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Two best friends having each other's backs.

Clarence may be a Slice of Life series, but it has some awesome moments like all the other run-of-the-mill shows, even if there are some mundane ones present.

Remember, we have Spoilers Off, so all spoilers are unmarked! Read 'em if it's worth it.

Season 1

  • "Money Broom Wizard" has Clarence and Jeff inadvertently beating Belson and friends at Laser Tag with a laser pointer and a mini disco ball.
  • "Dinner Party" has Sumo's dad getting Clarence and crew off the hook for falling through Breehn's parents attic, by telling them their house has faulty floors and anyone who falls through and gets hurt can sue for damages.
  • The story Clarence tells at the beginning of "Nature Clarence", even if it was a little over-the-top.
  • In "Honk", after Clarence annoys the students with his bicycle horn, they bring their own horns to break Clarence's love of the horn. Instead? Clarence manages to start a light-hearted horn battle that eventually turns into an entire organized orchestra of air horns.
    • Also from that episode: Nature Kate saving Joshua.
  • In "Belson's Sleepover", Sumo's quick reflexes save him from Belson's prank. He also takes charge in pranking Belson back and is the last man standing in the prank-off, winning Belson's game console.
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  • Belson's mother gets one in "Dust Buddies". After putting up with Belson refusing to clean up after himself, she starts playing the MMORPG Belson was playing with his team and proceeds to play intentionally badly, and the only way she'll stop is if he does his chores. This all comes to a head when Belson gets back online and realizes she changed his character class to something less threatening, much to his embarrassment.
  • Mary and Dilliss' fight at the climax of "Hurricane Dilliss" when the former finally gets fed up with the latter controlling everything.
  • "Breehn Ho". This episode might as well be called "How to Turn a Butt-Monkey into a Badass." It starts off with Breehn as the milquetoast and unimaginative fourth wheel, but, at seeing Sumo and Jeff in danger, makes a daring game move and saves them and immediately gets the hang of things, becoming a decisive and kickass captain. The kicker; in a major subversion of a cliche, none of this is after hearing Jeff's, Clarence's, and Sumo's real thoughts on him, as he did this all on his own volition.
    • If that wasn't awesome enough, after Jeff criticizes him for screwing up and he leaves in the rainstorm, at seeing his friends in danger after they try to rescue him, he immediately springs into action again and subverts another cliche, bypassing any sappy apology moments. And as if to finish his trifecta of subversions, when he's given the key to the treasure at the end, you're expecting him to break the key or do something that'll undo all his badassery... but none of that happens and they get the treasure! It's safe to say that Breehn, after this episode, may be on his way to slowly becoming a main character.

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