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Don't you just hate it when you're on the phone and your mother's interrupting you? Yep, we all have that sometimes.

Remember, we have Spoilers Off, so all spoilers are unmarked! Read 'em if it's worth it.

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  • Clarence handing out custom invitations to the class before properly introducing himself.
    • The teacher's invitation has her with a hunky man (presumably her boyfriend).
  • Jeff arriving at Clarence's house at exactly 5:00 PM, and being spooked by Clarence popping his head through the doggy door.
    Clarence: Come on in, Jeff! What, you've never seen a secret entrance before?
  • Clarence showing Jeff around the house.
    Clarence: (in the backyard) We can play in my tree fort, (in the kitchen) or crawl around in my secret tunnel, (outside) or break all this wood with a hammer, or play whack-a-gopher, (holding his chicken Lucine) or wait 'til this guy lays an egg, (now standing on top of the air conditioning unit) or get blown around by this thing, (back at the wood pile) or break all this wood with a hammer, (back in the kitchen) or eat all these Pizza Poppers really fast! What do you wanna do first?
    Jeff: Um... none of it?
  • Jeff showing off his trivial knowledge by acing the questions on a game show.
  • Sumo and Clarence's various methods of trying to get Jeff to have fun.
    • Sumo (and the audience) learn that Jeff's a germophobe after he tries to get Jeff to join in on his and Clarence's rocking out. Jeff's face is priceless.
    Jeff: (said rather quickly) Don't touch my hands, your hands are filthy, they're full of germs!
  • Clarence and co. making a prank call (the classic "is your refrigerator running" joke), but Clarence accidentally called the cops instead of a random person.
  • Jeff busts open the mystery piñata, only for the mystery to be... bees!
    • Sumo cottoning onto what's on the piñata just before Jeff busts it open, with Clarence apparently having dropped hints through the day.
    Clarence: Do you want some honey in your tea, Sumo?
    Clarence: You're gonna bee very surprised by my mystery piñata.
    Clarence: (in a beekeeper's suit) Hold on, I gotta change out of my bee suit.
  • The cop from the phone call actually shows up with the fire department, stating they "got a call about a robbery and a fiery homicide".

    Season 1 
Fun Dungeon Face Off
  • This scene :
    Mary: All the kids love Clarence.
    Jeff: I'm gonna kill you, Clarence!
  • The "battle" and the whole ordeal between Jeff and Clarence in the titular "Fun Dungeon" is a little of this Trope, a little of Awesome and also a more than bit disturbing.
  • Sumo's song. To sum it up, imagine the "Cynthia" song from the Rugrats episode "Wash-Dry Story" as if it were sung by a kid with a deep, obnoxiously scratchy voice. It's just glorious.
  • Clarence "trading" his shoes for a little girl's pink sneakers.

Pretty Great Day with a Girl

  • The pee gag with Clarence's water bottle.
    Clarence: I would really like to, Amy, but I gotta go.....pee.
    (Belson comes up to the erratic, but runs off yelling when a mysterious stream of water hits him)
    Amy: Clarence, you just
    (cut to Clarence squirting the stream of water out of his water bottle)
    Clarence: Ha ha, now you're all wet!
    Amy: Oh. (laughs it off)
  • Clarence stuffing the backpack with more sandwiches than Amy and he could possibly eat.
  • Clarence Comically Missing the Point when the kids remarked that he was lucky.
  • Sumo appearing pretty much out of nowhere about halfway through the episode.

Money Broom Wizard

  • Sumo spending most of the episode playing some FPS/Music game hybrid.
  • Clarence cheating the whack-a-seal game by putting one of the seals in a headlock and pounding its face in.
  • "Finally! Finger disco!"

Lost In The Supermarket

  • Sumo and his bizarre feud with Joshua.
  • The banana falling off the crate and making a fart noise when it lands on the ground.
  • In a blink and you miss it moment, Aisle 10's title is "women's food."
  • An old senile lady mistaking Clarence for a package of meat.

