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A page for describing Funny Moments for Kaeloo. Warning: You might be here for a while.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers will be unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Mr. Cat's attempts to hurt Quack Quack, and his justifications for doing so, almost always fall into this category.
  • Any time Stumpy does something stupid (which happens very often).
  • Stumpy dressing up as a girl.
  • Kaeloo's "booty dance".
  • Almost any time Stumpy plays video games.
    Stumpy (to the game characters): I'll kill you. I'll bury you in a hole! IN A HOLE!
  • Instances where Mr. Cat tries to torture Stumpy instead of Quack Quack. Rather than threaten him with a bazooka or chainsaw, he instead comes up with mundane punishments like slapping him in the face with a pair of underwear or telling on him to Kaeloo. Coming from Mr. Cat, it's hilarious.
  • Did the scene before the Smash to Black end with Kaeloo doing something absolutely horrible to Mr. Cat like punching him, squashing him flat, or setting him on fire? Odds are the next scene has Kaeloo happily hanging out with Mr. Cat as though nothing happened between them and she was never angry in the first place.

  • Mr. Cat in a Hockey Mask and Chainsaw chopping off Quack Quack's arms.
  • Every time Stumpy's neck spasms, Kaeloo orders him to go back to the starting line since she thinks it counts as movement.
  • "Hey, Quack Quack's on fire."

     Season One 

Let's Play Prison-Ball

  • At the beginning of the episode, Mr. Cat says that he hates Quack Quack since he has a beak, and he tells Kaeloo to imagine how everyone would look like with a beak. Kaeloo imagines it and says she thinks it would be cute, and then she turns around to face Mr. Cat, who suddenly has a beak. After Kaeloo faints out of shock, Mr. Cat says "See? I told you it was freaky." Kaeloo responds by putting him on the opposite team.
  • Stumpy, due to Early Installment Weirdness, says that he does not want to be on the same team as Mr. Cat, since he believes that Cats Are Mean. Mr. Cat's response? "Yeah, and they eat dumb squirrels too."
  • Mr. Cat sums up the game of prison-ball:
    Mr. Cat: You aim for your opponent's face, you smash it open, and it's the victim who goes in the can? Cool game.
  • Kaeloo somehow manages to catch the ball with her butt.
  • Kaeloo does the booty dance, and everybody else joins in. Except Mr. Cat, who is just staring at her with a Twitchy Eye and a Sweat Drop.
  • Stumpy can't decide who to throw the ball at, so Mr. Cat decides to help him.
    Mr. Cat: Wanna know what the frog said about your sister?
    (Mr. Cat whispers something in Stumpy's ear)
    Stumpy: My sister? No one says that about my sister!
    (Stumpy throws the ball at Kaeloo with full force)
    Stumpy: Wait a minute... I don't have a sister.
    • The fact that Kaeloo manages to catch the ball anyway.
  • Stumpy treats the "prison" like an actual prison. The best part is when he gets a tattoo of the map of the prison on his tummy... and it's just a blank white rectangle, which is what the prison really is.
  • After Mr. Cat hits Kaeloo with the ball and knocks her out, he panics and hides behind a sack barrier while wearing a soldier hat.
  • When Mr. Cat cheats at the game using a basketball hoop:
    Kaeloo: A basketball hoop? That's cheating, Mr. Cat!
    Mr. Cat: Unzio, we're playing prison-ball. Deuzio, all jailbirds play basketball. Troizio, I once knew a guy who could swallow twelve miles of sausage without swallowing.
  • This little exchange between Kaeloo and Mr. Cat:
    Kaeloo: Mr. Cat, you're going too far with that bazooka!
    Mr. Cat: Bathooka? What bathooka? Oh, this? This ain't a bathooka, it's a bazooka.
  • Mr. Cat cheating? Alright. Mr. Cat shooting spiked dodgeballs out of a bazooka? Okay. Mr. Cat accidentally steps on a flower? No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • Once Kaeloo transforms, Mr. Cat picks up the ball and throws it in his own face. He then claims that since he "got hit", he should go to the "prison", and he takes off running.

Let’s Play Doctors and Nurses

  • After Stumpy lets out a Sneeze of Doom:
    Kaeloo: Oh, did you catch a cold, Stumpy?
    Stumpy: (with snot dribbling down his face and wearing a scarf for warmth) How did you guess?
  • As soon as Kaeloo suggests playing Doctors and Nurses, Quack Quack gets up and runs away.
  • When Stumpy is in the waiting room: "Oh, cool! Ten year old magazines!"
  • Kaeloo calls Quack Quack instead of Stumpy for an examination. Stumpy tells her how bad his situation is and Kaeloo looks at him sympathetically and says "Aww..." before slamming the door in his face.
  • Kaeloo and Mr. Cat blatantly ignoring Stumpy (who is severely ill) and focusing on Quack Quack, who is perfectly fine, is just as funny as it is sad.
  • Stumpy eats a random toadstool he finds in the forest, which turns out to be poisonous. When he tries telling the others, Mr. Cat tells him to come back in 6 months.
  • Mr. Cat greeting the imaginary nurses, especially Kaeloo's confused reaction to it.
  • Mr. Cat being greedy.
    Mr. Cat: Make sure your patient can pay. You're not the Salvation Army. (slamming Quack Quack on the bed repeatedly) Does the duck have health insurance?! Is his credit good?!
  • Mr. Cat, due to Early Installment Weirdness, is basically a personification of the Evil Is Hammy trope in this episode.
  • Mr. Cat performs a "reflex test" by smashing Quack Quack with a mallet. Quack Quack's leg twitches, and Mr. Cat notes that there's nothing wrong with his reflexes.
  • Mr. Cat's psychopathic joy over running tests on Quack Quack would be creepy if it wasn't so over the top. First he is freaked out that he doesn't have any teeth despite the fact that Quack Quack never had any teeth, then he tests Quack Quack's reflexes using a giant mallet and finally we get this little piece of conversation:
    Kaeloo: I am more of a fan of homeopathy cures.
    Mr. Cat: (holding a bunch of needles in his hands while making a Slasher Smile) Acupuncture? I am all for it, muahahahaha...
    Kaeloo: No, plants and flowers that cure you.
    Mr. Cat: I'm a doctor, not a florist. I'm gonna book him in for surgery, but, before that... (starts throwing papers around) scanners, MRAs, X-rays, colonoscopies, the whole nine yards, muahahahaha!
    Kaeloo: Is all that really necessary, Mr. Cat?
    Mr. Cat: No, but it earns weekends on the beach, muahahahahaha!
  • Mr. Cat and Kaeloo play tug of war with Quack Quack, resulting in him being split in half.
  • "I broke a leg!"
  • Mr. Cat decides to take Quack Quack's temperature with a giant thermometer, which makes Kaeloo angry enough to transform. He then mentions how bad her breath smells ("Is there a skunk in there or what?") While Quack Quack grabs his other half and escapes, Bad Kaeloo can be seen hitting Mr. Cat repeatedly over the head with the thermometer.
  • Kaeloo and Mr. Cat see a very sick Stumpy lying on the bed. What do they do? Give him treatment? No. They ask where Quack Quack is.
  • Mr. Cat and Kaeloo's final diagnosis of Stumpy's condition.
    Kaeloo and Mr. Cat: You... are... a squirrel.
  • Mr. Cat tells Kaeloo he knows a good psychotherapist who can help her with her double personality issue. The scene cuts to Kaeloo lying on a Freudian Couch, talking about her childhood to this psychotherapist. The camera pans out to reveal that the psychotherapist recommended by Mr. Cat was himself.
  • Mr. Cat the "psychotherapist" tells Kaeloo that his bill is 500 dollars. When she transforms out of anger, we get a darkly humorous double personality joke from Mr. Cat:
    Mr. Cat: And whose name on the prescription?

Let's Play Red Light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3

  • The whole scene before the episode title card: When Quack Quack has problems with opening a yogurt container, Stumpy suggests using a chainsaw. Kaeloo explains to him that chainsaws are for cutting trees, and she whacks the bottom of the container. The yogurt flies out and hits a rock, but she considers it "open" anyway. She then tells Stumpy that he should use his head, which he misunderstands as her telling him to use his head to cut trees (and he proceeds to run headlong into a tree).
  • Later, Quack Quack is licking the yogurt off the rock. When he gets excited at the prospect of playing a game, he tosses the rock into the air and it falls on Stumpy's head.
  • Kaeloo contemplates whether or not she should allow Mr. Cat to play.
    Kaeloo: The last time you played with us, you really hurt Quack Quack.
    Mr. Cat: Oh, that was an accident.
    Kaeloo: An accident?! Have you forgotten? You exploded his head with a bazooka!
  • Each time Stumpy's Tourette's Syndrome causes his neck to spasm, Kaeloo counts it as movement and sends him back to the starting line.
  • Mr. Cat torturing Quack Quack. Every single part of it.
  • The best part of the montage of Mr. Cat torturing Quack Quack? Kaeloo turns around and finds them in all sorts of compromising positions, like Mr. Cat with his hands around Quack Quack's neck, but since they're standing still as the rules of the game say they should, Kaeloo completely ignores this and calls Stumpy out for "moving".
  • Stumpy's calm demeanor as he says "Uhh, Quack Quack's on fire."
    • Kaeloo sends him back to the starting line because him speaking apparently counts as movement.
  • Stumpy shows up with a fire extinguisher to put out the fire and save Quack Quack. Rather than using it in the intended way, he throws it at Quack Quack. It works, but then it flies into the air and lands on Stumpy's head.
  • When Mr. Cat is chosen to be the "light" in the game, when he turns around, he shoots a missile from his bazooka at the other three. Kaeloo and Stumpy run away, while Quack Quack stands in place, gets hit by the missile, and flies into the air. Mr. Cat's response? "Quack Quack, you moved!"
  • When Kaeloo transforms and screams at Mr. Cat, he points out that she just moved. She nonchalantly picks him up and starts beating him. Mr. Cat notes that she has "zero sense of humor".
  • After being launched several feet into the air, Quack Quack starts to enjoy his newfound ability to fly. Just then, he stops being able to fly and comes crashing down.
  • Desperate to win, Stumpy comes across something he can use to help him reach the wall faster. There's a pair of brand new roller skates on a pedestal with a spotlight on it, and an old chainsaw lying on the ground next to it. Stumpy takes the chainsaw, puts it on the ground and lets it drag him along.

Let's Play at Reading Books

  • At the beginning of the episode, Mr. Cat tries reading a book over Quack Quack's shoulder and moves away each time Quack Quack turns around. As a result, Quack Quack doesn't know he is there. Kaeloo calls Quack Quack for a snack, so Quack Quack runs to her after slamming the book... right in Mr. Cat's face.
  • Stumpy loses his video game as usual, so Quack Quack wins the level for him and gives it back. Ignoring the fact that Quack Quack was the one who won, Stumpy says "I'm totally awesome!"
  • How Kaeloo gets Stumpy to join:
    Kaeloo: Let's play at reading books!
    (Kaeloo claps her hands and bookshelves fall out of the sky)
    Stumpy: That's a terrible game. I'm outta here.
    (Another bookshelf falls on Stumpy's head)
    Stumpy: Okay, I'll stay.
  • Stumpy tries reading a Physics book, only to end up screaming in horror because the book has no pictures.
  • Stumpy running around yelling "Comics! Comics! Comics!" repeatedly.
  • Mr. Cat sees Quack Quack reading a book and decides to attack him.
    Mr. Cat: Today will be Saint Quack Quack's day!
  • This exchange, which takes place after Mr. Cat makes a bit of noise:
    Kaeloo: Shh. This is a library.
    (Mr. Cat crashes into a bookshelf)
    Mr. Cat: I hadn't noticed.
  • Mr. Cat grabs Quack Quack's book and runs away with it. Quack Quack tries to tell Kaeloo. Kaeloo berates him for "making noise".
  • Mr. Cat talking to a picture of a pretty girl in the magazine he's reading.
  • Mr. Cat doesn't take kindly to Quack Quack speeding by and taking his pin-up book:
    Mr. Cat: Okay, duck, it's war... (loads a book in his bazooka) and peace.
    (launches the book, which opens mid-flight and turns into a missile that blows up Quack Quack offscreen behind Kaeloo)
    (Mr. Cat beats Quack Quack with his mallet)
  • Stumpy finds the entire collection of his favorite superhero comics in the library and decides to show his friends. Nobody else has even heard of the series, and Bad Kaeloo throws the comic books (and Mr. Cat) onto a pile of books she found inappropriate and sets them all on fire.
  • After Kaeloo reverts back to normal, she sees the fire she made.
    Kaeloo: What have I done this time? Oh, I know! I got angry again!
  • Thanks to Bad Kaeloo beating on him, Mr. Cat has been turned into a book. Kaeloo tries to read the "book", and it's implied she sees his goods at the end, and likes what she sees.

