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Heartwarming / Johnny Test

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  • The squirrel giving Dukey a nut with a birthday candle in it in "Bath Time For Johnny" because Johnny "forgot" Dukey's birthday and Dukey was in tears.
    • From the same episode:
    Dukey: You didn't bathe for five weeks and rubbed fish on yourself for me?
    Johnny: There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you!
  • When Johnny and the johnny-Stopping-Force-Five are about to perform a Heroic Sacrifice near the end of 'JX 5 The Final Ending', Johnny wants Dukey to take Jillian in the escape pod off of Dark Vegan's ship. Dukey would rather go out with Johnny;
    Dukey: Thanks for picking me up from the pound that day.
    Johnny: And thank you for being the best dog a boy could ask for!
  • From the episode "Johnny Test in Black & White":
    Susan and Mary: And we love you! (Hugs Johnny) Don't get used to this.
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  • Gil's positive attitude towards Johnny, always referring to him as "Broham"

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