Clarence's Millions

  • The episode focuses on Buddy Stars, which students get when they are good. For goofing of in class, Clarence has 1 and Sumo has -5.
  • How Nathan failed his history test: he only answered one question where he said Americans discovered America and he forgot to put his own name on it.
  • When Jeff pleads with Clarence to get rid of the Clarence Dollars.
    Jeff: Clarence, please. Show some humanity. You've got to stop this.
    Clarence: I know. It's become more powerful than I ever imagined. And now I'll have to destroy my own creation. Jeff, get some gasoline, we're gonna burn these dollars to the ground!
    *cut to Aberdale Elementary burning down*
    Jeff: I don't think that's gonna solve anything. We need to flood the market with them!
    *cut to Aberdale Elementary flooded*
    Jeff: No, no, no. I mean make so many Clarence Dollars that no one will use them anymore. Like Soviet money!
    Clarence: Interesting. So then we flood the school.
    Jeff: No. No, that never happens.
  • The final scene, showing who traded some Freezy Pops for all of Sumo's Clarence Dollars: Chad.
  • The Affectionate Parody of A Series of Unfortunate Events in the opening.
    Ms. Baker: (reading) The Quirkersons were orphans ever since their parents spontaneously combusted, which some parents are known to do.

Clarence Gets a Girlfriend

  • Clarence trying on a bikini and panty.
  • Clarence and Ashley's date.
    Clarence: (puts his hand on top of Ashley's) "My Darling." (Ashley snatches hand away, but Clarence insists and says "My Darling" once more, and Ashley puts her hands in her lap.)
  • Sumo and Jeff's reactions to hearing that Clarence has a girlfriend.
    Clarence: So I guess I have a girlfriend now.
    Jeff: PFFFFT! WHAT?!
    Sumo: Alright buddy, you snagged one!
  • Jeff laments how he's a Dogged Nice Guy, while he ignores somebody in need.
    Patsie: Hold the door, please? (the door slams in her face) Oof!
  • Clarence putting a Lego brick between his teeth.

Jeff's New Toy

  • The toy commercial is very over-the-top and actiony. The show the toys are based on is boring as all get out.
  • Jeff startling a sleeping Sumo and getting punched in the face as a result.
    • Clarence using Jeff's nose as a TV dial.
  • After a lot of effort, Clarence finally gets to play with Jeff's toy and he breaks it in a few seconds.
  • The Art Shift that occurs when Clarence lies about what happened to the toy.
  • The fact that a children's show would even mention the current Supreme Court justices is really, really impressive.
  • This surprisingly poignant quip from Sumo.
    Sumo: You mean you woke us up at 6:00 A.M. on a Saturday just to show us a toy we can't play with?

Dinner Party

  • Chad imagining himself running along the power lines while he's supposed to be driving.
    • Chad's antics throughout the episode, full stop.
  • Clarence pouring gravy all over Jeff's plate of food.
    Clarence: Honk honk! All aboard the gravy train!
    Jeff: Uh, no, Clarence, I don't want any... well, I'm done.
  • Clarence testing out the stainproof carpet by pouring gravy into a giant puddle.
  • Chelsea and her odd fixation with finding a dead body.
  • Crosses over with Nightmare Fuel: Clarence mistaking fiberglass insulation for cotton candy.
  • Clarence greeting Breehn's mother at the door.
    Clarence: Hi, lady.
  • While all the kids pretend they were injured in the fall, Clarence said his brain fell out and gives his mom and Chad a thumbs up.


  • One of the teachers, Mr. Reese, tries to propose to Ms. Baker despite only knowing her for a few months. Lucky for her, Clarence's honking distracts Mr. Reese long enough for Ms. Baker to get out of there.
  • There's this one boy (Gilben) that is literally a Living Prop. He just stands there with a slack jawed look on his face. At one point he falls over and makes a plastic thud sound.
  • Clarence's intervention.
    Jeff: We're here because we love you.
    Jeff: Yes, you do!
    • Percy: At first, you didn’t have a horn, but now you have a horn, and... [high-pitched squeal]
    Clarence: [honks horn]
  • Clarence and company turning an attempt to annoy him with the horns into an impromptu musical performance.