Let's Play Magicians

  • Stumpy Lampshade Hanging the Running Gag where objects fall on his head.
    Stumpy: Why do things always fall on me, huh? Why?!
  • Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack's dance routine, and Mr. Cat's reaction. Every single time.
  • Stumpy tries his hand at magic tricks:
    Stumpy: Abracadabra! Now you have it... a rabbit!
    (Nothing happens)
    Stumpy: Abracadabra! Now you have it, a rabbit!
    (Nothing happens)
    Stumpy: Abracadabra! Now you have it, a rabbit!
    (Nothing happens, Stumpy picks up the hat and shakes it, and still nothing happens)
    (Stumpy picks up the wand and starts hitting the hat with it)
    Stumpy: (yelling) AAAHH! Bad, bad rabbit! Come out of there NOW!
    (Stumpy throws the wand at the hat in frustration, and it bounces back and gets stuck in his nose)
    Stumpy: AAAAAHH! This stupid wand is bogus!
    Kaeloo: Now, look. In magic, you need a trick. Have you got one?
    Stumpy: Well, of course not, because it's magic and magic is magical!
  • When Kaeloo informs Stumpy that magic isn't real, he is so shocked that the wand (which had gotten stuck in his nose) flies out on its own.
  • Mr. Cat introducing himself to the "audience" (that is to say, only Kaeloo).
    Mr. Cat: Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to the great, the handsome, the colossal, the mesmerizing, the more perfect than perfect... Mr. Cat!"
  • Then there's this scene:
    Kaeloo: If you give a boo-boo to Quack Quack...
    Mr. Cat: Give a boo-boo to Quack Quack? Me? What an idea!
    (Mr. Cat pulls out a bunch of stuff from a box)
    Mr. Cat: Saw, ax, bear trap, chainsaw, crowbar...
  • Stumpy trying and failing to kill himself when he finds out that magic isn't real. He sees a rope and a flowerpot nearby, so he stands on a stool, ties the rope to his neck and hangs it off the tree, and holds the flowerpot. He jumps; since the rope is too long, he just lands safely on the ground. Then, he throws the flowerpot on the ground and breaks it.
  • "Life is magical, life is magical. How many times have I heard that? If magic doesn't exist, then life itself doesn't exist!"
  • The fact that Kaeloo actually believes that Mr. Cat's magic trick is a trick.
  • After Bad Kaeloo punishes Mr. Cat by performing painful magic tricks on him, she starts doing the dance routine. Mr. Cat is more horrified by the dance than the actual punishment and begs her for mercy. Quack Quack then joins in the dance.

Let's Play Hopscotch

  • The episode begins with Kaeloo teaching Stumpy how to play hopscotch, using a pebble. Stumpy tries to do the same thing, only using a boulder. He throws the boulder into the air and it lands on Quack Quack's head.
  • When Quack Quack returns from Heaven, he gets a halo on his head. Stumpy decides that he wants one too and decides to finish the game. Having learned nothing from the last time, he uses a boulder again. This time, it falls on his own head, and he gets stars around his head in the shape of a halo. Mr. Cat remarks that he would have been happy to oblige.
  • Each time Stumpy touches Quack Quack's halo, he gets an electric shock from it.
  • Mr. Cat shows Kaeloo and Stumpy a book with pictures of Quack Quack being graphically tortured. While Kaeloo is downright horrified, Stumpy excitedly says "Ooh, gorey!"
  • Kaeloo and Stumpy find out that the only way to get to Heaven by playing hopscotch is to suffer, so Mr. Cat offers to set up a very dangerous hopscotch game that will torment them. Methods of torture include being shot with arrows, being eaten by lions and... eating the European Constitution.
  • Quack Quack does Mr. Cat's hopscotch game, and Kaeloo and Stumpy watch as he is tortured mercilessly. At one point, Quack Quack's underwear is flung onto Stumpy's head. Stumpy responds with this:
    Stumpy: I'm not sure I want a halo anymore. This hat's pretty cool though.
  • After Quack Quack manages to finish Mr. Cat's ridiculously difficult and dangerous hopscotch game, he gets Dragged Off to Hell, prompting this response from Mr. Cat:
    Mr. Cat (fake horror): Oh, I made a mistake! I wrote "Hell" instead of "Heaven"! How absent-minded of me.
    Stumpy: Well, there's an understatement for you.
  • When Bad Kaeloo gets angry at Mr. Cat and starts chasing him, Mr. Cat actually tries to reopen the portal to Hell. When this doesn't work, he forms a cross with his fingers and yells "Get thee behind me, froggus!"
  • After all of this has happened, Kaeloo and Stumpy are playing hopscotch with Mr. Cat as though nothing happened at all.
  • After Quack Quack returns from Hell, Kaeloo thinks there's something slightly different about him but can't put her finger on it, while Stumpy thinks that nothing has changed. It's painfully obvious that Quack Quack has been turned into a demon.

Let’s Play Trap-Trap

  • Quack Quack jumps off a cliff and attempts suicide over being deprived of yogurt. Kaeloo tries to tell Stumpy that she feels sorry for Quack Quack, but she realizes that he's gone because he's also trying to jump off the same cliff because he lost a video game.
  • The scenes where Stumpy yells at his video game characters.
  • Mr. Cat inquires what happened to Quack Quack, and Kaeloo explains.
    Kaeloo: Quack Quack has decided to give up yogurt for one hour.
    (Quack Quack glares at Kaeloo with Fireball Eyeballs)
    Kaeloo: Oh, alright. I decided that Quack Quack would give up yogurt for one hour.
  • Quack Quack's withdrawal symptoms, period.
  • Mr. Cat wants to team up with Kaeloo, but she reminds him that they were supposed to pick teams by playing "Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe". He chants "the squirrel with the old duck-face" instead of the usual lyrics, and only points to Stumpy and Quack Quack, ensuring that the teams are made the way he wanted them, and this is accepted.
  • The gang deciding which team should chase the other:
    Stumpy: Are you going to trap us, or are we trapping you?
    Mr. Cat: Can I see some ID?
    Stumpy: ID? What ID?
    Mr. Cat: No ID? You're going to jail.
  • One part of the game involves stopping at a signboard and doing what the board says on the spot, like exercises. One of the signboards depicts Kaeloo catching Stumpy. Once it happens, Stumpy even lampshades how unfair that is.
  • Mr. Cat runs by, chasing Quack Quack with a giant mallet. Kaeloo sees him and calls him out on it, so he tries to lie his way through.
    Kaeloo: Mr. Cat! What's that in your hand?
    —>Mr. Cat: Oh, this? Uh... it's a wart. I should really see a skin doctor.
    Kaeloo: You're a big liar, Mr. Cat! That's not a wart, it's a big mallet!
    —>Mr. Cat: Oh, of course. Now that you mention it, (fake surprise) it's a big mallet! (Mr. Cat throws the mallet away) Thanks for being honest with me. That's how you know how your real buddies are.
  • Mr. Cat insists that he would never hurt Quack Quack... while chasing the duck with a giant mallet.
  • Mr. Cat gets tired of chasing Quack Quack, so he pretends that there is free yogurt available. When Quack Quack comes up to get it, he confesses that it was "misleading advertising". Quack Quack gets so angry that he hits Mr. Cat several times with a giant mallet.
  • Quack Quack hallucinates his friends as giant yogurts and then tries to eat them.
  • "I may be nuts, but I'm not crazy."
  • Kaeloo gets extremely pissed off at Mr. Cat, despite the fact that he just saved everyone's lives, and transforms. Mr. Cat nervously asks "No more... big hug, big hug?"
  • Quack Quack eats half of Kaeloo's brain.

Let's Play Teachers

  • Stumpy suggests playing a Mr. Coolskin game. Kaeloo doesn't know about Mr. Coolskin so Stumpy gives her a detailed explanation of who he is. After he's done, Kaeloo pulls in a blackboard and suggests playing Teachers. Stumpy asks if she was listening to him at all, and she confesses that she wasn't.
  • Kaeloo walks into the classroom to find an insulting drawing of her on the board, which was drawn by Stumpy. Rather than get angry, she claps back with the perfect response:
    Kaeloo: I think I should give you drawing lessons.
  • This:
    Kaeloo: Now, let's see which one of you has done his homework.
    —>(Quack Quack raises his hand)
    —>Kaeloo: You! Only kidding.
    —>(Stumpy tries to hide under his desk)
    —>Kaeloo: Stumpy!
    Stumpy: Well, what do you know, it's always got to be me.
  • Most of Stumpy's answers to the questions Kaeloo asks him.
    Kaeloo: Who discovered America?
    —>Stumpy: Uhh... Mr. Coolskin?
  • Quack Quack answers every question with "Quack". When Kaeloo asks Stumpy a question, he decides to answer with "Quack" since everything Quack Quack answers is correct. Kaeloo says Stumpy's answer is wrong, and then she asks Quack Quack, who also says "Quack", and says that's the right answer.
  • Stumpy threatening to beat up Quack Quack at recess.
  • Mr. Cat sees Kaeloo playing "teachers" with the others and tries to guess what they're playing:
    Mr. Cat: (to Kaeloo) Let me guess, you're playing at producing more jobless?
  • Stumpy claims to be really good at math. And then he shows how good he is at it.
    Stumpy: One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four sheep...
    Stumpy falls asleep.
  • Mr. Cat punches Stumpy and asks him to "pass it on". Stumpy punches Quack Quack, right in front of Kaeloo, and says it wasn't him, it was Mr. Cat.
  • Kaeloo threatens to send Stumpy out of class if he misbehaves. As a result of this, Stumpy hits Quack Quack with a baseball bat to get kicked out, but Kaeloo tells him to write "I will never again hit my classmate with a baseball bat" a thousand times.
  • Mr. Cat hurting Quack Quack and pretending to be doing something nice, for example jumping on him like a trampoline and claiming that it's a heart massage and he's "saving Quack Quack' life".
  • Mr. Cat and Stumpy actually succeed in driving Kaeloo insane. She spends the rest of the episode arguing with Bad Kaeloo. Mr. Cat decides to give Stumpy advice on this situation:
    Mr. Cat Must be the new curriculum. If I were you, I'd forget about your SATs.
    Stumpy: I agree. (Beat) SATs?
    Mr. Cat: It's like working. Blood, sweat, and then tears!
  • The next day, they come back to see that Kaeloo is still arguing with Bad Kaeloo.

Let's Play Cops and Robbers

  • Quack Quack tells Stumpy through Hand Signals that his yogurt "flew away"note . Stumpy decides to call for help - not to deal with the stolen yogurt, but to deal with the "duck wih a screw loose".
  • Mr. Cat tries to get Quack Quack to confess to stealing his own yogurt by whacking him on the head and yelling at such a loud volume he can be heard on the other side of Smileyland (which is a planet).
  • When Mr. Cat asks Stumpy to play the police assistant, he refuses until Mr. Cat reminds him about one advantage of the job which causes him to immediately accept:
    Mr. Cat: He's always the one to question the strippers.
  • Stumpy gets Mr. Cat to lose control of the car he's driving by launching a banana and getting it stuck in his nose.
  • When Bad Kaeloo tells Mr. Cat to confess, but he says he won't (since he's actually innocent for once). Then she punches him, so:
    Mr. Cat: Okay, I confess a bit.

Let's Play Simon Says

  • Kaeloo greeting random objects such as the flowers, the road, and the trash.
  • Kaeloo finds Quack Quack's beak in a pile of trash while the guys are watching TV. Mr. Cat nonchalantly grabs it and sticks it on top of Quack Quack's head instead of over his mouth. Quack Quack continues to eat yogurt by tossing it into the air and catching it in his beak.
  • Stumpy and Mr. Cat misunderstanding Kaeloo due to her pronunciation of "Simon" (her lisp makes it sound like "Thimon").
  • Mr. Cat uses "Simon Says" to get Quack Quack to remove his underwear; it turns out he's wearing a diaper underneath.
  • At the end of the episode, Bad Kaeloo chases Mr. Cat around and beats him up. Stumpy, who is watching TV with Quack Quack, turns around and tells them to shut up since he can't hear the TV.

Let’s Play Happy Rotter

  • At the beginning of the episode, Stumpy and Quack Quack watch a documentary on crepidula. When one of the crepidula changes sex to mate, Kaeloo transforms and throws the TV away. Stumpy misunderstands her actions as Fantastic Racism towards crepidula.
  • Stumpy trying to tell Kaeloo why she can't play Happy Rotter:
    Stumpy: Happy Rotter is a boy!
    Kaeloo: So?
    Stumpy: And you're a...
    Kaeloo: A what?
    Stumpy: A frog girl.
    Kaeloo: You're a squirrel.
    Stumpy (after Kaeloo walks off): BUT YOU'RE STILL A GIRL!
  • Stumpy pretending to be a girl (Happy Rotter's girlfriend, Morpionenote .

Let’s Play TV News

  • Mr. Cat parodies the Yawn and Reach trope by using it to punch Quack Quack.
  • Kaeloo tries to convince her buddies to play games with her instead of watching TV, and at one point in the conversation there's this:
    Kaeloo: Don't you want to play a little game?
    Mr. Cat You want to play? Go play hide and seek. Go find that bad boy.
  • Kaeloo presses a button on the remote control that makes the TV fly off into the sky. Mr. Cat retaliates by pressing another button to make it come back, and Kaeloo gets so angry that she transforms and stamps on the ground, causing the ground to swallow up the TV.
  • Kaeloo calling the sky "blue" even though it's orange.
  • "You need blood, suffering, pathos... plus a blonde."
  • Stumpy as the blonde news presenter, especially when he sings the news theme tune.
  • Stumpy doesn't know what to do after singing the theme tune. Mr. Cat says "Hit me with the news!" and Stumpy throws a newspaper in his face.
  • Mr. Cat explains what a weatherman should be like:
    Mr. Cat: To present the weather, you've either got to be sexy or bald.
  • Mr. Cat decides to let the show' viewers give Quack Quack a "little" electric shock. When we supposedly follow his instructions, all that's left of Quack Quack is a pile of Sweeping Ashes, a beak and a pair of eyes.
  • After beating Mr. Cat up so badly that it's featured on the news, Kaeloo apologizes to him. Mr. Cat tells her to stop being a "goody two-shoes" and keep hitting him just so he can be on TV.
  • Kaeloo says that people don't like violence, and she "is sure that Stumpy and Quack Quack agree". She then turns around to see that Stumpy and Quack Quack are hurting themselves to get a positive reaction from the viewers, which provides them with gratification thanks to Mr. Cat's new machine.

