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  • Adored by the Network: This show, along with Adventure Time and Regular Show were Cartoon Network's flagship series as the show was constantly getting new episodes, reruns and promotions despite the mostly negative reception it was receiving compared to the other two shows CN fell in love with (in fact, some people hate the show solely for this trope). Eventually the network got sick of it as well, as both Teen Titans Go! and The Amazing World of Gumball were capturing more of the network's attention and both shows got viewership numbers higher than Johnny Test late in its run.
  • Ashcan Copy: Canadian broadcasting law requires that television networks air at least one show produced in their country. This likely explains why Johnny Test continued as long as it did despite massive unpopularity and increasingly minuscule budget, being was a quick and cheap way Teletoon could get around the law and maintain a cable channel in the nation and also because whoever in charge of producers and owner Cookie Jar must had really loved funding new episodes of the series.
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  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Somewhat, but in the Japanese dub, Mary is voiced by former AKB48 member turned voice actress named Amina Sato.
  • Channel Hop:
    • From The CW4Kids (formerly Kids WB!) to Cartoon Network, made official with the fourth season and to Netflix for the revival.
    • In Canada, the series went from Teletoon to (as of now) Family Channel & Family CHRGD (though reruns still frequently air on Teletoon).
    • Production company example: From Warner Bros. Animation to Cookie Jar Entertainment from season 2 until the company was bought by DHX Media (now WildBrain) in its sixth season. Cookie Jar also bought the rights to the first season from Warner Bros. as the latter company had no interest in keeping the rights to the show.
  • Completely Different Title: The Middle Eastern dubs, specifically the Arabic and Persian dubs are called جوني وعائلة العباقرة (English: Johnny and His Family of Geniuses) and جانی ازمایشی (English: either Johnny Experiment, Experimental Life, Johnny Experimental or Experimental Johnny), which are very different than the original title.
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  • Dueling Dubs: There are three Bulgarian dubs, the 1st of which being a voice-over for Super 7, the second being a full on dub for the local feed of Cartoon Network, and the last and more recent being a redub that is currently airing on SuperToons.
  • International Co Production: The show was produced between the American Warner Bros. Animation and the Canadian Cookie Jar/DHX Wild Brain.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Season 6 never saw an official DVD release, unlike the other 5 seasons which have all been released on DVD, even when Mill Creek Entertainment got the rights to release the whole series on DVD, they only released seasons 1-5 on DVD. Thankfully, it still airs in reruns on Family CHRGD on a daily basis, as well on Teletoon every once in a while, and all of the episodes are available online on places such as Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Instant Video as well.
  • Late Export for You: Japan didn't get the series until 2015, when the series' Japanese dub was released.
  • Lost Episode: The first six episodes of the series with Johnny's original voice actor (who is still unnamed to this day) cannot be found anywhere.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Supposedly, this was why the series lasted so long despite the negative reception it was getting. Compared to other shows, Johnny Test (mostly when the show switched to Flash) was incredibly cheap to make, so much so that even with the bare minimum of people watching it, Cartoon Network and Teletoon could still turn a profit on it. Considering it primarily aired when Cartoon Network was going through hard times, it's believed this fact was what caused it to become Adored by the Network despite the hate thrown towards it, simply because no matter what time-slot they put it in, they could always profit off of it, and use it to fill airspace when they couldn't afford to do so with other shows. In essence, Johnny Test filling airtime while still turning a profit was what allowed other, more expensive shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Steven Universe to see the light of day. And, notably, once the channel was able to handle itself again, Johnny Test was canned not long afterwards though not before going at least six seasons, more or less a full run for a series.
  • Network to the Rescue: After the show was horribly screwed over by Cartoon Network in the US by the end of its initial run and reruns were removed from Boomerang in mid-2016, in 2020, Netflix decided to revive the series for 2 new seasons.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: One of the possible factors in the show's deterioration and (brief) cancellation. Apparently, Scott Fellows created the show along with TV producer David Straiton in 1996, but couldn't score a TV deal for it. Years later, Fellows got the show on TV anyway without crediting or paying Straiton, which led to Straiton suing him for fraud and accounting malfeasance. However, a revival of the show is being planned on Netflix with two seasons and Scott fellows is heading the revival, which means that the lawsuit was apparently settled.