Dollar Hunt

  • Clarence presenting the Third Annual Daily Dollar Hunt, even though this is really the first Dollar Hunt he's held.
  • Jeff's biggest concern over the Dollar Hunt.
    Jeff: These kids look like they might sue us. We should have them sign waivers.
  • Blaide's apparent need to find a bus home. Unfortunately, nobody understands his poor English.
  • When Clarence realizes he buried a twenty dollar bill, he talks out loud and everyone searches like mad for it.
    • When they find it, Malakevin eats it and runs off.
  • Malakevin in general. Who spouts off random quotes from presidential assassinations.
  • Clarence denying Jeff's help to find the twenty dollars. "No, Jeff. I screwed this up myself, and I gotta screw it down myself."
  • Jeff wearing an apron and dress while pulling the casserole out of the oven.
    • And that Clarence looks like he's dead for a few seconds.
  • Crendle somehow ending up in a hole at the end of the episode.
    Crendle: Hello? Is anyone there? I think I'm stuck. ...Help!


  • Crendle hitting a trash can with a stick, for no apparent reason.
  • The beginnings of Clarence bugging Belson.
    Clarence: Hey, there, seat buddy! You ran off so fast, you forgot your juice pouch! *slurp* Oh, wait, this one's yours.
  • The reason Clarence is hanging out with Belson.
    Clarence: Oh, Sumo and Jeff? They're not here today because Sumo got sick, because he kept sleeping outside; and Jeff got sick, because, umm... Sumo coughed in Jeff's mouth. So, I guess it's just you and me today, buddy.
  • Vu immediately ratting Breehn out as being the one allergic to peanuts.
    Breehn: What? I can't help it! I'm not even that allergic!
  • Breehn intentionally wolfing down a peanut butter sandwich (in spite of being allergic), much to Ms. Baker's distress.
    • Later, while being loaded into an ambulance (funnier if you consider Clarence's catchphrase):
    Breehn: It wasn't worth it...
  • Clarence mistaking the animal hospital for an animal church.
  • The drawing of Clarence and Belson during the montage. Also doubles as incredibly disturbing.

Rise 'n' Shine

  • A quote of "wisdom" to start the episode off.
    Clarence: If you don't wanna miss the good stuff, you gotta get up before the sun does. Because the sun is a lazybones. Also breakfast is part of a nutritious breakfast. — Probably The President.
  • In general, Clarence interacting with all the other people up at 5 AM, including the cops, a garbage woman, and an overweight newsboy.
  • The leitmotif playing through Clarence's day routine.
  • "OH, NO! A BEAR!" ... "OH, NO! A BEAR!"

Man of the House

  • Jeff and Sumo being hidden inside the hide-a-bed couch.
    Jeff: (*coughing and spitting*) You couldn't have found a cleaner hiding spot?
    Sumo: Hey, that fixed my back!
  • The boys imagining what they'd like to do as men of the house.
    • Clarence is playing poker with dogs.
    • Jeff is cleaning the house while Sumo and Clarence are tied up in the closet.
    • And Sumo is a black and white movie general launching missiles at Florida while a punk anthem plays.
  • When Mary sees the mess Clarence and crew have left the house in, he beats a hasty retreat with Rake Backburn.
  • The chorus singing "CHAD! MESSED! UP! AGAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!" after Chad realized he left the backstage passes at home.
  • Clarence begins unleashing a series of puns, leading to a Laugh Track... only for the Studio Audience to get increasingly irritated until they start booing.

Puddle Eyes

  • Belson seeing Clarence unconscious out in the playground... and pulling the shades so no one else notices.
    • For extra points, he tries to imply that Breehn's the one absent.
    Breehn: What? No, I'm right here.
  • Jeff impersonating an Evangelical preacher to "cure" Clarence's blindness with his "elixir".
    Belson: It's just water.
  • Jeff tanking the eye-exam challenge. On the first letter.

Dream Boat

  • Sumo's glib answers to the behavior worksheet during detention.
  • To draw a square, Sumo uses Jeff's cubic head as a stencil.
  • "My boat worked!" Cut to the boat sinking like a stone and the kids screaming for help.

