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"Alright, guys, take it easy, you're gonna break my head."note 
Clarence may rely on humor, but it has a few Heartwarming Moments though.

Remember, we have Spoilers Off, so all moments are unmarked! Read 'em if it's worth it.

  • The song used for the end credits of most episodes (called "Good [And Bad] Habits" by Saba Lou). A soothing melody sung by a child, whose lyrics talk about common things from childhood and how she is always feeling fine, and accompanied by images of the night sky at Clarence's neighborhood, creating a very nostalgic and heartwarming atmosphere.
  • Jeff forgiving Clarence for taking his fries, and subsequently losing them down the slide they're at the top of (which Jeff was about to kick Clarence into). The childlike silliness and sweetness of it is wonderful.
    Clarence: You're not gonna let me die?
    Jeff: If you die... I die, too.
    *They both go down the slide together*
  • The whole of "Pretty Great Day With a Girl" qualifies as one.
    • But for more specific examples we get moments like:
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    • Clarence and Amy bonding over their parental issues (Clarence's biological dad not being around, Amy's parents getting a divorce).
    • Clarence giving Amy the lizard tail at the episode's end.
    • Belson's friends dreamily talking about what they like about girls.
  • Chad hanging with the kids during "Dinner Party". He really is a nice dude.
    • Jeff rushing Clarence to the sink to wash the fiberglass out of his hand.
    • Chad pushing Clarence out of the way when the floor collapses and Clarence telling him 'You are my hero'.
  • Clarence and Belson bonding over a baby dolphin in "Zoo".
  • Sumo's speech about how he achieved his goal of building the boat (even though it ended up collapsing and sinking) at the end of "Dream Boat"
    • Speaking of "Dream Boat", Clarence and Jeff's whole role in that episode is just heartwarming. Clarence especially is behind Sumo every step of the way, and is there to lighten the mood when it looks like Sumo is about to lose it.
  • Clarence talking to the mountain lion in "Rise and Shine", which a nice Erasure homage playing in the background. Strangely touching.
    • Also from this episode is when Clarence sneaks into his mom's bedroom to give her and Chad subliminal messages while they sleep: he tells his mom that she's going to have a great day and shouldn't worry about her moocher friend Sandy, and that she should make chicken salad for Clarence. He tells Chad that he's the "best Chad ever," and that he should get Clarence a puppy, but the last one doesn't take and Chad (briefly) wakes up.
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  • In "Neighborhood Grill", Mrs. Baker, Clarence's teacher, is waiting for a blind date at the same restaurant as him. A handsome man walks in through the door, and she clearly thinks it's him. He then looks at her, shakes his head, and talks to the waiter... to then have another man walking straight up to him. The two then kiss each other on the cheek and go to their table. There's no big deal made of it (aside from a little joke with a song whose lyrics say "love is love, lovely love"), Mrs. Baker even states "well, that's good", and this is in a Cartoon Network children's shownote . It also becomes a Moment of Awesome for the show and the channel, for showing a realistic gay couple, similar to what happened with ParaNorman.
  • Jeff being nice to Belson's mother in "Belson's Sleepover" by taking out the garbage (something Belson didn't care to do) and playing the role of a shrink to her.
  • In "Jeff Wins", we get to see Jeff's moms, EJ and Sue Randal. They spend, along with Clarence, the entire episode trying to help boost Jeff's confidence.
    • Also, in EJ and Sue Randal's flashback, we see a younger Jeff. Yes, he ends up crying, but it's still pretty cute to see him as a younger kid.
    • The fact that, like "Neighborhood Grill", they show a same-sex couple that's well-adjusted, are semi-recurring characters (they're Jeff's parents), and not the subject of some Very Special Episode about homophobia or tolerance and acceptance of people different than you. Also a Moment of Awesome for the show's staff, who are breaking down a common barrier seen in a lot of American entertainment (read: showing gays and lesbians as being equal to heterosexuals and not making a big deal of their sexuality).
  • The end of Chimney and Joshua and the dog say they love each other — before the dog begins speaking like a text-to-speech program and Joshua screams and jumps off the train to an uncertain doom.
  • In "Man of the House", it is revealed that Clarence sees Chad differently — to Clarence, Chad looks like a captain, signifying just how much Clarence looks up to him, even though Chad's not Clarence's real father.
  • The ending of "Lil Buddy", especially considering the episode's particularly darker tone.
  • " Where the Wild Chads Are", Chad and Clarence bonding, and Chad forgiving him for losing all the belongings.
  • Near the end of "Breehn-Ho!", Jeff apologizes to Breehn for the way he was treating him earlier. Breehn, for his part, was very forgiving and understanding, making for a wonderfully nice way to end the surprisingly action-filled episode.
  • Sumo and Jeff reconciling in " The Break-Up".
  • In "In Dreams", Jeremy begs Clarence to not wake up because he'll forget him if he does. Clarence promises he won't, and when Mary wakes him up, he tells her about him, showing he kept his promise.
