her butt in a suggestive doggy pose at one point. The outfit she wears while doing this is barely appropriate; she wears tight-fitting pants which prominently show her butt, and instead of wearing a shirt, she is completely topless except for two coins covering where her nipples would be. The judges (Pretty, Eugly and Olaf) are appropriately horrified by this display of vulgarity.
  • Mr. Cat's song for the contest contains the word "ass".

Episode 145

  • Quack Quack whacks Mr. Cat with a baseball bat; the look on Mr. Cat's face and the positioning of the bat strongly suggest that Quack Quack hit him in the groin.

Episode 146

Episode 150

  • Mr. Cat gets angry because Pretty Called him "Minou". The French word "minou" is similar to the English "pussy"; it's used to refer to a cat, but it also means something else.

     Season 4 
Episode 153
  • Kaeloo lists off Mr. Cat's bad traits in her Imagine Spot. One of them is "libidinous".

Episode 162

  • The audience is shown recordings of the main four doing different jobs. One of them has Mr. Cat being a doctor, and just before the scene cuts away, we see Mr. Cat slipping a latex glove on and telling his patient to "turn around".

Episode 172

  • The episode's plot is that someone drew vulgar graffiti in a bathroom stall and Kaeloo has to find out who it was. What's the thing they drew? A penis.

Episode 174

  • It's strongly suggested that Mr. Cat has some kind of vore fetish.

Episode 176

  • Stumpy asks Mr. Cat to explain quantum mechanics to him. Knowing how difficult that would be, Mr. Cat offers to teach him how babies are made... and he holds up a carrot and a mug.
  • Mr. Cat asks Kaeloo if her butt is fake.

Episode 178

  • While Kaeloo and Pretty are talking on the phone, Mr. Cat annoys Kaeloo and gets her to transform and beat him up as usual. Pretty hears the resulting noises through the phone and it's strongly suggested that she thought they were having sex.

Episode 180

  • Kaeloo tells Mr. Cat that he shouldn't be teaching Stumpy about marital disputes because that's not appropriate for a kid Stumpy's age. Stumpy tells Kaeloo that he watches things that aren't for kids his age on the internet all the time. Subverted as it turns out that he was watching knitting videos for old ladies.

Episode 190

  • On Mr. Cat's TV show, the characters who is supposed to represent Kaeloo asks the character who is supposed to represent Mr. Cat for a kiss. As they begin making out, the scene cuts to everyone else's reaction to watching this. Stumpy remarks that things are getting a little too hot.

Episode 191

  • Stumpy gets turned into a 30-year-old man (physically, not mentally). Ursula calls him on the phone and Mr. Cat realizes that if Stumpy is 30 and Ursula is still a child, things may get a little... ahem, "complicated".

Episode 192

  • Kaeloo spins around repeatedly and gets dizzy, so she ends up falling on of Mr. Cat, who is asleep. The latter wakes up to find Kaeloo lying on top of him.
    Mr. Cat: (smirking) If this is a new game, I don't know the rules!
    Kaeloo: This is a misunderstanding, Mr. Cat! It's not what you think!

Episode 194

  • When asked about the romantic relationship between himself and Kaeloo, Mr. Cat's response would be fine if not for the way he describes it:
    Mr. Cat: Of course. The frog is crazy about me. I'm not even going to tell you about those nonstop texts she sends me...
    He fans himself with his hand and lets out what sounds like a Wolf Whistle
  • When Mr. Cat walks up to the stage, some of the audience members throw their underwear at him.
    • At the end of the episode, Mr. Cat reveals that he actually paid the audience to do that.

Episode 197

  • Kaeloo is desperately trying to distract Mr. Cat from what she said earlier, so she starts doing the "booty dance" to get his attention.

     Season 5 
Episode 239
  • Mr. Cat explains to an audience of young children that one of his favorite parts of making Kaeloo transform is the sound her butt makes when it pops out. Kaeloo is understandably enraged.

     The Comics 
  • The beginning of Volume 1 introduces us to the main four. The scene where Bad Kaeloo is introduced goes like this: an angry Bad Kaeloo is jumping on Mr. Cat, and rather than showing any signs of pain, Mr. Cat outright moans in pleasure and then screams torture instructions at her, such as "Scratch my back!"
  • One of the stories has Stumpy get a magic lamp so he can make a wish. What does he wish for? To be transformed into a beautiful girl.
  • Kaeloo's lisp makes Mr. Cat misunderstand a game's instructions, so instead of catching Stumpy, he coughs on him, making him sick. Quack Quack shows up dressed as a nurse to help him, and Stumpy falls in love with him and ends up kissing him on the lips.
  • Kaeloo tells Stumpy and Quack Quack to take a bath. They take a bath together.
  • Also from the story where she makes them take a bath: She tells them not to forget to clean their butts, and an arrow points to her own.
  • One story has Mr. Cat and Stumpy blackmail Kaeloo into transforming so she can perform random tasks for them using her Super-Strength. While Stumpy merely asks her to crack some nuts for him, it's implied that the "favor" Mr. Cat asked her for was to strangle him. The scene where she strangles him even shows a speech bubble with a little heart next to him.
  • In one story, Mr. Cat takes a sketch of the Vitruvian Man and replaces his head with Quack Quack. Everything else is left intact as in the original drawing, including the uncensored genitals.

     Kaeloo Rush