Slumber Party

  • Without Clarence, Jeff and Sumo are left with each other for company. And it drives them nuts.
  • Malessica is too shy to talk to Jeff over the phone, so Clarence impersonates her. At the end of the episode, Jeff realizes he was talking to Clarence over the phone and screams as the episode cut to black.
  • Clarence and his...unique stab at a historical metaphor.
    Clarence: Did Columbus say "Oh, well" when he couldn't discover Indiana, and he landed his plane in Canada instead? No! He said "Oh maybe" and he put that flag down and he marched right up to the courthouse and he made that bill a law!
  • Jeff and Sumo synchronized dancing.

Nature Clarence

  • Sumo's bizarre feud with Joshua continues in this episode.
  • When Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo start chanting "Turn around! Turn around!" Percy mishears them and joins the chant with "We love clowns! We love clowns!".
  • Joshua's car slowly falling apart over the course of four hours.
  • Percy's oddly adorable surprised groan when he drops Clarence.
  • Percy in general. "They're like little fluffy hot dogs!"
  • "Nature Kate says that milk is nature's milk!" This line's made even funnier by Percy IMMEDIATELY barfing after Clarence says it.

Average Jeff

  • Clarence scraping the peanut butter off of his crackers into a fist-sized ball, and eating it.
  • Jeff attempts to bribe his way back into Ms. Baker's class... with $2, a pack of gum, and a moist towelette.
    • Ms. Baker's sarcastic response regarding her "going price", which Jeff immediately tries to fulfill.
      Ms. Baker: "Everyone has their price, Jeff, but mines a little higher than this."
      Jeff: "Well, what is it?"
      Jeff: "Deal!" (runs toward the door)
      Ms. Baker: "Wait, Jeff! I was— I was just kidding!"
      Jeff: (stops at door, dejected) "Ohhh..."
  • Percy slipping and falling into the urinal while trying to leave the bathroom.

Lizard Day Afternoon

  • Clarence and Sumo's chase with a lizard somehow ends with them on the roof of a tall building.
  • Jeff's increasingly desperate attempts to convince Belson to share his game console.
    • When he finally gets to play it, he accidentally smashes the console. Jeff tries to pretend it works when Clarence and Sumo come over, but they easily see through his ruse.

The Forgotten

  • Mavis (the red-headed girl Brady has a crush on) dancing around and grunting after tasting water dripping from the fire hydrant.
  • Clarence mispronouncing Brady's name as "Harvly".
  • Clarence eating spaghetti that he pulled out of a dumpster.
  • "This program is brought to you by potato chips. They're unhealthy, but you can't stop."
  • The studio audience from "Man of the House" returns, this time as Clarence and Brady act like a married couple after taking shelter in a sewer drain.
    • Chad recognizing Clarence as "that pink boy with no ears".
    • A cardboard box somehow casting a perfect silhouette of Clarence.
  • Clarence apparently falls asleep with his eyes open, as seen on his bus ride home.

Neighborhood Grill

  • Ms. Baker's date: A dottering man in his seventies. Who is named Clarence too.
    • Also, a moment when she sees a nice-looking man and assumes he's her date. It turns out the man was gay.
  • Clarence assuming Ms. Baker is a robot who never leaves school.
  • The scene in the women's room in general, where Old Clarence is tossing crab legs into the stall with Miss Baker, Young Clarence's epiphany that teachers are people too and then forcing himself under the stall door to give Miss Baker a hug, while Chad plays with the automatic faucets.
  • When Clarence has a minor mental breakdown upon first seeing Miss Baker and loses comprehension of what anything means, trying to jam a fork and a menu together.

Belson's Sleepover

  • One of the boys calls Belson's mom foxy.
  • Emilio is the only one who was spooked by Belson's story and tries to play it off.
  • Brady is the first to be pranked and has to stay in Belson's room. He spends his time ogling a Lara Croft poster.
  • In an attempt to prank Clarence after he fell asleep, Belson sprays whipped cream into Clarence's hand and tickles Clarence's nose with a feather to try and get him to slap the cream all over his face. Clarence being Clarence, however, just thinks it's a little bird.
    • To add to it, Belson cheats by just taking Clarence's hand and slapping him with the cream. Clarence promptly eats the whipped cream, and doesn't even wake up.
    Clarence: Oh my gosh, you're so delicious. I'm so sorry, birdie!
  • To lure out Belson, Clarence dresses as a stereotypical Eighties girl (think a teenage girl trying to copy the styles of Cyndi Lauper and Madonna from the "Lucky Star" video), complete with a "Relax" shirt.
    Belson: Are those my mom's clothes?
  • Belson's mom is having a Freudian Couch conversation with Jeff and neither of them notice Belson chasing Clarence around them.
  • The whole time, Clarence does not realize on his own that the chainsaw maniac is Belson. At one point, he charges at Belson with a sword and Belson has to drop the act before he gets cut up.

