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Heartwarming / Johnny Test

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  • The squirrel giving Dukey a nut with a birthday candle in it in "Bath Time For Johnny" because Johnny "forgot" Dukey's birthday and Dukey was in tears.
    • From the same episode:
    Dukey: You didn't bathe for five weeks and rubbed fish on yourself for me?
    Johnny: There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you!
  • In Johnny Holiday, the Beekeeper is constantly swatted aside in his attempts to steal the candy the Test family makes and tries to distribute as a new holiday. By the end, when they are being sued for copyright infringement by the Easter Bunny, he's confused when they don't try to fight him off and let him take their candy. When he finds out that they genuinely just wanted to create a new holiday to give free candy out, he takes off his mask and speaks as himself instead of through the voice modulator to offer his help.
    Brain-Freezer: There's only four of us now, because apparently The Beekeeper "likes" Johnny now.
  • When Johnny and the johnny-Stopping-Force-Five are about to perform a Heroic Sacrifice near the end of 'JX 5 The Final Ending', Johnny wants Dukey to take Jillian in the escape pod off of Dark Vegan's ship. Dukey would rather go out with Johnny;
    Dukey: Thanks for picking me up from the pound that day.
    Johnny: And thank you for being the best dog a boy could ask for!
  • From the episode "Johnny Test in Black & White":
    Susan and Mary: And we love you! (Hugs Johnny) Don't get used to this.
  • Gil's positive attitude towards Johnny, always referring to him as "Broham"

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