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  • When Clarence and Jeff start dueling with foam guards on top of the Fun Dungeon in "Fun Dungeon Face Off," the music imitates Duel of the Fates.
  • The episode "Lost in the Supermarket" shares its name with a song by The Clash.
  • "Clarence's Millions" opens with Clarence's class reading A Melancholic Tale of the Quirky Quirkerson Siblings.
    • During the same episode, Clarence's Nightmare Sequence begins with him imagining himself to be Scrooge McDuck swimming in his money pit, only filled with Clarence Dollars instead of gold coins. A remixed version of the DuckTales theme song even plays in the background!
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    • The same dream ends with an homage to Little Nemo.
    • At the end there is a trading card game that parodies Pokémon.
    • There's a T. rex toy that is reminiscent of the Jurassic Park toy lineups, complete with a wound.
  • Clarence's friends Jeff and Sumo, look like Steve(?) from Minecraft and Gollum from The Lord of the Rings respectively.
    • Belson not only looks like Bert; his personality is like Bert's, but tinged with Jerkass.
    • Percy pretty much is a human Percy.
    • In "Money Broom Wizard," the trio embark on a LOTR-style quest with clear character roles: Clarence as Gandalf, Jeff as Legolas, and Sumo as "Sumo-wise" (although his resemblance to Gollum is exploited at the beginning when he crawls on all fours).
  • The plot of "Straight Illin", where Belson dares Clarence to eat 500 deviled eggs, is based on the scene from Cool Hand Luke where Paul Newman's character is dared to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in one hour.
  • Clarence appears to be watching a Marx Brothers movie in "Honk". Not to mention that the talk show host looks similar to a certain Late night redhead.
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  • In "Zoo", a pastiche of the The Beach Boys plays when Ms. Baker mentions her dream of moving out to California.
  • "Dollar Hunt", one of Clarence's flashbacks is him in Chad's much-to-big-for-a-little-boy jacket, pretending to be David Byrne.
  • When Clarence tries to talk down the mountain lion in "Rise and Shine", a pastiche of Erasure's "Always" (AKA the theme from Robot Unicorn Attack) starts playing, with puma-appropriate lyrics.
  • During Clarence's Costume-Test Montage in "Clarence Gets a Girlfriend", one of the outfits he tries on resembles Carl Sagan's Iconic Outfit from his time on Cosmos, as well as a costume reminiscent of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  • "The Forgotten" is one huge reference to Peanuts.
    • At one point, Clarence has an Imagine Spot where his plan plays out like a pulp detective comic. And for some reason, Brady is dressed like Aladdin (though he could also be the archetypical Middle Eastern/West Asiannote  sidekick to the white hero, which was common in a lot of 1940s pulp comics and adventure series, like Jonny Quest's Hadji character).
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    • There scene on the bus is a reference to Midnight Cowboy, punctuated with Clarance randomly yelling about a trip to Florida that is not actually occurring.
  • Clarence has a TMNT-esque action figure and a poster of a Hulk Hogan parody in his bedroom.
  • Belson also has a TMNT-esque action figure, as well as Jake The Dog and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man toys, and a Lara Croft poster.
  • The ending to "Belson's Sleepover" is a lot like the ending to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  • "Average Jeff" is bookended by scenes that parody the opening and closing of American Psycho.
  • "Too Gross For Comfort" has Sumo try to pass off Han mercy killing his Tauntaun in The Empire Strikes Back as something he did.
  • "Pilot Expansion" ends with a parody of The Jetsons end credits.
  • Buckey O'Neill, the founder of Rough Riders Chicken in "Fun Dungeon Face Off", appears to be a caricature of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States that served as the leader of the Rough Riders, which was a volunteer military group that fought in the Spanish-American War of 1898 in real-life history.
  • "Rough Riders Elementary" includes an homage to the infamous "orgy cult" scene from Eyes Wide Shut. Rather unexpected for a kids' show, though it is obviously toned down.
    • This episode also has a brief shout out to the infamous "man in dog suit" scene from another Kubrick film, The Shining, parodied by a brief glimpse of Ms. Baker in an old outfit and Mr. Reese in a chicken suit standing in a tub.
    • In addition, Clarence storing food in one of his pants pockets, only to pull it out during class, is reminiscent of another socially awkward protagonist.
    • Joshua's eyepatch, white coat and "RR" badge together cause him to resemble Danger Mouse.
  • Clarence does a parody of Marshall Gerald's famous speech in The Fugitive when Jeff escapes from his room in "Jeff Wins".