Too Gross for Comfort

  • Chelsea and Sumo try to one-up each other with their gross stories. They have a stare down... then without warning, they kiss. This grosses out everyone into running out of the treehouse screaming. Except Clarence of course.
  • The episode begins with the boys having a crayfish race, including an obstacle course. The crayfishes, being just ordinary crayfishes, barely move, but the boys still seem to think the race is massively exciting, and treat it like very Serious Business.
  • Clarence blowing Jeff's whistle, much to Jeff's disgust.
  • One of Jeff's geodes gets cracked open, and while the stench is pretty bad, none of the kids really seem all that affected... except for Jeff, who is seen vomiting furiously into a bucket outside.
  • Sumo trying to use the Tauntaun scene from The Empire Strikes Back as one of his gross stories.

Pilot Expansion

  • Old Sumo calling Rough Riders Chicken "Rough Raiders Chicken".
  • Being essentially a retelling of the pilot episode, all of it also applies here.
  • The sudden shout-out to The Jetsons at the very end, complete with hilarious fake credits.


  • Clarence asking the secretary if she could heal Mary's carpal tunnel with crystals.
  • Clarence's Candy Brain.

Rough Riders Elementary

  • Chelsea dressed as the Hindenburg for her history report. Bonus points for her remaining completely deadpan the entire time.
    Chelsea: "...but instead of a warm welcoming committee, I was greeted by the warmth of a sudden fire, and ultimately the cold, hard earth. (pulls string on costume, and confetti bursts out of where the actual ship burst into flame) 'Oh, the humanity', indeed."
  • Clarence wrote his report on a large newsprint drawing pad, which he struggles to keep upright.
  • After using a dolly to sneak into the secret assembly, Clarence spends the next few scenes riding it around.
  • The whole story is revealed to have been Clarence's report the whole time.

Nothing Ventured

  • Chad's various sour cream and onion-themed products: soda, ice cream, keyboard cleaner, and bug repellent.
  • Clarence's three-plan scheme for making money. Plan C is to quit, and there's a picture of Richard Nixon under the word "quit".
  • Clarence and Sumo attempt to sell Jeff back his own laser pointer.
  • Clarence thinking in bed:
    Clarence: Maybe I'm not supposed to be a business guy. Maybe I'm just supposed to get paid for doing nothing. Like a statue or a senator.
  • Mel's idea of a literal fire door, complete with fantasy sequence of someone being horribly burned.
  • The Batman (1966) parody, complete with Clarence imitating the scene-transition music.
  • Clarence manages to dodge a startled Sumo after waking him up.
  • Clarence and Sumo gather up what they think are crickets... but are actually roaches.
    • Their attempts at spreading the "crickets" ends up causing a city-wide infestation.
      • One of those attempts is to put four roaches in a paper airplane, putting a tiny pilot's hat on the one in front.

Bedside Manners

  • Clarence's show-and-tell project, ostensibly of him unfreezing what appears to be a G.I. Joe figure encased in ice, ends with him shattering it, Ms. Baker's coffee mug, and part of her desk with a hammer.
    • After Clarence's announcement to the class regarding Belson's condition, he grabs someone's hat off a rack and walks out of class. Ms. Baker notes that "class isn't over yet", only for the bell to immediately ring.
    • The reveal that the hat, much like the light-up princess shoes in "Fun Dungeon Face-Off", isn't his. Also serves as a Call-Back to "Neighborhood Grill".
    Mary: Alright, who's hat did you steal this time?
  • The antics with the eight-foot-long party sub: buckled up in the front seat of Mary's car, the trail it leaves as Clarence drags it about, Josh tripping over it, it causing the elevator doors to not close, and Clarence using it to bribe a nurse into letting him into Belson's hospital room.
  • Small detail during Belson's explanation of how he landed in a body cast: Guyler attempting to eat popcorn, only for his shirt to cause the popcorn to fall back into the bucket.