Let's Play Hide 'n Hunt

  • Kaeloo tries to pick who's "it" for a game of hide and seek using a variant of Eenie Meenie Miney Moe. Her finger lands on Quack Quack... and she declares that Stumpy is it. Stumpy gets justifiably pissed off and calls her out on it, and she accuses him of "being a bad sport".
  • Mr. Cat's reaction to seeing Kaeloo and Stumpy argue.
    Mr. Cat: (to the audience) Don't stick around, it always ends in tears.
  • Mr. Cat's description of Hide 'n Hunt. Stumpy's reaction makes it even better.
    Mr. Cat: It can be somewhat violent, it can cause epileptic fits in certain people, and one game will get you totally hooked. Just a warning.
    Stumpy: Causes epilepsy? Cool!
  • The fact that Mr. Cat stopped counting because he thinks that "Too much math is bad for you".
  • Mr. Cat decapitates one of the Quack Quack clones. While everyone runs away to escape, the decapitated Quack Quack keeps running around in random directions since he can't see.
  • At one point, Mr. Cat pauses the game to admire a picture of a pin-up girl he had hung on one of the maze walls.
  • Mr. Cat awards points for shooting each kind of animal: 10 for a duck, five for a frog, and... two for a squirrel. Stumpy gets angry and claims he's worth more. Once Mr. Cat threatens to shoot him, he changes his approach and says "I'm not worth the bother, I'm just worth two points!"
  • Stumpy's "secret technique" (in the French dub only) is mooning Kaeloo.
  • At the end of the episode, decapitated Quack Quack is seen holding his detached beak in the air to drink yogurt with it.

Let's Play Ecologists

  • Stumpy throws a large pile of trash on the ground after eating and decides to get up and leave.
    Kaeloo: Stumpy, aren't you forgetting something?
    Stumpy (checking his person): My keys, my cellphone, my nuts...
    • The way he eats the food is hilarious.
  • Mr. Cat smells the garbage and shows up complaining that something smells bad. Stumpy thinks it might be him, so he sniffs his armpits... and then faints due to the smell.
  • Stumpy Comically Overreacting to a casual conversation about pollution ruining the planet.
  • When the main four find out that Quack Quack's yogurt containers aren't environment-friendly, Kaeloo says that they should do something about it. Mr. Cat suggests tying him up in a sack with rats and setting it on fire.
  • Kaeloo force-feeding Quack Quack organic yogurt.
  • Quack Quack is fed a spoon of organic yogurt. He hates it, and he throws up. Stumpy tries some. He pretends to like it, but vomits it offscreen. Then, Mr. Cat tries some. With no change in his facial expression or tone of voice, he calmly looks Kaeloo in the eye and says... "It's revolting."
  • The way Bad Kaeloo throws everyone into a dumpster at the end.
  • Mr. Cat almost calls Kaeloo a "mad old cow" before changing it to "mad old ecologist", which is even funnier.

Let’s Play Prince Charming

  • Stumpy using Fakebook, a parody of Facebook, to find himself a girlfriend. Each time he meets a girl is absolutely hilarious, but the last one takes the cake: she asks him for his credit card number, and he realizes it's a scam. Even though he knows it's a scam, he gives her the number anyway.
  • Mr. Cat tries testing Quack Quack.
    • First is the test of fire, which involves Quack Quack walking on hot coal and getting set on fire.
    • Next is the test of water, involving Quack Quack being dunked into a tub of water. The "water" is actually Hollywood Acid, which dissolves half his body.
    • And then, there's the test where Mr. Cat asks him questions. If he answers incorrectly, Mr. Cat presses a button to give him an electric shock. Even though he answers correctly, Mr. Cat slams his head on the button in frustration.
  • Mr. Cat's absolutely goofy and derpy face after Kaeloo tells him that he is going to be their enemy. The smooth and delighted way he says "Oh yeah..." somehow makes it even funnier.

Let's Play Danger Island Survivor

  • Kaeloo essentially bribing Mr. Cat with enough money for a trip to the Bahamas if he plays the game.
  • Kaeloo setting up boring challenges that can easily be completed and asking everbody to use their imaginations to make them dangerous was funny enough by itself, but the fact that it actually works for Stumpy and Quack Quack makes it abolutely hilarious.
  • Mr. Cat pushes Quack Quack off a path into a "precipice" (really just pushing him off a white line onto the ground), and then he fuels Quack Quack's imagination by saying that it is full of hungry alligators.
  • Stumpy's feet catch on fire every time he steps on the "lava". When Kaeloo falls on it, nothing happens.
    Stumpy: Hey, why aren't you pretending it's real?
    Kaeloo: Because I don't feel like it.
    Stumpy: Well, I don't feel like it either.
    Stumpy puts his feet down and they catch fire.
  • When Mr. Cat finally loses his temper and gets mad at Kaeloo:
    Mr. Cat: Cute little sheepy-weepies?! HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING CANDYWEED?!

Let's Play Peace Man

  • Mr. Cat says cats are a superior race to ducks. When asked why, he says it's because ducks can't lick their own rear ends.
  • Quack Quack attempts to anger Mr. Cat by insulting him. Of course this being Quack Quack, he just says "Quack". Mr. Cat gets angry anyway ("No-one calls me a "quack"!") and throws a mallet at Quack Quack. Kaeloo tells him he lost since the object of the game was to not get angry, but he says he isn't angry. He then proceeds to show her "real anger": throwing an even bigger mallet at Quack Quack and yelling really loudly.
  • Later, Mr. Cat points a bazooka at Quack Quack. Kaeloo says he looks like he's going to get angry, so he starts dancing around, "proving" that he is not angry, and then shoots Quack Quack with the bazooka.
    Mr. Cat (dancing around): Just look at me, tadpole! Do you see any signs of temper lost? The slightest hint of anger?
  • Kaeloo giving Forceful Kisses to Mr. Cat at the end of the episode, and then asking him if she can do it again.

Let's Play Market Vendors

  • Quack Quack continuously trying to buy yogurt at a market that only sells apples.
    Kaeloo: I'm sorry sir, we don't sell yogurt. We only sell apples!
    Quack Quack: Quack.
    Kaeloo: No, not even apple flavored yogurt.
  • Eventually, Mr. Cat gets so fed up of Quack Quack asking for yogurt at an apple store that he yells about how there isn't any yogurt, just apples. Then, to drive the point home, he slams Quack Quack's head on the counter repeatedly while singing "App-app-apples!" to the tune of Beethoven's fifth symphony.
  • Stumpy tries to sell apples. But there's one small problem.
    Stumpy: Beautiful apples, right?
    Mr. Cat: Nope, they're all rotten.
    • After this, Mr. Cat finds a worm in one of the apples and leaves in disgust. Stumpy tries to convince him that it's a surprise for kids.
  • Stumpy stealing Kaeloo's apples.
  • Stumpy tries to make random offers on his produce (including giving away a Cool Car and a magic hat with himself inside), but still nobody shows up.
  • Mr. Cat and Stumpy robbing the supermarket. All of it.
  • When Bad Kaeloo decides to punish Mr. Cat, he asks what he has to do.
    Mr. Cat: If it's community service, I agree. Or an ankle monitor to match my fur. I hear they're all the rage this season.

Let’s Play House

  • Quack Quack being Dragged into Drag and forced to play as the "daughter". He keeps trying to get rid of the bow Kaeloo forces him to wear, but she makes him wear it anyway.
    • At one point, Quack Quack runs around with Kaeloo chasing him to make him wear the bow. Mr. Cat, who is Quack Quack's father, in the game, takes note of this.
    Mr. Cat: That's my little girl, running around in just her underwear. Man, they grow up so fast.
  • Stumpy hearing everything Kaeloo says as "blah blah blah".
  • Kaeloo threatens to ask Mr. Cat to punish Stumpy. Mr. Cat looks at the newspaper and notices something very... interesting.
  • Mr. Cat decides to "exercise his marital rights" after Stumpy and Quack Quack leave by lying on top of Kaeloo, suggestively rubbing his crotch against hers, and turning out the lights. She transforms, but he tells her she's even cuter that way. At this point, Kaeloo is visibly disturbed and decides to leave.

Let’s Play Scaredy Cat

Let’s Play Babysitting

  • Kaeloo decides to ask Mr. Cat about his family.
    Kaeloo: Any brothers or sisters, Mr. Cat? A grandma? A doctor? A mailman? A puppy or hamster?
    • Mr. Cat's answer to this question. It starts out sad, but winds up being funny (especially when you consider that he's telling this to the extremely talkative Kaeloo):
    Mr. Cat: As a kitten, I was tied up in a sack and thrown into a rushing river. I was saved by a salmon, raised like her own son. Her greatest quality... She couldn't talk. At all.
    • Mr. Cat's, uh... attempted confession to Kaeloo.
    Mr. Cat: Now, where were we before... oooh, Kaeloo, my coochy coo! *He tries to force himself onto her while making an incredibly crazy-looking expression. Kaeloo sneaks out while Mr. Cat starts drooling*
  • Stumpy trying to babysit Quack Quack.
    • First, he throws weapons at him because he won't play along with the "babysitting".
    • Then, he tries to shove spinach down his throat with a baseball bat and a funnel (Quack Quack retaliates by shoving the baseball bat and funnel down Stumpy's throat).
    • Taking advice from both Kaeloo and Mr. Cat, Stumpy tries using the "here comes the airplane" method, and each time Quack Quack refuses to eat, he whacks him on the head with a mallet.
    • Finally, he tries changing Quack Quack's diaper. Quack Quack initially refuses, but he feels sorry for Stumpy and lets him. He winds up with a diaper pinned to his head, and Kaeloo asks for the credits to roll.

Let’s Play Spies

Let’s Play Air Pockets

  • Kaeloo tries to convince Stumpy, who is acrophobic, that the plane won't crash.
    Kaeloo: There are more car crashes than plane crashes each year.
    Stumpy: Probably because there are more cars than planes!
  • Stumpy biting Quack Quack's head because stress makes him bite things,
  • Stumpy finally manages to calm down when he takes out his console and starts playing, but Kaeloo immediately confiscates it. Stumpy gets so angry that he uses Finger Guns and fakes an attack, threatening to "shoot" if he doesn't get his console back.
    • Mr. Cat decides to put an end to the problem by whacking the culprit with a mallet. The catch? He beats up Quack Quack instead of Stumpy and then decides to let that be an "example for the others".
  • Mr. Cat calling Kaeloo "Priscilla" for the whole episode.
  • After Mr. Cat, who was piloting the plane, jumps out with the only parachute left:
    Kaeloo: Everything is under control... WE'RE ALL GOING TO PERISH!
  • Since it's a game, Mr. Cat finds himself just standing on the ground after jumping. He proceeds to run around screaming anyway.

Let’s Play the Quest for the Wholly Gruel

  • Mr. Cat refers to archaeologists as people who brush rocks with toothbrushes.
  • A light shining from the sky every time the Gruel is mentioned.
  • Kaeloo says someone needs to take the role of the evil person who wants to conquer the world, and Mr. Cat decides to take on this role. He comes back dressed as a Nazi, to Kaeloo's horror, and claims that he's dressed like someone who wants to conquer the world.
  • Kaeloo wears fully black contact lenses to give an illusion of Black Eyes of Crazy. As a result, she can't see a thing.
  • Stumpy accidentally launches a meteorite onto Smileyland. He sees a bunch of hieroglyphics of a frog, a squirrel, a duck and a cat littering, and he decides to vandalize it using the Gruel, a magic crayon, to draw meteorites on it (due to Mr. Cat saying earlier that any civilization that litters deserves to die). In the end, just as everybody else is about to get hit by the meteorite and die, he decides to erase his vandalism and ask Mr. Cat for more violent ideas.

Let’s Play Golf

  • Kaeloo attempts to explain the rules of golf to Stumpy and Quack Quack. First, she says that the object of the game is to put the ball in the hole. Stumpy picks up the ball, runs to the hole and puts it in. Kaeloo then tells him that he was supposed to put it in with the club, so he takes the club and drops it down the hole with the ball. Kaeloo tells him that he was supposed to hit the ball with the club, so he goes to the hole with the ball in it and starts violently shoving the club down the hole.
  • Stumpy and Quack Quack try playing hockey with a golf ball. The ball lands in Mr. Cat's mouth just as he wakes up and yawns, and Mr. Cat angrily walks up to them, accuses Quack Quack of being the culprit and starts hitting him with a golf club.
  • Later, Mr. Cat hammers Quack Quack full of golf tees. Kaeloo starts to get mad, but he claims that Quack Quack loves it. Quack Quack immediately denies this, and Mr. Cat says "anyone can make mistakes".
  • Kaeloo decides to cheat at golf by telling everybody to look the other way and transforming to hit the ball when they're not looking.
    Kaeloo: Oh, look over there! Stumpy's sister!
    Everybody turns the other way. Kaeloo transforms, hits the ball and turns back to normal.
    Mr. Cat (to Stumpy): Your sister?
    Stumpy: Sister? Don't have one.
  • Stumpy whacks his ball so hard it flies into orbit.
  • Kaeloo starts listing off random conversation topics that Mr. Cat finds so annoying he wonders why he left his abusive family and moved in with her.
    Mr. Cat: Why on Earth did I leave home? Papa drank, Mama screamed, my brothers beat me up... Life was good.
  • Stumpy and Quack Quack find out that by lifting golf clubs in the air and yelling, they get struck by lightning.

