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Kaeloo is well-known for making references to other TV shows, movies and comic books.

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     Season One 

Let's Play Prison-Ball

Let's Play at Reading Books

  • Mr. Cat's reaction to Quack Quack taking his book:
    Mr. Cat: Okay, duck, it's war... (loads a copy of War and Peace in his bazooka) and peace.
Let’s Play Happy Rotter
  • Happy Rotter is a parody of Harry Potter. He's a wizard whose parents were killed when he was a baby and wears large round glasses.

Let's Play Danger Island Survivor

  • "Danger Island Survivor" is based on the French reality show Koh-Lanta.

Let's Play Peace Man

  • Mr. Cat quotes Julius Caesar when trying to convince Kaeloo that they should play "war" instead of "peace".

Let's Play House

Let’s Play Scaredy Cat

  • The thing Quack Quack does with his face is a reference to Beetlejuice.
  • The scene where Mr. Cat jumos in the air and shoots a bunch of zombies with the moon in the background is a reference to Bayonetta.
  • Stumpy teaches the zombies to dance like in Thriller. The look he gave to the audience at the end of the episode is one as well.

Let’s Play the Quest for the Wholly Gruel

  • The entire episode is a reference to Indiana Jones: Quack Quack dresses as Indiana Jones, Mr. Cat dresses as Arnold Ernst Toht, and they go on a quest to find the Wholly Gruel, a parody of the Holy Grail.

Let's Play Cowboys and Indians

  • Stumpy imitates Britney Spears and singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time".
  • Kaeloo makes a speech parodying Martin Luther King Jr's "I Had A Dream".
    Kaeloo: I had a dream last night. And I dreamt that... that... that's funny, I can't remember my dream.

Let's Play Me-Me-Nopoly

  • Me-Me-Nopoly is Smileyland's version of Monopoly.

Let's Play Paranormal Stuff

Let‘s Play Super Powers

Let's Play Astronauts

  • Stumpy imitates an alien from the movie The Cabbage Soup while trying to speak "alien".
  • Stumpy also mentions an alien like the ones in Alien.

Let’s Play Justice Masters

  • Kaeloo dresses as Zorro, Stumpy as Batman and Quack Quack as Robin.

Let’s Play Once Upon a Time

Let's Play Gangster Poker

Let's Play Guess Who

     Season Two 

Episode 55

Episode 60

  • Drunk Mr. Cat sings the YMCA song while standing on top of a car.

Episode 61

  • Mr. Cat gets left on the island with Pretty, who has undergone Sanity Slippage and thinks that they are Tarzan and Jane.

Episode 64

Episode 69

Episode 70

Episode 71

  • The game the characters play is clearly a reference to Cluedo.

Episode 72

Episode 74

Episodes 75 and 76

Episodes 78 and 79

Episode 82

  • Music from the movie Pretty Woman can be heard.
  • Mr. Cat dresses up as "Mr. Chagerfeld", a parody of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Episode 85

  • Kaeloo floats down from the sky with an umbrella like Mary Poppins.

Episode 87

  • Kaeloo asks Olaf since when emperor penguins are waiters, and he responds with "since Mary Poppins".

Episode 92

Episode 98

Episodes 99 and 100

  • Kaeloo is dressed as Link, Quack Quack as Mario, and Mr. Cat as a fusion of Pikachu and Kirby.
  • Gladys' name is a reference to GLaDOS from Portal.
  • Gladys' voice is similar to GLaDOS' French voice too

    Season Three 

Episode 105

  • Kaeloo's explanation of how the magic switch works is a reference to Shaun of the Dead.

Episode 107

  • Stumpy refers to his comic book collection as "the precious" while talking like Gollum.

Episode 111

  • Kaeloo sings "Let It Go" while starring in a laxative commercial.

Episode 115

  • One of Mr. Cat's attempts at being funny involves imitating Nyan Cat.

Episode 125

Episode 135

  • One scene shows the main four playing a game where they role play as the characters of Les Misérables.

Episode 141

  • "Voice Academy" is clearly a parody of The Voice. Even the logo is nearly identical.

Episode 150

  • The entire episode is a one big reference to Mad Max.

     Season Four 
Episode 181
  • The scene from Mr. Cat's nightmare where Kaeloo appears as a pair of Creepy Twins who ask him to "play with [them] forever" is a reference to The Shining.

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