Jeff Wins

  • Clarence busting into a random musical number dubbed "Not As Uptight As You". Despite it being all in his head, Jeff and his moms can somehow hear the music.
    • Sumo showing up out of nowhere mid-number to do a piano solo.
  • Jeff's various freakouts in the past cook-offs:
    • Smashing a plate of cookies and running off crying,
    • Taking a trash can and dumping a casserole into it before running off crying (again),
    • Throwing another casserole into a baby stroller before kicking the stroller off the stage and running off (notably, he didn't cry),
    • And finally, throwing a cake into the pig pen, only for the pigs to throw it back.
  • When Clarence is faced with the ethical dilemma of whether to switch the signs to make sure Jeff wins, his shoulder angels are a horse and a fish, which even Clarence finds odd. The horse tells him to do it, while the fish tells him (in a disinterested tone) to not do it. When Clarence freaks out over the decision, the horse and fish decide to leave him for some other kid.
  • A stagehand gives Clarence his megaphone when Jeff tries to make a break for it.
  • Clarence performing a riff on Tommy Lee Jones' speech from The Fugitive...only for Sue to point out he's hiding nearby behind a sapling.
    • Not only does the sapling fail to cover Jeff's body, it also fails to block his oversized head.
  • Ms. Baker teaching Euclid's proof of the infinitude of primes to a class of fourth-graders.
    • The IQ test's tagline: "Your Life, Only Graded".
  • The screw bouncing off Gilben's head without him even flinching.
  • The big girl from "Clarence Gets a Girlfriend" seemingly has a crush on Jeff; Jeff, however, doesn't reciprocate.
  • Neither Sumo nor Clarence's parents pick up the phone. Chad, who is watching a TV show where a lot of phones are ringing at once, thinks "it's like surround sound.".
  • Clarence and Sumo's so-bad-it's-hilarious video assignment at the end.

Turtle Hats

  • Sumo's interpretation of the "turtle hats" assignment is to draw a turtle with a hat on a post-it note and stick it on his head.
  • The movie President Iguana.
    • For their project, Clarence, Jeff and Sumo appear to be acting out the movie.

Goose Chase

  • After a dog pees on Clarence's shoes, they are heard squishing for most of the episode.
  • Clarence's stomach arguing with him. At one point the subtitles use Symbol Swearing.

Goldfish Follies

  • Clarence floats into the pet shop, but somehow footprints form underneath him. He realizes this, floats back and wipes his feet.
  • While carrying the goldfish on a bag, Clarence avoids a porcupine, a cactus and even a walking sword. He then carefully puts the bag on a pillow. That is what breaks the bag.
  • The musical number at the end, and The Reveal when the show returns to its normal style and Clarence is dancing in his underwear in his flooded room, a half-dead fish swimming in the fish tank. Mary just slowly backs away.
    • The fact that Clarence sees his world as a rubber-hosed, Fleischer Studios cartoon a la Betty Boop or the really early Popeye cartoons (with some hints of the 1940s Superman).


  • Sumo referring to the dog as "a doggy puppy dog dog" upon introducing Jeff to it.
  • Josh reappears, and it seems he's been packing on the pounds since he last showed up in "Bedside Manners".
  • The various hijinks with the boys and the well:
    • Clarence flipping a coin into the well, complete with little "smack" and Jeff's "ow!".
    • After Clarence falls in trying to get Jeff out, Sumo tries to use the rope above the well to get them both. It and the structure holding the rope snap, sending Sumo in with the others.

Straight Illin

  • Clarence making his entrance to the egg-eating contest in a "#1 Mom" robe.
  • Belson desperately seeking attention by attempting to eat 600 scrambled eggs, after it was announced that school has been canceled since everyone has been infected with the egg virus that Clarence contracted and spread to the entire school.

Dust Buddies

  • Cynthia's method of getting Belson to do chores is half this, and half awesome.
  • Lupé's story, especially the "one really, REALLY long hour later" time card.

