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  • Adored by the Network: The show was constantly getting new episodes and reruns, despite the mostly negative reception it was receiving. Eventually the network got sick of it as well, but found they had no choice but to keep making it thanks to certain Canadian laws.
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  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Somewhat, but in the Japanese dub, Mary is voiced by former AKB48 member turned voice actress named Amina Sato.
  • Channel Hop: From CW4Kids (formally Kids WB) to Cartoon Network, made official with the fourth season.
  • Lost Episode: The first six episodes of the series with Johnny's original voice actor (who is still unnamed to this day) cannot be found anywhere.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Supposedly, this was why the series lasted so long despite the negative reception it was getting. Compared to other shows, Johnny Test was incredibly cheap to make, so much so that even with the bare minimum of people watching it, Cartoon Network could still turn a profit on it. Considering it primarily aired when Cartoon Network was going through hard times, it's believed this fact was what caused it to become Adored by the Network despite the hate thrown towards it, simply because no matter what time-slot they put it in, they could always profit off of it, and use it to fill airspace when they couldn't afford to do so with other shows. In essence, Johnny Test filling airtime while still turning a profit was what allowed other, more expensive shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe to see the light of day. And, notably, once the channel was able to handle itself again, Johnny Test was canned not long afterwards though not before going at least six seasons, more or less a full run for a series.
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  • Screwed by the Lawyers: One of the possible factors in the show's deterioration and eventual cancellation. Apparently, Scott Fellows created the show along with TV producer David Straiton in 1996, but couldn't score a TV deal for it. Years later, Fellows got the show on TV anyway without crediting or paying Straiton, which led to Straiton suing him for fraud and accounting malfeasance.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Louis Chirillo was replaced with Trevor Devall as Dukey for Seasons 5-6. It's very noticeable, with the voice pitch changed completely and Trevor struggling to keep the same inflections with obvious throat pain (going by the rough, scratchy noises). And for all his effort, he just ends up sounding like Hugh Test.
    • Mary was voiced by Brittney Wilson in Season 1 before Ashleigh Ball took over. For whatever reason, Brittney returned for Season 5 before Ashleigh resumed the role again for Season 6.
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    • The original pilot used to pitch the show used American voice actors (with James Arnold Taylor as Johnny Test) before switching to Canadian voice actors for the series proper. Despite this, James kept his role since the Canadian voice actor that replaced him didn't sound close enough to his voice, and so he redubbed the dialogue and kept his role for the rest of the series.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the early pilot/promo Dukey was named Poochie, Bling Bling Boy was much younger and was named Golden Boy, and the Mole King and his Mole People looked more realistic compared to the final.
    • A seventh season was originally in the works by DHX Media, and would've included 13 episodes and a three-part special. As of June 25, 2015, however, Taylor confirmed via his Twitter that he is unaware for a seventh season. There's a reason why Scott Fellows moved on to create Supernoobs.
    • A full-length movie was actually considered at one point. The series has been cancelled for years, so it will probably never get made.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Johnny Test Wiki.


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