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Most implied Ho Yay in the series is due to the innocence of the characters who are too young to understand and, in the cases of the gay couple in "Neighborhood Grill" and Jeff's parents, to paint a realistic portrait of being a child in the 21st century, which includes showing that not everyone is heterosexual and those who do love their own gender are no better or worse than anyone else. Clarence would be a close example of this, due to which he falls in between Ambiguously Gay or Ambiguously Bi.


  • To some extent, Clarence, Jeff and Sumo have all acted like this to each other at least once or more (depending on the episode).
    • The way Clarence and Jeff act at the ending of "Fun Dungeon Face Off."
    • In "Slumber Party" Jeff and Sumo are left alone at their own party, and the way they decide to have fun includes Jeff painting Sumo's toenails and the two of them dancing to a bubblegum boy band song.
    • In "The Lizard Afternoon" Clarence kisses Sumo on the forehead.
    • Clarence and Sumo appear to be each others Valentines in "Valentimes".
    • In "Jeff's Secret", when showing off his rash that resembles the state of Texas, Clarence briefly shakes his butt in Jeff's face.
    • In "Beauford T. Pusser", When Sumo finds Beauford T. Pusser at his house and realizes he can't keep him, he takes the cat to Jeff's house to give him to him and accidentally walks in on Jeff taking a bath. Note that Sumo wasn't fazed at all upon this and that there was even a rainbow above Jeff's house.
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  • In "Bedside Manners", Clarence had briefly kissed Belson while at least on-screen with Belson in a cast. See This.
  • In "The Forgotten" Clarence finds spaghetti behind a dumpster and asks Brady to eat it with him "the way dogs do".
    • Once Clarence and Brady make it to the top of the mountain, Clarence pulls Brady into his arm as they watch the sunset.
    • Afterwards, Clarence and Brady act like a married couple living in a sewage pipe. They are both in their underwear as Clarence decides where to put the furniture in a pink apron while Brady reads the newspaper on the couch.
    Clarence: Well, maybe [Brady] and your leech friends will like to sleep on the couch tonight.
    • When Clarence tells Brady to grab onto his waist as he fishes for highway cars, the camera pans down to Clarence's butt waggling. Brady is visibly perturbed.
  • The actual gay male couple that appeared briefly in "Neighborhood Grill" (when Clarence's teacher is looking for her blind date and thinks the man who just came in is her date, until another man greets him, and Clarence's teacher says, "Oh, well, that's good.").
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  • A very subtle one in "Pools Out for Summer", While Samuel was talking to Jeff and Sumo, and with Clarence staring upon Samuel, leaving him in some sort of trance while hearing the music:
    (woman singing) Oh, Samuel.
  • In "The Trade", when Clarence tries to persuade Belson to take back the Salty Duncan baseball card that he sold to him, with Belson's refusal, Clarence tries by doing this instead.
    Clarence: I'll do anything you want, I could be your man, Belson, I could be your guy.
    Belson: Gross.
  • In "The Boxcurse Children", we see Sumo and Jeff dressed up as if they were on a date, except they were dancing, just for the picture.

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