Hurricane Dilliss

  • Chad expressing his displeasure at Dilliss' lack of regard for boundaries after she barges in on Mary showering...while he himself is on the toilet.
  • Belson deciding "I can hold it" after running into Dilliss while going to use the bathroom.
  • Clarence's grandfather Seymour sounding like Hank Hill (or a less gruff Tom Anderson).

Hoofin' It

  • Jeff getting stuck under, and then tied to, Butterscotch, thereby technically winning the Greased Pig Race.
  • The riot gets so bad, Bucky O'Neil can't bring himself to tell the rest of the story, so the episode ends on a cardboard SMPTE color-bar screen, complete with a man making a "booooooooooop" noise.


  • Clarence ripping a massive fart as his show-and-tell to get into detention on the second day, with Sumo cheering him on.
  • In a blink and you'll miss it Continuity Nod, there's a Clarence Dollar from "Clarence's Millions" in Mr. Reese's drawer of confiscated toys, as well as the Robo-Frog and hot-dog police chief toys Clarence played with in "Puddle Eyes".
  • Clarence and Percy mistaking Tamagotchisnote  for bouncy balls, and shattering them on the floor.
  • The first thing Mr. Reese does after stripping Jeff from hall monitor duties? He busts Belson, who was busy playing a video game throughout the entire episode. note 


  • Clarence's narration throughout the episode.
  • Gunnar (the bald biker guy) actually making "brum-brumbrumbrum" noises while talking to Sammy (the Asian woman) and Mary.
    • He squeals with joy after they figured out his haircut, and somehow rides away backwards afterward.
  • The final scene reveals that Clarence made many hair sculptures over the course of the summer. The male hairdresser walks in on the scene, goes "Ew" and just walks back.

Lil Buddy

  • The class (and Ms. Baker) being a bit creeped-out by Clarence's show-and-tell project (especially the beaten-up Lil Buddy doll).
  • Sumo looking crudely drawn while jabbing a stick on a mud puddle. He reverts to normal while talking to Clarence, then changes back as he resumes jabbing.
  • The duck-lipped boy finally gets a name (Reed), and (fittingly) actually sounds like a duck.
  • Even if it lead to him missing recess (and thus setting the plot in motion), Clarence's fantasy while in time-out is hilarious (Abraham Lincoln re-colonizing Earth, anyone?).
  • The "Strange Things" pastiche, played while Clarence is being a grump.
  • Nathan asking Belson if he can eat the goop they made in science class.
  • During Clarence's "bad boy" montage, he brings in the school sign during a show-and-tell.

Chalmers Santiago

  • Episode opens with Clarence watching a shopping channel selling smart phones for babies.
  • Clarence digging through the box and passing on Lil' Buddy, dismissing him as "creepy" as if the previous episode never happened.
  • Clarence crossing the street a la Dragon's Cusp.
    • When he crosses back over to get back to his house, he inadvertently causes Randy (the fat paperboy first seen in "Rise 'n' Shine") to crash into the Wendle's trash can and fall off his bike.
  • Josh is now a pizza delivery man, and has a hook hand (presumably lost his hand after falling off the train in "Chimney").

Tuckered Boys

  • Clarence mispronouncing "Leonid Meteor Shower" as "Leonard Meat Shower".
  • Sumo going all scratchy-looking when he wants Jeff to click on the "Report Fireball" button.
  • The view from Jeff's telescope being a repairman working on a telephone pole, who drops his wrench.
    Clarence: Is that guy Leonard?
  • Sumo eating the unpopped kernels of popcorn from Clarence's bowl.
  • Clarence pointing out that the picture of Copernicus in Jeff's book has him with his fly open.
  • Sumo causing enough of a ruckus that Randy's dad pokes his head out of his window to yell at them.
    • Bonus points for Randy's dad mistaking the boys for Randy himself.
  • The boy's various antics at Late Larry's Nite Bites:
    • Sumo pulling his shirt over his face and crashing into a couple of shelves.
    • Clarence seeing his own face in a hotdog.
    • Jeff needing to use the restroom, but not only is it apparently filthy, Jeff gets spooked by a man inside who has fallen and can't get up, runs into a pole, and knocks himself out (and if Clarence's word is to be believed, pees himself as a result).
  • Any scene involving "Mr Junior".
  • The boy's sleep-deprived hallucinations, full stop. Extra points go to Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera, the creators of Baman Piderman, for having storyboarded the hallucination bits.
    • Their names in the credits even have sparkles and changing colors!

