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Kids, this is what happens when you forget your best friend's birthday. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!
From Henry being the universe's punching bag to June's sarcasm and wit (or in season 1, her ditziness) to the many crazy sketches, KaBlam! is a pretty hilarious show.
  • In "More Happiness Than Allowed By Law", Henry and June are celebrating their birthdays. June gives Henry a cool remote-controlled car, which he happily accepts, but guess what he got her? Nothing. Hurt and pissed, June snatches the controller out of his hands and drives the car over the edge of the page to its explosive doom (calling it "the KaBlammiest present ever"). She then proceeds to screw with him for the remainder of the episode. Henry may be The Woobie, but watching June seem to take sadistic delight in making his life a living hell is still pretty hilarious. Most notable is the scene where Henry gives her a birthday cake, which is white and has little figurines of a bride and groom on the top... yep, he stole a wedding cake. Henry tries to pass the figurines off as special "June's Birthday" action figures, but she tells him to read the text on the front of the cake, and as he leans in close, she smashes his face into it. She wipes her hands together while making a Psychotic Smirk, then looks at the audience and quips "Hey! Pound cake! Get it?" Then she turns the page while licking the icing off her fingers.
  • In "Art + Science = Fun," Henry has a horrifically moussed haircut, and June offers to fix it for him. This turns out to be a very bad idea. Henry's offscreen reaction is the killer (probably the best "Henry-angry-reaction" on the show), but also:
    Henry: Are you sure you know what you're doing?
    June: Why do you always ask me that? (as it turns out, for good reason)
  • In "What the Astronauts Drink!" Henry and June are in astronaut suits about to go to space. In the beginning, they're still on Earth, and June is just floating in the air like they already are in space.
    June: Hey Henry, have you noticed I lost weight? Like ALL OF IT!
    • Same episode. When they're in the spaceship, Henry mentions that he needs to use the bathroom, so June tells him to do what she did: go in her suit like a real astronaut. Henry then informs her that the suits they're wearing are just cheap Halloween costumes. June looks embarrassed and then runs off to go get her toothbrush.
    Henry: I think June's gone where no cartoon character has gone before: in her pants!
    June: I DID NOT!
  • A scene in "The Best of Both Worlds!" involved Henry and June trying to get to the "real world". June attempts to get there by running toward the TV screen and crashes.
  • In "You'll Love Your Selection," Henry and June install a "popularity sensor" that gives a level for how popular everyone on the show is. June gets a six, and after a false start, Henry gets a six as well. When they hit the sensor together their popularity jumps up to a seven, and they gush about how they're even more popular together... and how they've got to be the most popular characters around... and then Mr. Foot walks in from offscreen in a bathrobe, reading a newspaper and covered in flies. The meter jumps up to a ten. Henry and June's reactions are priceless.
    • Later, the network forces them to air "A Day in the Life of Mr. Foot," featuring such riveting scenes as Mr. Foot sleeping, eating ice cream, sleeping again, punching Henry, and playing solitaire. Hilariously, the "audience" eats it up even more.
    Henry: Are you yanking my cartoon chain? You folks actually liked that? (popularity sensor explodes)
  • The scene in "It's Flavorific!" when the kids are trying on various objects as helmets (jars, sheep, ect.). June's second helmet was a piano.
    June: PIANO HEAD! *Throws a huge piano up in the air, and it comes crashing down on her head* (in dumb-sounding voice after getting hit on the head) Oooh, that was not very smart!
    Henry: At least June has a hard head!
  • One of the funniest scenes in "A Nut In Every Bite!":
    Henry: June, you can't just go and talk to a cute girl!
    June: (sarcastically) Oh, gee, thanks.
    Henry: You're welcome.
  • In the episode "Tastes Like Paper", Henry and June are put through hell trying to host the show, due to their new director of research. They finally get fed up, storm to his office, and open the door, only to discover that the director of research is...His Dishonor, The Mayor!
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  • "You drop me, YOU DIE."
  • A Life with Loopy short had Loopy lose her voice after playing a loud game, so when she gets a voice lent to her temporarily, she starts speaking in a low and groovy-like voice (think of the Kool-Aid Kid).
    • "Hey Larry, come and play cannibal cheerleader with me!"
    • "V-I-K-I-N-G! Lame-O Larry can't catch me!" Larry then throws a book at Loopy.
  • Sniz and Fondue: "The next time you have a false alarm, pally, why don't you call....... somebody... else!"
  • In one episode, Henry and June noticed the TV is on the fritz, so they try to fix it. While at it, June is messing around with it, giving them greenish skin. June acts like she's being mutated by radiation. Then she lowers the volume as Henry was talking. Realizing this, Henry gets angry and yells at June, who raise the volume high, giving him a loud voice. He runs towards her, June steps aside, and Henry rams the TV screen, causing another fritz. June blames him for messing it up.
  • One episode has them showing a "behind-the-scenes" with their stunt doubles jump-spinning and ripped through the comic page.
  • Whenever Prometheus gets really angry and starts shouting unintelligibly.
    • Also, whenever you can understand Prometheus's words. In "Better Than a Poke in the Eye", he tells Bob in an annoyed tone, "Get outta the way."
    • In "Resistance is Futile", he yells "I'll Kill You!" at the monkey.
    • Anytime there's Camera Abuse.
    • In "Comics for Tomorrow Today", Prometheus tries to teach Bob music. Bob grabs a mammoth's trunk and blows into it, making its eyes bulge. The mammoth then grabs Bob with its trunk and throws him away.
  • The exaggerated way the narrator says "Theeeeeee.... ENNNNNNNNDDDD..." at the end of every Action League Now!.


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