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  • Dukey's angry rant towards Hugh in the trophy episode about Hugh being more concerned about the money than Johnny's safety. Quite possibly the most awesome thing to ever happen on Johnny Test.
    • Not sure if this came from the same episode, but Dukey's rant at Johnny, Susan, Mary, and Hugh for risking their lives for money. Plus getting Hugh to think he's only imagining Dukey's talking.
    • It's the same rant. For context, Johnny has become obsessed with getting a trophy after seeing the lack of accomplishments compared to his sisters and tries to do a dangerous jump. The girls get involved for wanting to win and giving him the bike needed while Hugh becomes driven for the million dollar prize. Dukey eventually snaps at them all and when Hugh questions why he's talking, Dukey cleverly responds that Hugh's greed has driven him crazy to where he's seeing dogs talk before getting him to slap himself back into sense.
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  • In "My Dinner with Johnny", Lilla stands up to Hugh and critizes his horrible meatloaf recipes for the first time in the show.
  • Bling-Bling finally getting a kiss from Susan in "Johnny X Strikes Back Again".
  • Lila Test taking down wrestler The Caveman in "Stinking Johnny". To expand, this is a man who's sent every one of his previous opponents flying.
    Hugh: And that, girls, is why I never upset your mother.
  • Not sure which episode, but a small, cute Tinymon evolves into Shadow Lug... er, a badass Tinymon with the power of love.
  • Vampire Susan and Mary from "Fangs a Lot Johnny" are capable of doing some badass feats, including, lifting and throwing 2 guards (who are twice as big) into the ceiling. They also look very badass with their gothic dresses, and their dialogue is also an added point.
    Mary: Hello Johnny and Dukey.
    Susan: Or we should say LUNCH!

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