  • Screwed by the Network: The show ended up getting this treatment in the US. In May 2014, the show was banished to 6:30AM on weekdays before moving to 7:00AM the following month. In September, its spot was replaced with the network's new darling and it was pushed to 1:00 PM, which is when its target demographic is at school or just coming home. Two weeks later, its last spot was paved over with reruns of The Amazing World of Gumball, but it still had several unaired episodes, which were burned off with a marathon on Christmas Day.note 
    • Reruns of the series on Boomerang only ran for a year until being removed in mid-2016, after that, it hasn't been seen on US airwaves ever since, and it's unknown if it will ever return to Boomerang or at the very least the main Cartoon Network channel nor if any other channel like Universal Kids or Starz Kids & Family will pick the show up for syndication.
  • Talking to Himself: Boy, do a lot of characters in this show share an actor together.
    • James Arnold Taylor voices Johnny, Hank Anchorman, Principal Jules Harm, Dog Catcher, The Beekeeper, Mr. Mittens, Dark Vegan, Larius Nefarius, Dawg, Warty, Truant Officer, and Willy Keller.
    • In Seasons 1–4, Louis Chirillo voices Dukey, Mr. Teacherman, and Brain Freezer.
    • In Seasons 5-6, Trevor Devall voices Dukey, Mr. Teacherman, Mark West, Phobious McPhobe.
    • In Seasons 1 & 5, Brittney Wilson voices Mary, Sissy, Missy, Betty Crumper, Miss X and Miss Z.
    • In Seasons 2-4 & 6, Ashleigh Ball voices Mary, Sissy, Lolo, Missy, Mrs. Vegan, Princess Maribel, Wendell and Jeffy.
    • Maryke Hendrikse voices Susan, Jillian Vegan, Miss X and Miss Z in season 2, Mrs. Majekowski, Mrs. Crabapple, Xeandra, and Dutchy.
    • Lee Tockar voices Bling-Bling Boy and both his mother and female counterpart Glam-Glam Girl, The General, Mayor Howard, Speed McCool, Montague, Fillmore, Albert, and Branson Ridgeway.
    • Ian James Corlett voices Hugh, Simon and Monty Butterworth.
    • Susan and Mary Test share the same voice actress in Polish dub.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Louis Chirillo was replaced with Trevor Devall as Dukey for Seasons 5-6. It's very noticeable, with the voice pitch changed completely and Trevor struggling to keep the same inflections with obvious throat pain (going by the rough, scratchy noises). And for all his effort, he just ends up sounding like Hugh Test.
    • Mary and Sissy were voiced by Brittney Wilson in Season 1 before Ashleigh Ball took over. For whatever reason, Brittney returned for Season 5 (it was generally assumed Ashleigh was busy with ''My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic when Season 5 was recorded) before Ashleigh resumed the roles again for Season 6.
    • The original pilot used to pitch the show used American voice actors (with James Arnold Taylor as Johnny Test) before switching to Canadian voice actors for the series proper. Despite this, James kept his role since the Canadian voice actor that replaced him didn't sound close enough to his voice, and so he redubbed the dialogue and kept his role for the rest of the series.
  • Un-Canceled: After posting surprisingly good numbers on Netflix, the series has been revived for 2 more seasons, both premiering in 2021.
  • Unfinished Dub: The series' Japanese dub only covers the first season.
    • The Arabic dub only covered the first 2 seasons and never dubbed the rest.
    • Most of the Scandinavian dubs only cover the first 3 seasons, the only Scandinavian dub to cover the whole series so far is the Norwegian dub.
    • The Hebrew dub only dubbed season 4 and onwards.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The show was actually initially gonna be a Nickelodeon show and was actually originally pitched to Nickelodeon in 1995, but it was rejected and didn't get picked up until a decade later when Warner Bros. picked it up for the Kids' WB! and later Cartoon Network, the same thing happened with fellow Cartoon Network show Adventure Time when it was also initially pitched to Nickeldeon in 2008. Ironically Nick actually aired both shows in Germany and they also aired Johnny Test in other places such as Italy, France, the Netherlands and Israel.
    • In the early pilot/promo Dukey was named Poochie, Bling Bling Boy was much younger and was named Golden Boy, and the Mole King and his Mole People looked more realistic compared to the final.
    • A seventh season was originally in the works by DHX Media, and would've included 13 episodes and a three-part special. As of June 25, 2015, however, Taylor confirmed via his Twitter that he is unaware for a seventh season. There's a reason why Scott Fellows moved on to create Supernoobs. Despite this, it has now since been averted for now as 2 more seasons have been confirmed to be in the making for Netflix and will premiere in 2021.
    • A full-length movie was actually considered at one point. The series has been revived, so it still could be made.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Johnny Test Wiki.


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