Water Park

  • The general cheapness and cheesiness of the Squirty's commercial at the beginning.
  • The Curd Churner's absurd height, to the point that we see a plane fly past it while the boys are in line.
  • Just the general fact that the park's name is "Squirty's Moist Mountain", and the slogan is apparently "squirt out the fun." Where was the radar on that one?
    • The hats given out at the front gate even look like condoms!
  • The fact that Josh just jumps right after the boys in the slide WITHOUT being in a raft himself.
  • Jeff's gradually-increasing freakout while waiting in line for the Curd Churner.
  • Clarence thinking Squirty is a real person, to the point that he doesn't even notice that Joshua got severely injured chasing him down.
  • Sumo vomiting on Joshua mid free-fall.

Where the Wild Chads Are

  • Clarence nearly causing Chad to crash the car before they got to the campsite.
  • Clarence misinterpreting Chad asking the old man at the gas station for directions as Chad looking for a fight.
  • Camden makes his first speaking appearance, and he sounds like Droopy Dog.
    • Camden's father is also with him, and if the end is to be believed, is apparently fed up with Camden being a goody two-shoes.
    Camden's father: Camden, we don't have to report everything to the ranger!
  • One of the three beavers that attack Chad looks exactly like Clarence.

Breehn Ho!

  • Clarence spoiling the Mayor's and EJ's names in their game.
    Clarence: (to the Mayor) Why does it say "Philicya Rashad" on your head?
    EJ: Clarence, the cards have to be a secret.
    Clarence: Oh, a secret. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me, Karl Marx.
    (gives EJ a look of disdain)
  • Breehn being so unnoticeable, he scares Clarence and Sumo when he first speaks up.
  • Sumo deciding that Breehn can stay after Breehn mentions he brought some Cheezarinos (the snack his mom hates).
  • Clarence wanting to play as the mermaid on the box of the game.
  • The adults completely ignoring that the boys are trapped in a flood outside.
  • In a blink and you miss it moment, Gilben floats down the flooded street at the end of the episode, with a few kittens using him as a raft.

The Big Petey Pizza Problem

  • Clarence's obsession over getting a pizza.
  • Sumo throws away his old shoes after getting his bowling shoes.
  • The kids' various antics while trying to bowl:
    • Kimby plays with her hair, then gets frustrated.
    • Sumo gets his fingers stuck in a bowling ball.
    • Percy somehow gets stuck under his ball.
    • Breehn rolls six balls at once ("The power of probability!"), and they all somehow miss.
  • Gilben's various antics, all taking place Behind the Black (we never see him move or talk on-screen).
  • Gilben and Jeff's cake initially reads "Gilben & Companion", then when Jeff tells the waitress his name she crosses out "Companion" and writes "George" next to it.

The Break Up

  • Just about everything in "Lil' Grandpa" (the movie Jeff brought over to show Clarence).
  • Jeff and Sumo's various antics with Clarence while separated.
  • Sumo eating a photo of the three hanging out together.

    Season 2 

Skater Sumo

  • Some of the things Rita say is both this and adorkable.

Fishing Trip

  • This exchange:
    Clarence: (wearing his life-preserver tightly with Sumo hanging onto the fastener behind) But Mother, I do not wish to marry him!
    Sumo: Silence, missy! (yanks the fastener tighter)

    Season 3 
Sumo Goes West
  • Clarence believes that Sumo won't have to go to West Aberdale if he starts living in a chicken coop. When Sumo is kept up at night by the chickens, he goes to Clarence's house to ask if he can sleep with him for the night, but his ceramic frog has the top bunk and according to Clarence he gets cranky if you wake him up. Clarence offers to let Sumo sleep on the bottom bunk with him, and the bed is soaked in his sweat.
  • Clarence somehow driving a bulldozer.

Rock Show

  • We finally meet Damien, Clarence's biological father, who left Katie because he's a skirt chaser. His new profession? Priest.

Etiquette Clarence

  • The show finally points out a certain body part Clarence is lacking.
    Jeff: And don't forget to wash behind your ears.
    Clarence: My what?


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