Let’s Play Catch the Mailman

  • Bad Kaeloo trying to be "funny" by acting like Stumpy.
  • Mr. Cat delivers Stumpy's mail to him. It turns out to be full of bills and advertisements, with only one actual letter in it - and the letter in question is asking him to donate money.
  • Mr. Cat starts a protest with mailmen against ducks and starts attacking Quack Quack and yelling at him while Quack Quack stares at him with a facial expression that pretty much says "What the hell are you doing?".
  • The Reveal that Mr. Cat wrote the letter.

Let's Play Treasure Hunt

  • Mr. Cat says scout troops are an excellent way for parents to abandon their kids in the forest and enjoy their weekends.
  • Kaeloo checks the supply backpacks which Stumpy packed and finds out that he took out the flashlights, sleeping bags and everything they actually needed because he didn't have enough space to keep all his Mr. Coolskin comics.
  • Later, everybody returns to the campsite, where Mr. Cat, who has been "taking care of the food" (read: sitting there eating their food and doing nothing), says he went to find firewood and holds up a stick. Kaeloo asks if that was the only wood he found, but he reveals that he didn't actually use wood for the fire - he burned Stumpy's comic books.
  • Mr. Cat changes Kaeloo's riddles, clues and dares in a game of treasure hunt. This results in Stumpy and Quack Quack doing things like kissing Kaeloo, racing each other off a cliff to see who lands first, and setting off a nuclear explosion.
  • Kaeloo reveals that the "surprise" she was intending to give everyone after the treasure hunt was a picture of herself. Stumpy is shocked, realizing that they had to dodge dangerous traps, get blown up, and burn his Mr. Coolskin comics just for that. He then decides to put it where the sun doesn't shine, but changes his mind when Kaeloo transforms and decides to put it on a tee shirt instead.

Let's Play Cowboys and Indians

  • Kaeloo's fake southern accent.
  • Stumpy imitating Britney Spears and singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time".
  • Kaeloo makes a speech based on Martin Luther King Jr's "I Had A Dream".
    Kaeloo: I had a dream last night. And I dreamt that... that... that's weird, I can't remember my dream.
  • "Oh my darlin', oh my darlin', oh my darlin' on a rope!"
  • Mr. Cat ties Kaeloo up and hangs her over a fire before sending Stumpy and Quack Quack a message: "Frog taken hostage, execution imminent. Free barbecue and salad bar!"
  • At the end of the episode, Stumpy asks Kaeloo if they have to light the peace pipe; Kaeloo explains that due to the smoking ban, they have to share bubblegum instead. Stumpy is understandably disgusted.

Let's Play Time Travel

  • The episode starts with the gang playing Sleeping Beauty. Stumpy's the prince, Quack Quack's the horse, and it's implied that Kaeloo is the princess. On the way to rescue Sleeping Beauty, Stumpy and Quack Quack get shot with a bazooka by Mr. Cat, who is apparently very possessive of the princess.
  • Stumpy says he doesn't like playing fairytale games, and he suggests playing something more "relaxing": that is, "serial killer".
  • Stumpy bumps into Mr. Cat in the dark, and thinking he's Quack Quack, remarks that he's gained weight.
  • Mr. Cat tells the others to maintain a low profile since Bob the Duck Kebab-er might be nearby. Stumpy responds by yelling "Yoo-hoo! Bob the duck kebab-er! Bob! Bob!"
  • Stumpy winds up getting skewered with a corkscrew, and Kaeloo tells him to think of it like a piercing. He decides to get more.
    • This exchange we get as a result:
    Quack Quack: Quack?
    Stumpy: (embarrassed) I wouldn't go that far. Don't get too excited.
  • The gang leaving the year 6000. Stumpy decides to leave when he finds out that there's no TV or video games, Mr. Cat leaves when he finds out that there's no cursing, and Quack Quack leaves, taking Kaeloo with him, when he finds out that they're supposed to feed off of love instead of eating food.
  • Bad Kaeloo chasing Mr. Cat with a chainsaw at the end of the episode.

Let’s Play Grown Ups

  • Mr. Cat's Imagine Spot of Quack Quack crushing him with a giant yogurt.
  • Stumpy, as a homeless person, recognizes "Quack Quack the great Shri Hari"... and starts begging him for money.
  • Mr. Cat's horrified reaction when Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack decide to sing him a song to express their gratitude.
    Mr. Cat (frantically searching): My bazooka! Where's my bazooka?!

Let’s Play Art Class

  • Mr. Cat sees Stumpy's painting of a squirrel destroying stuff with a chainsaw, and it stirs up his violent side, causing him to try to attack Quack Quack with his own chainsaw. Kaeloo sees this and transforms, and Mr. Cat suddenly starts dancing with the chainsaw and pretends that's what he's been doing the whole time.
  • Mr. Cat's lecture on modern art, which is mostly just a Take That!:
    Mr. Cat: This is a mere yoghurt... But place it on a pedestal, and add a signature, and it becomes art.
  • Cue Stumpy finding random objects and calling them "art", with Mr. Cat lavishing praise on them. This leads to Stumpy taking a shit on a toilet and calling it "performance art".
  • Stumpy blowing his own head off with a bazooka.
  • Kaeloo gets really mad at Mr. Cat for causing Stumpy to accidentally kill himself by blowing his own head off and transforms. As she’s chasing him, he tries to calm her down by saying "Don’t worry, I can fix it! I need some duct tape!"
    • In the French dub, he says that "nothing has really changed" because Stumpy "didn't have much of a head in the first place".
  • Quack Quack paints a complex artwork featuring a warzone, only all the people's heads have been replaced by realistic-looking cat heads and there are a few ducks and a naked woman in it. Why? In Kaeloo's words, this is his interpretation of Mr. Cat and "the confusion inside his tormented soul".

Let's Play Circuses

  • When Stumpy is juggling chainsaws, his mother, who is watching this on TV, decides to call him on the phone to check if he's safe. Stumpy picks up the phone while the chainsaws are still in the air, and the chainsaws land on the ground and start heading towards Stumpy.
  • Mr. Cat torturing Stumpy instead of Quack Quack.
  • The fake Italian accent Mr. Cat uses for most of the episode. When asked why he does it, he responds with "I have no idea."
  • Mr. Cat decides to fire a missile at Quack Quack. Instead of getting hit, Quack Quack jumps onto the missile, turns it around and sends it flying back towards Mr. Cat. Mr. Cat, rather than running away or dodging it, pretends to be a “missile tamer” and orders the missile to “sit”. It goes as well as you’d expect.

Let’s Play Goodbye, Mr. Cat

  • Stumpy plays minigolf by hitting balls into Quack Quack's mouth while Quack Quack lies on the ground. This being Stumpy, he continuously fails to hit the ball in, so Quack Quack gets tired of it and runs, chases the ball and catches it in his mouth... before realizing he ran off a cliff and falling down.
  • Later, Kaeloo asks if she can also try playing. Stumpy opens his mouth to catch the ball. Scene cut to Kaeloo whacking Stumpy on the back to get him to cough up the ball, which he's choking on.
  • Kaeloo thinks Mr. Cat might have hit puberty and become a teenager. He refuses to believe this, and Kaeloo says he must definitely be a teenager since "teenagers don't believe anything".
  • Mr. Cat and Stumpy both lose their invisibility powers at the end of the episode, since it turns out that they were just sick with a disease that causes people to turn invisible. Stumpy doesn't realize he's visible again, so he asks Quack Quack to play hide and seek with him. Quack Quack immediately finds him, and Stumpy looks down at himself and sees his body. Rather than realize he's visible, he thinks he now has the power to see the invisible.

Let's Play Courtroom Drama

  • Mr. Cat finding out that the jury is made up of cardboard dummies. When one of them falls down, he even remarks that justice "doesn't seem to be in top form".
  • Stumpy the judge, before the trial starts: "Let's guillotine him! Let's hang him! Let's shoot him!"
    • This is even funnier when you find out what the "maximum punishment" awarded by the court is at the end of the episode, which is supposedly worse than all of these: a spanking.
  • Seeing Mr. Cat act exactly like Kaeloo in his made up story about what happened to Quack Quack.

Let's Play Musical Chairs

Let's Play Paranormal Stuff

  • Kaeloo's predictions at the beginning of the episode include "Quack Quack eating yogurt" and "a mean cat hurting Quack Quack", which happen every episode. When these things come to pass, Stumpy starts to believe that Kaeloo really can tell the future.

Let's Play Driver's License

  • Stumpy crashing a car with himself and Kaeloo in it into Mr. Cat.
  • Kaeloo teaches Stumpy and Quack Quack about road signals while talking so fast Stumpy passes out.
  • Stumpy contemplates selling his sister to get 5000 dollars.
  • Stumpy tries to bribe Kaeloo. It fails because he tries putting the money on her seat, and it pokes her butt. She sees his hand there and gets freaked out.
  • Mr. Cat keeps making Quack Quack do very difficult tasks which he manages to do. Even though he manages to complete them, Mr. Cat keeps finding petty reasons to deduct points on his exam (for example, saying "Quack").
  • Kaeloo decides to put some music on in the car to make Stumpy feel relaxed. She closes her eyes and starts singing along, encouraging him to sing as well. He continues to drive while destroying everything in his path, but Kaeloo thinks he's doing well since her eyes are closed.
  • When there's a fork in the road, one path leads is safe-looking, beautiful and full of flowers. The other is dark, dangerous and has a red sky. Mr. Cat tells Quack Quack to take the dangerous path and then does things like shining lights in Quack Quack's eyes, tickling him and ripping out the steering wheel.
  • Bad Kaeloo punishes Mr. Cat at the end of the episode by smashing him into a car and letting Stumpy drive. As you would expect, Stumpy crashes the car.

Let‘s Play Super Powers

  • Mr. Cat is The Chew Toy in this episode (instead of Stumpy). He suffers in random ways throughout the episode, such as being shut in a fridge, getting a giant flowerpot dropped on him and being forced to dance.
  • All of Stumpy's attempts to defeat Quack Quack.
  • The fine print on the Mr. Coolskin card Stumpy uses says that anyone who is actually stupid enough to use the attack he just did is not fit to be Mr. Coolskin.
  • Kaeloo transforming and yelling at everyone to clean up the mess they made.

Let's Play Astronauts

  • Quack Quack sees a planet filled with yogurt (revealed in a later episode to be the planet where yogurts are made) and tries to open the spaceship while still in space, forcing Stumpy to have to pull him away from the dome.
  • Alternate Universe!Stumpy, being a genius who hates Mr. Coolskin and loves math and science, gives Stumpy a roll of toilet paper and tells him it would make a better read that Mr. Coolskin.
  • When it is revealed that the episode was All Just a Dream Stumpy had and was narrating to Kaeloo, Kaeloo tells him that he is suffering from an inferiority complex... or he's just gone crazy.
  • At the end of the episode, Stumpy sees Kaeloo eating yogurt, Quack Quack smoking while reading a newspaper, and Mr. Cat playing video games. He freaks out and runs away, and the others laugh. Then, Quack Quack speaks in English words instead of quacks, scaring Kaeloo and Mr. Cat.

Let’s Play Justice Masters

  • Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack's attempts to help Mr. Cat relax, which all result in him getting more stressed out than he already is (and getting injured, too).
    Stumpy: And now for the bath. Of acid, of course.

Let's Play Detectives

  • Stumpy dressing as a girl is always funny, but it's especially hilarious in this episode.
  • At the end of the episode, Mr. Cat, after being beaten up by Bad Kaeloo, walks into Kaeloo's detective office and asks her to help him find Bad Kaeloo, who beat him up. Cue Not So Innocent Whistling from Kaeloo.

Let’s Play Streetball

Let's Play the Thing from Outer Space

  • The thing hitting Mr. Cat back when he tries to hit it.
  • Mr. Cat's Imagine Spot of Smileyland covered in "things", which would happen if the thing reproduced. Kaeloo says that it would look like an Easter egg hunt.
  • At the end of the episode, it's revealed that if Mr. Cat hadn't tricked Quack Quack into throwing the thing into space, the main four could have won a million dollars. Cue Nervous Laughter from Mr. Cat, who is presumably receiving Death Glares from the others.

Let’s Play Hot-Cold

  • Stumpy's attempts to get a tan and look muscular.
    • Climbing a pole to reach a high platform and sit there to get closer to the sun. This fails because he falls off.
    • Standing in front of a mirror and pushing the fat into his chest to make himself look stronger. Also fails because it drops right down to his stomach.
    • Turning on several barbecue grills at once to speed up global warming so he gets tanned due to the increased temperature. Fails because Kaeloo transforms and threatens to beat him up.
    • Turning on a bunch of lamps at the same time. Fails because it causes a huge explosion instead.
  • "I forgot she was green!"
  • Kaeloo tries to play a game of Hot-Cold with Quack Quack. Everywhere she goes, Quack Quack says she's "hot". She wonders why until Mr. Cat shows up and pulls it out of the place he hid it: her buttcrack.
  • Stumpy tells the others he "lied a little" to Ursula about his appearance. He then reveals that he sent her a picture of a tanned, muscular guy with a picture of his face stuck to it.
  • When the others try to convince Stumpy not to commit suicide, he asks how he will impress Ursula. Mr. Cat suggests plastic surgery.
  • Kaeloo makes a Long List of qualities a guy has to have to impress a girl.
  • Kaeloo, Quack Quack and Mr. Cat trying to teach Stumpy how to impress girls - by making him dress as a girl and sit on a bench while they try to impress the "girl".
  • At the end of the episode, Stumpy dresses up exactly like Quack Quack did and practices saying "Quack" in front of the mirror before his date.

