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Awesome / The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

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  • One time Ray Ray actually transforms into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Or in Episode 6, where Juniper and her siblings perform "I Sing The Body Electric" at the school talent show. They were a huge hit.
  • On another episode there were new school presidential elections in which Jody ran against the previous president, school popularity-hound Melissa O'Malley, who wanted to become a president once more and got eventually got June to run for president in her stead. Since June wasn't present during her speech, Ophelia decided to get on the stage instead of her. There she delivered a mind-blowing speech about how horrendous the previous president was. The best part is that in the end Ophelia ended up getting the majority of the votes, despite not even being qualified.
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  • When Ray Ray spends a day as Te Xuan Ze in an alternate timeline where Juniper doesn't exist, it's still awesome. Dennis is the ascended fanboy, Ray Ray's good at the job and even Monroe acknowledges him! He decides though that it's not quite as awesome without June anywhere. So against all common sense he goes for a rescue, cue some badass detective work - catching the bad guy, not to mention going against some demonic Time-guardians alone and then the final fight with both June and Ray Ray kicking Time-wraith butt. The entire episode is full of awesome moments.
  • "Out of the Past" sounds like a lame title, but trust us, the episode is this series growing two more metric tons of beard. There's a serious threat with the Sealed Evil in a Can ancestor, then Curb-Stomp Battle (from the villain too) and added Glowing Eyes to boot.

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