    • "Goose Chase" has another Fugitive reference, with Clarence cornered by the goose in a sewer pipe spoofing the scene of Kimball and Gerald at the dam.
  • "Goldfish Follies" is done in the style of a 1930s Fleischer Studios cartoon. Specific references include Belson appearing as Bluto and Clarence briefly turning into Superman.
    • The pet store where Clarence gets the goldfish has an employee who looks like Goofy.
    • Twice Clarence does a Tex Avery-style Wild Take.
    • There is even a The Flintstones reference when the cuckoo inside Clarence's wristwatch says "It's a living."
  • The dog in "Chimney" is a Captain Ersatz of Lassie. There is even a Timmy in a Well plot.
  • In "Hurricane Dilliss," Seymour (Mary's Dad) looks somewhat like Hank Hill (the glasses and the somewhat square head to match his square personality), but sounds like Tom Anderson (which is very similar to Hank Hill's voice, only slightly lower in pitch and gruffer).
  • In "Lil' Buddy", Clarence's transformation into a delinquent is accompanied by a parody of "Strange Things" from Toy Story.
    Ms. Baker: Don't forget what happened to the man who got everything he wanted.
    Clarence: What?
    Ms. Baker: He lived happily ever after.
  • The game Clarence plays in "Chalmers Santiago" is based on Adventure, complete with Surprise Difficulty.
  • The little creatures that Sumo hallucinates in "Tuckered Boys" seem inspired by the soot spirits in My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.
    • Also, the piano music played in "Cloris" when he sees the piano and finds the tree sound like something a Studio Ghibli movie would have.
  • "Where the Wild Chads Are" has Chad watching Adventure Time on his portable TV .
  • In "The Big Petey Pizza Problem" Jeff's bowling scene is based off of Jesus Quintana's scene from the film The Big Lebowski.
  • "Interrogation" is a Whole Plot Reference to Law & Order, particularly the subtitles giving the time and place and the "Cha-chung!" Musical Sting.
  • One of the ideas Clarence has for a comic strip in "Freedom Cactus" is a spoof of Garfield, with Jeff as Jon.
  • The title of "Attack the Block Party" references Attack the Block.
  • The squirrel in "The Tails of Mardrynia" is a Captain Ersatz of Mrs. Brisby.
  • The movie the new Robofrog trailer is playing with in "Sneaky Peaky" is a spoof of Paul Blart: Mall Cop.
  • In "Space Race", Ms. Baker has the kids make rockets, and Gilben's rocket is The Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • When Chad has his hair eaten by fish in "Fishing Trip", he looks exactly like Homer Simpson, especially in the yellow light of the setting sun. When Sumo steps on his foot, he even lets out a "D'oh!"
  • In the episode "Capture the Flag" Sumo forms a post-apocalyptic gang and puts himself as the warlord, complete with Hockey Mask and Chainsaw. Percy, dressed like The Toadie, gives a speech about him similar to the one Lord Humungus in The Road Warrior.
  • A few of the songs by Simon Panrucker, the composer for the show are In the Style of... several bands like "My Time Will Come" for Linkin Park or "California" for The Beach Boys and "Liony-Liony-Mountain" above.
  • The "Dingus and McNobrain" chapter of "Clarence's Stormy Sleepover" is a parody of '70s cop shows, complete with funk theme music and the title appearing in era-appropriate graphics.
  • When Mary and Clarence join a karate class in "Karate Mom", they briefly appear as Dragonball Z characters.
  • Two of Clarence's action figures, which have appeared repeatedly, are a hot dog dressed as a cop, and a robot frog, which appear to be references to obscure 80's action figure lines "Food Fighters" and "Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars."
  • The wrestlers Clarence and Sumo watch in "The Tunnel" are dressed like Mario and (Wa)Luigi.
  • While digging through the trash in "R.C. Car", Jeff finds a wooden mask and says "Sssmoking!"
  • In "Clarence the Movie", when Clarence asks Chelsea what she knows about real life, Sumo and Jeff have an interchange reminiscent of Beavis And Butthead:
    Clarence: Do you wanna be in our movie?
    Chelsea: A movie?
    Sumo: Yeah, I'm the hero, and Jeff's the butthead.
    Jeff: Sumo, you can't say that if you want a proper rating.
    Chelsea: He said "butt".
  • The video clerk in "Video Store" is a grown-up Brendon from Home Movies. The pictures on the wall of banned customers include other characters from the show.

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