Let’s Play Once Upon a Time

  • The gang discussing why fairytales are not for kids.
    Mr. Cat: Fairy tales are all violent! Cinderella? Slavery. Rapunzel? Kidnapping. Snow White and the seven dwarves?
    Stumpy: Oh no, not the seven dwarves! They freak me out! They're so pint-sized, like that...
  • Stumpy constantly interrupting Kaeloo's story to ask questions and add more details to it.
  • There's a darkly humorous scene where Stumpy asks if the granny can read Mr. Coolskin comics, and Kaeloo says no and asks if he knows any granny who reads Mr. Coolskin comics. He says his granny does... Flashback Cut to him leaving Mr. Coolskin comics on his dead granny's grave and talking to her as though she's still alive.
  • Mr. Cat's bedtime story.
    Mr. Cat: A duck gets chopped up into pieces, thrown onto the barbecue, eaten by his buddies, coffee, dessert, check!
  • Stumpy's bedtime story. All of it.
  • The last two lines of the episode:
    Stumpy: Well, I was thinking, frog who transforms when she gets mad... I think it'd make a pretty dope kid's show.

Let's Play Tennis

  • Mr. Cat training Kaeloo and Stumpy. He starts by making them do push ups, and then he goes on to make them do random things like tango and waltz.
  • Later, Mr. Cat throws tennis balls at Stumpy for practice. Stumpy fails to hit the balls... because he doesn't have a racket.
  • Stumpy finally manages to touch the ball with his racket and is filled with pride. Mr. Cat decides to make training a little harder by launching a bunch of tennis balls out of a bazooka, which hit Stumpy in the face. And the whole time, Stumpy keeps yelling "I'm a champion!"
  • Quack Quack hits the ball really hard. When it reaches Stumpy, Stumpy tries to hit it, but it's so fast Stumpy gets carried away by the ball and lands some distance away, resulting in a huge explosion. Mr. Cat then tugs the net with his finger and claims that the ball hit the net.
  • Kaeloo talks for such a long time that Mr. Cat and Stumpy leave, and come back the next day when she finally finishes talking. Not having noticed their departure, Kaeloo asks whether they understood her or not, and they claim that they did.
  • Each ball Quack Quack hits winds up in Stumpy's mouth. Later, when Kaeloo and Mr. Cat try to watch a recording of the game:
    Mr. Cat:He takes a ball...
    Kaeloo: He hits the ball...
    Mr. Cat: And Stumpy eats the ball.
  • When Kaeloo hits the ball so it lands exactly on the net, Mr. Cat runs up and blows it off onto the other side.
  • Stumpy, who is moving in slow motion because he thinks it makes him look cool, jumps out of the referee chair thinking he'll also hit the ground in slow motion. He doesn't.

Let's Play Figurines

  • When the others refuse to let Stumpy play with their figurines, he resorts to stealing them. When they find out, he claims that he just "borrowed" them. Kaeloo says that you should ask before borrowing someone else's things. Stumpy points out that he did ask, they just said no.
  • Mr. Cat making his own fake commercial advertising how using a chainsaw to attack a duck can relieve stress.
    • He makes another one later involving using the chainsaw on an annoying frog, which does not end well.
  • Mr. Cat being forced to be Quack Quack's slave when the latter accidentally gains voodoo powers over him.
  • Stumpy makes a Deal with the Devil and turns the figurines into voodoo dolls so the others can become his slaves. Unfortunately for him, he only has a figurine of "normal" Kaeloo and not Bad Kaeloo.
  • Since Stumpy doesn't know how to write his name, the Devil aska him to sign with a cross. Stumpy draws a Christian cross and the Devil screams at him to write an "X" instead.

Let's Play Gangster Poker

  • Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack are forced to use imaginary cards after Stumpy loses the actual cards (or in his words, "forgot where he put them". When Mr. Cat hears about this, he turns to the audience and laments "I really need to get away".
  • This reference to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, when Kaeloo is digging up the ground to find her piggy bank:
    Stumpy: In this world, there's two kinds of people. Those who have a banana, and those who dig. You dig.
  • Mr. Cat finds out that all Kaeloo's savings are is a soda can tab.
    Kaeloo: We're in the middle of a global recession!
  • In order to get Quack Quack to pay him money, Mr. Cat threatens to shoot Kaeloo if he doesn't. Kaeloo reveals that Quack doesn't have any money either. Mr. Cat, extremely shocked, starts to wonder how Quack Quack can afford all the yogurt he eats.
  • Stumpy also decides to try the "threaten to shoot someone if someone else doesn't pay you" method. But instead of pointing the gun at someone else, he threatens to shoot himself if they don't pay him.

Let's Play Guess Who

  • Mr. Cat does a mocking impersonation of Kaeloo in which he says she has a split personality. After that, this happens:
    Kaeloo: Excuse me, but... transforms I DON'T HAVE A SPLIT PERSONALITY!
    She Neck Lifts Mr. Cat
    Mr. Cat: Or a sense of humor.
  • Quack Quack imitates Stumpy by squashing his head into the shape of a bean and pushing his eyes to the sides of his head. Stumpy gets mad and says he doesn't look like that, but Quack Quack shows him a mirror and Stumpy walks away defeatedly.
  • All the times Stumpy desperately tries to convince Quack Quack that he should feel bad that Stumpy doesn't want to be his friend anymore.
  • When the main four decide to play Guess Who with famous actresses, they force Stumpy to pretend to be a girl so he can go first.
    Stumpy: Why me?
    Kaeloo and Mr. Cat: Because.
  • Since Stumpy's favorite actresses all starred in horror movies, on every turn he just puts on a wig, runs around and Screams Like a Little Girl while everyone else just stares in shock. Mr. Cat's reaction sells it.
    Mr. Cat: Hey, nut-for-brains! My cat box has more cinematic integrity than you!
  • Mr. Cat setting Quack Quack on fire pretending that he's Joan of Arc.
  • Stumpy arrives with a fire extinguisher to save Quack Quack, but he says he'll only save him if he teaches him how to do a trick he did earlier in the episode.
  • "You know, it almost hurt me to do that."

Let’s Play Tea Party

  • Stumpy winds up being forced to dress up as a girl, since he didn't have any other clothes to wear.
  • Everybody except Stumpy gets electric shocks, and Stumpy starts laughing. Mr. Cat glares at Stumpy, prompting this response:
  • It gets revealed that Kaeloo didn't actually make any food and serves imaginary food instead.
  • Bad Kaeloo forcing everyone to have good manners.
    • Mr. Cat eats a plate and compliments her "cooking".
    • Stumpy pretends to eat the imaginary food. Bad Kaeloo asks if he wants more, and he says he does, so she yells at him angrily saying that he shouldn't accept because it isn't polite.

     Season Two 

Episode 53

Episode 54

  • Pretty winks at Mr. Cat. Mr. Cat responds by turning green and almost vomiting.
  • Pretty tries her best to make the bottle land on Mr. Cat, but it winds up landing on Stumpy instead.
    • When it's Mr. Cat's turn, Pretty runs around as the bottle spins, and she dives in front of it when it looks like it's going to stop... and it lands on Kaeloo.
  • Mr. Cat decides to ask Kaeloo whether she's a boy or a girl.
  • At the end of the episode, Kaeloo refers to Quack Quack and Eugly as "lovers". Despite the fact that this is true, they are both shocked by this and Eugly punches Quack Quack and walks away.

Episode 55

  • Mr. Cat, lying on the couch with a headache, takes an aspirin and says he should be fine with absolute silence. Cue Stumpy and Quack Quack showing up and making noise.
  • Stumpy singing the song "Alexandrie, Alexandra" while replacing the lightbulb that powers the sun, and then getting electrocuted.
  • Stumpy and Quack Quack try attacking Olaf with smelly gas. It doesn't work, since Olaf doesn't have a nose.
  • Bad Kaeloo subjecting Stumpy, Quack Quack and Olaf to numerous household hazards before launching them into the sky.

What If We Played At Riding Ponies?

  • Pretty beating up Kaeloo and stealing her pony.
  • Kaeloo and Pretty are arguing about whether to call the pony "Clippety Clop" or "Baby Doll". A unicorn shows up out of nowhere, and Kaeloo runs to the unicorn and calls it "Clippety Clop". Pretty looks at her horse with disdain: "So where the heck is your horn, huh? Loser!"
  • Pretty gets her own unicorn by throwing a tantrum. She takes one look at the pony, and then shoots it with a gun before leaving with a unicorn.
  • This little exchange:
    Pretty: We don't play with ponies! We are ponies! We think ponies, we dream ponies, THEY'RE EVERYTHING!
    Mr. Cat: (eating at the dining table) We eat ponies as well. Not too bad, either.
  • Stumpy actually wins the horse race due to Mr. Cat's interference, but his victory is cut short when he remembers that he bet all his money on Quack Quack winning.

Episode 57

  • Stumpy gives out his bank account details in order to win a contest where the prize is a flatscreen TV. His package then arrives... and it contains a miniature version of the same TV the main four already own.
  • At the end of the episode, Stumpy and Pretty enter another contest and win a toilet (instead of some diet supplements). Stumpy then looks down the toilet and realizes that they've been scammed again, while Pretty does an Aside Glance to the audience.

Episode 58

  • Mr. Cat threatening to use a chainsaw on Stumpy if he doesn't answer "Option D" for the first question. For context, the question was "What are you?" (addressed to Mr. Cat), and the options were A. A moron B. Insane C. An Alien and D. A Cat.
  • Stumpy uses complicated equations to solve a math question. His answer? "My left sneaker".
  • Mr. Cat gets so fed up of Stumpy's stupidity that he hangs himself. Of course, since Death Is a Slap on the Wrist, he's perfectly fine by the next scene.
  • Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack torturing Mr. Cat by strapping him to a board in the name of "having fun".

Episode 59

  • The epilogue of the cooking contest:
    Olaf: Clap for [Mr. Cat]!
    wild applause
    Olaf: THAT'S ENOUGH! Now clap for me!
    nobody claps except Stumpy
    Stumpy: Now clap for me!
    everyone turns around and leaves the venue

Episode 60

  • Drunk Mr. Cat. That is all.
  • Stumpy decides to go join the girls at a nightclub. The bouncer at the nightclub says that it's only for girls, so he comes back Disguised in Drag, and the bouncer, who finds him rather attractive, lets him in immediately. He regrets this decision when the girls decide to go onstage and grope the members of their favorite band, and he watches, nauseated, then runs outside screaming about how crazy they are.
  • Kaeloo marrying Quack Quack to Pretty despite everyone clearly being against it and then remarking on how romantic that was while they get into a huge fight right behind her.

Episode 61

  • Mr. Cat cutting Quack Quack in half so that Pretty, Eugly and half of Quack Quack fall off the plane.
  • Pretty crying and then asking her sister to take pictures of her so she can put it on Fakebook. She continues to cry later at a press conference just so the reporters can take pictures of her.
  • The way Kaeloo actually enjoys being stuck on an island since she considers it an "adventure", to the point of not wanting to be rescued.
  • Stumpy trying to send messages in bottles.
    • First, he throws an empty bottle in the sea and yells a message.
    • Then, he yells into a bottle and throws the bottle into the sea.
  • Pretty offers to do CPR on Mr. Cat. When he points out that he's perfectly fine, she knocks him out with a baseball bat and does it anyway.
  • Stumpy trying to cannibalize Kaeloo.
  • When Mr. Cat comes across the cannibals, he points a gun at them. They, in turn, point three bazookas at him.
  • Mr. Cat accidentally getting left on the island with Pretty.

Episode 62

Episode 63

  • Stumpy tells Kaeloo that Mr. Cat forcefully took all his comic books. A Flashback Cut is shown: Mr. Cat menacingly told Stumpy to give him all his comic books... and Stumpy said "Okay" and gave them to him. Cue a Face Palm from Kaeloo.

Episode 64

  • Mr. Cat tells Kaeloo that she needs to have an emergency exit in her restaurant in case of a fire. Kaeloo points out that they are outdoors and therefore don't need one. Mr. Cat responds by setting Quack Quack on fire by tipping over a bottle candle and pointing out that Kaeloo had an "inflammable customer".
  • McDaube, a Take That! at McDonald's.
  • Mr. Cat forces Stumpy to Work Off the Debt by cooking at the restaurant. When Stumpy realizes that there are no ingredients, Mr. Cat tells him to get supplies from the dumpster.
  • Kaeloo sees the sausages wriggling like worms. Mr. Cat passes this off as the sausages having been genetically modified to get to the customer's plate.
  • Stumpy getting attacked by a tentacle monster from the toilet.
  • When the food gives Pretty multiple organ failures, everybody starts protesting the restaurant, so Mr. Cat offers them free toys with their food. Everybody except Kaeloo rushes off to get toys while she looks on in disapproval, but when a toy lands near her feet she plays with it after making sure nobody is looking.

Episode 65

  • Pretty walks up to Mr. Cat, but it turns out to be Kaeloo disguised as Mr. Cat. Kaeloo then does the "booty dance". The expression on Pretty's face says it all.
  • Stumpy's impression of Mr. Cat. It involves jumping out of a cat flap, chasing Quack Quack and trying to make out with a picture of Kaeloo. Cue a really embarrassed, stammering denial from Mr. Cat.
  • Kaeloo's impression of Mr. Cat involves making Finger Guns and yelling something about being evil.
  • Kaeloo searches for Mr. Cat, and Mr. Cat, disguised as Pretty, tells her Mr. Cat went the other way. After he leaves, Kaeloo realizes that it was him in disguise... and proceeds to attack the real Pretty.
  • At the end of the episode, Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack chase Mr. Cat around with his own weapons, pretending that he is Quack Quack and they are him.