  • "Lost Playground" has quite a few. The kids sticking with each other while trying to save the playground. Then, at the end while the teachers and Camden's dad catch them in the playground graveyard, he then sees the slide where he met his first crush, Mr. Reese remembering his old favorite jungle gym (and where he first met Ms. Baker), and Ms. Shoop finally coming to the realization that her teacher (who looks suspiciously like her) stopped her from having fun, and they all decide to play in it as well.
  • In "Bird Boy Man", Sumo takes time to take care of baby roadrunners. Then, after the rest leave, and Hot Sauce gets an injury, he cares him back to health. Then, once he goes feral and leaves him, with Sumo also being injured, Clarence, Jeff and Sumos's mom take care of him. (At least until Clarence tries to feed Sumo the way he fed the birds).
  • In " Freedom Cactus" as opposed to punishing Clarence, Ms. Baker convinces him to write a comic to let his creativity flow. Although the actual comic strip is questionably too simple, the entire school loves it (even Belson!), and it tears Mr. Reese's heart to censor Clarence's comic strip. So much that he convinces Clarence to revolt against the censorship.
  • In "Plane Excited" Clarence cheering up a crying baby with a puppet made out of the plastic bag.
    • Later, when Clarence is speaking through the intercom, the baby smiles.
  • In "Escape from Beyond the Cosmic", Clarence recreating Jeff's favorite video game to make up for breaking it at the Laundromat. And even though he goes back to the Laundromat to finish the actual game, he feels empty, and decides to finish Clarence's version instead. Although, he is rightfully punished.
  • At the end of "Ren Faire" just as it seems Joshua is about to be enlisted in a somewhat demonic cult, it turns out that they were all actually throwing him a surprise party. Considering how sad his life can be, its nice to know he actually has friends who care.
  • In "Attack the Block Party", the teenagers being friendly towards his curiosity (and misunderstanding of thinking of them as aliens), and they stir up a nice conversation with him.
    • Also, as awkward as it is, the teenage girl driving Sumo home was also pretty cute.
  • In " Field Trippin'", after a whole school thinks that Clarence is a new student, he finds the real kid he was posing as, and discovers that each time he moves, he has to make new friends constantly, afterwards giving up. Even though he ends up being a little forceful, Clarence still found a way to make him get over his shyness and make friends.
  • At the end of "Space Race," Sumo becomes upset when Belson's team wins the rocket launching contest with what is clearly a store-bought rocket. As soon as Ms. Baker sees this, she goes over to comfort Sumo, reassuring him that he's not going to summer school, and that he should be proud of putting in the time and work to make his own rocket instead of taking the easy way out.
  • At the end of "Skater Sumo" where Clarence and Sumo played with Chelsea and Rita.
  • Where to begin with "Mystery Girl". First, Clarence and Bella talking with each other is just adorable! Their chemistry feels authentic, like two actual little kids talking to each other. Second, after Clarence gets bored after a while, he feels bad when he realizes it's her birthday, he leaves many messages wishing her a happy birthday. Later, Mary and Bella's mom set up a play-date, and although their meeting is a bit awkward at first, Clarence pretends to speaking on a phone, immediately getting Bella out of her anxiety. He even got her a present, which was his old toy of their favorite cartoon. It ends with the two playing on the swings, and the moms talking. Possibly one of, if not the best, Clarence episodes.
  • Clarence kinda bonding with Belson over his creation of Bodhi.
  • The episode "Plant Daddies", has "Hush Little Seedling" and "Grown to Love You". Despite being parodies of "Baby Mine" from Dumbo and "The Rose" by Bette Midler, they're both soft and sweet songs about Sumo growing to love a plant he and Clarence had to care for class.
  • Clarence's entire character in "Capture The Flag" is pretty adorable, with him freeing everyone from their Jail, and then he gives juice and water balloon freedom to everyone after he stops Sumo.
  • Though her job sometimes causes her stress, there are some scenes showing Ms. Baker genuinely enjoys shaping young minds.
  • In "Clarence and Sumo's Rexcellent Adventure", when Ms. Baker runs into Ms. Julep from "The Substitute" again they hug.
  • Clarence and his sheer interest for Chad's old band, Dogmon. His unbridled enthusiasm is what motivates them to perform in the end, even when he's the only fan and moshing to nothing in a bowling alley.
  • Clarence going through Mary's scrapbook in "Karate Mom." He was mad at her for taking him to karate class, which he found boring while she starts getting into it. Watching her get younger as he flips back the pages make him realize that she was once a kid like him. He goes to the class to witness her getting her yellow belt, giving her a big hug.
  • "Chad And The Marathon". Despite only running 2 miles of the half marathon, Clarence, Mary and generally the whole town come out to cheer for him. Even when he finishes dead last, and several hours into the night, Sumo, Jeff and Chelsea are still waiting for him, and cheering!


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