Episode 66

  • Stumpy continuously trying to play "war" even though Kaeloo tells him not to.
  • The plain yogurts and the fruit yogurts are revealed to have one thing in common: they both use addictive chemicals to make people want more.
  • Olaf's complete and utter shock at learning that the whole thing was supposed to be a game and not an actual war.
  • Olaf thinks he's surrounded by crazy people.

Episode 67

  • Olaf orders Kaeloo to help him put together a birthday party for Olga. Or else... "I'll have to sleep in the bathtub again".
  • Stumpy comes in at the wrong time and fails to catch Pretty. Pretty is annoyed... and then her leg bends the wrong way and she starts screaming.
  • Stumpy dressing as a princess because he lost his costume.
  • Kaeloo gives a pep talk to the troupe before their play, telling them that they'll probably do well... and if they don't, they can always blame Eugly for their failure. Ignoring Eugly's protests, everyone cheers and leaves.
  • A chain reaction winds up ruining the entire ballet.

Episode 68

  • The lyrics to the rap song at the beginning.
  • The others are having a conversation Stumpy isn't supposed to be listening to, so he hides in a bush and sneaks up on them. They immediately see through his disguise and tell him to leave, but he keeps claiming to be a bush.
  • When Pretty finds out that Eugly voted for Quack Quack as the "conductor" instead of her, she hands her a knife and sarcastically tells her to "stab her in the back".
  • Mr. Cat singing rock music in random places, like on the toilet, at a sheep, while exercising, etc.
    • Made funnier by the fact that his idea of "rock music" is just screaming without saying any actual words.
  • Stumpy tries to emulate Mr. Cat's singing, but just winds up vomiting.

Episode 69

  • Kaeloo parodying Dora the Explorer by using Fake Interactivity and talking in different languages. At one point, Stumpy walks in and sees her frozen in place, so he starts trying to check if she's okay.
  • Stumpy blabbers nonsense when asked to speak a language. When Kaeloo asks him what he's doing, he tells her he learned the "language" from an old drunk guy.
  • Stumpy dresses as "Dolores", a Spanish girl, and uses a translator app on his phone to translate whatever he says into Spanish. When Kaeloo says he's supposed to speak with his mouth, he swallows the phone and starts choking.
  • Each character is asked to say "The grass is green" in a different language (Kaeloo in English, Quack Quack in quacks, Mr. Cat in German and Stumpy in Spanish). Kaeloo and Mr. Cat give the correct answer. Stumpy, however...
    Kaeloo: The grass is green.
    Quack Quack: Quack!
    Mr. Cat: Das Gras ist grün

Episode 70

  • All Quack Quack has to do to hide himself is stick his head in the ground, and nobody can find him.
  • Mr. Cat tricks Quack Quack by holding up a yogurt and hitting him with a mallet when he comes to get it.
  • As the intelligence of the characters appears to be reversed in the Alternate Universe, Interdimensional Mr. Cat is an idiot instead of a genius. When Stumpy angrily throws books at them and yells "Eat books!", Interdimensional Mr. Cat picks up the books and starts eating them.
  • Mr. Cat throwing the wrong Kaeloo out the door and getting stuck with the (more) annoying version of her. The Interdimensional Main four also consider Kaeloo to be freaky.

Episode 71

  • Stumpy does a Blind Shoulder Toss with a match. Some guy from offscreen starts screaming "I'M ON FIRE!"

Episode 72

  • Stumpy tries to imitate Jimi Hendrix and winds up electrocuting himself.
  • The spirit of morons refers to Stumpy as "the most moronic of morons" and reveals that he is literally a Cosmic Plaything. Stumpy is then granted a wish, and a chance to be brought Back from the Dead, solely because the universe finds him funny.
  • Stumpy rising from the grave and angrily yelling at Kaeloo for trying to bury his comic books with him.
  • Some of Stumpy's brutally honest statements and predictions may count (such as the one about Mr. Cat becoming obese due to his drinking problem).
  • Stumpy races against Quack Quack through an obstacle course set up by Mr. Cat. This results in Quack Quack getting horribly injured, and Kaeloo transforms and tries to beat up Stumpy, but she reverts to normal out of sheer shock when he starts making complex notes on her psychology.
  • Stumpy decides to make a bomb. Cue Olaf randomly appearing and asking if someone said something about a bomb. Stumpy then decides that instead of Olaf, he should be the one to Take Over the World. Cue the spirit deciding that he's better off as a moron and making him stupid again.

Episode 74

  • Mr. Cat and Stumpy try to beat each other at soccer... despite being on the same team.
  • When Mr. Cat sees the soccer ball, he pounces on it and plays with it like a real cat.
  • Before the soccer game starts, Stumpy picks up a marker and starts drawing on Mr. Cat's leg. What's he drawing? Clothes.
  • Quack Quack, who is the goalie, manages to prevent the ball from entering the goal each time Mr. Cat and Stumpy kick it. At one point, Mr. Cat kicks a ball towards Quack Quack, and Quack Quack blocks it. Mr. Cat proceeds to activate a bomb he had hidden in the ball, and Quack Quack's head is blown off. Stumpy then uses the head as a soccer ball.
  • At the big game, Mr. Cat and Stumpy kick the ball so hard that it leaves a trail of fire behind it... and it goes just to the side of the goal.

Episode 75

  • When Quack Quack leaves, Mr. Cat decides to resort to torturing Stumpy instead and tries to attack him with a chainsaw.
  • Mr. Cat and Stumpy getting struck by lightning.
  • The sickened, nauseous looks on everyone's faces each time they use the time machine.
  • Present!Stumpy gives Past!Stumpy the blow-by-blow of what will happen in his future. This results in Stumpy having somehow managed to Take Over the World, with Pretty, Eugly and Quack Quack as his servants.
  • The Prehistoric!Main four trying to eat Mr. Cat.

Episode 76

  • Kaeloo gets annoyed with Stumpy, tells him to look at the "flying rhinoceros" behind him and pushes him into a ditch with her butt.
  • Prehistoric!Mr. Cat chewing Mr. Cat's tail, and the wires of the time travel car. As you would expect, this annoys Mr. Cat, who pulls out a bazooka on him.
  • Prehistoric!Stumpy tries to teach Stumpy how to hunt giant yogurts using a bow and arrow. Stumpy tries doing it, but his arrow hits the ground just behind the yogurts, causing them to turn around and then stampede.

Episode 77

  • The calm manner in which Kaeloo approaches the others and tells them the planet is going to be destroyed.
  • Mr. Cat finds a solution to the planet being destroyed: taking shelter inside Quack Quack sonce he's indestructible.
  • Pretty is distraught because she has nothing special to wear for the explosion. Eugly offers to let her borrow one of her shirts, but Pretty refuses - "she already has a tent in her bag".
  • The gang find a spaceship that can take them into space and save them from the destruction of the planet, but it doesn't work. Kaeloo decides to make a Heroic Sacrifice by Hulking Out and using her Super Strength to throw the ship into the sky. Stumpy says he wishes he could trade places with her, and inexplicably, he finds himself standing on the ground while she thanks him from the spaceship. He somehow survives this, albeit being horribly burned, and tells the others he hates their guts.

Episode 78

  • The main four leave Stumpy behind on an island as a sacrifice. Kaeloo gives Stumpy some parting words:
    Kaeloo: (in a sweet, motherly tone of voice) Be a good sacrifice, Stumpy! Keep yourself warm and be polite!
    • As if the delivery of those lines wasn't hilarious enough, there's the fact that Kaeloo told him to "keep himself warm" while leaving him on a desert island.

Episode 79

  • Each team gets to take a few objects from Olaf's store to help them in their quest to find the treasure. Kaeloo and Quack Quack take useful items such as a lantern and a compass, while Mr. Cat asks for a lawn chair, a magazine with a pin-up, and a bottle of rum. Stumpy, Mr. Cat's teammate, is certain that being The Smart Guy, Mr. Cat has some sort of amazing plan to get there before the other team. Scene cut to Mr. Cat, drunk off his ass, sitting on the lawn chair while singing loudly and looking at the magazine, while Stumpy carries him on his back.
    Stumpy: This isn't what I had in mind.

Episode 80

  • Mr. Cat chops off Quack Quack's arms since "he's too good".
  • Stumpy trying to catch a volleyball.
  • Pretty's attempts to get Mr. Cat to like her using tips from the internet:
    • The first tip is to be miserable, since "boys love to comfort girls". So she goes up to Mr. Cat and tells him she wants to commit suicide because she has a sister like Eugly (while Eugly is standing right next to her). His response? He hands her a rope noose and agrees that she should kill herself.
    • The second tip is to "share common interests". Pretty pulls out a bazooka and shoots Quack Quack. This also fails because Quack Quack was on Mr. Cat's team.
    • The third and final tip: If all else fails, use a Love Potion. Pretty mixes it up in a drink and tries to give it to Mr. Cat, but Stumpy, who is extremely thirsty, snatches the drink and drinks it. Immediately, he falls for Pretty and starts to chase her around.
  • Stumpy decides to take steroids to cheat. The instructions on the back of the bottle say that he should eat 2-3 capsules a day for 43 years, but he ignores them and eats the entire bottle at once. This results in him looking like an inflatable toy.
    • First, he tries to flirt with Pretty. Pretty whacks him and Mr. Cat notes that Stumpy's brain certainly hasn't improved.
    • Then, Mr. Cat and Kaeloo, his teammates, decide not to let him touch the ball. He gets so fed up the he jumps in front of them and hits the ball... and he pops.
    • Finally, he is bandaged up and Kaeloo delivers An Aesop: you have to be happy with who you are, even if nature "wasn't nice to everyone".

Episode 81

  • Mr. Cat tells Stumpy that Egyptians had a technique to remove the brain through the nostrils. He pulls out a sharp implement and decides tomtry it on Stumpy, but he stops and says Stumpy doesn't have a brain. As he walks away, Stumpy agrees with Mr. Cat's statement. After he leaves, Stumpy finally realizes it was an insult.
  • Stumpy starts drowning in quicksand. He calls out to the others to save him, since they're his friends, but they pretend not to notice... until he tells them that all their supplies are in the backpack he's wearing.
  • A Riddling Sphinx asks the characters where they went for vacation, and says they have to answer the question without saying the words "wallaby" or "platypus". Stumpy tries to say they went to Australia, where there were wallabies and platypuses, so Pretty whacks him with a baseball bat and Quack Quack answers instead.
  • Kaeloo, Stumpy, Quack Quack and Pretty have to cross a place full of horizontally suspended ropes without touching them, or get shot by arrows. Stumpy runs by with a knife and cuts through the ropes, and everyone else gets shot by arrows.
  • When Kaeloo, Stumpy, Quack Quack and Pretty find the McGuffin, Stumpy quickly replaces it with an acorn to avoid triggering any traps. This works, but he eats the acorn and the traps are triggered.

Episode 82

Episode 83

  • When Stumpy starts to wonder why Ursula hasn't come to the party, he concludes that someone at the party must be Ursula in disguise. He then proceeds to try to rip Pretty's face off thinking it's a mask.
  • In the middle of the party, Kaeloo decides to see how the party is going on. She looks around and finds that Stumpy is still trying to rip Pretty's face off, Quack Quack is angry, Eugly is crying and Mr. Cat is trying to shoot a sheep with a bazooka. Her response? Noting what a "nice" party is going on.
  • Kaeloo running into Stumpy in the girls' bathroom.
  • Stumpy tries to kiss a sheep. The sheep gets angry and kicks him into the air, and he lands face first on Eugly. Cue Quack Quack, who has been suspecting that Eugly is cheating on him, beating up Stumpy. Then, Mr. Cat picks up a baseball bat and whacks Pretty towards them, and all four of them get into a huge fight.

Episode 84

  • The gang's self-made sitcom features Canned Laughter. At one point, Stumpy just walks in through a door (and does nothing else), and the laugh track starts playing.
  • Why does Olaf suspect that Quack Quack is harboring an illegal Mexican immigrant at home? Because there's Mexican food in the house.

Episode 85

  • Stumpy urgently needs to use the bathroom, but Quack Quack has beaten him to it. He sees Kaeloo's hat nearby, and when she's not looking, he steals the hat, uses it as a toilet and puts it back in the same place he found it. And then Kaeloo puts it on.
  • Bad Kaeloo gets mad at Stumpy for the above incident, and she beats up Stumpy and throws him against the bathroom door while Mr. Cat is using the bathroom. Mr. Cat opens the door, finds Stumpy there and beats him up, having assumed that he was spying on him.
  • The fact that Mr. Cat is able to bring Quack Quack to his side solely by calling Kaeloo a liar.

Episode 86

  • When Mr. Cat refuses to get help from a psychotherapist, Kaeloo shoves him into a box and drags him along anyway.
    • Shortly afterwards, Kaeloo informs the others that Mr. Cat has "decided" to see a psychotherapist. At this moment, Mr. Cat emerges from the box screaming and Kaeloo nonchalantly pushes him back in.

Episode 87

  • Pretty tries to flirt with Mr. Cat and finds herself staring down a bazooka.
  • Stumpy resorts to begging Pretty and Eugly for money when Kaeloo points out that he won't be able to pay for his drink.
  • Just when the race is about to begin, Mr. Cat attempts to lift a bottle off Stumpy's plate, and the plate, the glasses and Stumpy all rise up into the air. Mr. Cat then yells that superglue is not allowed.
  • When Stumpy gets thirsty, he drinks the wine in his bottle and then starts staggering around drunkenly.
  • Just when Kaeloo is about to win, she remarks that she had been expecting Mr. Cat to have pulled off some sort of foul play, since he was the one organizing the race. Cue all sorts of giant things falling out of the sky and causing Kaeloo to drop her plate.

Episode 88

  • Mr. Cat, Quack Quack and Stumpy come across Wanted Posters with their names on them with the rewards: 5000 dollars for Mr. Cat, 6500 dollars for Quack Quack, and 0.33 dollars (33 cents) for Stumpy.
    • Stumpy reacts to this by drawing another zero at the end of the number.
  • Stumpy tries to sing "Love Me Tender", but his singing is so bad that Mr. Cat throws a frying pan at him to get him to stop.

Episode 89

  • There's something hilarious about the way Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack are attacked by a gang of biker... sheep.

Episode 90

  • Quack Quack, as a prince, is about to rescue "Princess" Kaeloo from the tower when "Princess" Stumpy distracts him and tells Quack Quack to rescue him instead. Kaeloo then starts asking Stumpy what he's doing and points out that Stumpy dressed as a princess for no apparent reason and tried to take over Kaeloo's role, as she was supposed to be the princess. Quack Quack gets so confused by this that he winds up picking a nearby sheep as his princess.
  • Kaeloo's attempts to fail at the game are pretty funny, at least until it's revealed she was doing them on purpose.
  • After Kaeloo accidentally hits Stumpy with a baseball bat, Quack Quack gives him a tiara as a consolation. Stumpy then puts on the tiara and yells "I'm a champion!".

Episode 91

  • Stumpy angrily yells an insult at Mr. Cat, who just walked offscreen. The latter runs back up to the scene and beats up Quack Quack for insulting him.
  • Most of the episode re-dubs done by the characters are pretty funny.
  • Stumpy and Quack Quack manage to swap Kaeloo and Mr. Cat's personalities. This results in a scene where Mr. Cat dances around Smileyland and greets random objects before finding Kaeloo, who is sitting in a lawnchair reading a newspaper. He also tries greeting her, and she angrily tells him to shut up. Finally, they both realize that something's wrong.
  • Stumpy also asks Quack Quack to give him Mr. Cat's personality, since he idolizes him. Quack Quack agrees, and Stumpy attacks Quack Quack with a chainsaw. Despite the fact that it was partially his fault, Quack Quack gets mad at Stumpy and gives him the personality of a sheep. Stumpy spends the rest of the episode walking on all fours with the actual sheep and bleating.
  • At the end of the episode, Quack Quack's laptop malfunctions, leaving Kaeloo as a cow, Mr. Cat as a chicken and Stumpy still stuck as a sheep.

Episode 92

Episode 93

  • After Quack Quack holds his breath for too long, he accidentally blows the candles too hard and sets Stumpy on fire. Stumpy panics and grabs Quack Quack, setting him on fire as well.
  • Following this, Kaeloo tries to call the firefighters, and wonders why nobody is picking up. Then it finally dawns on her that Smileyland doesn't have any firefighters.
  • After Kaeloo extinguishes the fires, Mr. Cat shows up and asks if they are having roast duck with nuts for dinner.
  • After Stumpy slides down the pole, he decides to do a pole dance. Unfortunately, Kaeloo and Quack Quack also slide down the pole and land on top of him.
  • Mr. Cat tries to demonstrate that Quack Quack's underwear is flammable by dropping a lit matchstick into it. Obviously, he catches fire again. Stumpy, excited that Quack Quack can make a birthday wish, grabs onto him and catches fire again.
  • While training to be firemen, Quack Quack and Stumpy are required to "save" Mr. Cat from a cardboard building with fake cardboard flames. Stumpy tries to use Quack Quack as a battering ram to break open the door, which doesn't work. Kaeloo tells them to use the ladder to get to Mr. Cat, who is at a second floor window. They climb up the ladder, and then Stumpy tries to ram Quack Quack into the windowsill while Mr. Cat does an Aside Glance to the viewers.
  • Kaeloo trying to convince the "nice kitty" to jump into her arms.
  • When Bad Kaeloo finds out that Mr. Cat took a bunch of pictures of her butt and put them on a calendar, she gets so mad that she beats him up with a firetruck.
  • Mr. Cat sets the building on fire for real with Quack Quack inside. Stumpy decides to perform a Heroic Fire Rescue, but he soon realizes that both of them are stuck inside with no way to escape (the other two are too busy to notice), Stumpy decides to make a birthday wish. For whatever reason, his wish involved himself and the main four dressing up in weird costumes and becoming pole dancers.
  • Hell, the mere fact that Stumpy ran into a burning building to save his friend instead of using the hose and ladder which were right next to him!

Episode 94

  • Kaeloo wakes Stumpy and Quack Quack up at 5:30 a.m. and turns on the lights. Since they are in a bunk bed, and Stumpy is in the top bunk right next to the lightbulb, he starts screaming "MY EYES!".
  • Stumpy repeatedly falling asleep at random places inside the house.
  • When Mr. Cat, who is Kaeloo's boss in this episode, asks why she is late for the fifth time in the week (the answer being that she had to drop Stumpy and Quack Quack off at school), she offers the explanation that "there's school everyday, and it's always at the same time".
  • Mr. Cat, playing the principal of the school, calls Kaeloo and asks her if she "used to have" a child called Quack Quack. Kaeloo, believing Quack Quack to be dead, rushes to school. It turns out that he's alive, just injured. Kaeloo points out that Mr. Cat said he was dead, not injured, and Mr. Cat says that if he said "injured" instead of "dead", most parents wouldn't bother to show up.
  • At the end of the episode, after putting in all the effort she could into showing Stumpy how difficult the life of a parent can be in the hopes that he would respect his mother more, Kaeloo asks Stumpy what he learned that day. Stumpy responds that the lesson he learned was that you shouldn't have kids.
  • After hearing Mr. Cat criticize her parenting style on TV, Kaeloo gets so angry that she transforms, calls Pretty to babysit the "kids", and runs all the way to the TV station to beat him up.

Episode 95

  • Stumpy's victory dance, which involves walking on the spot and stretching his arms back and forth.
  • Kaeloo finally manages to hit the ball (for a very short distance) on her third try, but instead of running she celebrates her victory by doing the "booty dance". This gives Quack Quack the time to pick up the ball and touch her with it, scoring for his team instead.
  • Quack Quack throws the balls so fast that Stumpy doesn't even see them coming.
  • Unlike the other two, Mr. Cat doesn't fail at batting because he missed the ball. He fails because he uses his bat to hit Quack Quack in the face.
  • The entire cheating scene after the seventh-inning stretch:
    • Kaeloo pretends to be talking on the phone with Olga. Olaf runs off the pitch to get the phone and tell Olga that Kaeloo "kidnapped" him. Stumpy throws the ball three times in Olaf's absence, causing him to get out.
    • Kaeloo calls Eugly in to stand next to the field, so Quack Quack gets distracted.
    • When Olaf tells Serguei to stop the other team from cheating, Mr. Cat and Stumpy manage to use a remote control to get Serguei to hit himself with the bat and then start dancing.
    • And Mr. Cat's final plan: replacing the ball with Olga just before Serguei hits it.

Episode 96

  • When Kaeloo overhears Stumpy talking to Quack Quack about carrots, she thinks he is talking about cigarettes, runs towards them and demands that they hand them over before finding out what they really are.
  • The Addiction Displacement trope is parodied, when Mr. Cat says he gave upcarrots by developing an addiction to hurting Quack Quack instead.
  • Mr. Cat tries to give Quack Quack and Stumpy Pavlov-style conditioning by whacking them with a frying pan each time they take a bite out of a carrot. It fails because they're so addicted that they keep eating anyway despite the pain.
  • Mr. Cat's "dissuasive" advertisement showing people why they shouldn't eat carrots, which basically shows a doctor (played by Mr. Cat) saying carrots are bad and then getting shot by a carrot-eating cowboy (also played by Mr. Cat) who says carrots are "super cool".
  • Kaeloo finally manages to prevent Stumpy and Quack Quack from eating carrots by lying to them that if they kept eating them they would turn into rabbits. She even points out that Stumpy has buck teeth like a rabbit, so the process "has already started".
  • At the end of the episode, Stumpy and Quack Quack get addicted to another G-Rated Drug, tomato juice, which makes them get high and start dancing.

Episode 97

  • When Kaeloo announces that the main four are going to do karaoke:
    Mr. Cat: I'll go get my guitar and my song book!
    Kaeloo: (clearly impressed and delighted) Really, Mr. Cat?
    Mr. Cat: No.
  • Mr. Cat tries William Telling Quack Quack and misses the apple and shoots Quack Quack instead... on purpose.
  • Kaeloo and Stumpy getting drunk thanks to Mr. Cat's reality warping.
  • Kaeloo using the reality warping to turn Mr. Cat's bazooka into a carrot, of all things.
  • Mr. Cat and Kaeloo's staring contest.

Episode 98

  • Stumpy's flashback shows that he was sitting on the couch playing video games when the aliens abducted him. He then started to panic. Not because he was going to be experimented on by aliens, but because he forgot to save his score.
  • Stumpy tells Kaeloo that the aliens examined his "nuts". He's actually talking about acorns, but Kaeloo assumes that he meant the other kind of "nuts".
  • The end of the episode reveals that Stumpy imagined the whole thing until that point, and in fact it's still his turn to play leapfrog. Kaeloo calls him to play, and he just runs off screaming "Tentacles!", to Kaeloo's confusion.

Episode 99

  • Mr. Cat warns Quack Quack, who is playing video games, that he'll get a headache from playing too much. He then proceeds to whack him on the head with a mallet to prove his point.

Episode 100

  • Kaeloo yelling and running around at the beginning of the episode while everyone watches her.

Episode 101

  • When the competitors are throwing shotputs, Mr. Cat uses Quack Quack as his shotput.
  • When Stumpy finally manages to lift his shotput a few inches off the ground, Kaeloo calls him for the next event. This distracts him and causes him to drop it on his foot and start screaming. Kaeloo quietly sneaks off.
  • Kaeloo announcing that "Kaeloo" is going to get mad and beat everyone up for cheating, pausing for a moment and realizing that she is Kaeloo, and then running onto the track and beating everyone up.
  • Mr. Cat gives Kaeloo her gold medal. Kaeloo is happy to have gotten one until she realizes that Mr. Cat just severed Quack Quack's head and put it on a string, calling it a "medal".

Episode 102

Episode 104

  • Stumpy says that in order to get rid of the army of Mecha-Mooks, they need a distraction. Mr. Cat responds by hitting him with a golf club so he flies off into the distance with the mooks chasing him.

    Season Three 

Episode 105

  • Mr. Cat destroying things in anger after the others cause it to become winter.
  • The main four are playing "Guess the Word", which is kind of like dumb charades, but if the others can't guess before the time runs out it's the person who's doing the actions that loses. Stumpy gets the word "squirrel". First, he points to himself. Kaeloo thinks of words like "hippopotamus" and "peanut". Mr. Cat thinks it's something like "idiot" or "freak". Stumpy then runs around like a squirrel. Kaeloo guesses that the word is "chartered accountant".
  • Mr. Cat has a weird Imagine Spot of himself being massaged by Kaeloo clones. The real Kaeloo, who just sees a blushing, drooling Mr. Cat, is both confused and annoyed.

Episode 106

  • Kaeloo tells Stumpy that the best way to get people to buy things at a garage sale is to "seduce" them. Stumpy mistakes this for the sexual kind of "seduce", dresses as a girl and tries to seduce Mr. Cat. Needless to say, the latter is freaked out, horrified and disgusted. The look on Mr. Cat's face is priceless.
  • Kaeloo and Stumpy make Mr. Cat a bunch of offers so he'll buy all of their stuff and wind up giving Quack Quack to him for free.
  • Kaeloo is about to sleep when she turns around and realizes that Mr. Cat is lying next to her in her bed. She demands to know why he's there, and he explains that since he bought so much stuff, his place is so full he can't even get inside. Kaeloo makes him sleep on the couch, but finds, to her annoyance, that her bed is full of cat hair.

Episode 107

  • When preparing for the break-in, Stumpy packs a pair of swin trunks and explains that they're part of the alibi. Later, when he's caught being suspended in the air on a rope by Quack Quack just above the treasure chest, he claims that he was searching for his swim trunks.
  • Stumpy and Quack Quack's idiotic plan leads to them getting arrested. Right after they're taken to a police car, the box opens thanks to Bad Kaeloo smashing it on the ground. They try to point this out so they can be released, but nobody is paying attention.
  • Since Stumpy and Quack Quack have been arrested, Mr. Cat and Kaeloo have the house to themselves. Mr. Cat offers Kaeloo a romantic dinner and implies that he wants to have sex with her using Unusual Euphemisms which are based on money. Kaeloo, being incredibly innocent, believes that he's trying to bribe her and beats him up.

Episode 108

  • Stumpy using the word "duck" as an insult.
  • Stumpy sings a song about how he wants to be a cat. Once it becaomes clear he's about to reference autofellatio, Quack Quack cuts him off by dropping a bathtub on his head.
  • At the end of the episode, Stumpy and Quack Quack decide to get plastic surgery to turn themselves into cats, just because cat videos get lots of views online.

Episode 109

  • Mr. Cat tells Kaeloo and Stumpy that the word "gluteus" means "butt". They spend the rest of the episode replacing the word "butt" with "gluteus" whenever they speak.
  • A bookshelf falling on Stumpy's head during the psychotherapy session.
  • During the psychotherapy session, Stumpy tries to sit on the couch, and winds up sitting on a container of yogurt which Quack Quack left there.
  • "Come on, Mr. Cat! Annoy me!" The way this is said, as well as the expression on Mr. Cat's face, makes it even funnier.
  • Mr. Cat's attempts to annoy Kaeloo don't work, so he gets exhausted. Seeing as there's nothing else to sit on, he sits on Quack Quack.

Episode 110

  • "Stumpycula" biting Quack Quack's neck and trying to suck his blood. Kaeloo's reaction to seeing this only makes it funnier.
  • Stumpy's "vampire" attire is actually a Batman costume, with a pair of straws attached to his mouth.
  • When Quack Quack gets turned into a vampire, Mr. Cat backs away and Kaeloo hides behind Mr. Cat, but Stumpy just kneels down and starts begging Count Quack Quackula to turn him into a vampire.
  • Mr. Cat fires a bazooka at Count Quack Quackula. The latter responds by pushing a fist into the bazooka, making the blast hit Mr. Cat instead.
  • Mr. Cat suggests getting rid of Quack Quackula by putting a stake through his heart. Unlike the weapons he usually uses, he uses a carrot of all things as a stake.
  • Stumpycula, having learned nothing from taking Quack Quackula into the sun, steps into the sun the moment he's turned into a vampire. He turns into a pile of ash, and the pile of ash just says "Ow."

Episode 111

  • All the scenes where aliens randomly show up.
  • The Meadow Run trope is parodied with Kaeloo and Mr. Cat - it turns out that both of them are running towards the bathroom after having eaten laxatives.
  • Mr. Cat is apparently allergic to acts of extreme kindness, so his head swells up when Kaeloo gets encouraging messages from the viewers. Eventually, it explodes.

Episode 112

  • Olaf has a cameo in Stumpy's commercial, and, for some reason, is dressed as Minnie Mouse.

Episode 113

  • Stumpy fighting various objects. First is the video game console, which he stamps on because he lost the game. Then is his laptop, which he wrestles with. Third is his TV, which he whacks with a golf club and then a 100 ton mallet. Fourth is the fridge... which he uses as a sled. This leads to the episode's plot: a bunch of inanimate objects are suing Stumpy for mistreatment.
  • Mr. Cat says that whoever has never done any of the above can "throw the first stone". Stumpy gets pelted by rocks.
    Mr. Cat: My bad. I retract the part about the fridge.
  • "You'll see after the trial! I'll sell you on the internet!"
  • One of the flashbacks had Stumpy's phone die. Instead of charging it, he tried giving it CPR.
  • As a child, Stumpy apparently used an electric taser instead of a stuffed toy. To top things off, he used to put it in his mouth.
  • Kaeloo's song about broken or lost objects, especially Mr. Cat's reaction to it.
    Mr. Cat: Is this a trial or a concert?
  • Quack Quack eating the "witness", a can of yogurt.
  • "Because I'm worth it!"note 
  • After Quack Quack (the judge) gets arrested, putting an end to the trial, Stumpy isn't grateful that it's over; instead he starts complaining about how his friends are terrible and they "stole" his trial.

Episode 115

Episode 116

  • The derpy expression Mr. Cat makes while playing with a ball.
  • Kaeloo and Mr. Cat's reactions to finding out that Ursula is not only real, but apparently incredibly hot.

Episode 118

  • Stumpy says he would "sooner be hit by a car full of sheep" than appear in one of Pretty's photos. Suddenly, a car full of sheep hits him, and Pretty photographs this and puts it online.
  • "Cellulite is like cholesterol. There's the good kind and the bad kind."

Episode 119

  • To prevent Stumpy from telling Kaeloo about his sick and twisted fantasies, Mr. Cat wants to murder him with a chainsaw. The thing is, he lost his chainsaw. So he resorts to the next best thing... slapping him in the face with a pair of underwear.

Episode 121

  • "Booty booty booty stress".
  • The job interview. For the first question, which asks why they should be hired, Stumpy just says "I'm the funniest" over and over again while letting stuff fall on his head, Quack Quack uses math equations and yogurt to explain, Kaeloo points out that she tries to reduce the amount of objectionable material on the show, and Mr. Cat uses a mixture of bribery, Blatant Lies and random words. Then, the second question: "Do you think patience is necessary to kill time?" Stumpy misunderstands and thinks he is being interrogated for "killing" time, Kaeloo doesn't know how to answer, and Mr. Cat agrees... because he named his bazooka "Patience".
  • At the end of the episode, Kaeloo calls the directors to thank them for re-hiring everyone, and the directors, confused, reply that the main four were never fired in the first place. Cue Olaf revealing that it was a "joke" on his part. Mr. Cat prepares to attack Olaf, but Kaeloo says that he doesn't have to... because since he wanted to play with them, they can "play" with him the way they always "play".

Episode 123

Episode 126

  • Mr. Cat's story:
    • In the flashback, Mr. Cat's mother is portrayed by Stumpy in a wig.
    • The reaction of the woman played by Pretty at the wedding.
    • Every few minutes, Kaeloo points out how utterly ridiculous the story is.
  • Kaeloo's made-up backstory is just as funny as it is sad: she had 134,667 siblings and her father wanted to give each and every one of them a hug. Unfortunately for poor Kaeloo, she was the youngest, and just as he was about to give her a hug, he died of old age.

Episode 128

  • At the beginning of the episode, the buddies are watching a news report on TV about poverty. Kaeloo has tears in her eyes, but Quack Quack has the same neutral expression on his face.
    Kaeloo: Quack Quack, how could you be so insensitive to so much suffering?
    Quack Quack blinks, then shoves a spoonful of yogurt into his mouth
    Kaeloo glares
  • Mr. Cat's rant against the "Cour de Miracles".
  • Every time Stumpy "earns" one cent by scamming people, he starts acting like he won the lottery.
  • The scene where Stumpy tries using the door-in-the-face technique on Kaeloo.
  • Stumpy tries performing music on a subway, but he's a Dreadful Musician. Kaeloo tries to avoid contact, so when Stumpy finishes his song...
    Stumpy: Give me a coin, or I'll keep playing.
    Kaeloo ignores him
    Stumpy picks up his microphone, ready to sing
    Kaeloo drops a coin in his box
  • "I just arrived in town, and I have a really big problem: someone stole my phone, my handbag, my wallet, my fifth grade class photo, my Mr. Coolskin trading card collection, and my swim trunks, and I haven't eaten in eight years, and I need 59.50 to buy myself a four-cheese sandwich."
  • Kaeloo's phone-answering voice.
  • Mr. Cat conducts a scam on the internet while dressed as President Trump.
  • The mere fact that Mr. Cat was willing to do all the horrible things he did so he could steal four cents from Stumpy.
  • Kaeloo bursts into the studio and starts yelling at everyone involved in the scam, prompting this response from Stumpy:
  • Stumpy, inspired by Mr. Cat's little scam, decides to make up his own fake backstory to tell people on TV: Kaeloo is a giant floating head who talks in a deep male voice and is apparently a shrew who turns people into her slaves and forces them to play kids' games, and only the viewers can save Stumpy from her. Needless to say, Kaeloo is not amused.

Episode 133

  • Mr. Cat gets bored at Pretty's party and decides to pass the time by drinking. He eventually gets drunk sits down at the piano and sings a song about how he has no idea why he showed up to the party and how bored he is.
  • Pretty's list of reasons people hate Kaeloo includes "wearing wool scarves".
  • Pretty outright faints when she sees what Kaeloo is doing at her party.

Episode 135

  • Mr. Cat suggests cutting down on the budget by getting rid of the voice actors so nobody talks, "especially Kaeloo".
  • The main four try to make their own episode using a video camera and some figurines of themselves. It turns out poorly made. Mr. Cat says it was incomprehensible, "like in a Danish movie".
  • Stumpy asks if the cat and the frog in the movie they made will become an Official Couple.note 
  • The gang finally get a deal with a sausage company that will pay them for Product Placement. For the rest of the episode, Kaeloo, Stumpy and Mr. Cat talk about sausages every few seconds.
  • The show's director makes the main four and the rest of the cast do Product Placement for a whole range of products once he saw how well their deal went.

Episode 138

Episode 139

Episode 143

  • Kaeloo makes a list of scenarios where Stumpy could have to deal with his fear of the dark. One of them is "every time he blinks his eyes", and the audience is shown a hypothetical scene where Stumpy blinks, screams, returns to normal, blinks again, screams again, returns to normal, and so on.

Episode 145

  • Once Quack Quack is exorcised, the demon starts flying towards the main four as they cower behind each other in fear, and says it wants to Take Over the World. Olaf suddenly shows up and gets Serguei to crush it, since he thinks he should be the once to dominate the planet.

Episode 147

  • The ending of the episode; Olaf's igloo melts because he and the main four were a little too late with their efforts to save it; they're about to go live and the place is flooded. When the show is broadcast, we can only hear Kaeloo's voice through the water, rendering it unintelligible. Pretty, who is in charge of the TV show, nervously tries to pretend that nothing is wrong, but eventually gives up and asks to cut the feed.

     Season Four 
  • One of the scenes shows Mr. Cat and Stumpy playing tennis doubles against another team. Stumpy wildly waves his racket around and succeeds in hitting Mr. Cat in the face, prompting an annoyed Mr. Cat to do the same to him.
  • The teaser starts off really dramatic, as though the audience should expect a lot of gripping emotional scenes... and then Mr. Cat randomly says "No, I don't think so!" and everything suddenly turns peppy, weird, and exciting.
Unspecified Episodes
  • You know that trope about Leaning on the Furniture? Mr. Cat takes it one step further by leaning on Kaeloo. Even better? Kaeloo doesn't even move or think this is out of the ordinary in any way.

The Smileyland Team Responds to its Fans

  • The very first question the team is asked is whether Kaeloo and Mr. Cat are in love. Mr. Cat responds that Kaeloo is definitely crazy about him and he tells the audience about "the texts she sends [him] nonstop". Just before he can read said texts to the audience, Kaeloo runs onstage, grabs Mr. Cat's phone, shakes him roughly by the shoulders, and launches him into the air, all while screaming:
    Kaeloo: "I DON'T TEXT YOU AT ALL!
    Mr. Cat: (in the air) Liiiiiiaaaaaaarrrr!
    Mr. Cat disappears as A Twinkle in the Sky
  • One of the questions is whether Stumpy has sisters or not. Stumpy simply stares at the camera while sipping a drink, not saying a word, while the audience members start arguing about the right answer. One of them yells out "I'm his sister!"
  • Pretty says that her one true love is "the public", only for one of the audience members to tell her to her face that he thinks Eugly is better than her.

Episode 156

  • The episode's plot: Pretty tries to make Mr. Cat fall in love with her, but things get messed up and he ends up falling in love with a soda can.
  • Kaeloo starts crying because Mr. Cat won't hurt Quack Quack and now she can't yell at him not to, so now she feels "useless". Stumpy, however, knows the real reason Kaeloo is upset:
    Stumpy: (dancing around and singing while making kissy noises) Kaeloo likes Mr. Cat! Kaeloo likes Mr. Cat!

     The Comics 
  • The beginning of Volume 1 shows us a scene where Bad Kaeloo beats up Mr. Cat and he starts moaning in pleasure and screaming at her to scratch his back. The look on his face is priceless.
  • Mr. Cat puts his evil plan to get Quack Quack Dragged Off to Hell into motion. Kaeloo immediately notices because he's making zero efforts to hide it - he's cheering Quack Quack on with a megaphone, doing an Evil Laugh, and dancing.
  • One of the one page stories has Kaeloo mention that she has a figurine of Elsa from Frozen, so Stumpy asks if he can borrow it. Near the end of the story, we see a Funny Background Event where Stumpy, dressed as Elsa and carrying the figurine, is running around singing "Let It Go".
  • The hopscotch story has a part where Kaeloo is able to not get mad at Mr. Cat because her psychotherapist helped her deal with anger management. Mr. Cat yells "Damn you, Freud!"
  • Mr. Cat and Stumpy have a competition to see who can stay quiet for a longer period of time. Mr. Cat stands without moving or talking the whole time, while Stumpy tries everything he can from taping his mouth shut to tying his head up so he can't talk. Hours pass and Stumpy finally realizes that he can't stay quiet anymore, so he starts yelling. "Mr. Cat" falls down flat, revealing that the real Mr. Cat left hours ago and left a cardboard cutout in his place. Stumpy laments having been tricked by a literal "fake friend".
  • One story titled "Du Mauvais Pied" ("The Wrong Side of the Bed") has Stumpy, Quack Quack and Mr. Cat walking around Smileyland, apparently having been turned into zombies. It turns out they haven't been zombified, they just woke up.
  • The same story reveals that Mr. Cat sleeps in a regular bedroom at night, but the door has a catflap and he uses the flap instead of simply opening the door.
  • It's implied that Quack Quack sleeps inside the fridge.
  • When Mr. Cat brags to the readers about his "superior intellect and incredible talent", an arrow is shown pointing to him with the word "modest" written next to it.
  • Stumpy gets one wish from a magic lamp. What does he use it for? Turning into a pretty girl.
  • A two-part story has the main four go to the beach and have a competition to see who can draw the best drawing in the sand. Quack Quack's appears to be a giant cross on the ground, and he loses due to how simple his drawing was compared to the others. We then see a shot of the beach from the sky, revealing that what they saw was actually part of a much bigger drawing, depicting Quack Quack beating up Mr. Cat.
  • During a power outage, Quack Quack uses Stumpy in a horribly cruel device to power up the fridge by electrocuting him. Mr. Cat starts taking notes on Stumpy's electrical conductivity for use in further experiments.
  • Kaeloo sees Stumpy with a lawnmower and assumes that he's about to mow the lawn. She cheerfully tells him how wonderful plants are... and then menacingly says that he'll have to kill her to get to them, complete with Glowing Eyes of Doom.
    • Stumpy explains that he's not mowing the lawn, he's selling the lawnmower... to Mr. Cat, who's now running a barbershop with Quack Quack as his client.

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